2009 WCOOP: MUSTAFABET Takes Event #3, $215 PLO 6-max

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgAction junkies came together for the $215 buy-in six-handed pot-limit Omaha event on Friday. The field of 2,738 created a total prize pool of $547,600, more than exceeding the $500K guarantee as well as besting the total of 2,457 who played in the same event last year, won by Mary 717. After nearly 14 hours of play, MUSTAFABET emerged with all of the chips, claiming the first prize of $86,247 plus one shiny penny.

It only took a little over six levels for half of that whopping starting field to hit the rail. Just 1,365 were left by the middle of level 7 and the second scheduled break, with Macieq having jumped out to an early lead with 72,590 -- more than 25,000 ahead of his nearest competitor. Macieq would be the first player to reach 100,000, and would maintain the lead as the field rapidly whittled down toward 500, though eventually would drop from the top of the leaderboard to be replaced by w00ter92, JokerTor, and danceofddead.

The top 420 finishers were paid in this one, and the money bubble burst after nearly five-and-a-half hours of play (Level 15), at which point JokerTor had pushed into the chip lead with more than 170,000. Team PokerStars pros still alive when the cash prizes started to be handed out included Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Barry "barryg1" Greenstein, Maria "Maridu" Mayrinck, and Tony Hachem. Andre "aakkari" Akkari was there, too, hovering just below the top 50.

Hachem would soon be out in 384th. A little while later, a short-stacked Greenstein had K♠2♣K♥9♥ when he committed the last of his chips on a flop of K♣5♣3♠ and was hoping his set of kings would hold against chessazhole's 6♣3♣7♦7♠. But the turn was the 4♣, giving chessazhole the flush, and the 8♥ on the river sent the Bear to the rail in 283rd. Mayrinck would follow him in 209th, going out in a hand against john jdk.

With 200 players left, pugmeister and Bassysaffari sat atop the leaderboard, both with nearly a quarter million chips. With less than 100 players left, DallasCorben had assumed the chip lead with over half a million. With 75 left, Nick "gbmantis" Niegarth had pulled in front.

Meanwhile, Grospellier appeared to have decided to sit out for much of the middle stage of the tourney. Finally he returned, with an explanation for the railbirds asking about his whereabouts: "j'ai de gros pbs de'internet a l'hotel." In other words, big problems with his internet connection from his hotel. ElkY was able to recover to win back some of the chips that had been blinded off, but eventually would have them all in after flopping two pair. Unfortunately for Grospellier, the flop had been better for mjoseph. Here's how that one turned out:

ElkY was out in 53rd. With 50 left, morten85 was the chip leader with around 750,000. MUSTAFABET was the first player to a million, and had the lead with more 1.5 million with 25 players remaining.


Team PokerStars Pro: Brazil player Andre Akkari

Lone Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari was still fighting with an average stack until he lost most of it in a confrontation with Dark J@ker. Down under 100,000, Akkari got his stack all in before the flop with 9♥7♠5♦T♦ against DeuceBuster's A♥T♥8♣J♣. The board came 3♠6♠A♣T♠A♠, and Akkari was out in 18th place.

MUSTAFABET would continue to remain out in front as the final table approached, moving past the four million-chip mark. Players were cautious as the final table bubble approached, until at last during Level 31 MUSTAFABET eliminated houstonpete in 7th place. The final six-handed table was set!

Seat 1: DeuceBuster -- 1,272,005
Seat 2: maksvs70 -- 1,701,113
Seat 3: TropiFish -- 1,695,803
Seat 4: BushwickDave -- 3,151,225
Seat 5: Maksflaks -- 896,246
Seat 6: MUSTAFABET -- 4,973,608


Over the first 35 hands of the final table, maksvs70 would slip to 711,608, just barely covering the table's short stack, Maksflaks, when the following hand took place. Maksflaks opened from the cutoff with a raise to 120,000 (three times the big blind), and maksvs70 called from the big blind. The flop came 5♣4♦5♦, and maksvs70 checked. Maksflaks bet 260,000, maksvs70 check-raised all in, and Maksflaks called. maksvs70 showed Q♠A♠6♥Q♣, which was better than Maksflaks' 2♠T♣K♦T♥. The turn was the 2♦ and river the 8♣, and Maksflaks was out in sixth.

It would be another 45 minutes or so before the next elimination. With the blinds 25,000/50,000, DeuceBuster raised to 125,000 from the cutoff, and maksvs70 called from the button. The blinds folded, and the flop came 5♣T♦4♥. DeuceBuster continued for 250,000, and maksvs70 made the call. The turn was the K♦. This time DeuceBuster bet 500,000, and maksvs70 responded by raising all in for 1,496,555. DeuceBuster didn't take long to make the call, revealing T♥9♦7♣T♣ for tens full of fives, well ahead of maksvs70's J♠Q♣Q♠4♣. The river was the K♦, and they were down to four.

At that point DeuceBuster had the chip lead, although MUSTAFABET would win a huge 5.4 million-chip pot versus DeuceBuster on the very next hand to take it back. Just a couple of orbits later, DeuceBuster would be involved in another huge hand, this time against BushwickDave.

BushwickDave raised to 150,000 from under the gun, and DeuceBuster was the only caller from the small blind. The flop came 8♦5♠A♣, and DeuceBuster check-called BushwickDave's 250,000 bet. The turn brought the 3♠. DeuceBuster again checked, BushwickDave bet 600,000, then DeuceBuster check-raised all in for 2,122,902. BushwickDave called instantly, showing 4♥6♣2♥7♣ for the turned straight. DeuceBuster showed Q♥T♠5♣A♠ for aces and a flush draw, but the river was the 8♥ and just like that DeuceBuster had gone from first with four players left to being eliminated in fourth.

Just a few minutes later, BushwickDave was raising again, this time to 180,000 (3x) from UTG, and the remaining short stack, TropiFish, reraised to 570,000 from the big blind. BushwickDave called. The flop came 5♦Q♠6♠, and TropiFish quickly pushed all in for 415,182. Bushwick Dave made the call. TropiFish had K♠K♣9♠7♣ for an overpair, a gutshot straight draw, and a flush draw, while BushwickDave had 2♥A♠J♠T♦ for the better flush draw. The turn was the J♦, and Tropifish was still ahead, but the river was the 8♠, and Tropifish was out in third.

When heads-up play began, BushwickDave had 8,202,699 to MUSTAFABET's 5,487,301. The pair briefly chatted about chopping, but decided the difference in prize money between first and second wasn't great enough to bother with making a deal, and so they played it out. After a couple dozen hands, the advantage had swung back to MUSTAFABET. Then, just after 4 a.m. Eastern time, came the tournament's final hand.

With the blinds 40,000/80,000, BushwickDave limped in from the small blind/button and MUSTAFABET checked. The flop came all babies -- 4♣3♣5♥. MUSTAFABET checked, BushwickDave bet 160,000, and MUSTAFABET called. The turn was the 3♦, pairing the board. MUSTAFABET again checked, BushwickDave bet 320,000, MUSTAFABET check-raised to 960,000, and BushwickDave called.

The river was the Q♣. MUSTAFABET bet 1.68 million, BushwickDave raised all in for 4,055,398, and MUSTAFABET called. BushwickDave showed 7♣3♠J♥Q♠ for a full house, threes full of queens, but MUSTAFABET had the better boat with 5♠4♥9♦5♣.

WCOOP Event #3 ($215 PLO 6-max) Results

1. MUSTAFABET (England) -- $86,247.01
2. BushwickDave (U.S.) -- $62,974.01
3. TropiFish (Hungary) -- $45,998.41
4. DeuceBuster (U.S.) -- $29,844.21
5. maksvs70 (Russian Federation) -- $19,067.44
6. Maksflaks (Norway) -- $9,719.91

Congratulations to MUSTAFABET, Event No. 3 champion! The 2009 WCOOP is just getting started! Check the WCOOP website for the full schedule of remaining events and satellites.

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Martin Harris
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