WCOOP 2010: Feltin'donks decimates field for supremacy in Event #50 Big Antes

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgBig Antes.

Whenever I say those two words aloud, I expect to hear Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra (otherwise known as the theme song from Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey) playing ominously in the background.

The 50th event out of 62 WCOOP tournaments included a twist to the usual run-of-the-mill $215 NL tournament -- escalating antes were worth 20% of the big blind. As the antes climbed, the tournament favored those who perfected the art of the "re-steal" which is stealing away antes from an original thief. As expected this event featured lots of four-betting and five-betting before the flop.

Event #50 $215 NL Big Antes attracted 2,933 runners for a total prize pool of $600,000 (because the 600K Guarantee missed by a few spots). The top 378 places paid out with $94,800 set aside for the winner.

Team PokerStars Pros David Williams, Vanessa Rousso, Vicky Coren, and Lee Nelson were early causalities.

Four players under the Team PokerStars banner cashed: Korean Team Pro Tae Joon Noh (173rd), Team PokerStars Online Jorge Arias (345th), Hungarian Team Pro Richard Toth (348th), and German Team Pro Jan Heitmann (375th).

Notables who cashed included: get crunk (18th), DaMethod (19th), WCOOP champion knect_poker (100th), DuckU (166th), November Niner Joe "subiime" cheong (236th), and twirlpro (245th).

Barry Greenstein bowed out before the money in 459th place when his pocket eights lost in a three-way pot. Joe Cada hit the road right after Barry in 458th place.

It took three hours to dust half the field, and a little more than four hours to get down to less than 1,000. The tournament ran almost six hours before the money bubble burst. When it popped, snapsinis became the Bubble Boy and got knocked out in 379th place. The remaining 378 players were guaranteed a $360 payday.

German Team Pro Jan Heitmann got crippled when he ran his Big Slick into pocket Aces. He busted out on the next hand in 375th place. Hungarian Team Pro Richard Toth was eliminated in 348th place when he ran his Q♦J♣ into Big Slick. Team Online Pro Jorge Arias whiffed on a big draw and got knocked out 345th place. Team PokerStars Pro Tae Joon Noh from Korea was crippled when his A♣Q♠ lost to pocket tens. He exited shortly afterward in 173rd place.

With three tables to go, Bret "get crunk" Richey, full time pro and part-time hip hop artist, found himself the shortest stack remaining. He some how scrapped and clawed his way out of the basement. After he pushed kornisdabomb off of a pot preflop, get crunk secured himself breathing room as he chipped up to the Top 15.

Joel "Feltin'Donks" Shulruf took over the lead with two tables to go. Just when things got cooking for get crunk, he got it all-in preflop with 8♥8♠ against Radje's pocket nine. But, get crunk could not suck out and he was busto in 18th place. Radje won the pot worth over 1 million and rocketed into the lead with 2.2 million.

With 15 to go, Team Pro Andre Akkari stopped by to wish fellow Brazilian AAKKina luck. He was going to need it after slipping to the back of the field as one of the shortstacks. As soon as the Brazilian doubled up, a barrage of "vamooooo!" lit up the chat box.

With 12 players left, Radje (3M) and Feltin'Donks (2.8M) were way ahead of the field The average stack was 1.2 million, and more than half of the field held less than 850K. Feltin'Donks slipped a bit then stormed back after he dragged a pot worth almost 3.5 million pot. AKA_PSV got it all in on the flop with second pair against Feltin'Donks top pair with A♦Q♥. It held up and AKA_PSV got eliminated in 11th place. Feltin'Donks won the largest pot of the tournament (up until that point) and regained the lead with a 3.5 million stack.

Play went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble and the remaining two tables played five-handed. The two leaders, Feltin'Donks and Radje, were battling on the same table, while three of the smallest stacks were on the other table. Just when it looked like jison300 was going home, he survived with a timely double up. He was flipping with pocket tens against SUNDAYKING's A♣Q♠. His future looked grim with an ace on the flop, but a ten on the turn gave him a set, which held up. Jison300 doubled up and avoided a horrendous elimination on the final table bubble.

The hand that burst the bubble was a battle between DieselBossen and Radje. On a board of K♠J♠T♥7♥A♠, Radje fired out at the pot, putting DieselBossen all-in. He held Q♦Q♥ for a straight, but lost to Radje, who rivered a flush with 9♠8♠. DieselBossen bubbled off the final table and won $3,750 for an unfortunate 10th place finish.


