BREAKING: Hanamichi23 nails WCOOP Poker Quiz

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgHanamichi23 is perfect.

Or, better put, he is as perfect as he needs to be to win a $5,200 seat to the WCOOP Main Event.

Hanamichi23 was the first person to correctly answer all 101 exceedingly hard questions in the WCOOP Poker Quiz we told you about last week. That gets the man a seat in the Main Event gratis.

Fear not, though. You can still get a Main Event seat. In fact, now you don't even have to worry about being perfect. You only have to answer 90% or more of the questions correctly to get a seat in a freeroll with nine different WCOOP seats up for grabs.

All the people who get 90% or more of the questions correct will be entered into a WCOOP freeroll on September 18th. It's not a bad little deal. Here are the prizes:

1. WCOOP Main Event seat worth $5,200
2. WCOOP seat worth $2,100
3. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
4. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
5. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
6. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
7. WCOOP seat worth $530
8. WCOOP seat worth $320
9. WCOOP seat worth $215

So, get back to work. The grand prize is gone, but there are still a bunch of prizes to be won. Ready? go here: TAKE THE WCOOP POKER QUIZ.

Oh, and when we introduced this quiz last week, we asked if you knew where this photo was taken. We thought we'd might as well tell you now, it came from LAPT Florianopolis in Brazil. That's Andre Akkari and Christian de Leon (and some lady we don't think has been signed to Team Pro...yet).


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP