WCOOP Event #8 $320 8-Game Mixed live blog

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6:07am - Ulett_23 wins Event #8, Seitz333 finishes second

Although Seitz333 had the chiplead for most of heads up play, Ulett_23 picked up several big pots during the Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball level. In the final hand, Seitz333 started with 333,656 in chips to Ulett_23's 4,178,344. Seitz333 raised from the small blind to 200,000, followed by a re-raise from Ulett_23 to 300,000. Seitz333 then re-raised all-in to 333,656. Ulett_23 took one card on the first draw and stood pat thereafter. Seitz333 had some catching up to do, as he took two cards on each of the draws. Although Seitz333 mustered up a T-9-8-7-3, it was no good against Ulett_23's 8-7-6-3-2. Seitz333 will collect $46,797.28 for his second place finish.

Congratulations to Ulett_23 for winning Event #8, along with $50,797.28 and the coveted WCOOP bracelet!

WCOOP Event 8 Final Hand.jpg

6:02am - Ulett_23 pulling away

During the Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball portion of the heads-up match, Ulett_23 surged ahead, first by winning a 2.2 million pot with 8-6, and then by snapping up another 1.4 million pot. It was starting to look like Ullet_23, the underdog for most of the heads-up action, might be able to run away with it.

5:54am - A virtual handshake makes the deal

Suddenly, play was stopped when both players indicated that they would like to begin deal discussions. After a short chat, the game host let them know that an even chop would give each player $46,797.28, and they would play down to a winner for the extra $4,000 and bracelet at stake. With stacks basically even and the night hours wearing thin, both players typed "I agree" in the chat box, and the handshake was on the record.

Play continues with some extra dough and bling at stake.

Chip counts at that point were as follows:

Seitz333 (2,263,656 in chips)
Ulett_23 (2,248,344 in chips)

5:48am - Ulett_23 doubled for lead, but both players now back to even

Ulett_23 has been fighting. And during the NLHE round, he doubled up when he rivered a higher straight with A-7 versus T-7. While that gave Ulett_23 the chip lead, Seitz333 wasn't giving up either and fought back to take the lead. It is roller coaster action here in this heads-up situation, so we will have to see what happens.

5:38am - Entering NLHE round

Players have entered Level 71. No-limit hold'em is bound to bring some bigger action, especially with blinds at 20,000/40,000 and a 5,000 ante.

5:25am - Neither player giving up easily

The last two players standing are not backing down. Eight hands into heads-up play, Ulett_23 almost tied it up, nearing the 2 million chip mark, but Seitz333 kept applying the pressure and took his massive chip lead back. However, it has been an up-and-down match, with Ulett_23 putting up a valiant fight.

Seitz333 is still the chipleader, but neither player can be counted out.

5:15am - Seitz333 takes lead into heads-up play

As the two remaining players prepared to go heads-up in the Limit Stud round, the chip counts were as follows:

Seitz333 3,451,328
Ulett_23 1,060,672

5:13am - Booster_JJ eliminated in 3rd place ($30,456.00)

We lost our third place finisher during the Limit Stud round (stakes 60,000/120,000 with a 12,000 ante). Booster_JJ started the hand with 602,616 in chips after having lost a 1,045,000 chip pot to Ulett_23 but couldn't hit that magical double-up.

Ulett_23 was the bring in with 7c, and both Booster_JJ and Seitz333 called with aces showing. On fourth street, both Booster_JJ and Seitz333 picked up eights. Booster_JJ bet 60,000 and only Seitz333 called. Fifth street brought a deuce for Booster_JJ and a three for Seitz333, but it also gave Seitz333 three spades. This time, Seitz333 bet, and Booster_JJ raised to 240,000. Neither player seemed to improve on fifth street, when Booster_JJ picked up 6c and Seitz333 caught Kh; however, Seitz333 check-called Booster_JJ's bet. Seitz333 led out on the river, and Booster_JJ raised to 152,616 all-in. Both players had aces up, but Seitz333's aces and kings bested Booster_JJ's aces and sixes.

5:08am - osten eliminated in 4th place ($23,688.00)

If you've ever played Razz, you know what it feels like to start with three to a low and end up losing the hand. During the most recent Razz level (stakes 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante), osten was all-in after third street for his last 60,553 in chips. His 8-3-2 was ahead of Seitz333's K-4-2, but his board ran out 9-6-K-Q for a 9-8 low. Meanwhile, Seitz333 picked up 3-9-7-7 for a 9-7 low.

5:05am - Full house for almost a million

Seitz333 just picked up a 900K pot during the Omaha Hi/Lo (blinds at 25,000/50,000) round when he rivered a full house against the turned nut flush of osten. Seitz333 leads the field by a considerable margin at this point with 2,613,159 in chips. Booster_JJ is sitting on 999,616 in chips, which is currently second best.

5:03am - Booster_JJ boosted by Omaha Hi/Lo

Since players returned from the last break to Omaha Hi/Lo, it has been Booster_JJ's time to shine. Through a series of pots, he climbed to a solid second place. Though he has fluctuated since, he remains above the 1 million chip mark while others - namely osten and Ulett_23, struggle to hang on. Seitz333 remains the stand-out chipleader with over 2 million in chips.

4:50am - Time for a break and more possible chop talk

Level 67
Game: Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Blinds: 25,000/50,000
Average chip stack: 1,128,000
Players remaining: 4

Chip counts:

Seitz333 1,723,159
osten 1,090,553
Booster_JJ 1,024,616
Ulett_23 673,672

During the break, Booster_JJ and Seitz333 were again willing to talk and ask the administrator for chip count chop numbers, but without the other two players chiming in, the discussion cannot progress. It looks as if play will continue at least until one more player is eliminated.

4:38am - SC72A eliminated in 5th place ($17,766.00)

During the Limit Hold'em level (blinds 20,000/40,000), SC72A raised from the small blind to 80,000. Booster_JJ re-raised to 120,000, putting SC72A all-in. SC72A was ahead pre-flop, holding Ah-4s, but Booster_JJ hit the 6c-6h-Jc holding Jh-5s. Queens fell on both the turn and the river, ending the day for SC72A.

4:36am - Andrejkovics eliminated in 6th place ($11,844.00)

In the Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball Limit round, Andrejkovics started the hand with 146,416 in chips. After osten came in for the initial raise, Andrejkovics raised it up to 120,000 and was called by osten. On the first draw, osten discarded two and checked, but Andrejkovics drew one and bet 26,416 all-in. osten called. When the cards were shown down in full, osten showed 8d-4d-3s-6d-2h for the lo, and Andrejkovics had 9h-4c-7d-2c-5c for the inferior hand. He was the first player to exit the final table with a respectable sixth place finish and $11,844 for it.

4:34am - Dressed to the nines

Seitz333 has taken down three large pots in Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball (blinds 20,000/40,000). Those pots boosted his chip count from 728,874 to 1,668,874. First, it was his 9-5-4-3-2 against the 9-7-5-4-2 of Ulett_23. Next, it was his 9-8-7-5-3 against two players who mucked after the third draw. Finally, it was his 9-5-4-3-2 against the J-8-7-4-2 of Ulett_23.

4:30am - Six-way chop talk

While this hasn't exactly been the longest of all tournaments, it is particularly exhausting because of the game changes. With six possibly-tired players at the final table, there has been a little talk of chopping. After some interest, the players were told that each would receive $29,558.09 in a six-way chop, with $4,000 and a bracelet left over for the winner. Booster_JJ asked the rest of the table for interest but only got replies from three of the others - Seitz333 said it doesn't matter, Ulett_23 would do it by chip count, and SC72A offered to go along with what the table wanted to do.

For now, two players have yet to chime in, which means there will be no chop until it's time. Play on, players.

4:14am - ScottBrewr99 eliminated in 7th place ($5,922.00), final table set

ScottBrewr99 couldn't brew up a miracle comeback to make the final table of Event #8. After sitting on the short-stack for several orbits, he finally pushed all-in from the small blind with 9h-3h. Andrejkovics made the call with Qs-Jc. It looked good for ScottBrewr99 when he flopped a pair on a board of 2s-Kc-3c, but the Jd on the turn put Andrejkovics ahead for good. With ScottBrewr99's elimination, the final table has been set.

PS Screen Shot.JPG

4:10am - Hand for hand...for hand...for hand...

Hand-for-hand action began when 01 KIRSTEN was eliminated. The small stacks are hanging on, folding, sitting back, maybe even having a beer... It could be a few minutes.

3:50am - 01 KIRSTEN eliminated in 8th place ($5,922.00)

01 KIRSTEN did not leave much room to move, having let the chip stack be reduced to only 11,540 in chips by the start of the Limit Stud level and down to 6,540 shortly thereafter. On third street, Andrejkovics brought it in for 7,500 with the 7s showing, and 01 KIRSTEN called all-in for 1,540 with Ts. ScottBrewr99 raised it up with Ah, causing Andrejkovics to fold. Fourth street brought Ts-8c to 01KIRSTEN and Ah-7d to ScottBrewr99. The rest of the cards came Js-8h to the former and Qc-Qs to the latter, and when all of the cards were turned up, ScottBrewr99 had a full house with Td-Qd-Ah-7d-Qc-Qs-7c to win. 01KIRSTEN lost with Tc-2h-Ts-8c-Js-8h-9d and two pair. 01KIRSTEN left in eighth place, just missing the final table but taking $5,922 for that inconvenience.

