2009 WCOOP: Timmy K topples the field in Event #20, $320 2-7 triple draw

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Today's WCOOP schedule amounted to nothing less than an action junkie's paradise. Event #19, a 6-max Pot-Limit Omaha rebuy started off the day, followed by Event #20, a $320 2-7 Triple Draw tournament that shot past its $100,000 guarantee. 468 players put up $320 apiece for their shot at WCOOP glory, creating a $140,400 prize pool. 72 places were paid, with the champion set to earn $26,676. Representing Team PokerStars Pro in the field were Andre Akkari, Barry Greenstein, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Chris Moneymaker, George Danzer, Greg Raymer, Juan Maceiras, Juan Manuel Pastor, Katja Thater, Marcin Horecki, Maria Mayrinck, Victor Ramdin, and Ylon Schwartz, with Ivan Demidov (51st) and Gavin Griffin (35th) notching in-the-money finishes.

Here's how the final six stacked up as the action got underway:

Seat 1: Timmy K (619,729 in chips)
Seat 2: TurnRiva (166,622 in chips)
Seat 3: Donkaroo22 (318,772 in chips)
Seat 4: Roc23rb (453,558 in chips)
Seat 5: Iteopepe88 (676,662 in chips)
Seat 6: GambleAB (104,657 in chips)

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Short-stacked entering final table play, GambleAB was the first to exit. After raising from under-the-gun, GambleAB was met with a button three-bet from Donkaroo22. GambleAB called and drew two cards while Donakaroo22 drew one. GambleAB check-called a bet from Donkaroo22, then took one card on the second draw. Donkaroo22 drew one again, and called after GambleAB led out. GambleAB was pat on the third draw and Donkaroo22 drew one. With only a bit more than 8,600 chips behind, GambleAB check-called all in and turned over T-6-4-3-2 but it was no match for Donkaroo22's 8-6-4-3-2. For his sixth-place finish and a hard-fought tournament, GambleAB earned $4,492.

With play five-handed, Timmy K began pulling away from the pack while former chip leader lteopepe88 began shedding chips. In one key hand, lteopepe88 opened for a raise, Timmy K three-bet and lteopepe88 amde the call. Both players took two cards on the first draw and capped the betting. On the second draw both players stood pat, and after lteopepe88 led out, the betting was capped again. The third draw saw them both pat, lteopepe88 leading out, Timmy K putting in a raise and lteopepe88 making the call. Timmy K showed down a wheel, 7-5-4-3-2, and raked in the 395,000 pot. The hand put Timmy K up to nearly a million in while while his four opponents were all under 500,000 in chips.

Donkaroo22 lost the majority of his stack when he folded on the third draw in a pot against lteopepe88, taking his chip count below 100,000. A few hands later, he defended his big blind against a pre-draw raise from lteopepe88, then drew three cards. Lteopepe88 drew one, and Donkaroo's remaining 23,429 chips went in after a bet and a raise. Both players took one card on the second draw and rapped pat on the third, lteopepe88 turning over a 9-6-5-4-3 low. Unable to beat it with 9-8-4-3-2, Donkaroo22 hit the rail in fifth place, earning $7,020 for his performance.

TurnRiva had to fight the hardest of any of his opponents to make this final table. Sitting on the short stack during the bubble, he doubled up three separate times to survive. With the betting limits at 12,000-24,000 and a bit under 100,000 in his stack, TurnRiva was sitting in the small blind when TimmyK made a button raise. TurnRiva defended and both players drew two cards. TurnRiva led out and Timmy K callled. On the second draw, TurnRiva drew one while Timmy K again took two. TurnRiva led again and Timmy K made the call. Both players discarded one card each on the final draw, and TurnRiva led out for the third time. This time, however, Timmy K raised, and TurnRiva elected to fold, saving his last 8,622 in chips. Three hands later, he was all in from the big blind against Timmy K and could only manage a Q-8 low to Timmy K's T-8 low at showdown, exiting in third place for a $9,828 payday.

With three players remaining, Timmy K had carved out a nice chip lead, holding 1.5 million while both lteopepe88 and Roc23rb held stacks in the 400,000 range. Timmy K began ramping up his aggression, and lteopepe88 suffered the most for it, his stack falling to around 250,000 while Roc23rb was able to pick up a few pots and pull himself into a solid second place with around 700,000.

Lteopepe88's stack eroded away to 119,000 before he got a much-needed double-up, courtesy of big stack Timmy K. Timmy K opened from the button and lteopepe88 called from the big blind. Lteopepe88 drew two and Timmy K drew one. Lteopepe88 check-called a bet, then drew two again while Timmy K stood pat. Lteopepe88 check-called another bet, then took one card on the third draw while Timmy K remained pat. Lteopepe88 led out, Timmy K raised, and lteopepe88 called all in for 21,091. Timmy K was pat with an 8-7-5-4-3 low, but lteopepe88 caught up on the end, making an 8-6-5-3-2 to double up to 245,000. After dragging the pot, he couldn't resist getting in a barb. Timmy K was not amused.

Iteopepe88 said, "nice raise"
TimmyK said "your sooooooo classy"

Timmy K, however, got those lost chips back rather quickly, making an 8-6 low against his rival to send his stack back down to 133,000.

Timmy K said, "well played"
Timmy K said, "king ball"
Timmy K said, "nice call"
Iteopepe88 said, "yup, i play great"
Iteopepe88 said, "draw 2->got there every time"

Finally, lteopepe88 offered an olive branch, which left Roc23rb feeling a bit like Mr. Cellophane.

Iteopepe88 said, "you are playing great today timmy, u deserve the title"
Timmy K said, "ty"
Roc23rb said, "wat about me"
Roc23rb said, "am i chopped liver"


Lteopepe88 was able to build his stack back up to 280,000 before he was crippled by Timmy K. After the betting was capped pre-draw, lteopepe88 drew one while Timmy K took two. Lteopepe88 led out and Timmy K made the call. Lteopepe88 again drew one while Timmy K drew two and led out again with a bet. Timmy K raised, lteopepe88 three-bet, Timmy K capped and lteopepe88 called. Both players stood pat on the third draw, lteopepe88 check-folding to Timmy K's final bet. Left with only 71,000, the remainder of his chips went in the middle a few hands later and both his opponents called. Timmy K made an 8-7-6-4-3 low to eliminate lteopepe88, who earned $14,391 for his third place finish.

Timmy K had a nearly ten-to-one chip lead over Roc23rb as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 1: Timmy K (2,119,442 in chips)
Seat 4: Roc23rb (220,558 in chips)

With the chip count so lopsided, their match was extremely brief. On the first hand, Rob23rb drew two cards three times, but could only show down a K-T low while Timmy K made a jack low. Then, on the third, and ultimately final hand, Rob23rb jammed the pot on the first draw, capping the betting after making a 9-8-6-4-2 low. He stood pat on the second draw while Timmy K took one card. Rob23rb put his last 12,558 chips in and Timmy K called. After both players stood pat on the third draw, Timmy K turned over the bad news-- he'd drawn to the wheel. With that, Timmy K locked up the WCOOP title and $26,676. For his runner-up finish, Rob23rb earned $19,656.

WCOOP Event #20 ($320 2-7 Triple Draw) Results

1. Timmy K $26,676.00
2. Roc23rb $19,656.00
3. lteopepe88 $13,391.00
4. TurnRiva $9,828.00
5. Donkaroo22 $7,020.00
6. Aaron "GambleAB" Bartley $4,492.80

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in WCOOP