WCOOP 2010: $215 Limit Holdem - Spencerman3 wins 2nd WCOOP title

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgThe World Championship of Online Poker moves past the one-third mark with Event #20, $215 Limit Holdem, drew a field of 1,238 players, meaning the prize pool would not go no over the $250,000 that was guaranteed. The last 162 players would make the money, and when Tigerspot finished on the bubble, the rest of the field earned at least $350.00. Unfortunately for Team PokerStars players, none of the players entered would make the money. Team PokerStars Argentina pro Jose Ignacio "nachobarbero" Barbero the last team player standing, finishing in 222nd place.

Hand-for-hand play lasted just a few hands, concluding with limits of 25,000/50,000 as qhsprn, down to just 19,210 in chips, called all-in while highland called from the small blind and spencerman3 checked from the big blind. Both players checked down the T♣ 2♣ K♠ 7♣ 3♠ board, with highland's J♠7♦ being the best hand, as was the final table bubble, collecting $2,200 for the 10th place finish.

Here's how the final table looked at the end of hand-for-hand play, with
Team PokerStars Online pro Keiran "K_Man2307" Harris handled the hosting duties for this final table with the limits at 25,000/50,000:

WCOOP 20 - 215 limit holdem final table.jpg

Seat 1: Grognard (1,003,899 in chips)
Seat 2: IICor5_21 (232,656 in chips)
Seat 3: Jarcon86 (598,717 in chips)
Seat 4: AceFromSpace (961,207 in chips)
Seat 5: highland (947,428 in chips)
Seat 6: Titanic27 (830,001 in chips)
Seat 7: spencerman3 (1,334,559 in chips)
Seat 8: spence79 (157,685 in chips)
Seat 9: 1stAir (123,848 in chips)

The player at the final table with previous WCOOP final table experience was spencerman3, who won a WCOOP event last year: Event 30 - $320 NL Holdem 2x Chance - for over $130,000.
The first hand with limits of 30,000/60,000 saw the first player eliminated from the final table. 1stAir opened the action, raising to 60,000 followed by IICor5_21 making it three bets. 1stAir then capped the betting with a final raise for their last 21,348 in chips, as IICor5_21 called with A♣{Qc} against 1stAir's A♦T♥. The flop paired both players: Q♠ 6♥ T♠, with no improvement on the 2♥ turn and 8♣ river, sending 1stAir home earlier than expected, picking up $2,700 for finishing in 9th.

The next player to be eliminated, spence79, happened four hands later. The hand started with highland making a raise to 60,000 with spence79 making it three bets as highland made the call. The 6♦ 7♠ J♣ flop had spence79 bet 30,000 with highland making the call. When the 5♠ appeared on the turn, spence79 bet their final 7,685 in chips with highland making the call, turning over what would be the nuts 9♥8♥ for a turned straight, as spence79 was drawing dead with 4♦4♣. The 2♥ on the river ended the hand as well as spence79's tournament, earning $4,875 for 8th place.

The next player eliminated was IICor5_21 earning $7,375 for 7th place after this hand against spencerman3:

The next to fall victim to spencerman3 would be titanic27. With limits now at 40,000/80,000, titanic27 was left with just 80,001 in chips as AceFromSpace raised from UTG, leaving titanic27 to re-raise all-in for 1 additional chip while spencerman3, jarcon86 and AceFromSpace call. The four players in the hand see the flop of 8♦ A♣ A♥, with jarcon86 checking as AceFromSpace bets 40,000, spencerman3 calling while jarcon86 folds. The 6♠ on the turn leaves AceFromSpace to check-fold to spencerman3's 80,000 bet. When the cards were revealed, spencerman3 held A♠T♠ for trip aces, while titanic27 held 5♦5♠, drawing to two outs, but the J♠ on the river meant titanic27's ship had sailed, cashing in 6th place for $9,875.

Grognard wanted to bust someone, and would get the next opportunity when sending Jarcon86 to the rail in 5th place. Jarcon86 was down to just 156,216 in chips when making an UTG raise to 80,000 with just Grognard calling from the big blind. The 2♥ K♥ 5♣ flop had Grognard check-raise all-in to put jarcon86 all-in, holding Q♣7♥ as Grognard held 5♠4♦, which held up when the turn and river were K♠T♦, with jarcon86, winner of a $109 rebuy event in late August, adding another $12,375 to the account.

Grognard took care of the next elimination, taking possession of the chips once held by AceFromSpace. The action started with spencerman3 raising to 80,000, as Grognard and AceFromSpace called from the small and big blind, seeing a flop of A♥ J♠ 6♠ as Grognard bet out, AceFromSpace called and spencerman3 got out of the way. The 2♣ on the turn had Grognard bet out again, with AceFromSpace raising all-in for 133,706 in chips as Grognard called with A♦7♦ against AceFromSpace's Q♦J♥. The T♥ on the river didn't change the situation, sending AceFromSpace to the rail in 4th place, good for $17,000 as Grognard became the chip leader with over 3.4m in chips three-handed.

Although eventually losing the lead to spencerman3, Grognard would make it three eliminations in a row. Highland, crippled the hand before against Grognard, was down to 30,226 in chips in the small blind with limits now at 50,000/100,000. Grognard raised to 100,000 with highland calling all-in and spencerman3 calling from the big blind. Action was checked down on the 4♣ A♥ 3♣ 9♥ 8♠ board, with Grognard's T♦9♣ taking down the pot as highland exited in 3rd place for $23,725.

Heads-up play between spencerman3 and Grognard lasted well over two levels, with Grognard and one point moving into a slight chip lead. An offer to chop by Grognard was quickly declined by spencerman3. As the heads-up match wore on, spencerman3 was able to recapture the chip lead, grinding away at Grognard's stack to at one point hold nearly a 10-1 chip lead. Grognard was able to double up once to save elimination, but with the limits now at 80,000/160,000, this hand almost ended the tournament:

Down to just over 107,000 in chips, Grognard raised all-in with 5♣3♦ while spencerman3 called with T♠9♣. The flop came down A♣ Q♣ 9♥, but the 2♥ on the turn gave Grognard some hope, which was gone when the 7♥ came on the river, with Grognard pocketing $31,250 for the runner-up finish.

Spencerman3 earns $42,500 for the win, becoming the sixth player to win two WCOOP events, joining g0lfa, ElkY, djk123, kwob20 and spawng on that exclusive list. Two more WCOOP events get underway Sunday, with the $215 NL Holdem event at 13:00 with a $1,500,000 guarantee, and at 17:00 is the $530 NL with a $3,000,000 guarantee. Find the rest of the WCOOP schedule and other facts and figures at www.WCOOP.com

9/11/2010 - WCOOP Event #20 - $215 Limit Holdem, $250,000 Guarantee Results

1st: spencerman3 - $42,500
2nd: Grognard - $31,250
3rd: highland - $23,725
4th: AceFromSpace - $17,000
5th: Jarcon86 - $12,375
6th: Titanic27 - $9,875
7th: IICor5_21 - $7,375
8th: spence79 - $4,875
9th: 1stAir - $2,700