3:47am - drunked eliminated in 9th place ($5,922.00)

After the break, drunked was left with 7,816 in chips. The game switched to Limit Stud with stakes of 25,000/50,000 and a 5,000 ante. With only 2,816 left after the ante, drunked called a raise from osten. Although all he could muster up was a pair of sixes against the two pair of osten, drunked does take home $5,922.00 for his ninth place finish.

3:38am - Grumpy696 eliminated in 10th place ($3,045.60)

During the Razz level (stakes 20,000/40,000), Grumpy696 made his last effort to double up. After osten's initial raise to 20,000, the players continued to re-raise each other until Grumpy was all-in for 73,812. Grumpy696 started with 8-2-A and finished with an 8-7-4-2-A, which is a respectable hand. Unfortunately, respectable is no match when you're up against a wheel. osten started with 5-3-2 and already had a 7-low by sixth street, so his rivered wheel just added insult to injury.

3:35am - Play slows as money jump looms

It is easy to say that money doesn't matter (I only play to win!), but after playing for eleven hours in this taxing 8-game mixed tournament, it wouldn't be so terrible to admit that money is an important factor. Play has been noticeably slower since the 11th place elimination, as 10th place will pay $3,045.60 but 9th is $5,922. With nearly double the payout at stake, decisions undoubtedly get tougher to make.

However, those pesky blinds and antes are always on the rise, so time is of the essence.

3:19am - Seitz333 wins with JJJ

The two big stacks at table 64 tangled in a Limit Hold'em hand (blinds 8,000/16,000). Ulett_23 raised pre-flop to 32,000, and Seitz333 made the call. There was a bet and a call after the 8s-Qh-9h flop, again after the Jd on the turn and again after the 3d on the river. Ulett_23 started with the best hand, holding Kd-Kc, but Seitz333 showed Jh-Js for a turned set.

Seitz333 is currently our chipleader with 1,076,075.

3:04am - MrLynX eliminated in 11th place ($3,045.60)

As the game switched to Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball (blinds 8,000/16,000), MrLynX found himself sitting on a short-stack of 76,696. After raising to 32,000 from under the gun, MrLynX was drawing against four of his opponents. Each player took cards on the first draw, and after SC72A's bet of 16,000, only Booster_JJ and MrLynX continued in the hand. On the second draw, Booster_JJ and MrLynX each took one card, but SC72A stood pat. SC72A's bet on the turn put MrLynX all-in, with action still pending between Booster_JJ and SC72A. MrLynX was the only player to take a card on the third draw. SCA72 bet another 32,000 into the side pot, which Booster_JJ called. The winning hand was the 8-6-4-3-2 of SCA72, good enough for a 364,696 chip pot. We'll never know what MrLynX's cards were, but he does have $3,045.60 to show for his efforts.

2:56am - SiVTEC eliminated in 12th place ($3,045.60)

Another player was sent to the rail during the Pot Limit Omaha level. SiVTEC raised pre-flop to 18,000 from the small blind, and Booster_JJ made the call from the big blind. When the flop came 4c-Jc-4d, SiVTEC bet 22,000. Booster_JJ raised to 102,000, which was enough to put SiVTEC all-in. SiVTEC tabled 7h-Ac-Kd-Ad for a pair of aces, and Booster_JJ showed 9c-Qh-Qc-Js for a pair of queens and a flush draw. The 2c came on the turn, completing Booster_JJ's flush. The 9d on the river was of no help to SiVTEC, and he finished with a $3,045.60 payday.

2:54am - ruthan eliminated in 13th place ($2,199.60)

ruthan's tournament came to an end during the Pot Limit Omaha level (blinds 3,000/6,000). ruthan's flopped straight was up against his opponent's flopped set, but the board paired on the river, leaving ruthan with a $2,199.60 cash for his efforts.

2:53am - TurnRiva eliminated in 14th place ($2199.60

During the NLHE round, SiVTEC raised pre-flop to 16,296, and TurnRiva decided it was time to move with the short stack by raising it up to 21,195 and committing all-in. SiVTEC called and showed Ad-8h, which was good against the Kh-Jd of TurnRiva. The board produced 2s-7d-4h-5c-Tc, and the ace-high won the hand. TurnRiva was gone in 14th place.

2:45am - Ulett_23 gaining traction

Ulett_23 just took down a 439,342 chip pot when his pocket jacks improved to a straight on a board of 5h-9h-7d-Th-8s. He is now our new chipleader with 597,878.

2:45am - Heading into level 55

Level 55
Game: No-Limit Hold'em
Blinds 3,000/6,000, ante 750
Average chip count: 322,285
Players remaining: 14

Remaining chip counts:

1. osten 598,720
2. Seitz333 472,177
3. SC72A 386,083
4. Grumpy696 383,906
5. ScottBrewr99 383,436
6. Ulett_23 375,582
7. ruthan 363,530
8. Andrejkovics 357,237
9. drunked 308,316
10. MrLynX 294,196
11. TurnRiva 213,061
12. 01 KIRSTEN 180,616
13. SiVTEC 118,546
14. Booster_JJ 76,594

2:35am - FellKnight eliminated in 15th place ($2,199.60)

FellKnight started this Stud Hi/Lo hand with only 16,618 in chips (10,000/20,000 stakes) and decided to take a stand showing 4d. ScottBrewr99 raised enough to put FellKnight all-in before fourth street. FellKnight showed three low cards (A-8-4), but his board ran out As-8s-4d-Jc-6c-Kh-4s for a pair of fours and no low. ScottBrewr99 showed 4c-Qs-Kc-3c-Qd-Qh-Jd for three queens.

2:25am - Money jumps approaching

With the eliminations of Obender in 20th place and kingduey in 19th place, both awarded $1,692 for their efforts, the money jumps are becoming more significant. The 13-18 place finishers will receive $2,199.60, and with the two final tables, the payouts will look like this:

10th-12th: $3,045.60
7th-9th: $5,922.00
6th: $11,844.00
5th: $17,766.00
4th: $23,688.00
3rd: $30,456.00
2nd: $41,420.16
1st: $56,174.40

2:13am - Grumpy696 showing the table a little razzle dazzle

Over four hands of Razz, Grumpy696 has chipped up from 218,263 to 415,106. Razz may make some folks grumpy, but it seems to suit this player to a tee.

2:06am - ruthan eliminates another player, sits atop leaderboard with 480K

ruthan continues to collect big pots at table 79. This time, he showed his Razz prowess while eliminating ramonieye in the process. ruthan took an early aggressive stance, raising to 8,000 showing an eight. ramonieye was sitting on a short stack to start the hand and raised to 16,000 with a five. Both players drew Broadway cards on fourth street, but ramonieye bet 8,000 showing J-5. ruthan made
the call and picked up a deuce on fifth street. after ruthan's bet, ramonieye was all-in. When the dust settled, ruthan's 8-6-5-3-2 bested the T-9-8-7-5 of ramonieye.

1:50am - DuckU ducks out

A grand performance in this event couldn't put DuckU at the final table tonight, but a third WCOOP cash in only a matter of days is something to be proud of.

DuckU went from the top section of the leaderboard to the bottom, but during the last 2-7 round, he took 8,358 in chips and doubled up twice to stay in contention. However, by the time he hit the limit hold'em round, he could hang on no longer.

drunked raised to 12,000, DuckU made it 18,000 to go, and drunked called. The flop came 7c-Jd-Js, which encouraged a bet from DuckU and a drunked call. The same happened after the 8c came on the turn, and with a 6c on the river, DuckU bet 12,000, drunked pushed it to 24,000, and DuckU called all-in. DuckU showed a pair of aces, but drunked had it with pocket sevens to give him the full house. DuckU was out in 30th place with $1,353.60 to show for it.

Truthfully, DuckU has more than that to show. He cashed in Event #1 and not only made the final table of Event #5, the NLHE High Roller tournament, but finished in second place for $459,030.00. All in all, DuckU has $736,959.18 racked up from PokerStars wins over the course of the last three years, with the majority of it accumulated in 2008. There isn't much doubt that this 2008 WCOOP will be seeing more of DuckU.

1:43am - Setting up your opponents

Perhaps ruthan's play with an A-T low attracted the attention of his tablemates. In two consecutive hands, he/she collected pots aggregating over 228K. In the first hand, ruthan was back in action against ozenc. This time, ozenc raised pre-draw, and ruthan called out of the big blind. ruthan drew three cards, then one and stood pat on the final draw. He tabled 8-7-5-4-2 for the win. In the second hand, ruthan had two opponents: ozenc and Freya. Before the first draw, 72,000 chips were in the middle of the table. Each of the three players took cards on the first and second draws, but ruthan was the only player to stand pat on the third draw. At showdown, ruthan's 9-8-6-4-2 was good enough to take down the 105,432 chip pot. Freya was eliminated in the hand.

ruthan is now the chipleader with 376,306.

1:37am - ruthan makes a fancy play for an 87K pot

Sometimes you have to make moves to chip up in a tournament. ruthan decide to take a stab at it against ozenc just after the break. Pre-draw, ruthan raised to 12,000 from the button, folding Freya in the big blind. ozenc made the call out of the small blind. On the first draw, ozenc took two and ruthan took three. ozenc led out for 6,000, which ruthan called. Both players took one card on the second draw. ozenc led out again for 12,000 and ruthan raised to 24,000. After making the call, ozenc drew one card and ruthan stood pat. ruthan's last bet folded ozenc. After the 87,000 pot was shipped to ruthan, he showed A-T-8-5-2.

1:35am - Back from a break and ready for lowball

Level 49
Game: Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball
Blinds 3,000/6,000
Average chip count: 125,333
Players remaining: 36
First prize: $56,174.40

Top ten chip counts:

1. FellKnight 356,729
2. Grumpy696 205,263
3. osten 201,536
4. ruthan 196,018
5. DealtheCards 186,865
6. MrLynX 172,879
7. Andrejkovics 172,637
8. ozenc 167,871
9. TurnRiva 169,996
10. EirikS 158,464

1:25am - The level list

With levels increasing every 10 minutes along with the game changes, it's tough to keep track. For reference, here is a list of the games in the order they are being played:

Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball
Limit Hold'em
Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Limit Razz
Limit Stud
Limit Stud Hi/Lo
No-Limit Hold'em
Pot-Limit Omaha

Currently, we reside in PLO with blinds at 1,250/2,500. The upcoming break will take us back to the beginning of the rotation.

1:16am - I'll take the middle, you take the high

In a pre-flop all-in confrontation at table 122, EirikS showed Jc-Tc-9d-8h and Telefonkiosk showed As-Ks-Qd-Th. In the game of Pot-Limit Omaha, sometimes it's not about the strength of the hand that you hit on the flop, but more about the strength of your draw. On a board of Qs-7d-6c, Telefonkiosk had top pair top kicker, but EirikS had a big straight draw. The 6d on the turn helped neither player, but the 9s on the river was one of EirikS' 12 outs for the win. Telefonkiosk was eliminated, and EirikS moved up to 152,264 in chips.

1:01am - Grumpy696 hits 200K mark with aces up

Grumpy696 continues to take down big pots at table 122. This time, Grumpy696's split aces improved to aces and kings for a 61,200 pot. Luckily for Grumpy696, no low hand qualified to take away half of the pot. After the hand, Grumpy696's chip stack rose to 203,513.

12:50am - Stud anywhere?

Right here, folks. Limit stud is the game with 4,000/8,000 blinds and an 800 ante.

12:42am - vui-qua-di 86'ed

The crazy thing about watching Razz (and the frustrating thing for those who play it) is watching the bricks fall. Grumpy696 raised to 3,000 showing an ace. vui-qua-di re-raised to 6,000 showing a four. On fourth street, Grumpy696 took the lead with A-8 against vui-qua-di's 4-9. After a bet and a call, both players picked up a low card on fifth street. Following another bet and a call, the table seemed to turn for Grumpy696. His board read A-8-6-J against the 4-9-8-3 of vui-qua-di. vui-qua-di led out for 6,000 and Grumpy696 called, but both players checked the river. When the dust settled, Grumpy696 showed an 8-6-3-2-A, and vui-qua-di mucked.

12:41am - Everyone loves razz

Just kidding. We will now smoothly transition to razz with 3,000/6,000 blinds and a 600 ante for the next ten minutes.

12:34am - Scooper-dooper

TurnRiva has picked up a couple of nice pots during the Omaha Hi/Lo round. Most recently, he had a big blind special, holding 5s-Qc-8h-4c on a board of 7c-2c-Kc-9c-4s. The king-high flush and 8-7-5-4-2 low was good enough to scoop against plaza100, who called each bet to the river. TurnRiva has jumped to third place on the leaderboard with 166,467 in chips.

12:30am - Already to level 43

Level 43
Game: Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Blinds 1,500/3,000
Average chip count: 72,774
Players remaining: 62
First prize: $56,174.40

Top ten chip counts:

1. Grumpy696 172,774
2. osten 171,618
3. ScottBrewr99 150,155
4. ozenc 150,021
5. SiVTEC 139,999
6. FellKnight 135,099
7. Atila5 120,894
8. JEFFREG 119,428
9. TurnRiva 115,167
10. troyth 112,806

12:25am - Maridu has been eliminated

The PokerStars Brazilian blogger turned sponsored player had a rough time during the last few levels. She took some hits and finally decided to make her move with 19,396 in the big blind of a limit hold'em hand. andersmeli raised it up from the small blind, and Maridu reraised. Another raise by andersmeli capped it, and Maridu called. After the 7c-6s-5c flop and some betting, Maridu was all-in and called by her opponent. She showed Ad-8s, and andersmeli had the Ah-Qs. The turn and river came Ac and Qd, and Maridu's tournament was over.

After a grand showing in the top ten for awhile, Maridu had to settle for 69th place and a $778.32 payout.

12:17am - You may be pat, I may be crazy

Zacpacker just took down a 45,000 chip pot from BrandonPL by catching the right cards at the right time. BrandonPL opened the action pre-draw with a raise to 5,000 out of the small blind, which was called by Zacpacker in the big blind. BrandonPL stood pat, and Zacpacker drew three cards. Following a bet by BrandonPL and a call by Zacpacker, BrandonPL again stood pat. Zacpacker elected to draw two cards this time. Another bet and a call, and BrandonPL stood pat yet again. Zacpacker took one final card. After BrandonPL led out again, Zacpacker came in for a raise to 10,000. BrandonPL called and showed a pat 8-7-4-3-2. That wasn't good enough when Zacpacker showed 8-6-5-4-2.

12:15am - Slow it down, limit hold'em is here

The game is limit hold'em, the goal is to slow it down. Blinds are 2,500/5,000.

12:10am - Breaking a hand to bust an opponent

Action was three-bet by Cauncie before the first draw, but osten decided to stick around. Both players drew one card, and after a raising war, Cauncie was all-in. Both players stood pat on the second draw. After thinking for a while, osten elected to take one card on the third draw. Presumably, osten needed that card for the win, as his 8-7-6-4-3 beat the 9-8-5-3-2 of Cauncie. osten is now our tournament chipleader.

12:07am - Change it up!

We're now playing the slowly-gaining-popularity limit triple draw 2-7 lowball. Oh yeah, I know it sounds intriguing. Blinds are at 2,500/5,000.

12:04am - SiVTEC takes from Maridu

Maridu began the hand with a substantial stack of 95,705 in the small blind. Everyone folded around to her, and she raised it up to 3,000, but SiVTEC in the BB pushed it up to 9,000, which Maridu called. The flop came 2c-8h-2h, prompting a check from Maridu, and 12,459 bet from SiVTEC. Maridu came over the top, and SiVTEC called all-in. The hands were shown:

Maridu: Jh-6c-Ah-Qd
SiVTEC: Ac-As-Ts-4s

The turn and river were 7d and Kd respectively, and SiVTEC's two pair were good for the pot and a double-up.

11:59pm - Felling the fan

We expected the chips to be flying around during the No-Limit Hold'em round, resulting in some shake-ups on the leaderboard. FellKnight extended his lead over the rest of the pack when he took down a 174,830 chip pot, eliminating LPGAfan in the process. Pre-flop, FellKnight raised to 2,500, followed by a raise to 6,000 from LPGAfan. After the other players at the table folded, FellKnight re-raised to 20,500 and PGAfan made the call. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but LPGAfan surely wasn't thrilled to see a board of Td-8d-Qd. FellKnight continued as the aggressor and bet 70,000, putting LPGAfan all-in. PGAfan made the call and tabled As-Qs for top pair top kicker. FellKnight had Kd-Jh for an open-ended straight draw and a king-high flush draw. The turn was the Th, but the river 3d completed FellKnight's flush draw. FellKnight chipped up to 201,400 after the hand.

11:55pm - Oh no, PLO

Such a player favorite! We're playing pot-limit Omaha with 500/1,000 blinds. Let the chips fly.

11:45pm - Don't get too comfortable

We're in the no-limit hold'em round now with 500/1,000 blinds and a 125 ante. If players were looking for that spot to move all-in, now is that chance.

11:38pm - Change to stud

We (meaning they, the players) are in the limit stud hi/low round now, with 1,600/3,20000 blinds and a 320 ante.

11:35pm - Another hammer pair for Grumpy696

Sevens and deuces must be Grumpy696's favorite cards. Just two hands after eliminating gershenator1, Grumpy696 took down a 27,680 pot from SM4RTASS with sevens and deuces. SM4RTASS showed a pair of queens. Grumpy696 jumped to 101,427 chips after the hand, good enough for second place on the leaderboard.

11:22pm - Ace in the door, but what's underneath?

Grumpy696 started level 37 in third place on the leaderboard, but he moved up a notch after eliminating gershenator1. Grumpy696 completed to 1,600 with an ace in the door, but gershenator1 had an ace in the door as well and raised to 3,200. It was bet-call on every street, with gershenator1 all-in by seventh street. What was all the fuss about the aces in the door? Grumpy696 had 7c-7d underneath, which was higher than gershenator1's 6s-6h. Both players hit a second pair on seventh street, but it was a pair of deuces for both.

11:15pm - If you're keeping track, we're starting level 37 after the break

Level 37
Game: Limit Stud
Blinds 480/1,600, ante 320
Average chip count: 32,934
Players remaining: 137
First prize: $56,174.40

Top ten chip counts:

1. FellKnight 96,750
2. Maridu 85,895
3. Grumpy696 77,260
4. Gramps7 71,891
5. SM4RTASS 71,202
6. danogaz 70,341
7. vui-qua-di 69,944
8. ACC2089 69,333
9. Andrejkovics 64,689
10. targhan 64,240

11:02 pm - Rough showdown

Maridu just lost a heartbreaking Razz pot that would've given her some breathing room ahead of the pack that's closing in on her. Her J-T-7-3-A fell short of finsfan7's T-6-5-3-2 in a pot worth 18,960. She's still in second place, but she now has competition for the spot.

10:56 pm - Razz-a-licious

We're now playing Razz, with stakes of 1,200/2,400 and antes of 240.

10:55 pm - Meanwhile, on Table 172...

Maridu just picked up another nice pot in Omaha Hi-Lo thanks to a great river card. She opened for 2,400 before the flop in early position, only to be raised to 3,600 by finsfan7. She called, saw the flop come down Th-9h-5c, and check-called a 1,200 bet from finsfan7.

The turn card was the Jc, and both players checked. The river card was the 2c, and once again both players checked. Maridu's Ah-2s-Kd-9d was good for two pair, nines and deuces, sending the 11,400 pot her way and boosting her stack to 81,815.

10:49 pm - POP!

We've burst the bubble and will have a write-up of the final hand for you momentarily.

UPDATE: Here's the post-mortem:

The bubble players weren't hard to miss. Both critically low stacked players were at the same table, folding around until they couldn't hang on any longer. During hand-for-hand play in the Omaha H/L round, Analyser2 had only 188 in chips and RustyJay had 262. Analyser2 was all-in in the small blind, Telefonkisosk stayed in the BB, and RustyJay called all-in as well. The board came Js-4h-5d-3d-Ad, and the hands were shown as:

Telefonkiosk: 2s-Th-Qc-Ac
RustyJay: Qd-Ah-3c-3s
Analyser: 6s-8s-8d-Jc

Telefonkiosk not only scooped the pot but eliminated two players, Analyser2 in 169th for the distinction of bubble player, and RustyJay in 168th for a cash of $507.60. And in the time it took the write up the bubble hand, the field has decreased to 140 players. It's amazing what the bubble popping can do.

10:44 pm - Oma-HAHAHAHAHA!

We've rolled around to the Omaha Hi-Lo portion of the schedule once again, with blinds of 300/600 and stakes of 1,200/2,400.

10:42 pm - Toil and trouble

We've officially reached the bubble, as we are now playing hand-for-hand. Only 169 players remain, and one of them is going to finish this tournament unhappily very soon. With the limits this big it's only a matter of time until we make the money.

10:38 pm - Is it still called a "min bet" in Limit?

It's time to play Limit Hold'em, with blinds of 500/1,000 and stakes of 1,000/2,000. FellKnight is still our chip leader, pulling away with 104,618, almost exactly 30,000 chips ahead of second-place Maridu.

10:34 pm - More from Maridu

We've tracked Maridu down again over on Table 172 so we can continue to follow her - and it's a good thing we did. She's up to an amazing 73,415 right now, putting her comfortably in second place on the leaderboard at the moment. We have no idea what she did to score the extra 16k in chips, but we're guessing that PLO was good to her even after her old table broke.

Here's her table right now:

finsfan7 - 36,508
frogga05 - 6,535
THAY3R - 22,733
andersmeli - 32,181
Maridu - 73,415
IMaSailor - 21,607

10:26 pm - Triple Draw time again

With the big bet games out of the way for the time being, we're back to 2-7 Triple Draw. The blinds are 500/1,000 and the stakes are 1,000/2,000.

10:23 pm - LadyMaverick's instincts are on

Vanessa Rousso is known for her detailed thought processes when making poker decisions. In this case, she lost some chips but her instincts about her opponent's hand were keen.

In a NLHE hand, natdealer made an initial raise to 1,200, and Vanessa popped it to 3,600 on the button. natdealer came over the top all-in for 17,532, and Vanessa tanked, requesting time to consider her tournament life.

She only had 8,144 and eventually folded. In the chat box, she typed, "what did u have last hand? i laid down a big hand" Her opponent responded, "i had jacks," to which Vanessa replied, "i laid down jj nh."

10:22 pm - Nice ones, Maridu!

Maridu just picked two nice pots back-to-back to close down Table 56.

On the first hand the action folded around to her in the small blind, where she completed and Mormoloco checked to see the flop come down Ad-8c-6d. Both players checked and the turn card came the 3d.

This time Maridu led out for 400 and was raised to 1,200 by Mormoloco. She made the call and then check-called another 2,800 when the Tc came on the river. Mormoloco showed Jc-Jh-8d-2c for a pair of jacks, while Maridu showed Ac-Qd-Td-6h for the ace-high flush, dragging the 8,800 pot in with a nice call.

On the second hand, Canadouche raised to 1,000 under the gun and Maridu made it 3,600 to go on the button. Canadouche made the call and the flop came Kc-Jh-7h. Canadouche fired out 5,200, the size of the pot, leaving himself 8,390 behind. Maridu shoved, having her opponent covered, and he called her bet.

Maridu showed Ac-Ah-6c-4h for the nut flush draw and a pair of aces, while Candouche held Th-9s-8s-5h for the smaller flush draw and the double-gutshot draw as well. The board ran out 8h-6h to give Maridu the win and boost her stack to 57,815 and send Canadouche home.

10:18 pm - What's a PLO?

It's time for more Pot Limit Omaha, with blinds of 200/400. FellKnight is our current chip leader with 78,018, more than 20,000 ahead of second-place ACC2089.

10:09 pm - On another voyage

voyager7o9 has been flirting with the top ten in today's tournament for a few levels, and it shouldn't be surprising should this player make a run for it today. Back in July, voyager7o9 made the final table of the PokerStars 2nd Chance tournament and finished 3rd for a fifth place finish and payout of $16,990 - not to mention a cash in Event 4 (2-7 Triple Draw) of the WCOOP. We'll watch to see how he/she fares today.

10:05 pm - Time for more NLHE

We're back to No Limit Hold'em now, with blinds of 200-400 and antes of 50.

Katja Thater managed to double up on the first hand back, flopping a boat with K-K to get up over 600, but her K-7 fell short of Mormoloco's A-8 on the very next hand to send her packing.

Moving into Thater's old seat was none other than former PokerStars blogger - and now PokerStars pro - Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck. She comes in with a very healthy stack, sitting on over 32,000, and looks to be a threat at this table.

10:00 pm - Break time is here again

Level 31
Game: NLHE
Blinds 200/400, ante 50
Average chip count: 18,416
Players remaining: 245

Top ten chip counts:

1. ACC2089 59,442
2. Ronenon 57,479
3. Crisper 50,285
4. Mormoloco 48,692
5. JPISGAY 48,415
6. targhan 47,487
7. LPGAfan 47,330
8. ozenc 45,017
9. DORIANXXL 43,782
10. o1nitestand 43,483

Team PokerStars Pros remaining:

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso: 13,794
Katja Thater: 137

9:59 pm - Termi-thated

Unless she gets a lot of help from the poker gods - and we mean a LOT - Katja Thater won't be playing much poker after this break. She's sitting on 137 chips right now after a couple of disastrous hands against Mormoloco.

First she dropped a 9,300 pot at showdown when Mormoloco turned up sevens and threes and she couldn't beat him. Then she showed down a pair of sixes in a 8,520 pot and was unable to beat Mormoloco's lone pair of aces. Finally, she dropped a 10,680 pot when Mormoloco made a queen-high flush and an 8-6-5 low to scoop.

9:55 pm - Nice hand for Smirkinbaby

Smirkinbaby just took down a healthy three-way pot against katja Thater and Mormoloco, taking a bite out of the two big stacks at the table and adding to his own.

Smirkinbaby opened the betting with a completion holding the Ac. Thater called with the Js, and Mormoloco called with the 4d. The rest of the table got out of the way, leaving those three to do battle.

Smirkinbaby showed Ac-As on fourth street and again led out for 600, gettig calls from Thater (Js-8d) and Mormoloco (4d-3c). On fifth the action was the same, with Smirkinbaby showing Ac-As-2s against Thater's Js-8d-Ts and Mormoloco's 4d-3c-2c.

By sixth street Smirkinbaby showd Ac-As-2s-7s, and his bet was once again called down by both opponents - Js-8d-Ts-9h for Thater, and 4d-3c-2c-6c for Mormoloco. Thater folded on the river to Smirkinbaby's bet - wisely, it turned out, as he turned up Jd-7c-Ac-As-2s-7s-7h for sevens full of aces. Amazingly, Mormoloco showed no low hand at all and the 14,100 pot was a scoop for Smirkinbaby.

9:51 pm Notables duly noted

With 267 players remaining in the field today, there are several names catching our eyes at this stage of the game. Besides PokerStars' own LadyMaverick hanging on and hovering around the 12,000 chip mark, and Katja Thater staying over the 20,000 chip level, we also have hairos, the 2007 WCOOP Event #20 HORSE champion maintaining with 2,674 in chips.

Other well-knowns and their chip counts in the tournament include:

thedonator 30,879
THAY3R 46,141
BeLOWaBOVe 34,119
gank 14,967

9:50 pm - Game change

We're back to Stud Hi-Lo now, with stakes of 600/1,200 and antes of 120. This is the point where we expect to see the short stacks get busy trying to force themselves back into the game. That's what w16227 has been doing on Table 56, but it's not working out too well right now - he's dropped two pots in a row (one with showdown, one without) to find himself on just 2,037.

9:42 pm - Following Katja

We're going to give a little coverage to one of Europe's favorite Team PokerStars Pros, 2007 WSOP Razz champion Katja Thater of Germany. She's playing on Table 56 right now and has 22,157 in front of her - no small feat considering she had a pretty short stack after the first break. She picked up a pot worth 8,892 just a few minutes ago in the Stud Hi round to bolster that stack.

Thater isn't the big stack at her table, though; that honor belongs to Mormoloco, who was on one of our feature tables earlier tonight and currently has 34,232.

9:31 pm - Game change!

We're back to Razz, with stakes at 500/1000 and antes at 100.

9:27 pm - Back down to nine planets

The tough times for Ylon Schwartz have reached their end, at least for tonight. Luckily for Vanessa Rousso, she was on the receiving end of the good luck in the hand that killed TenthPlanet.

Schwartz raised to 1,000 from the cutoff and got calls from Rousso in the small blind and gibralter11 in the big blind. The flop came down 7c-2c-2d, and Rousso bet out. gibralter11 folded, but Schwartz raised to 1,000. Rousso made the call.

The turn was the Tc, and Rousso again led out. Schwartz raised to 2,000, and Rousso made it 3,000 to go. That had Schwartz covered and he called all-in with Kc-Jc-Jh-8h for the king high flush; the bad news was that Rousso had Ac-5c-6h-3d for the nut flush and the low pot, sending Schwartz home early for the night.

9:20 pm - I see you Schwartz is as big as mine

Bad news for Ylon Schwartz - he just got quartered by USCphildo in our first hand of Omaha Hi-Lo, taking only half of the low pot to drop him down to just 2,107. But in the second hand of the game, he collected a 4,500 pot from LadyMaverick without having to show down his hand. He's now on 5,607 - still hanging in there but in need of some help.

9:19 pm - Game change

It's time for Omaha Hi-Lo, with blinds of 250/500 and stakes of 500/1000.

9:17 pm - LadyMaverick, TenthPlanet hanging tough

After a nice run in some of the earlier games, Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz has fallen on hard times here in the Limit Hold'em portion of the game. He's down to just 5,889 after dropping several big bets during this round. Some of those chips went into the stack of Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso, who is also hanging tough with 10,017 in front of her at the moment.

9:10 pm - Let's play "Texas Hold Them"

We're at that point in the rotation again - it's time for Limit Hold'em. We'll be playing with blinds of 200/400 and stakes of 400/800. Here's a look around the table:

natdealer - 13,412
LadyMaverick - 7,917
gibralter11 - 23,377
xthesteinx - 6,976
USCphildo - 16,053
TenthPlanet - 8,289

9:04 pm - Here's the action, where's Jackson?

We continue to see big pots shoved to all sides of this table. USCphildo just took down a healthy one against Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz with some interesting action.

Schwartz limped in under the gun, the only player to see the first draw against big blind holder USCphildo. He drew three cards to USCphildo's two and called when USCphildo bet 400.

On the second draw, USCphildo took one card and TenthPlanet took two. This time USCphildo led out and Schwartz raised to 1,600. USCphildo thought for a bit before making the call and standing pat. TenthPlanet stood pat as well and called when USCphildo bet 800 after the third draw.

USCphildo turned up 9-6-5-4-3 for the winner, scooping the 6,600 pot and jumping up to 16,053 in chips, while TenthPlanet mucked and found himself down to 10,289.

9:01 pm - That didn't take long

On just the second hand of Triple Draw, we got our biggest fixed-limit pot at this table.

Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso opened under the gun for 800, and gibralter11 raised to 1,200 in second position. The rest of the table folded and Rousso called to see the first draw. Both players drew two cards, and Rousso check-called the 400 bet to see the second draw.

LadyMaverick drew two cards on the second draw, but gibralter11 stood pat with position. Rousso check-called 800 before the third draw and drew one card, but gibralter11 stood pat again. Rousso declined to call his final bet, shipping the 5,400 pot to her opponent.

8:59 pm - Back in action

Our players are back at it and they'd better have brought their gambling hats - it's time for 2-7 Triple Draw, with blinds of 200/400 and stakes of 400/800.

8:55 pm - Chip counts at the four-hour mark

Level 25
Blinds: 200/400
Average stack 11,196
Players remaining: 403

Top Ten Chips at Break:

vui-qua-di - 49,521
Crisper - 47,099
ozenc - 34,530
Madmax_sa - 32,196
jle90 - 31,691
CHEMOUS - 31,276
jalla79 - 30,752
FellKnight - 30,504
ACC2089 - 30,409
McMang - 27,450

8:47 pm - See, we told you so

As soon as we wrote that we expected action, a big pot came down.

The action folded to gibralter11 in the small blind and he elected to simply call. loneloboGB-5 made it 450 in the big blind, and gibralter11 called. The flop came down Kd-3c-2s, prompting a check from gibralter11 and a bet from loneloboGB-5. gibralter11 elected once again to call, bringing the 9h on the turn.

gibralter11 once again checked, and loneloboGB-5 bet out for 2,100. gibralter11 thought for a bit before finally shoving for a total of 8,153, which just had loneloboGB-5 covered. There was a long pause and a time bank request before loneloboGB-5 called.

He flipped up Jc-Jd-7c-3d for a lonely pair of jacks, while gibralter11 had Kh-Kc-Ts-9d for the flopped set. The river was a meaningless Ah, sending loneloboGB-5 home and boosting gibralter11 to 17,848.

After the hand loneloboGB-5 wrote into the chat box, "oops, hit wron button, sick." Sick indeed.

8:42 pm - Are we playing mixed games or something?

It's time for another game change, this time to Pot Limit Omaha with blinds of 75/150. True to the game's reputation, the PLO rounds tonight have seen a lot of action. Don't be surprised if a big hand goes down at this table during this round.

8:39 pm - In baseball he'd be batting .500

Unfortunately for Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz, going 1-for-2 in NLHE pretty much put you back where you started. After knocking out short stack ChrisX, he took aim at the next short stack, natdealer, with different results than before.

Schwartz raised to 600 on the button and natdealer made it 1,050 to go from the small blind. Schwartz called and the flop came down Jc-7h-5h. When natdealer shoved for 2,416, Schwartz again made the call. His Js-6s gave him top pair, but natdealer's Ks-Kc had him crushed. The kings held up the whole way and boosted natdealer to 7,182. Schwartz, meanwhile, is down to 15,984.

8:33 pm - It's big-bet time!

Now we move along to No Limit Hold'em with blinds at 75-150 and antes at 20.

If ever there were a prime time for short stack to make a move, this would be it. ChrisX knew that, and he decided to go for it after Schwartz had opened the betting under the gun for 450. ChrisX shoved for 2,392 with Ah-Qc and Schwartz called with Kd-Jd.

Things looked good for ChrisX almost all the way, with the board reading 9d-Tc-6c-7s, but the river came the 8h to put a straight on the board - and unfortunately for ChrisX, Schwartz's Jd played to give him the higher straight and send ChrisX home. That pot puts Schwartz at 19,565.

8:29 pm - Game change, and plenty of action

Our game has changed once again, this time to Stud Hi-Lo with stakes of 250/500 and antes of 50. Amazingly, not a single pot has been split so far through 11 hands; Ylon "TenthPlanet" Schwartz (4,375, 3,800 and 2,375) and Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (3,625) have taken down the biggest pots so far, while Schwartz has made the biggest gain overall to 16,638 to become the table's chip leader.

8:24 pm - Two TV tables in one night?

We just got a player to fill our empty Seat 5 - and it's none other than USCphildo, who was at our first feature table with Daniel Negreanu earlier today. He's got 13,583 in his stack, much better off than he was early on in the day when he couldn't get anything going.

8:18 pm - Table change

Luca Pagano's table closed down, but not before he picked up several more pots in the Stud Hi round to boost himself up to 14,676.

We've decided to switch over to Table 179 and follow two players. LadyMaverick, as most of you know, is Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso. TenthPlanet isn't as well known yet, but he will be by November: he's Ylon Schwartz, who's currently awaiting his shot at the WSOP Main Event final table.

Seat 1: natdealer 4,861
Seat 2: LadyMaverick 13,332
Seat 3: gibralter11 11,490
Seat 4: ChrisX 5,202
Seat 5: empty
Seat 6: TenthPlanet 10,463

8:13 pm - Pagano strikes back, and a game change

We've moved on to the Stud Hi round of our proceedings, with stakes of 250/500 and antes of 50.

