2009 WCOOP: Steve-Paul Ambrose opens his playbook

steve-thumb.jpgWith just 16 days to go until the start of the biggest online tournament series in the world, the anticipation is near its peak. Bankrolls are being assembled, schedules created, and family members sent to the hinterlands until October. We are please to report Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul-Ambrose is ready for action and opening his playbook such that we mere mortals can see how he went from humble university student to Team Pro. Below are a few tips from the man known as stevejpa.

by Steve Paul-Ambrose

The WSOP has come and gone and now that I'm over another year of missed chances at a gold bracelet there, I'm ready and excited at the prospect of winning one in WCOOP. Each of the three years I've played I've had numerous cashes and semi-deep runs, but I've yet to break through and final table or win one. With ever growing fields, it takes a fair bit of luck to make a run like that, but here are a few things to remember along the way.

1. Stay aggressive. In order to get deep in these big field tournaments, you need to accumulate a lot of chips. That means not being afraid to put chips in the pot, or get all the money in when you have an edge.

2. Stay patient. WCOOP events have phenomenal structures, so while you need to be willing to gamble and accumulate chips, there's no need to force things if the right situations don't present themselves. No online tournaments, and few live ones, have structures as good as those you'll see during WCOOP, so use that to your advantage.

3. Don't get discouraged. It's always tough to play your A-game throughout a tournament series. Busting a few huge tournaments a day takes a big toll on you mentally. As much as possible try to ignore your results and just take it one tournament at a time. Also, a day off now and then never hurt anyone.

4. Play your best. Going along with the above, you'll play so many hands over the two and a half week, 44 event schedule that it's easy to get caught up in what has happened and stop focusing on what is happening. Just focus on making the best decisions you can and hope the results go your way.

There's nothing new in the above advice, but when you get caught up in the excitement of a big series like WCOOP, it's easy to forget. I know I play my best when I'm focused and having fun, so here's hoping I, and everyone reading this, can stay positive through WCOOP and play my best. Oh, and maybe win a bracelet or two.

Steve Paul-Ambrose is a member of Team PokerStars Pro

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