Final table chip counts:
Seat 1: chess87 (916,842)
Seat 2: SUNDAYKING (472,809)
Seat 3: 40kw33 (1,873,444)
Seat 4: AAKKina (557,752)
Seat 5: jison300 (1,216,637)
Seat 6: FisFarfar (1,247,741)
Seat 7: anisimov(ru) (441,817)
Seat 8: Radje (4,098,763)
Seat 9: Feltin'Donks (3,839,195)

When the final table was set, Radje held the lead with a shade over 4 million, with Feltin'Donks was not far behind with 3.8 million. With the BIG ANTES now a factor, almost 100K was in the pot pre-flop before anyone acted.

AAKKina, the short-stacked Brazilian, shoved with A♥9♦ and was fighting for his tournament life against jison300's K♠K♦. Although AAKKina picked up some hope with a nine on the flop, jison300 turned a set of tens. And as the cliche goes... that's all she wrote. AAKKina finished in 9th place and collected $5,100.

With eight to go, Feltin'Donks won three consecutive hands including a half million pot against Radje to retake the lead and push his stack over 4.2 million.

Anisimov(ru) and chess87 rumbled in a hand, and when the dust settled, one of them went home. Anisimov(ru) opened, chess87 shoved all-in for 754,066 and anisimov(ru) called and him covered. Anisimov(ru) was ahead with A♥Q♦ against chess87's A♦9♣. Chess87 still trailed on the flop, but picked up a flush draw on the turn, only to whiff on the river. Anisimov(ru) won the pot and sent chess87 to the rail. Chess87 collected $8,700 for 8th place.

With seven remaining, SUNDAYKING and FisFarfar were under 900K and the shortest stacks at the table. Both of the them would be the next players to depart the final table.

Feltin'Donks opened with a min-raise. SUNDAYKING shoved all-in for 781,218. Jison300 shoved from the big blind for 1,646,389. Feltin'Donks got out of the way. Heads-up between jison300 and SUNDAYKING, with jison300's K♥K♦ way ahead of SUNDAYKING's Q♣J♣. SUNDAYKING flopped a Queen, but that's all his hand could improve. Jison300 won the pot 1.7 million pot and improved his stack to 2.5 million. SUNDAYKING busted out in 7th place and won $14,100.

FisFarfar went out in 6th place. FisFarfar 4-bet preflop to 510,000. Radje originally opened with a min-raise, had re-raised all-in for over 3.1 million. Everyone else bailed and Fisfarfar called all-in for 1,293,741. Classic race with Fisfarfar's A♣K♥ against Radje's Q♠Q♦. Radje's pocket Queens held up and won the 3.9 million pot. He improved to over 5 million in chips. FisFarfar was knocked out in 6th place and won $20,100.

With five to go, you never expected the two biggest stacks to tussle, but that's what ensued when a raising war broke out preflop. 40kw33 opened with a min-raise. Radje 3-bet to 226,385, Feltin'Donks 4-bet to 498,610, 40kw33 folded, Radje 5-bet shoved for 5,454,391, and Feltin'Donks called all-in for 3,636,368. Radje trailed with J♦J♠ against Feltin'Donks's K♣K♠. The Kings held for Feltin'Donks and Radje lost the largest pot of the tournament. Feltin'Donks pushed his stack over 8.3 million, as Radje slipped to the back of the pack with 1.3 million.

You can see that raising war in the snazzy replayer...

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Radje went from the penthouse to the outhouse in a couple of hands. Radje got it all-in preflop with A♦J♠ against his nemesis' Feltin'Donks's A♠Q♠. The board ran out 6♦5♥2♥5♠Q♥. Feltin'Donks dragged the pot. Radje headed to the rail in 5th place and won $26,100.

With four to go, Feltin'Donks increased his lead to 9.4 million, with jison300 second in chips with 2.4 million. 40kw33 and anisimov(ru) were treading water around 1 million. Both shorties had targets on their backs.

Jison300 won a 4.7 million pot when he doubled up with Q♦Q♣ against Feltin'Donks' A♥J♠. But that barely dented Feltin'Donks' big stack as he continued to hold over 60% of the chips in play.

