2009 WCOOP: Straight to the top for Str8$$$Homey in Event #23, $320 NLHE (10-min. levels)

WCOOP 2009 logo.jpgThe last WCOOP event of the day, a $320 buy-in no-limit hold'em event (with 10-minute levels), attracted a total of 2,676 entrants, creating a prize pool of $802,000 -- well over the tourney's $300,000 guarantee. The top 396 finishers got paid, with the winner scheduled to receive $126,441.01.

It took 20 of those ten-minute levels for the cash bubble to burst -- almost three hours and 45 minutes, with the breaks. At that point, MR Plumber had pushed out to the chip lead, followed by juanmoretime and Disconaut. Steve "gboro780" Gross was also right there in fourth place. And Team PokerStars pro George Danzer of Germany, just a day removed from landing a WCOOP bracelet in Thursday night's Event No. 19 ($320 PLO 6-max., 1R1A), was hovering just outside of the top 20.

Within the next 15 minutes, over a hundred more players had hit the rail, including WCOOP Event No. 3 ($215 PLO 6-max.) winner MUSTAFABET in 316th and Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo in 281st. Shortly after that, Friend of Team PokerStars Darus Suharto hit the rail in 194th, and Steve "gboro780" Gross ended a rapid slide to go out in 191st.

Meanwhile, Danzer shot up into the top five, making the prospects of a second WCOOP bracelet in as many days seem all the more possible. His Team PokerStars teammate J.C. Alvarado was also starting to build a stack, but took a big hit in a pot versus cyrusboy, then was eliminated shortly afterwards by quacksdown3. "gla," typed Alvarado as his final hand played out, knocking him out in 122nd place.

Not too long after that, Danzer took a big hit to his stack when he ran pocket queens into moneyinbag's pocket kings. He'd lose more shortly after that in a hand against IntheRED X2. Danzer opened with a standard preflop raise from middle position, then IntheRED X2 reraised all in from the big blind and Danzer called. Danzer showed A♥8♥ and IntheRED X2 turned over pocket eights. The eights held up, and Danzer was down below 40,000. A few hands later Danzer open-shoved with 3♥4♥ and ran into chapmoney's K♠K♦. The board brought no help to the Team PokerStars pro, and Danzer was out in 90th.

After six hours of play there were 36 players left. SOXFAN83 held the chip lead at that point, nearing one million-chip mark, with IntheRED X2 and LePlein not too far behind.

After another hour of play the tourney had reached Level 37 and just 14 players were left. At that point Moneyball16 had surged out to a big chip lead with over 3.2 million -- nearly 2 million more than second place Beto77709. About half of Moneyball16's gawdy stack had come in a huge hand versus LePlein in which Moneyball16 had taken pocket jacks up against LePlein's pocket queens and had the good fortune of spiking a jack on the turn to knock out LePlein and claim the nearly 1.6 million-chip pot. A little while later dhg77gg busted SelwynSt in 10th, and the final table was set:

Seat 1: Moneyball16 -- 2,898,225
Seat 2: arioli -- 586,849
Seat 3: Raidan909 -- 1,410,756
Seat 4: B-scrubs101 -- 454,150
Seat 5: Str8$$$Homey -- 2,067,491
Seat 6: yayaya -- 477,184
Seat 7: Beto77709 -- 1,969,306
Seat 8: dhg77gg -- 1,608,271
Seat 9: IntheRED X2 -- 1,907,768


After about a dozen hands, arioli had slipped to 301,849, and opened a hand by raising all in from the cutoff. Raidan909 reraised all in from the button to isolate, and the blinds folded. arioli showed A♠9♦, and Raidan909 K♦J♥. The flop brought a jack -- J♣4♠5♥ -- and arioli needed help to survive. None came, however, as the turn brought the 6♦ and the river the 7♦, meaning arioli was out in ninth.

Just a few hands later, Raidan909 opened with an all-in raise to 1.16 million, and a short-stacked B-scrubs101, sitting to Raidan909's left, called only having 153,616 left. It folded around to Moneyball16 who thought a moment, then called as well.

Moneyball16: Q♣A♦
Raidan909: K♦A♣
B-scrubs101: A♠9♠

The flop came T♣J♥6♠, and Raidan909 was still best. But the K♣ landed on the turn, giving Moneyball16 a Broadway straight. The river was the 4♦, and suddenly they were down to six.

Team PokerStars Pro Hevad "RaiNKhaN" Khan, acting as host for the final table, couldn't help but join in the chorus of responses.

Beto77709: sick
RaiNKhan (TeamPro): holy $#*%)@$
IntheRED X2: vvn
dhg77gg: gg
RaiNKhan (TeamPro): 2 at once
dhg77gg: woooooow

B-scrubs101 was out in eighth, Raidan909 out in seventh, and MoneyBall16 had climbed back over 3 million, good enough at that point for second behind Str8$$$Homey's 4.3 million.

A break came, and on their return came a hand in which Str8$$$Homey opened with a standard raise, and a short-stacked dhg77gg decided to go ahead and reraise all in for 283,940. Str8$$$Homey called the few extra chips, turning over A♣T♥ to dhg77gg's T♠3♣. The board came 7♦A♦4♠6♣4♦, and dhg77gg was out in sixth.

The five remaining players then decided to talk about chopping up the remaining prize money, and the tourney was paused to run the numbers. If a deal was reached, $6,000 of the prize money had to remain on the table. The players were told that a "chip chop" would yield the following payouts:

Str8$$$Homey (3,814,355 in chips) = $106,794.83
Moneyball16 (3,342,499) = $97,903.76
Beto77709 (2,393,872) = $80,029.99
IntheRED X2 (1,953,038) = $71,722.46
yayaya (1,876,236) = $70,275.30

The bottom three players readily agreed, but Moneyball16 said he wanted $100,000, then Str8$$$Homey said he wanted $110,000. Eventually Moneyball16 gave up his wish, but Str8$$$Homey managed to get the bottom three players to agree to contribute an extra $1,700 to his total.

All seemed hunky dory -- that is, until the moderator informed the players a mistake had been made regarding the earlier figures. A pretty big one, actually, as none of the five players stood to receive as much as they had originally thought. Here were the actual numbers according to a straight "chip chop":

Str8$$$Homey -- $88,710.20
Moneyball16 -- $82,056.29
Beto77709 -- $68,679.16
IntheRED X2 -- $62,462.71
yayaya -- $61,379.68

Perhaps having those earlier figures in mind, now no one wanted to deal at all. So play resumed. The moderator apologized for the error. Then Khan offered an apology, too:

RaiNKhaN (TeamPro): Id like to apologize for not being here at the final table
RaiNKhaN (TeamPro): I hope ull accept

Beto77709: forget it man
Beto77709: it happens
Moneyball16: only if you say BULLDOZER!!!!!!
RaiNKhaN (TeamPro): BULLL_____DOZZERR (????????????)
Moneyball16: nice

Soon came a hand in which Moneyball16 raised to 280,000 from the cutoff, then Str8$$$Homey reraised all in for 3,334,355 from the button. yayaya folded in the small blind, then Beto77709 called all in for 2,123,872, prompting a fold from Moneyball16. Beto77709 showed T♥T♣ and Str8$$$Homey K♠J♥. The board went K♦A♦2♥4♣3♦, and Beto77709 was out in fifth.

An orbit later, and Str8$$$Homey was putting on the pressure again, open-raising all in from the small blind and getting a call from yayaya in the big for yayaya's last 743,736. yayaya showed A♥9♥ and Str8$$$Homey 9♠6♦. The flop was Q♣8♥8♠ and the turn the 7♦, and yayaya was still okay. But the river was the T♦, giving Str8$$$Homey a straight and knocking out yayaya in fourth.

By this point Str8$$$Homey had built a sizable lead, with more than 8.4 million to Moneyball16's 2.78 million and IntheRED X2's 2.15 million. Str8$$$Homey kept pushing, once again raising from the button, then seeing IntheRED X2 push all in from the small blind. Moneyball16 got out, and Str8$$$Homey called. IntheRED X2 showed 7♠7♥ and Str8$$$Homey K♦Q♥. The flop was T♥T♠Q♣, giving Str8$$$Homey the advantage. The turn was the 9♠ and the river the 9♣, and suddenly -- just a couple dozen hands after those failed negotiations -- they were already down to two players.

When heads-up play began, Str8$$$Homey still enjoyed a big lead, with 10,747,501 to Moneyball16's 2,632,499. Then, after 15 hands in which the pair exchanged relatively small pots, the end finally came.

With the blinds 70,000/140,000, Str8$$$Homey raised to 280,000 from the small blind/button, then Moneyball16 reraised all in for 3,297,499. Str8$$$Homey made the call, showing K♦J♣. Moneyball16 held K♣T♥. The board went T♣8♠9♣7♥8♦, and Str8$$$Homey had won the big $$$ with a straight, homey.

WCOOP Event #23 ($320 NLHE, 10-minute levels) Results
1. Str8$$$Homey (Canada) -- $126,441.01
2. Moneyball16 (Canada) -- $94,329.01
3. IntheRED X2 (United States) -- $67,435.21
4. yayaya (Canada) -- $46,161.01
5. Beto77709 (Brazil) -- $34,921.81
6. dhg77gg (Germany) -- $26,893.81
7. Raidan909 (United States) -- $18,865.81
8. B-scrubs101 (United States) -- $10,853.86
9. arioli (Canada) -- $6,823.81

Congratulations to Str8$$$Homey, winner of Event #23!

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP