WCOOP 2010: A great deal to look forward to, by Pat Pezzin

pat_pezzin_wsop_day3.jpgby Pat Pezzin
As the dust settles on the WSOP, I always find it a little bittersweet. The grind and chase of winning a bracelet is suddenly over after seven gruelling weeks of live tournament poker, but I quickly realize that I finally get to go back home to Canada and enjoy the rest of the summer with my family. I also then realize how great it is to just focus on playing online poker from the comfort of my own home.

Since joining PokerStars as a Team PokerStars Pro in the spring, both the SCOOP and the WSOP proved to be successful with a combined 13 cashes including three final tables. I have received a lot more media exposure and recognition than I had received over the first 14 years of my poker career. I really felt like I had a whole team of supporters behind me and I was proud to wear the red ace of spades on my chest and Canadian flag on my sleeve.

I am looking forward to adding to my successes this ("my rookie") year as a Team Pro, particularly at the PCA in The Bahamas and, just around the corner, the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)!

PokerStars is home to the largest online poker tournaments and host to the WCOOP - the richest online poker tournament series in history. The 2010 WCOOP is three weeks of a full-packed schedule of 60 tournaments starting on September 5th and ending on September 26th. The $5,200 NL Hold'em Main Event will probably see more than one player win over 1 million dollars from the comfort of their own home.

I personally love the WCOOP line-up, as no fewer than 13 different disciplines of poker are offered, plus many different formats of the same game are scheduled (eg: No-Limit Hold'em will have full ring, 6 max, heads up, big ante, turbos, rebuys and shootouts). No matter what your speciality or where your interests lie, you can probably find it on the 2010 WCOOP line-up.

Being a mixed game player, I am looking forward to playing in all the different disciplines and could easily see myself playing in no less than 55 WCOOP events. I have highlighted a few events that I really look forward to and feel give me the best Expected Value (EV) to earn some cash and hopefully a WCOOP title! In particular, the $320 Mixed Hold'em on the 14th, the $530 FL Omaha Hi/Lo on the 17th, the $1,050 Fixed Limit Hold'em on the 24th, the $2,100 HORSE on the 25th and the $10,300 8-Game on the 26th.

Throughout my career I have had success at all these disciplines but most recently have had the most success at Mixed Hold'em games. I have been saying for quite some time that I feel this tournament offers the best EV for me. I have cashed in two WSOP Mixed Hold'em events in the three that I have played with one final table, finished 2nd in the $2,100 SCOOP Mixed Hold'em for $66,000 last April and most recently won the Weekly $215 Mixed Hold'em event this past Sunday. I feel my success in the Mixed Hold'em events is directly related to having a deep understanding of and experience in playing both Limit and No-Limit Hold'em games for many years. Both games may seem very similar but require a completely different mindset of starting hand requirements and post flop play.

The Mixed Hold'em events traditionally have attracted both Limit specialists and No-Limit specialists. It doesn't take long to find out which form of Hold'em is a player's weakness and which players have an understanding of the nuances of playing both disciplines. Once I have determined this, it's time to exploit the players' weaknesses, which is a whole blog in itself and I will save that topic for after I win the WCOOP bracelet for the Mixed Hold'em Event :-)

I will be posting WCOOP updates on both my Facebook fan page and on Twitter.

See you at the tables!


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP