2009 WCOOP: yhcaep takes bracelet in Event #13, $320 7-Card Stud

WCOOP 2009 logo.jpgSomewhat mirroring the scheduling tradition that has been established at the World Series of Poker over the last couple of years, Monday's non-hold'em event kicked off in the late afternoon (Eastern time, anyway), a $320 buy-in 7-card stud event that attracted 668 entrants. That meant another WCOOP guarantee ($150K for this one) was easily met, with the total prize pool $200,400. The top 96 spots paid, with the player finishing first scheduled to receive $37,575.

It took a little over four hours to trim the field in half, and nearly seven hours before the cash bubble burst, with villepn having the misfortune of being the last player eliminated before the money in 97th. At that point, none of the handful of Team PokerStars pros who had entered the event were still with chips, with Barry "barryg1" Greenstein making the best showing from that group by finishing 148th.

With 96 players left, adsonvonmelk had the chip lead with 115,773, followed by snize07 with 112,435 and Operga with 110,300. Also near the top of the counts at that point were a few other names frequently seen doing well in WCOOP events. Chris "SLOPPYKLOD" Klodnicki was in eighth place. 2009 WCOOP Event #4 (NL 2-7 Single Draw) winner Joel Adam "2FLY2TILT" Gordon was in ninth. And Tim "Tmay420" West stood just outside the top ten in 11th.

About an hour later, the field had been cut in half to 48 players. snize07 had moved out in front with more than 180,000, followed by Eagleper and jcamby33. As play continued, SLOPPYKLOD began to slip and he would be eliminated in 40th. Tmay420 would gamely nurse his short stack for a good while after that before finally departing in 33rd. Then 2FLY2TILT's attempt at a second 2009 WCOOP bracelet fell short as he crash-landed in 31st.


2009 WCOOP Event #4 winner Joel Adam "2FLY2TILT" Gordon

A few more eliminations and 24 were left, gathered around three eight-handed tables as the tourney approached the nine-hour mark. sonajero had assumed the chip lead with 290,762, followed closely by ez monney and DAVIDOXXX.

With just 12 players left, BIGtittitilt had the chip lead with 456,860, but would lose a chunk of that stack in a hand versus sonajero. Here's how that one played out:

BIGtittitilt had fallen back to the middle of the pack, while yhcaep and Ronja211 had pushed out past the half-million chip mark and into the chip lead. After 10-and-a-half hours of play, adsonvonmelk was eliminated in 10th. Evelyn was next knocked out in ninth by ez monney, and just after 3 a.m. Eastern time the final eight-handed table was set:

Seat 1: dolphin4 -- 30,316
Seat 2: Ronja211 -- 567,910
Seat 3: ez monney -- 315,556
Seat 4: DAVIDOXXX -- 269,926
Seat 5: barrosa 50 -- 779,846
Seat 6: yhcaep -- 660,092
Seat 7: BIGtittitilt -- 277,060
Seat 8: sonajero -- 439,294


When the final table began, the stakes were 20,000/40,000 (4,000 ante, 6,000 bring-in), so dolphin4 was the only player in immediate danger. After folding several hands, dolphin4 finally picked up one worth playing and raised on third with the 7♠ showing. ez monney reraised with the 9♦, dolphin4 put the rest in, and ez monney called. dolphin4 showed a pair of tens in the hole, and ez monney showed (K♦)(3♦) underneath for a three-flush. dolphin4 never improved on those tens, while ez monney picked up a nine and two more kings to finish with a full house, knocking dolphin4 out in eighth.

BIGtittitilt would lose a big pot the very next hand versus the chip leader Ronja211, and thus on the following one was all in on third street versus three opponents. Ronja211 would bet the others out on fourth after making an open pair of sevens. BIGtittitilt's hand would end up (3♦)(2♣)3♠J♠K♦4♣(9♣) for a pair of threes, while Ronja211 would finish (4♥)(4♠)7♠7♦Q♥9♠(5♣) for two pair. BIGtittitilt was out in seventh.

The very next hand would see the third elimination of the final table. After Ronja211 brought it in and got one caller in ez monney, barrosa 50 raised, yhcaep called, Ronja211 got out, and ez monney called, too. yhcaep led on fourth street, and only ez monney stuck around. Then ez monney took over the lead and the betting on fifth, sixth, and seventh, eventually going all in on the end. The showdown:

ez monney (7♣)(T♦)T♣8♣8♦3♣(A♥) -- tens and eights
yhcaep (J♣)(8♥)J♠2♣4♠9♠(8♠) -- jacks and eights

ez monney was out in sixth, and yhcaep had moved up to 865,964 and into second place behind Ronja211 who had more than 1.1 million.

The stakes moved up to 25,000/50,000 (5,000 ante, 7,500 bring in), and after 30 hands or so at that level the five remaining players began making intimations to one another about a possible deal. All were willing to talk about chopping except Ronja211, who was not responding to any of the chat. Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, acting as the final table's host, speculated that Ronja211 probably didn't have his chat turned on. In any event, without unanimous agreement to pause the clock and start discussions, the players had to play on.

The 15-minute break came and went, then came a hand in which sonajero raised with the K♣ showing, Ronja211 reraised with the 2♣, and sonajero called. Both checked fourth, then sonajero bet out on fifth, sixth, and with the last 1,988 left on seventh, with Ronja211 calling the whole way. sonajero ended by showing (4♣)(A♠)K♣4♦2♠5♥(9♠) -- just a pair of fours -- while Ronja211 had (2♦)(K♦)2♣T♥8♦J♠(T♠) for tens and deuces, eliminating sonajero in fifth.

The tourney crossed the 12-hour mark, with yhcaep still enjoying a healthy chip lead among the final four as the stakes increased once more to 40,000/80,000 (8,000 ante, 12,000 bring-in). Ronja211 began chipping up, winning a nice-sized pot off of yhcaep after making a full house on seventh to yhcaep's pair of queens. When Ronja211 only called yhcaep's seventh street bet, yhcaep typed "gee nh," no doubt surprised his opponent hadn't raised on the end. That hand brought Ronja211 about even with yhcaep, both of whom had about 1.2 million. barrosa 50 trailed with just over 600,000, with DAVIDOXXX the short stack with just under 300,000.

Then came a hand in which Ronja211 raised on third and got a caller in DAVIDOXXX. Ronja211 would lead the betting on fourth and fifth, with DAVIDOXXX calling both streets. Ronja211 led out again on sixth, and this time DAVIDOXXX raised. Ronja211 three-bet, and DAVIDOXXX called with the last of his stack. Their hands:

Ronja211 (K♦)(T♣)T♦3♥T♥6♥
DAVIDOXXX (9♥)(K♣)9♣6♣9♠4♣

A set over set situation, with DAVIDOXXX on the short end of things. Seventh street brought the Q♣ for Ronja211 and the 8♦ for DAVIDOXXX, and they were down to three.

The stakes rose yet again, and the short stack barrosa 50 was raising (to 50,000) on third street with the 8♣ showing. Ronja211 reraised with the J♥, and barrosa 50 called. Fourth brought Ronja the 3♣ and barrosa the 9♥. Ronja211 bet, and barrosa 50 called. Fifth gave Ronja211 the 9♦ and barrosa 50 the A♥. Now with the lead, barrosa 50 bet out, Ronja211 raised, and barrosa 50 called to go all in.

Ronja211 revealed two jacks in the hole -- rolled up to start! -- while barrosa 50 had (8♠)(5♠) underneath and so just had a pair of eights by fifth. The remaining streets didn't improve either player's hand, and barrosa 50 hit the rail in third place.

yhcaep still had the chip lead when heads-up play began with 2,067,464 to Ronja211's 1,272,536. After a few hands the pair had pulled almost even in chips, at which point yhcaep again asked about making a deal, although Ronja211 still wasn't answering. Then suddenly Ronja211 did respond, now expressing a willingness to chop.

The tourney was paused. Almost dead even in chips -- 1,672,536 for Ronja211, 1,667,464 for yhcaep -- the pair agreed to split the remaining prize money down the middle ($30,814.50 each) and play for the $3,000 that had to be left on the table.

From that point forward, the battle waged for quite some time, with yhcaep eventually gaining the advantage. Finally came a point at which Ronja211 was down to just 317,072, while yhcaep had over 3 million. Ronja raised on third, and yhcaep called. They continued betting and raising until fifth street when the last of Ronja211's chips went in the middle. Their final hands:

Ronja211 (T♦)(7♦)8♠9♦5♣A♦(5♥) -- a pair of fives
yhcaep (2♦)(6♦)3♥K♦4♦T♥(K♠) -- a pair of kings

WCOOP Event #13 ($320 7-Card Stud) Results
1. yhcaep (United States) -- $33,814.50*
2. Ronja211 (Germany) -- $30,814.50*
3. barrosa 50 (Germany) -- $20,040
4. DAVIDOXXX (France) -- $15,030
5. sonajero (Uruguay) -- $10,020
6. ez monney (Canada) -- $7,014
7. BIGtittitilt (Germany) -- $4,509
8. dolphin4 (United States) -- $3,006

*reflecting two-way chop

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP