WCOOP Profile: iCeVeNoM foils pesky ape

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgFor some people, there is a great white whale in poker's waters. They spend their day playing Ahab around a virtual felt sea and never capture their prey.

Such it is for the player known as iCeVeNoM. The 23-year-old UCLA grad plays poker full time while waiting a bit to go to business school. He's a good player and knows it. It's not been too long ago that he came runner-up in the $1,000 Super Tuesday event. And yet, the man known in the real world as Saul Khalili had no WCOOP bracelet.

That changed a few days ago when he took down the WCOOP NL Hold'em triple shootout for more than $90,000.

"The feeling was incredible," Khalili said. "Finally winning a WCOOP event isn't a monkey off my back. It's more like a gorilla."


Khalili at sea

Despite the relief, iCeVeNoM was fairly chill through the entire process.

"On both of my first two tables of the triple shootout I had a massive chip lead when we reached 5 or 6 handed play.That is when I knew I would be making the next cut," he said. "It was the same situation when we reached 5 handed play on the final table as well."

One might think that after finally getting the monkey-gorilla-whale off his back that Khalili would rest on his laurels and do something else for a few days. Instead, he has one plan for his time and money.

"Play more wcoop events," he said.

Indeed, sir.

Congratulations to Saul "iCeVeNoM" Khalili for his win. We hope his next hunt is just as successful.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP