WCOOP 2010: bbbbb33 blazes to victory in Event #52 $320 NL Turbo


A good friend of mine once remarked, "Turbo tournaments are perfect for speed freaks and people diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD)." That quote seemed appropriate. Turbos are also ideal for players who don't have the necessary time to grind it out for a dozen hours only to find themselves mercilessly eliminated by a devastating one-outer. Let's face it, one of the most demoralizing experiences in poker is playing the best game of your life only have a min-cash to show for 12+ hours of work.

The best aspect about Turbos is that if/when you bust, it's usually a quick death and you don't feel as though you wasted your day away. Turbos structures offer players the the fastest and quickest way to win a WCOOP bracelet -- this is, if you're able to handle the rapidly escalating blinds, stomach the stress of a shove-fest, and somehow manage to win every race to become the last standing player on the scarred battlefield littered with over two thousand carcasses.

Event #52 $320 NL Turbo attracted 2,379 sprinters. The prize pool topped $713,700. The top 306 places paid out prize money with $114,192.72 set aside for the winner.

Although more than a dozen members of Team PokerStars Pros participated in this event, Anh Van Nguyen from Canada was the only one with enough gas in the tank to cash in this Turbo event. Nguyen finished in 96th place.


Team PokerStars Pro Anh Van Ngyen at the 2010 WSOP

If you blinked, you easily missed a hundred eliminations. That's the charm of Turbos, right? The bustouts occurred in furious waves and never let up. More than 75% of the field was decimated within 90 minutes after the start time.

The money bubble was burst in under two hours and 20 minutes. Bubble Boy honors went to aggie69, who finished in 307th place. Once the money bubble burst, a slew of eliminations ensued and 50 players were wiped out in less than 120 seconds.

When the money burst, Ahn Van Nguyen was sitting in the Top 5 in chips. Shortly after the bubble, he seized the overall lead and became the first player to pass the 200K mark. His stint at the top spot was short-lived after he doubled up a short stack and slipped out of the Top 10.

Fifteen minutes after the money bubble burst, the field was halved from 308 to under 150. Ahn Van Nguyen took a massive hit and lost two-thirds of his stack after he lost a flip when his pocket nines were run down by dedonno85's Big Slick.

Anh Van Nguyen made a final stand with 6♦6♥. He open-shoved for his last 77K and got called by two players holding overpairs -- Q♠Q♣ and T♦T♣. The board ran out J♣9♠7♣3♣2♥ and Anh Van Nguyen failed to improve his hand. The Canadian pro finished in 96th place and won $1,106.23.

With 30 players remaining, Noctus became the first player with a stack worth over 1 million. With 18 players remaining, only three players held over 1million in chips: new chipleader Kinch18, Noctus, and MSilence.

2010 WCOOP champion Kroko-dill from Moscow was knocked out in 17th place. Short-stacked with only 6 BBs, he open-shoved with Q♦4♦, but ran into dedonno85's pocket nines.

With 12 players remaining, the average stack was a little more than 10 BBs, and a trio of players passed the 2 million mark: Zackattack13, Kinch18, and bbbbb33.

One-time chip leader Gracie85 bubbled off the final table in 10th place when Gracie85's A♥9♥ got out flopped by bbbbb33's T♥4♠. It took less than four hours to play down to the final nine. Zackattak13 began the final table as the overall chip leader with 3M.


Final table chip counts:
Seat 1: dedonno85 (367,124)
Seat 2: bbbbb33 (2,853,238)
Seat 3: Zackattak13 (3,012,547)
Seat 4: Suleiman08 (683,033)
Seat 5: Kinch18 (2,116,033)
Seat 6: SLPhenomenal (492,950)
Seat 7: sundalyonly (642,608)
Seat 8: rdog7811 (571,023)
Seat 9: MSilence (1,156,444)

It didn't take very long before we lost two players on the first two hands of the final table.

One of the shorties, rdog7811 shoved all-in for 556,023 and got called by bbbbb33, who woke up with K♥K♣ in the big blind. Unfortunately, rdog7811's A♦3♥ failed to improve and rdog7811 became the first player eliminated from the final table. Rdog7811 collected $6,423.30 for 9th place.

On the next hand, SLPhenomenal moved all-in for 462,950. Zackattak13 called with K♥J♠. SLPhenomenal was ahead with A♦Q♣ and even flopped two pair on a flop of A♥Q♥7♠ , but Zackattak13 caught running hearts (the T♥ on the turn and the 8♥ on the river) to win the pot with a nasty four-flush. SLPhenomenal hit the road in 8th place and won $12,132.90.

Only a few hands passed before short-stacked dedonno85 shoved for his last 229,624. Kinch18 re-raised to isolate and he got his wish. Kinch18's A♣9♠ trailed dedonno85's T♣T♠, but he turned an ace to take the lead. It held up and he cracked dedonno85 pocket tens. Dedonno85 won $17,842.50 for a 7th place finish.

The next four eliminations happened so fast that it was hard to keep up!

MSilence shoved for 1,131,444 and got called by bbbbb33. MSilence's K♣9♣ trailed bbbbb33's A♥7♥. Bbbbb33 flopped an ace and rivered an unnecessary seven to win the pot. MSilence quietly busted out in 6th place and collected $24,979.50.

The shove-fest continued when Kinch18 moved all-in for 2,275,441. Zackattak13 was covered and called all-in for his final 2,112,464. Kinch18 was ahead with A♦J♥ against Zackattak13's A♣T♣. Kinch18 flopped trip Jacks and that's all she wrote. Zackattak13 headed to the rail in 5th place and won $32,116.50.

With four players remaining, Kinch18 shoved for 4,527,905, and sundalyonly called all-in for his last 1,467,932. Kinch18's J♠J♦ were ahead of sundalyonly's 2♥2♦. The board ran out T♠3♣3♥8♦9♣. Deuces failed to improve, and sundalyonlys was eliminated in 4th place with a $42,822 payday.

With three to go, Suleiman08 was the shortest stack at the table, and as you guessed it, was the next player to hit the road. Bbbbb33 opened with a min-raise of 320,000, Suleiman08 shoved for 768,458, and bbbbb33 called. Suleiman08's 6♦6♠ were ahead of bbbbb33's A♣8♦. His pair of sixes looked good on the flop and turn, but the 8♣ spiked on the river. Bbbbb33 won the pot with a pair of eights. Suleiman08 was knocked out in 3rd place and won $62,163.27.

Heads-up chip counts:
Seat 2: bbbbb33 (5,859,163)
Seat 5: Kinch18 (6,035,837)

When heads-up began, the final two were almost even in chips with Kinch18 holding the slimmest of margins. The match only lasted 21 hands because bbbbb33 quickly went to work and attacked Knich18's stack.

On the 19th hand, bbbbb33 raised and Kinch18 called. The flop was K♦T♣4♥. Kinch18 checked, bbbbb33 bet 333,330, Kinch18 check-raised to 800,000, and bbbbb33 called. The turn was the 9♦. Kinch18 bet 1,250,000 and bbbbb33 called. The river was the 8♠, and both players checked. Kinch18 opened up 9♥7♠ for a pair of nines, while bbbbb33 dragged the pot with K♠7♥ and a pair of Kings. That pot pushed bbbbb33 over 9.4 million, while Kinch18 slipped to 2.4 million.

Two hands later, it was all over when bbbbb33 delivered the knockout blow. Kinch18 min-raised to 400,000, bbbbb33 re-raised all-in for 9,069,774 and Kinch18 called. bbbbb33's A♣3♥ was pitted against Kinch18's K♠J♦. The flop was T♣5♥2♣, and bbbbb33 still led with Ace-high. The turn was the 3♣ and bbbbb33 improved to a pair of treys. The 6♥ on the river did not help Kinch18, and bbbbb33 won the pot. Kinch18 was knocked out in 2nd place and collected $85,644 for a runner-up performance.

In only took 4 hours and 14 minutes for bbbbb33 to win the tournament, a WCOOP bracelet, and $114,192.72 in cash. All hail the Turbo Master.

You can view the final hand in our snazzy replayer...

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Event #52 final table results and payouts:
1. bbbbb33 - 114,192.72
2. Kinch18 - $85,644
3. Suleiman08 - $62,163.27
4. sundalyonly - $42,822
5. Zackattak13 - $32,116.50
6. MSilence - $24,979.50
7. dedonno85 - $17,842.50
8. SLPhenomenal - $12,132.90
9. rdog7811 - $6,423.30

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Pauly McGuire
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