Anisimov(ru) avoided an elimination and doubled through Feltin'Donks with A♠Q♥ versus A♣J♦. The Russian chipped up to almost 2 million.

Short-stacked 40kw33 was the next to hit the rail. 40kw33 got it all-in with A♣6♣ against Feltin'Donks'K♠T♠. Feltin'Donks flopped a flush draw and promptly got there on the turn. Feltin'Donks won the pot with a flush, while 40kw33 went busto in 4th place, collecting $35,094.

With three to go, jison300 won a 2.5 million pot against Feltin'Donks with two-pair. For the first time in hours, Feltin'Donks' lead was in jeopardy as his stack slipped to 6.8 million, meanwhile, jison300 was not far behind with 6 million.

Feltin'Donks eventually lost the lead. Over the next level, Feltin'Donks and jison300 jockeyed back and forth for first. Jison300 coughed up the lead after doubling up short-stacked anisimov(ru). His A♠8♠ lost to anisimov(ru)'s A♦J♣, as anisimov(ru) improved to over 3.8 million. Jison300 slipped to 4.2 million.

At that point, action was paused to check the numbers. The final three settled on a deal. $12,000 was left on the table for the winner. As the leader with 7.3 million in chips, Feltin'Donks was guaranteed $79,000, while jison300 netted $64,503.76 and anisimov(ru) secured $60,496.24. With all three in agreement of the new payout distribution, the play resumed.

Fireworks ensued shortly after the deal. The board read A♥6♣2♣8♦. With about 340K in the pot, Deltin'Donks bet out 300,000, jison300 raised to 960,000, Feltin'Donks re-raised to 1,620,000, jison300 four-bet shoved for 3,802,459 and Feltin'Donks called. Feltin'Donks flopped two pair with A♦2♦, however, jison300 turned a better two pair with A♣8♠. Jison300's hand held up and he doubled up to over 8 million, while Feltin'Donks slipped to 3.6 million.

It seemed as though the eventual showdown was going to be between Feltin'Donks and jison300, and that became a reality when anisimov(ru) finally busted in third place. The Russian got it all-in preflop and attempted a move with 5♠3♠, but he got his hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar. Feltin'Donks' A♦K♠ held up and anisimov(ru) was eliminated in 3rd place. He won $60,496.24.

Heads-up chip counts:
Seat 5: jison300 (7,880,918)
Seat 9: Feltin'Donks (6,784,082)

When heads-up battle began, jison300 held a 1.1 million margin. He'd win the first hand to improve his lead to over 2 million.

Feltin'Donks quickly regained the lead after dragging an 8.6 million pot. With 3.3 million in the pot on a board of Q♦8♦2♠3♠5♣, jison300 fired out 2,640,000 with nothing but an unimproved A♣K♦. Feltin'Donks tanked and his time bank almost expired before he made a hero call with J♣8♣. Second pair was good enough to win the pot. Feltin'Donks surged past the 10 million mark, as jison300 slipped to under 4 million.

After losing the first hand of heads-up play, Feltin'Donks won 12 straight pots before jison300 finally broke the streak and won a pot of his own. Alas, that was like using a thin piece of gauze to stop a gushing gunshot wound. Jison300 was unable to thwart Feltin'Donks' blitkreig and wilted under the relentless pressure.

It only took 21 hands before Feltin'Donks felted jison30. On the final hand, Feltin'Donks min-raised, jison300 shoved for his last 1,998,918, and Feltin'Donks insta-called with A♣Q♥. jison300 trailed with K♥7♠. He lost all hope on a flop of A♥K♠Q♣, as Feltin'Donks improved to two pair. The turn and river were blanks and no help to jison300, who exited in second place. Feltin'Donks won the pot and the tournament.

You can view the final hand in the replayer...

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Runner-up jison300 collected $64,503.76 for second place. Feltin'Donks won $91,000 and a bracelet.

Event #50 $215 NL Big Antes final table payouts and results:
1. Feltin'Donks - $91,000 **
2. jison300 - $64,503.76 **
3. anisimov(ru) - $60,496.24 **
4. 40kw33 - $35,094
5. Radje - $26,100
6. FisFarfar - $20,100
7. SUNDAYKING - $14,100
8. chess87 - $8.700
9. AAKKina - $5,100

** denotes a three-way deal

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Pauly McGuire
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