WCOOP Profile: Peachy win for yhcaep

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgThe PokerStars Blog staff has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years, and I'm sure we have some people on the staff now who are pretty good with anagrams and things of the like. That said, when the name yhcaep popped up on the screen (again) at a WCOOP final table, I spent a good long while trying to pronounce it before finally giving up (my best try sounded like YAK-heap). It was only today--and only after discovering yhcaep's real identity--that it made any sense.

See, the yhcaep account belongs to a 27-year-old poker dealer from the Bay Area in California. And as it happens, the young lady goes by the name Peachy. Wait a second...yhcaep spelled backward is...ah, yes.

And so it came that we finally know the identity behind the woman who has final tabled a WCOOP stud event twice, including just a couple of days ago when she won the whole thing. The result? $33,000 and Peachy's first bracelet. You can read all about it in Martin Harris' WCOOP Event #13 final table report.

"It's amazing," she said, "A dream come true."


Peachy came to America from the Philippines and took up at one of the California casinos to pay the bills. She was working at a telephone operator for the casino when she learned about a dealing class. She thought it sounded interesting.

"I didn't know any thing about poker but I went anyway. I learned all poker games and became a dealer three months later," she said. "Soon after, I learned about online poker and I haven't stopped since then. I finished 5th at last year's WCOOP stud event. I liked how it felt so it kind of got me to prepare for this year's event."

Now, Peachy spends her days dealing at the casino.

"Then I play poker for the rest of the night," she said.

During the WCOOP event, it looked like she wasn't going to repeat her performance from last year. She was down to a couple of big bets and ended up with the bring-in. She got her money in with a jack and two fours. She was fortunate to catch some runners to fill up against a guy who made a flush by fifth street. It turned out to be a one-outer, a quadruple-up, and her shot at a win. She thought to herself, "I have another chance."

That chance took her all the way to the final table and her first bracelet. Now, it's back to work in the day, play in the night, and working toward another goal--putting a WSOP bracelet on her wrist.

We think it will look really nice to the WCOOP bracelet she'll be getting in the mail soon.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP