WCOOP 2010: Antoshka soars to a WCOOP victory in Event 21

wcoop2009-thumb.jpg A $200 no limit hold'em event, on Sunday, with a $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool...sounds kind of familiar. Yes, event 21 of the WCOOP strongly resembled the weekly Sunday Million tournament online poker pros have grown to depend on. However, there's nothing quite like putting a WCOOP bracelet up for grabs in order to change the dynamics of a tournament completely. A whopping 10,492 entrants into event 21 created a prize pool of just under $2.1 million--$2,098,400 to be exact--and a first place prize of nearly $300k...plus let's not forget the shiny, diamond studded gold bracelet.

To put event 21 in perspective, if you were to add together the World Series of Poker Main Event fields from when PokerStars Team Pros Joe Hachem (2005), Greg Raymer (2004), Chris Moneymaker (2003) and Tom McEvoy (1983) took down the title you would still be 1,350 players short of event 21's attendance--coincidentally the exact amount of places that paid out for event 21. Among the lucky runners to make that final 1,350 in event 21 were Online Team members Steve "Stevejpa" Paul (729th for $524.60), Nichoel "NicP" Peppe (596th for $587.55) and Grayson "Spacegravy" Physioc (443rd for $671.48) as well as PokerStars Team Pros Henrique Pinho of Portugal (907th for $440.66) and Sandra Naujoks of Germany (217th for $965.26). Alas, however, no members of the PokerStars team managed to make it to the tournament's final stage.

Not so kind

Oh and there was one more thing that differentiates event 21 from a normal Sunday Million, the long battle to the final nine. Where a normal Sunday Million will typically be all done by 5:45 a.m. EST, event 21 of the WCOOP had yet to break it's final table bubble. Double up after double up left the final ten stacks fairly even. It seemed like it would take a massive bad beat to get down to the last table and...well...

If you didn't happen to watch the video let me give you a brief summery, a preflop raising war gets blumenkind53 and ohnistun all-in before the flop, blumenkind53 being the player at risk. ohnistun had a monster, [10s] [10c], but was a substantial underdog to blumenkind53's A♣ A♥. See where this is going? Bang! A river straight does blumenkind53 in, sending him home with $10,911.68 for his tenth place efforts.

And we have a final table!


Seat 1: ganatodoAA (9221499 in chips) 

Seat 2: buriedatsea (8176180 in chips)
Seat 3: XBraumeister (6136930 in chips)
Seat 4: vic_xcite (18752301 in chips)
Seat 5: UndrAAge (7909017 in chips)
Seat 6: Antoshka (10301069 in chips)
Seat 7: Sircall (8141049 in chips)
Seat 8: puicachamp (21943114 in chips)
Seat 9: ohnistun (14338841 in chips)

Our chip leader, as players reconvened at table 193, was puicachamp with 21.9 million in chip, with XBraumeister, 6.1 million, and UndrAAge, 7.9 million, bottom feeding with the sort stacks. Blinds were 125k/250k with a 31,250 ante as final table play began.

Unlucky seven

After a slow start to final table play, which saw only chip trading between the medium stacks, we got our first elimination, and then, just seven hands later, we got our second.

In the first hand, XBraumeister open shoved all-in from middle position for his last 5.4 million holding a very strong A♥ Q♠. XBraumeister's monster shriveled to nothing, however, after Antoshka isolated XBraumeister on the button with two black aces. Needing a miracle, XBraumeister managed to flop a queen, but was unable to catch good on the subsequent streets, sending him home in ninth ($14,688.80).

Hand number two--or number seven if you will--again features Antoshka, who this time got into a blind-on-blind war with the short stacked Sircall. After everything had gotten into the middle it was Sircall who needed help, his A♥ 4♦ dominated against Antoshka's A♦ 7♠. No funny business on the flop, turn or river meant Sircall was gone in eighth, taking home $23,082.40 for his time. And just like that, after seven hands of crazy action the final table was down to seven and Antoshka was enjoying a final table leading 25 million chip stack.


The stacks had evened up quite a bit following Antoshka's carnage of the small stacks. And although he wielded the biggest stack at the final table, Antoshka was closely followed by the rest of the table. That is until fortune smiled once again on Antoshka. On the button and with the deadly Q♠ Q♥, Antoshka raised to 650k only to have puicachamp re-raise from the small blind. After four raises the chips, all 38.5 million of them, were in the middle and the cards were on their backs. Unfortunately for puicachamp his [10s] [10h] were second best, and even more unfortunate for the slightly less stacked puicachamp, his had would remain second best after the board fell 3♦ 3♠ 5♥ 4♦ 5♠. puicachamp goes home in seventh ($42,968.00) and Antoshka's stack swells to over 44 million.

Wait, don't You mean Antoshka?

With blinds at 200k/400k and a 50k ante, about 6 cycles after puicachamp's exit in seventh, Antoshka was sitting with a massive 54.8 million chip stack and was easily dominate over the rest of the field. But then, the inevitable happened...a player was eliminated by someone not named Antoshka.

With roughly ten big blinds left, ohnistun open shoves all-in from middle position with K♦ 8♦ only to be isolated by buriedatsea on the button. The blinds fold and buriedatsea reveals the bad news, A♠ 8♥. No diamonds, no kings on the board for ohnistun, who takes home $62,952.00 for his sixth place finish.

Five down to three in four

Maybe he felt left out from the previous elimination, or maybe he doesn't like the number five, or more likely he had pocket eights in a five handed game with the massive chip lead. Whatever the case may be Antoshka got back to his eliminating ways not long after ohnistun's exit in sixth.

As they in the sports writing world, let's go to the tape!


Not to be out done, just four hands later vic_xcite calls ganatodoAA's first position, open shove all-in from the button with 9♠ 9♦. ganatodoAA wasn't dead with his A♠ 7♠, needing an ace or lots of spades to come back, but nearly was after a nine fell on the flop. A turn deuce sealed ganatodoAA's fate in fourth ($104,920.00) becoming just the second player at the table not eliminated by Antoshka, who was now sitting comfortably with 71.1 million in chips.

Tell them what they're playing for!

In spite of still holding a massive chip lead, a few cycles into three handed play left Antoshka nearly 12 million down from where he started.

Seat 4: vic_xcite (18048243 in chips)
Seat 5: UndrAAge (29014076 in chips)
Seat 6: Antoshka (57857681 in chips)

With the shorter stacks closing in and blinds now at the 250k/500k 62.5K level, Antoshka finally agreed on a deal, giving him the bulk of the final prize money.

vic_xcite - $190,000.00
UndrAAge - $206,214.26
Antoshka - $280,000.00

With the money now settled it was time to battle it out for the title and the coveted WCOOP gold bracelet.

It's kinda late guys

One hand after a deal was reached, we got down to heads-up play. vic_xcite raised to 1.875 million in the small blind and was called by UndrAAge, who had limped on the button. The flop came down K♠ [10d] 5♦ and vic_xcite led out for about 2 million only to face an all-in raise by UnderAAge. vic_xcite made the call and revealed A♠ K♥ for top pair, top kicker. However, he was up against UnderAAge's Q♦ J♦, an up-and-down straight draw and queen high flush draw. The 6♥ on the turn was a blank but the 3♦ on the river completed UnderAAge's flush and felled vic_cite in third, good for $190,000.00

...So it comes to this

After UnderAAge's elimination of vic_xcite the stacks were a close to even, with Antoshka holding a slight advantage. And after nearly 20 hands, things had remained pretty much the same. Then came the big confrontation, a classic big draw versus a made hand...


Antoshka nails his straight on the turn, earning him $280,000.00, a WCOOP Bracelet and the event 21 title. UnderAAge takes home $206,214.26 for his second place effort.

Results for WCOOP Event 21 - $215 No Limit Hold'em
*Indicates a Three-way Deal

1. Antoshka (New York) *$280,000.00
2. UnderAAge (Rockville) *$206,214.26
3. vic_xcite (Gothenburg) *$190,000.00
4. ganatodo (Caracas) $104,920.00
5. buriedatsea (Banbury) $83,936.00
6. ohnistun (Chelmsford) $62,952.00
7. puicachamp (Arad) $41,968.00
8. Sircall (Lomma) $23,082.40
9. XBraumeister (Damme) $14,688.80