2009 WCOOP: Doc Holatchya hollas

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgThe Excalibur has launched an untold number of poker players' careers. And by untold, we mean at least one and perhaps a few more. Most notable of those people who sat down at the felts for $2-$5 spread games under the spires of Las Vegas' Camelot is a man named Dustin Sitar.

It's a romantic sounding name for a guy who comes from the Lone Star state, but perhaps one you don't recognize. Appropriate for a man from the land of cowbows, Sitar is better known on PokerStars as Doc Holatchya.

If that name sounds familiar it should. This guy won the $10,000 HORSE event in the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker.


Last year, Sitar won nearly $290,000 after beating out a field of 125 people.

Now, with WCOOP just a week away, we have Sitar on the small screen and remembering his win. In the interview below, hear how Sitar came up with his screen name, where he got his start in poker, and how he shows off his WCOOP bracelet.

While this is the latest of our WCOOP coverage, you can see all kinds of great videos on PokerStars.tv all the time.

For now, though, have at look at what Doc Holatchya had to say to us about his 2008 WCOOP victory.

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Brad Willis
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