How DDBeast turned $100 into a Porsche and WCOOP 2010 bracelet

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgYou may not be entirely familiar with the name Dustin Dorrance-Bowman, but if you follow the fortunes of high-volume online poker players then DDBeast will ring a bell. Once you've realised how Dorrance-Bowman came up with that screen name, a look at his stats reveals consistent cashes online at PokerStars and in live tournaments. Now he can add a PokerStars WCOOP bracelet to his cabinet, a nice bit of jewelry to go with the $212,919.23 he bagged for winning Event #53, the $530 NL Hold'em with rebuys.

That, folks, is a lot of money. And it will be put to good use. "I bought a couple of houses so this will make me feel a little better about it," said the man from Texas, US. "I also plan to go traveling in October because I've been playing too much poker!"

Too much poker? Well, Dorrance-Bowman, who started off initially with just $100, is a PokerStars Supernova Elite, a status achieved only by the few who really dedicate their time to the tables. "Reaching SNE for the first time was pretty cool," he says. "I've been playing professionally for about five years, and you can usually find me grinding high stakes SNGs (heads-up/6-man/9-man), and I also love to play the big MTTs when they're around." Those big MTTs have served him well, even before this WCOOP victory: "I've always done well in the big series. Recently I got third in the SCOOP heads-up, and had final tables in the previous year in WCOOP and SCOOP."

So presumably, after a couple of close calls, finally winning one was something special (his K-8 outran KingKaizers' A-5 on the final hand)? "When the eight hit the river on the last hand, I felt like the double rainbow guy (a reference to a video of the over-the-top reaction of a man seeing a double rainbow). But seriously, I really, really wanted a bracelet and couldn't settle for 2nd/3rd/4th, and it felt great, especially after several deep shortcomings this WCOOP."


With all that play on the virtual tables, you'd think Dorrance-Bowman had little time for anything else. You'd be wrong. "I am really into rock climbing and anything outdoors - kayaking, soccer, mountain biking, swimming, hiking, etc. I'm definitely an adrenaline junky. I originally had dreams of being a professional billiards player. I do like to chill as well, though; I'm really into cooking; I'm a big jazz aficionado and play a little piano myself; I enjoy delicious beers.

"And I also race autocross/road courses in the Porsche that PokerStars gave me (thanks, guys!)."

Ah, yes. The Porsche. That's another thing about being a high-volume player on PokerStars - you can get yourself a free Porsche. In fact, Dorrance-Bowman was only the second PokerStars player to get one (behind Dario Minieri), and we've also seen him on the track.

So life sounds pretty sweet for Dorrance-Bowman. You can see the full report of his big WCOOP tournament win right here.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP