WCOOP 2010: 26071985 is the winning number in Event #32 $320 NLHE 6-Max

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWhen this event began, the west coast was fighting morning rush hour, the east coast was heading out to lunch, central Europe was thinking about dinner and a few lunatic Australians were up playing online poker in the middle of the night. It ended long after a misty marine layer moved in over Southern California, just as the crews of the network TV morning shows were heading to their midtown Manhattan studios, and as morning rush hour hit again-- in London. More than 16 hours after the cards went on the screen, the WCOOP's $320 6-Max NLHE event found its winner, 26071985. And no matter the significance of that number (Birthdate? Code? Locker combination?) the one that will be ringing in his head for the rest of the day is $92,468.

Event #32 nearly doubled its $300,000 guarantee, its 1,957 players creating a $587,100 prize pool. Testing out their short-handed game were Team PokerStars Pros Joe Cada, JP Kelly, Tony Hachem, Joe Hachem, Pat Pezzin, Julian Thew, Henrique Pinho, Lex Veldhuis, Jose "Nacho" Barbero, Chris Moneymaker, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Florian Langmann, Marcin Horecki, Vicky Coren, Tae Joon Noh, John Duthie, Jorge Arias, Jan Heitmann, and George Danzer. Richard Toth and Noah Boeken made the money, busting out in 188th and 185th places respectively, while Greg Raymer made yet another deep WCOOP run, making it to the final five tables.

Raymer's exit hand was a bit of a cooler. Raymer had 39 big blinds in his stack when USoGotPwned opened for 12,250 from under-the-gun. Raymer three-bet to 33,333 with pocket tens only to watch 12iV312124P3 four-bet shove behind him for 299,732. USoGotPwned folded and Raymer called. It turned out not to be a squeeze play as Raymer may have expected, 12iV312124P3 turning over pocket kings. Raymer did not improve on the A♠A♥2♥J♥8♣ board and exited in 28th place.


A curious railbird asked Raymer if he signs fossils for players who bust him online. Nope. Fossils only given out live.

With the blinds up to 10,000/20,000, Raymer's executioner, 12iV312124P3 was the short stack with 367,149. After 26071985 opened for 42,500 and JACKPO786 three-bet to 105,000, 12iV312124P3 moved all-in and JACKPO786 made the call. 12iV312124P3's A♦K♦ had JACKPOT786's K♥Q♦ dominated and hit top pair on the A♣T♠5♦ flop. The J♣, however, fell from the sky on the turn, making JACKPOT786 the nut straight. 12iV312124P3 could only hope for a queen on the river to chop but the J♦ fell instead, ending his run on the final table bubble.

Here's how our final six stacked up as the final table began:

Seat 1: sporic13 (2,002,214)
Seat 2: Dardan0s (321,532)
Seat 3: JACKPOT786 (2,249,689)
Seat 4: Bry23 (2,698,407)
Seat 5: 26071985 (1,063,798)
Seat 6: kinheim (1,449,360)


On the second hand of the final table, 26071985 called kinheim's pre-flop five-bet shove, staking his tournament life on A♥K♠. Having him covered by about 400,000 in chips, kinheim turned over T♥T♣ and they were off to the races. 26071985 breathed a sigh of relief as the board ran out K♦8♣8♠6♥4♣ and he doubled up to 2.16 million. Kinheim was left on the short stack along with Dardan0s while their four opponents all sported stacks over 2 million.

Two minutes later, the final table saw its first elimination. Down to 279,032, Dardan0s three-bet all in from the cutoff with 9♥9♠ behind sporic13's 48,997 opening raise. JACKPOT786 picked up T♥T♣ on the button and four-bet to 560,000, earning a fold from sporic13 and a call from Dardan0s. There was no nine on the Q♥J♣4♠3♥J♠ board for Dardan0s and he hit the rail in sixth place, collecting $13,151.04.

At this point, JACKPOT786 was the chip leader with over 3 million, but he lost it on a cooler of a hand. After his top and bottom pair ran in to 26071985's set, he was left with 947,000 while 26071985 took the lead with 4.25 million.

Over the next level, kinheim maintained his short stack and finally decided to pull the trigger, moving all-in for 388,750 with K♥3♥. Sporic13 made the call with A♠T♥ and made two pair on the 7♥7♠4♠9♣T♦ board, ending kinheim's tournament in fifth place for a $23,014.32 score.

JACKPOT786 couldn't get too much going during four-handed play, his stack falling to about 730,000. After he opened for 67,950 and 26071985 three-bet to 158,000 from the small blind, JACKPOT786 shoved for his last 726,732 and 26071985 made the call. 26071985's A♦T♠ had JACKPOT786's A♠7♠ dominated pre-flop and by the river he'd made the nut flush, the board running out 9♦Q♦5♦8♣2♦ to send JACKPOT786 home with $33,758.25 for his fourth-place finish.

At this point the three remaining players decided to pause and look at chip count chop numbers. 26071985 was still the chip leader with 5.3 million, sporic13 had 3.4 million and Bry23 was the short stack with a little over 1 million. After the numbers were revealed, Bry23 turned down the deal, saying he preferred to play it out or pause again when he'd increased his stack a bit. Tournament host and Team PokerStars Pro Jorge Arias restarted the action and cards went back on the screen.

Three-handed play dragged on for more than two hours. Bry23 was probably quite pleased with himself for turning down the deal, as he doubled up fairly quickly through 26071985. The money went in before the flop, 26071985 holding pocket nines to Bry23's A♦J♠. Although the 9♦7♥6♦ flop was pretty devastating for Bry23 as 26071985 flopped top set, he hit running diamonds to make an ace-high flush and took his stack up to 1.88 million.

26071985 started pulling away and took a commanding chip lead after getting three streets of value on his pocket jacks from sporic13:

However, just when it looked like 26071985 would run away with it, he doubled up sporic13, his A♠6♠ falling to sporic13's pocket eights. 26071985 kept the pressure on and the aggression level up, picking up a slew of small pots to take his stack back up to 5.5 million. With the blinds up to 25,000/50,000, Bry23 opened for 127,000 on the button with A♥8♣ and 26071985 reraised to 310,000 holding pocket nines. Sporic13 folded his big blind, Bry23 shoved for 1.32 million, and 26071985 made the call. Despite getting his money in with the best of it, an ace hit the flop and 26071985 tumbled to 2.32 million while Bry23 took the chip lead with 3.95 million.

Now that their stacks were a bit more even, the final three agreed to pause the action again and discuss a chop. In the end, the deal to split the $212,824 remaining in the prize pool fell apart over $2,000.

sporic13: guys?
sporic13: im ok with these
Bry23: i guess id do it, its getting late
26071985: i play heads up cash and shorthand nl5k. so I consider 68k as appropriate
26071985: if u give me both 2k I will take it
sporic13: so u have money:-)
26071985: hehe
sporic13: i ll give u 1k
Bry23: i will give u 1k
Bry23: as well
26071985: sorry, i need 2k
Bry23: that is plenty fair if not we can play
Bry23: ok lets keep going then
sporic13: i agree
26071985: u agree to 2k? sporic?
sporic13: no i agree with bry to 1k
sporic13: its up to u
26071985: I am sorry. 2k is my last.
Bry23: ok no deal then lets get back to it
sporic13: unfair keep playing and gl
26071985: good luck
26071985: I think is -ev for me otherwise

The three-handed stalemate started to show signs of cracking once they hit the 40,000/80,000 level. Bry23 opened for 220,000 from the small blind, 26071985 three-bet to 499,999 from the big and Bry23 shoved for more than 5.1 million. 26071985 made the call, turning up J♣J♥ while Bry23 showed 9♥9♣. The board ran out 6♣2♥8♥5♥4♦ and 26071985 doubled up to 5 million. However, it was sporic13 who departed in third place. Sporic13 opened for 238,888, Bry23 called from the small blind and 26071985 called from the big blind. The action was checked to sporic13, who bet 248,999 on the T♥7♣2♦ flop. Bry23 folded but 26071985 moved all-in for 4.57 million. Sporic13 called, turning up A♥7♦ for middle pair while 26071985 showed K♥T♠ for top pair. The K♠ on the turn made 26071985 kings up and the river blanked out with the 4♥, sending sporic13 to the rail in third place. He collected $51,371.25 for his day at the tables.

26071985 had a 7-3 chip lead over Bry23 as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 4: Bry23 (2,912,386)
Seat 5: 26071985 (6,872,614)

After thirty minutes of small-pot poker, 26071985 had ground his stack up to 7.9 million while Bry23 was down to 1.84 million. In the final hand, Bry23 opened for 240,000, 26071985 moved all-in and Bry23 called. It all came down to a coinflip, Bry23's A♥K♠ up against 26071985's pocket nines. The J♥8♠3♦ flop favored 26071985 and although Bry23 picked up a gutshot straight draw on the turn with the T♣, the river blanked out with the 4♣. After more than 16 hours of hard-fought short-handed poker, 26071985 had all the chips in front of him, earning a WCOOP bracelet and $92,468,61. For his runner-up finish, Bry23 collected $68,984.25

WCOOP Event #32 ($320 NLHE 6-Max) Results:

1. 26071985 ($92,468.61)
2. Bry23 ($68,984.25)
3. sporic13 ($51,371.25)
4. JACKPOT786 ($33,758.25)
5. kinheim ($23,014.32)
6. Dardan0s ($13,151.04)

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in WCOOP