On the last hand of Razz, Luca Pagano got a little revenge on hairos to pick himself up over 12k.

With the 3d showing, Pagano raised it up to 200 and hairos made it 400 with the 3c showing. The other players got out of the way and Pagano made the call. He picked up the 8s on fourth street against hairos' 9c, giving him the best hand and the action. Pagano bet, and hairos called.

Both players picked up a jack on fifth street, leaving Pagano with the best hand. A bet by Pagano and call by hairos took the hand to sixth street, when Pagano picked up a 4 for 3-8-J-4 showing. He bet 400 again, and hairos called with 3-9-J-A.

Both players checked the river, and Pagano's 8-6-5-4-3 was good to take the 3,100 pot against hairos' 9-6-3-2-A.

8:07 pm - A nice one for hairos

On our eighth hand of Razz we finally got a pot worth more than four big bets. hairos made a solid call to pick up the pot, too.

Luca Pagano and hairos got to sixth street with just 1,100 in the pot. With his up cards reading 4-K-6-Q, Pagano led out for 400 and hairos called. Pagano bet out again on seventh street, and hairos made the call with T-8-6-5-A for a ten-low. That beat Pagano's Q-8-6-4-3 and gave the 2,700 pot to hairos.

8:05pm-Listen to WCOOP live!

If you'd like to read about, watch, and listen to WCOOP coverage at the same time, be sure to check out the PokerStars WCOOP Live Stream of Event #6 Day 2.

8:02 pm - Game change

We're now playing Razz, with stakes of 200/400 and antes of 40. If you hadn't noticed yet, we're starting to hit the territory where a lot of WCOOP dreams of glory are going to be broken - for tonight, at least.

8:01 pm - Nice score for Luca

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano just picked himself up over the 10k mark thanks to a nice four-way pot with hairos, Mormoloco, and nadremark.

After the flop was checked around, Pagano began betting out in second position on the turn with the board reading 9c-8d-2s-8s. hairos and nadremark both called to see the river come down the 2d, but neither wanted to call Pagano's river bet, shipping him the 2,800 pot and picking him up to 10,770.

7:55 pm - The Luca Pagano Show!

We're back in action now, playing Omaha Hi-Lo once more, and we're shifting our focus over to Table 102. That's where Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano of Italy is playing, with a healthy stack of 9,870 in front of him. Here's a look at his table:

Seat 1: LucaPagano 9,870
Seat 2: hairos 10,002
Seat 3: TheBigViking 12,509
Seat 4: Mormoloco 5,176
Seat 5: mbendner 3,396
Seat 6: nadremark 7,838

7:49pm - Break-time chip counts

Level 19
Blinds: 100/200
Average stack 6,867
Players remaining: 657

Top Ten Chips at Break:

ozenc - 25,489
Madmax_sa - 24,813
Crisper - 23,384
jalla79 - 21,833
Dosenpfand - 20,966
oogee - 20,755
Gramps7 - 19,813
grindnitout - 19,201
RedBulli - 18,716
Seitz333 - 18,585

7:42 pm - We only get two cards in this game?

The Limit Hold'em round saw some good action, with five pots of six big bets or more going down to this point. They were won by four different players, too, so the chips are distributing between barrakko, Powahh, -db-, and new table addition serlova.

Much as he was before getting the big stack, barrakko has been the focus of the action at the table during this round. He seemed to be involved in almost every pot at some point, and he didn't hesitate to get aggressive with so much cushion in his stack.

Going into the break, here's a look at Table 25:

Seat 1: serlova 8,555
Seat 2: Konkistos 3,662
Seat 3: -db- 4,625
Seat 4: Fooge 13,084
Seat 5: Powahh 9,628
Seat 6: barrakko 14,200

7:38 pm - Game change - twice

We're now on Limit Hold'em for the third time in the tournament, having made two complete runs through the game rotation and passed a level of Triple Draw. The blinds right now are 80/160, while the stakes are 160/320.

The Triple Draw round saw several healthy pots, including a 4,555 pot won by barrakko with the stone cold nuts - 7-5-4-3-2 - to eliminate InanimateJ from the tournament, and a 3,920 pot for Konkistos with 7-6-4-3-2 against -db-.

The former chip leader managed to scrape back a little bit at the end of the Triple Draw round, but he comes in to Limit Hold'em with just 4,465 of his stack left.

7:27 pm - Barrakko bombs -db-

It's safe to say that -db- will look back on this past level of PLO and say that it was far from kind to him.

On the very next hand after folding to barrakko on the river, Konkistos opened under the gun for 210 and -db- called in second position. barrakko also called from the small blind, building the pot to 690.

The flop came down 9d-8h-5h, and -db- bet 690 when the action checked around to him. barrakko flat-called and Konkistos chose to get out of the way.

The turn card was the 3h, bringing a check-call from barrakko of -db-'s 2,070 bet. barrakko also made a check-call on the river, putting his entire remaining stack of 4,060 in the middle. -db- turned up As-Js-5c-3c for two pair, fives and threes; barrakko, however, turned up 9s-8d-7h-4h for the eight-high heart flush, scooping the 14,330 pot and dropping the former chip leader -db- to 7,035.

7:23 pm- Blind defense

No one will ever to be able to accuse barrakko of failing to adequately defend his blinds. He just scored another solid pot, this time taking a chunk out of table chip leader -db-.

-db- opened in the cutoff for 180, and barrakko called from the big blind to see the flop come down Th-6s-6c. Both players quickly checked and the turn card was the 4c. barrakko checked and -db- thought for a few moments before betting 390, the size of the pot. Without hesitation, barrakko quickly min-raised to 780.

-db- now hesitated, pondering his move, and eventually made a third bet to 1,800. barrakko called, and as soon as the 8d hit the river he shoved all-in for 3,040 into the 3,990 pot. -db- took almost no time to get out of the way, dropping himself to 14,065. barrakko, meanwhile, is up to 7,030.

7:19 pm - Game change

The game is now Pot-Limit Omaha, with blinds of 30/60. Three of the five pots we've played so far have been worth at least 830, including a nice 1,320 score for Powahh; he took down the pot with a turn bet against -db-, who elected to go no further with the board reading 9h-9d-2d-6h. Powahh is back up to 8,478.

7:13 pm - Third times a...

Powahh has come in for a raise to 180 both of the last three times he's had the button, and barrakko has called him from the small blind both times. The first time barrakko ended up winning the 1,080 pot with a check-raise on the ace-high flop, while the second time saw barrakko take the 480 pot with a bet on the turn after an ace had come.

That second pot prompted Powahh to type into the chat box, "keep it up man." No big surprise, then, when Powahh raised on his button for the third time a row and was called by barrakko for a third time

The flop came down Jh-7d-2s and barrakko check-called Powahh's 300 bet. The two players checked it down the rest of the way when the turn and river came Jd-3c, and barrakko's Kh-Tc held up to win with jacks and a king kicker. barrakko now has 5,230, while Powahh has 7,938.

7:12pm- New chip leader

Though we continue to follow the action on -db-'s table, Event #8 has a new chip leader. grindnitout has grinded (er, ground?) all the way up to first place with 17,519 chips.

7:09 pm - Powahh to the people

Powahh just picked up a nice pot in a blind-vs.-blind situation, and he didn't even have to see a showdown. When the action folded to Powahh in the small blind he raised to 180, which barrakko called from the big blind. Powahh led out for 300 into the 320 pot on the flop of Qs-Qc-Th, a bet which barrakko elected to simply call. The Kd came on the turn and Powahh again led out, this time for 480 into a pot of 1,020. barrakko again called, but he couldn't find another call when the Td hit the river and Powahh led out for 1,500. That pot worth 1,980 put Powahh up to 9,238, while barrakko dropped to 4,010.

7:08 pm - Now it's time for some action

With the end of the Stud Hi-Lo round, we've moved on to the big bet games. We're playing No Limit Hold'em this time, with blinds at 30-60 and antes at 10. Here's a look at the stacks right now:

Seat 1 - InainmateJ 1,600
Seat 2 - Konkistos 2,832
Seat 3 - -db- 16,935
Seat 4 - Fooge 11,984
Seat 5 - Powahh 8,238
Seat 6 - barrakko 4,980

7:01 pm--And back to Stud-8

We've moved on once again, changing games to Stud Hi-Lo, with stakes of 100/200 and antes of 20. Keeping with the theme of the table so far, the pots have stayed small (under 5 big bets) with one exception. -db- and barrakko split a pot worth 2,550, -db- winning the high pot with tens and fives, and barrakko taking the low pot with 8-4-3-2-A.

7:00pm--Here's a big one

barrakko just took down the biggest pot of the Stud Hi round so far, picking up 1,750 against -db-.

-db- opened for 100 second to act with 9c up, getting a call from barrakko with the 6c up to give us a heads-up pot. With 9c-Tc showing on fourth, -db- bet and barrakko again called with 6c-3c.

-db- led out on fifth with 9c-Tc-3h, and barrakko called with 6c-3c-Jh. On sixth it was barrakko who did the betting with 6c-3c-Jh-7c, and -db- calling with 9c-Tc-3h-8c. barrakko led out again on the river and got the call from -db-, who must have been disappointed to see barrakko's entire board run out Jc-Ah-6c-3c-Jh-7c-2c for the jack-high flush.

