WCOOP 2010: Alex Kravchenko leads final table of 8-Game High Roller Event 61

WCOOP 2009 logo.jpgOf the 62 events that comprised the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker, only three claimed to be "High Roller" status, and Event 61 was one of them. Few players have $10K to risk on an online poker tournament, especially one that involved eight different games, which meant the field of this event was comprised of many well-known pro players and a skill level that rivaled any in the online world.

Event 61 boasted of a $1 million guarantee for those willing to put up the $10,000 + $300 to compete in the 8-Game Mix tournament. And when registration closed, the High Roller event had 133 players at the tables, which boosted the prize pool up to $1,330,000, enough to pay out the top 18 players and offer six-figure payouts for the top four players.

Action got underway with 15-minute levels for each of the eight games: limit triple draw 2-7 lowball, hold'em, Omaha hi/lo, razz, stud, stud hi/lo, no-limit hold'em, and pot-limit Omaha. Play was understandably slow in the early going, but the eliminations started with Team PokerStars Online's Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov, who was the first on the elimination list. As the hours went by, fellow Online Team member Sebastien "Seb86" Sabic followed, as did Team PokerStars Pros Barry "barryg1" Greenstein, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, David "dwilliams" Williams, Online's Steven "stevesbets" Jacobs, Team Pro Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso, Online's Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg, Team Pros Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown and Ville Wahlbeck, and Online's George "Jorj95" Lind. Several more hours led to the elimination of Noah "Exclusive" Boeken in 66th place, Jason Mercier in 57th, Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis in 48th, and Sebastian Ruthenberg in 43rd.

By the time the tournament reached the eight-hour break, only 34 players remained at six tables. In first place on the leaderboard was Andrew "good2cu" Robl with 96,782 chips, followed by Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist with 89,144 chips, with Scott "BigRiskky" Clements in a close third. Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu held up in tenth place, and other team pros still in the hunt for a seat at the final table were Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero in 16th, Alex Kravchenko in 18th, and Pat Pezzin in 26th.

Daniel Negreanu - Event 61.jpg

The next break thinned the field to only 23 players on the last four tables of the tournament, and first place was taken over by kardioloq, already a winner of a WCOOP bracelet this year in Event 30, and his stack of 129,754 was trailed by Odonkor1 with 112,774. Good2cu dropped to fourth place, while Team PokerStars Pros Negreanu (7th), Barbero (8th), Kravchenko (16th), and Pezzin (17th) were all still holding strong.

The break that signified that the tenth hour was about to get underway was reached just after the money bubble broke. It was chrisbond's exit in 19th place that made way for the last 18 players to be assured of a payout for their sizable contribution to the prize pool. Scott "BigRiskky" Clements then exited in 18th place for $17,290.00, and it was shortly thereafter that the break began with 17 players left at three tables. It was Odonkor1 who had jumped into the top spot with 155,647 chips, and alwaysnice was in second with 118,672. And as for Team PokerStars Pros, Negreanu was in eighth, Barbero in ninth, Kravchenko in tenth, and Pezzin in 13th.

Allen "albari" Bari exited in 17th place, followed by David "WhooooKidd" Baker in 16th, and good2cu soon found himself very short on chips. In the stud round, good2ce pushed all-in for his last 4,518 chips holding 3♣, and kardioloq was along with 3♠. When all of the cards were dealt, good2cu could only muster A♣K♥3♣Q♥4♣8♥6♣, while kardioloq showed A♦A♠3♠T♥7♣Q♣T♦ for the two pair. Andrew "good2cu" Robl exited in 15th place with $17,290.00.

Leading up to the next break, osten departed in 14th place, Prague1 doubled through alwaysnice to get off the short stack, but then Prague1 tangled with Barbero in the following hand:

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That propelled Barbero into top chip position, and Prague1 left in 13th place. Alwaysnice then departed in 12th place with $28,595.00, and that led to the next break. By then, Kravchenko had taken over the top spot with 291,316 chips, but Barbero was in second with 207,219. The field was tightening up as 11 remained but only six would make the final table.

Play resumed to find kirbynator doubling through Barbero, but it was Team PokerStars Pro on Pro violence that caught the attention of the rail. Negreanu and Kravchenko tangled in a NLHE hand that played out as follows:

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Kravchenko's pocket tens held up to the A-J, and Team PokerStars Pro Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu left the party in 11th place with $28,595.00.

Kardioloq then left in tenth place, unable to secure a second WCOOP title this year but still finish in top form with $28,595.00 for the deep run. Odonkor1 worked a short stack for awhile and finally got involved in a triple draw hand that found bigfish302 holding a 8-6-5-4-3 low hand, and that was enough to eliminate Joel "Odonkor1" Nordkvist" in ninth place with $43,225.00. Soon after, get crunk headed out in eighth place to start hand-for-hand play.

It was in Level 42, the limit hold'em round with blinds at 5,000/10,000, that Pat Pezzin put his short stack at risk. Betting was capped with bigfish302 preflop, and after the first three cards displayed 6♣8♥Q♠, Pezzin pushed all-in with A♣3♥, which bested the K♣J♥ of bigfish302. But the K♥ hit on the turn to give bigfish302 the pair of kings, and the 2♠ ended the hand. Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin was eliminated in seventh place with $43,225.00.

With that, the final table was set:

Event 61 FT screen shot.JPG

Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko was the chip leader when the game was paused, and all six players looked to take a break of more than 12 hours before returning to compete for the WCOOP title.

Alex Kravchenko - Event 61.jpg

Join us tomorrow, starting at 15:00 ET, for the final table of Event 61!

2010 WCOOP Event 61, Final Table at End of Day 1:

1st: Team PokerStars Pro Alex "Kravchenko" Kravchenko (493,692 chips)
2nd: bigfish302 (323,010 chips)
3rd: kirbynator (249,514 chips)
4th: Jon "PearlJammer" Turner (109,221 chips)
5th: Indigoae (83,999 chips)
6th: Team PokerStars Pro Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero (70,564 chips)

The 2010 WCOOP is coming to an end, but all of the excitement of the series can be found on the official WCOOP website, and PokerStars TV offers tournament highlights.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in WCOOP