6:58pm- Kid Poker no more

When we left Daniel Negreanu after the first hour, he was playing a solid game and looking like he was in for a long night. Alas, he is no more. We'll have to wait for another event to watch the Kid in action. He finished in 1,081st place.

6:51 pm - Small ball

For the time being, at least, the pots are staying small here on Table 25. Fooge just took down a pot worth 1,610 with a bet on fifth street, but that's more than twice the value of the next-largest pot we've seen so far since coming back from the break. With the stakes at 100/200, every other pot has been worth 640 or less.

6:47 pm - New table, new action

As we get into the action on Table 25, we're playing Stud Hi with stakes of 100/200 and antes of 20. -db- isn't the only player at this table with a nice stack, either. Here's the lineup:

Seat 1 - InainmateJ 1,335
Seat 2 - Konkistos 3,852
Seat 3 - -db- 16,595
Seat 4 - Fooge 12,094
Seat 5 - Powahh 9,108
Seat 6 - barrakko 3,655

6:45 pm - Agism, online poker style

There's a familiar face at the top of the chip counts right now. -db- has tasted WCOOP success before, winning Event #6 - Limit Omaha Hi-Lo during the 2002 WCOOP. That emans that, in online poker terms, -db- is officially older than dirt. It also means he'll be tough to beat. We'll be following him for the next hour.

6:40pm-Chip counts at the two hour mark

Level 7
Blinds: 15/30
Average stack 4,017

Top Ten Chips at Break:

-db- - 16595
voyager7o9 - 14774
jle90 - 13578
vui-qua-di - 12898
i2thunder - 12841
PhishorMan - 12453
blindbec jr - 12438
KidPokerJD - 12123
Fooge - 12094
FlyingSumo - 11720

6:32 pm - Chen clashes with the 'duck

We're now back to Razz, with stakes of 80/160 and antes of 15. Bill Chen took down a nice pot pretty quickly against mobbyduck, winning 1,795 and prompting a little chat box discussion:

mobbyduck: in a minute he will say pott odds
Bill Chen: or that i was ahead on 4th
mobbyduck: u could be drawing dead m8
Bill Chen: and it was pretty close on 6th like 4:3 at most
PiMaster: ive played 4 card razz, rather boring
mobbyduck: yeahh i got qq
Bill Chen: you checked 4th
Bill Chen: you really gonna do that smooth into two players?
Bill Chen: if so that's not a good strategy
Bill Chen: pot big already
mobbyduck: u did river me
Bill Chen: y i know mobbyduck: but got ur point

Chen is now up to 5,277, while mobbyduck has 3,618.

6:27 pm - He rocks, then he rolls

On one of our very last Omaha/8 hands, Bill Chen got another needed boost to his stack. This time the pot was four ways at three bets apiece to the flop with Chen, PiMaster, Allingomes, and IAmSnow all along for the ride. All four players checked the Kc-Qc-8h flop, bringing the 3d for free. Chen led out for 160, which PiMaster called, and Allingomes made it 320. Chen then raised to 480, which both opponents called. The river card was the 5h, and Chen's quick bet was again called by both opponents. Chen showed Ks-9d-8d-8s for a flopped set of eights, good for the high pot. PiMaster turned up Ad-6d-3s-2s for the nut low, and Allingomes mucked with just 1,310 left in his stack. That pot picked Chen back up to 4,277, and PiMaster to 3,755.

6:24 pm - And speaking of knowing the math...

Bill Chen's stack just got a relieving boost thanks to three-quarters of a pot against PiMaster. Chen raised under the gun and PiMaster, immediately behind the Team PokerStars Pro, made it three bets to go. The rest of the table folded and Chen called. Chen check-raised on the 8c-5s-2d flop, and PiMaster called to see the 2c come on the turn. This time Chen led out and was raised by PiMaster. He called and the 8s came on the river, prompting him to bet once again. PiMaster called with As-7s-Qc-3d, good enough to chop the low pot with Chen, who held Ah-3h-6c-8d. Chen picked up the high pot on his own, though, thanks to his trip eights. Chen is back up to 3,697 now, while PiMaster has 3,175.

6:25pm-Bill Chen on math

No secret that Team PokerStars Pro Bill Chen is math wizard. While we were in Vegas for the WSOP, Chen took some time to drop some science on us mere mortals and made it easy for us to understand. Check it out.

Watch WSOP 08: Bill Chen's Top 5 Maths Tips on PokerStars.tv

6:23pm-The Great White...duck?

mobbyduck is on a little bit of a roll here in O8. After splitting the first pot with Allingomes, mobbyduck scooped a 2,360 pot on the very next hand against Gomes, hitting both the wheel for the low pot and a seven-high straight for the high pot with As-3c-5d-7c on a board of 7s-2d-4h-3s-6c.

On the very next hand, mobbyduck took a smaller but still worthwhile pot of 520 from Bill Chen to boost his stack to 5,653.

6:18 pm - Back to limit, this time O8

The game now changes over to Omaha Hi-Lo once again, with blinds of 40/80 and stakes of 80/160. Our first pot was split between mobbyduck and action-happy Allingomes, with all the betting heads-up from before the flop onward.

6:13 pm - What a nice guy!

Either PiMaster is an old-fasioned good sportsman, or he's not paying attention. With him in the small blind and and mobbyduck sitting out in the big blind, the action folded around to PiMaster. He paused for a moment before folding his hand, allowing the absent mobbyduck to keep his blind.

6:08 pm - Gomes liking him some limit poker

It's time once again for Limit Hold'em, with blinds at 30/60 and stakes at 60/120. Bill Chen dropped a healthy pot on the last hand of Triple Draw against PiMaster, taking him back down to 3,197. Allingomes, meanwhile, has 3,270. The table chip leader is KtheKing with 5,525. While, none of them have been particularly large, but Alexander Gomes has taken down five of the first six pots in Limit Hold'em to boost his stack to 3,960.

6:04pm-- Triple draw forcing Team PokerStars Pros to tangle

Our two Team PokerStars Pros continue to butt heads at Table 99. This time it was Alex Gomes and Bill Chen heads-up in a Triple Draw hand, with Chen raising before the first draw. Gomes re-raised to three bets from the big blind, and Chen made it four bets total. Gomes caleld and drew two cards, while Chen took just one.

Gomes check-called Chen's bet and on the second draw both players took one card. Gomes again check-called before the third draw, and both players again took a single card. Gomes checked his last action, and Chen once again fired out. Gomes eventually mucked, shipping the 870 pot over to Chen.

6:01 pm - The MathMan Cometh

Bill Chen is back in the swing of things, once again over the 3k mark thanks a nice five-way Triple Draw pot played from the big blind. In the end he showed down 8-7-5-4-2 heads-up against PiMaster, who mucked to send the 1,080 pot Chen's way.

5:58 pm - Team PokerStars Pros clashing again

It's time for the day's second round of 2-7 Triple Draw as we get back to the fixed-limit portion of the game rotation. The blinds are 30-60 and the limits stakes are 60/120. Alex Gomes took down the first pot against Bill Chen to pick up some of his losses on the last hand against mobbyduck, putting him back at 4,110.

5:53 pm - Vamo, vamo, vamooooooooo!

Alexander "Allingomes" Gomes is riding the roller coaster today, giving some back after picking up that big pot against Bill Chen. mobbyduck raised to 90 in the cutoff and Gomes caleld from the button. The flop came down Kc-8h-7d, both players checked, and the turn was the 8s. mobbyduck led out for 150 this time, and Gomes called. The 4s then came on the river, drawing a 330 bet from mobbyduck and another call from Gomes. mobbyduck showed 8d-7s-3h-3s for the turned full house and Gomes mucked.

5:51 pm - Time for some gamboooooooling

We're now on to Pot Limit Omaha with blinds of 15-30, and on just the second hand we had a pretty healthy pot. IAmSnow's Ks-9s-Qc-Qh turned a straight against PiMaster's flopped two pair, good enough for a 1,950 pot to boost IAmSnow to 4,397 and drop PiMaster to 2,685.

5:47 pm- Return of the Gomes

Alexander Gomes just got back - and then some - against fellow WSOP bracelet winner Bill Chen. Chen raised under the gun to 90, and Gomes called on the button to build the pot to 225. The flop came down Js-8s-3c, drawing out a 150 bet from Chen and a raise to 477 by Gomes.

Chen called and when the turn came the Kc, he quickly shoved for 4,865 - much more than Gomes had. Gomes couldn't call quickly enough, turning up As-Ts for the gutshot and nut flush draws, while Chen showed Qs-Td for the double gutshot draw. The river was a meaningless 4d, giving the 4,515 pot to Gomes. and dropping Chen to 3,197.

5:43 pm - On speaking too soon

We just officially lost our problem with no big pots being played. Our two Team PokerStars Pros just got into it and Alexander Gomes is the worse for wear.

Bill Chen raised to 90 from the cutoff and got calls from PiMaster on the button and mobbyduck in the small blind. Allingomes then popped it to 395, putting the decision back to Chen. He eventually called and the other two dropped out.

With 970 in the pot, the flop came down Ks-Jh-5s. Gomes thought before betting 650, and Chen, after some thought of his own, shoved for 3,857. Gomes made it look good, waiting a bit and then folding as Chen scooped up the 2,270 pot to jump up to a stack of 5,477.

5:41 pm - Hold'em time

The game is now No-Limit Hold'em, with blinds of 15-30. Unsurprisingly, we haven't seen any real monster hands yet. The limit games definitely play bigger than the big-bet games at this point.

5:40pm--Meet Bill Chen

We're back from the first break and we've found ourselves a new feature table. Over on Table 99, Team PokerStars Pro members Bill Chen and Alexander "Allingomes" Gomes are facing each other down. What's the chance of two PokerStars pros facing down at the same table in a 6-max event? We bet Chen, co-author of The Mathematics of Poker, would know.

Here's the lineup: Seat 1: Bill Chen 4,237 Seat 2: PiMaster 3,885 Seat 3: mobbyduck 3,548 Seat 4: Allingomes 3,145 Seat 5: IAmSnow 3,392 Seat 6: KtheKing 5,405

5:31pm--Chip counts at break

Level 7
Blinds: 15/30
Average stack 4,017

ozenc 7174
Brryann 7162
tooshaap 7070
MrSmokey1 6949
McMang 6870
RagingMensan 6865
ScottBrewr99 6717
Striker 10 6640
ACC2089 6560
Dybdahl1 6560

5:30pm-TheGraveWolf pulls ahead.

TheGraveWolf just took over the table chip lead in a big four-way pot. KidPoker and Matze_GZ came along for the ride all the way to fifth street but fell aside after that, leaving it to TheGraveWolf and ChugsMcGee to contest the pot with boards that looked like this:

TheGraveWolf: 4s-6s-As
ChugsMcGee: Th-Kc-Tc

By the end, TheGraveWolf turned up 7h-3h-4s-6s-As-5s-6h for a 6-5 low and a seven-high straight, scooping the 1,340 pot and jumping up to 5,160. ChugsMcGee, meanwhile, ChugsMcGee is down to 3,250

5:29pm--Take a number, please

f virtual rails can be filled to capacity, consider the rail on Table 48 FULL. Whereas earlier no one seemed to notice the four-time WSOP bracelet winner sitting here, evyerone's found their way over now - and they're asking Negreanu every question under the sun.

What's Daniel's favorite sport besides hockey and golf? What's his handicap? Can he beat Doyle Brunson in 18 holes?Does he remember that one hand where he hit quads?

For his part, Negreanu is being very gracious and answering a lot of these questions, all while managing to keep up with the game at the same time.

5:35pm-Time for some Stud-8

We're now on to Stud Hi-Lo, with stakes of 40-80 and antes of 10. This will be the last level before the first break, after which the big bet games come around. For now, Daniel Negreanu still holds the table chip lead with 4,530.

5:23pm-Few showdowns so far

We haven't seen very many pots go past fourth street here at Table 48 during this Stud Hi round. In fact, only two pots, both involving USCphildo, have gone to fifth street or beyond. On the first he won 220 on fifth street against ChugsMcGee, with Ad-Jd-Td showing against Chugs' 2d-2c-5d

The second pot was also against ChugsMcGee but turned out a little differently. By seventh street, USCphildo's board read Ac-3c-Qc-9h, while ChugsMcGee's read Qh-Jh-4h-Kh. Chugs bet and USCphildo went into the tank. "AAA," he typed into the chat box, and eventually he let it go to send a 635 pot to ChugsMcGee.

5:19pm--Event #3 highlight show

We'll be headed to break in a few minutes. While we get some chip counts, check out this PokerStars.tv Event #3 highlight show.

Watch WCOOP Highlights: Event #3 - $215 Limit Hold'em (6 max) on PokerStars.tv

5:14 pm-Negreanu showing his stuff

KidPoker limped in with the Tc showing, and Matze_GZ raised with the 7h up. Negreanu called and got Tc-9c, while Matze_GZ got 7h-Kc. Matze again led out, but Negreanu raised and got a quick fold from his opponent. KidPoker is slowly but surely chipping up, with a stack now sitting at 4,530.

5:11 pm Wow, this is a lot of games

It's time for Stud Hi, with stakes of 40-80 and antes of 10. Daniel Negreanu is still leading the chip counts at his table with 4,405.

5:07pm-Time for lowball action

We're now on to the Razz portion of the first level of play, with stakes of 30-60 and antes of 5.

It didn't take Daniel Negreanu long to get involved; ChugsMcGee opened the betting for 30 with the Ad showing, and Negreanu raised with the As showing. Chugs called, drawing the 2d, while Negreanu caught the Kc.

Again ChugsMcGee bet, and Negreanu thought for a bit before calling. This time it was the Kd for ChugsMcGee, and the 9h for Negreanu. This time it was check-check, bringing the Jh for Chugs and the 8c for Negreanu. Chugs checked once again and, sensing weakness, Negreanu took down the pot with a quick bet.

With that pot, KidPoker is up to 4,450.

5:06pm--Final numbers are in

Late registration for Event #8 has closed. Here are the final numbers.

Entrants: 1,128
Place paid: 168
Total prize pool: $338,400
First prize: $56,174

5:01pm- TheGraveWolf rising

Omaha Hi-Lo has been pretty good to TheGraveWolf so far. He just scooped two more pots. In the first his Ad-9d-8d-Qc held up against Matze_GZ's Ks-Js-Jh-8h when the board came down As-9s-2h-2c-Qd, giving him aces and queens.

Then, just two hands later, he scooped against Matze_GZ when he hit a wheel holding Ks-Qd-3d-2s on a 5d-4c-3c-As-Jc board and Matze couldn't turn up a flush or better for the high pot. TheGraveWolf is now up to 4,370, just ahead of Daniel Negreanu with 4,310.

4:59pm-New game!

We're on to Omaha Hi-Lo now with blinds of 15-30 and limits of 30-60, and the sixth seat at the table has finally been filled by Don_Insano.

Anyone who plays serious O8 will tell you that playing for the scoop - dragging both the high pot and low pot - is what this game is all about. Even with a pretty rough hand, TheGraveWolf just showed why: his Ks-9s-8d-6d just played on both sides against ChugsMcGee when the board came down As-Kd-9d-2s-3d, with 8-6 for the low and the king-high flush for the high.


ChugsMcGee just dragged the biggest pot at this table so far, a 770-chip monster in Limit Hold'em against Matze_GZ. The board ran out 8s-8d-3h-6h-5d, a heartbreaker for Matze_GZ, who held 3c-3s for the flopped full house. The broken heart came thanks to the turn card, as ChugsMcGee held 8h-6c for what turned out to be a bigger full house.

4:49pm-Rail forming

An observer stopped in a few minutes ago and commented, "no rail here? that's strange." Indeed, we expected to see more Negreanu fans cheering on their favorite player on Table 48. Within just a minute or two people began pouring in to send their best wishes to Kid Poker, including one who said that he met Daniel at the WSOP Main Event this summer and had him sign a mini Canadian flag.

4:44pm-Negreanu leads his table already

Without missing a beat, Kid Poker picked up the first hand of Limit Hold'em as well. ChugsMcGee raised in the cutoff and Negreanu made it three bets. Everyone else folded and Chugs called to see the flop come down Ac-6s-4h.

Chugs checked, Daniel bet, and Chugs called. The Kd came on the turn, and the action was the same. With the Qc on the river, the action again went check-bet-call, and Daniel turned up Kh-Qd for the winning two pair. He's now up to 4,330, giving him the chip lead at this table.

4:40pm--More on Daniel Negreanu

While we're taking a look at Kid Poker, we might as well take a look at a great interview he did with us recently for PokerStars.tv

Watch Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu on PokerStars.tv

4:33pm -- Kid Poker in action

Daniel Negreanu just played his first hand and built up a pretty nice pot with TheGraveWolf. Negreanu made it two bets under the gun and TheGraveWolf was his only caller, from the small blind. Both players took two cards, Negreanu bet 20, and TheGraveWolf called. On the second draw, both players took two cards

TheGraveWolf checked this time and Negreanu bet, only to find himself check-raised. Negreanu then made it three bets to go, and TheGraveWolf made it four in return! Negreanu called, both players stood pat, and Negreanu called TheGraveWolf's bet after the third draw. Amazingly, both players turned up 7-6-5-4-2 for a split pot.

4:34pm--Notables in the field

Daniel Negreanu is well known for his prowess at mixed games, so we're going to be following the Team PokerStars Pro for the first hour. Here's the starting lineup for his table: Seat 1: Matze_GZ Seat 2: USCphildo Seat 3: TheGraveWolf Seat 4: ChugsMcGee Seat 5: KidPoker (Negreanu) Seat 6: empty

The first game of the rotation is Triple Draw, a game on which Negreanu literally wrote the book. His chapter on 2-7 TD in Super System 2 is still one of the best references for anyone looking to learn the game

4:30pm--Event #8 underway

WCOOP Event #8 is now in action. The $320 8-game mixed tournament has more than 1,600 players in the field and more than $318,000in prize money.

5:40am-WCOOP Event #8 $320 8-Game Mixed

WCOOP Event #8 $320 8-Game Mixed will begin at 4:30pm ET. Join us here for all the action.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP