WCOOP 2010: Brryann buries field en route to victory in Event #31 $320 8-Game

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgMixed games test your poker acumen in different variations of poker. You don't have to be the best in every game, but you can't have too many weak spots because those will be exploited by the vultures pecking away at your liabilities.

The 8-Game format has become more popular than the five-game stalwart H.O.R.S.E. because of the addition of Triple Draw, NLHE, and PLO provides an ample sample to prove supreme proficiency in mixed games.

Event #31 $320 8-Game mixed attracted 819 runners and a prize pool of $250,000 (the guarantee kicked in for this event and missed by a dozen or so entrants). The top 108 places paid out, with $44,075 set aside for the champion. Games switched after every 10-minute level. Most of the volatility occurred during rounds of NL and PLO, which are coincidentally the only two non-limit games played in 8-Game. As expected, the majority of casualties happened during PLO and NL.

Probably the biggest story in Event #31 8-Game emerged late in the tournament when it became apparent that Greg "DuckU" Hobson was on the cusp of making two WCOOP final tables in the same day. He was one of the 72 players who returned for action for the second day of the two-day Event #28 $1,050 NL (with a $1 million guarantee). When play resumed on day two, DuckU jumped out to the lead, while simultaneously making a deep run in the 8-Game. Advancing to two WCOOP final tables in a single day is a remarkable achievement, however, winning two events in the same day is nearly impossible, yet that's what DuckU precisely had in mind -- winning 2 WCOOP bracelets within hours of each other.


Greg "fossilman" Raymer was the only representative from Team PokerStars Pro to make the money in the 8-Game mixed event. He finished in 31st place. Other notables who cashed in the Top 50 included SebbyGI (7th), kirillG (14th), spencerman3 (17th), AceQuad, (19th), Scott "BigRiskky" Clements (26th), DudeofLife21 (29th), vui-qua-di (33rd), EDWARDHOPPER (39th), and CesarSPA (44th).

Bubble Boy honors went to the legendary JohnnyBax who fizzled out during a level of PLO and finished in 109th place.

Kirill "kirillG" Gerasimov led the entire field shortly before the money bubble burst. Greg Raymer made another deep run as he entertained fans sweating him on the virtual rail. Raymer engaged in friendly banter and fielded questions.

"When someone knocks you out online, do you mail them a fossil?" wondered on railbird.

"No, only for live events," explained Raymer.

During live tournaments, especially at the WSOP, Raymer used different fossils as his card capper. Whenever Raymer got eliminated, he handed over the fossil as a bounty prize. Taking a page out of Barry Greenstein's playbook, Raymer even signed the fossil for his opponent. But that fossil bounty only pertains to live tournaments, and not online events.

With 7 tables to go, DuckU hovered in the Top 5 (...meanwhile in Event #28, DuckU lost the lead but was close behind in 2nd with 16 players left).

With 6 tables to go, kirillG retained the lead and passed the 300K mark, while Raymer hung out in the Top 10. DuckU picked up decisive 157K pot during PLO and busted MI_turtle in 34th place with an 8-high straight. That propelled DuckU to 3rd overall in chips (...meanwhile in Event #28, DuckU regained the lead with 14 to go).

David "The Dragon" Pham, playing under vui-qua-di, busted out in 33rd place during a round of PLO when the The Dragon's Jack-high straight lost to Targal1960's Queen-high straight.

Raymer kissed goodbye a chunk of his stack during Triple Draw after he lost a 52.5K pot to NeecieWon's T-9-7-3-2. As the hackneyed cliche goes, the Fossilman was on the verge of extinction and breathing his last gasps of air before he was eventually eliminated.

DuckU put on a clinic during the end of the Triple Draw round and won 4 consecutive pots. Two hands later, when the game switched to LHE, he dragged a 92K pot which gave him the chip lead. KirillG lost the top spot for the first time since the early stages of the tournament and the chase pack finally caught up to the Russian. KirillG slipped to 5th in chips while stoned024, DuckU, and Targal1960 jockeyed for the overall lead with 29 players to go.

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements is regarded as one of the best Omaha hi/lo players in the world. However, that game was too kind to him today. During a round of Omaha hi/lo, Clements' A♣A♠K♦4♠ lost to kirillG's A♦J♥J♣7♣ after they got it all-in on the flop on Q♣J♦3♥. KirillG's set of Jacks held up and Clements headed to the rail in 26th place.

With 21 players remaining, Hariseldo723 won two pots during Razz worth over 117K apiece, which rocketed him into the overall lead. DuckU slipped to 4th in chips (...meanwhile in Event #28, he was 2nd in chips with 10 to go as he reached that final table bubble).

Stud hi/lo is where DuckU met his demise. He lost a 140K pot against Wallyayay to slip out of the top 10, and then things got ugly real fast in a heads-up hand against Targal1960. Betting got capped on 3rd street. On 4th street? Capped. Same result on 5th street. Capped. By 6th street, DuckU was all in with two-pair, Aces and Kings, against Targal1960 trip sixes. DuckU was unable to boat up on 7th street, so Targal1960won the 216K pot as DuckU was eliminated in 18th place.

Although DuckU was busto from Event #31, he had finally advanced to the final table of Event #28. He was second in chips overall and did not have any other distractions, so he could fully concentrate on taking that bracelet down. In case you were wondering, DuckU would have to wait for another day for a WCOOP title, because he finished in 7th place as Shaun Deeb went onto to victory in Event #28 ($1,050 NL).

KirillG's run came to an end during Triple Draw when he was all-in pre-draw against dimas78. KirillG discarded 2, then 1, and 1 to end up with a Q-6-4-3-2. Dimas78 won the pot with a J-10-7-4-2 low as kirillG got knocked out in 14th place.

With 2 tables to go, Hariseldo723 kept pace in front of the remaining 12 players until Brryann made a run at the top spot.

SebbyGl bubbled off the final table in 7th place during a round of Stud. SebbyG1 had gotten his entire stack in by 5th street against TurnRiva. SebbyG1 caught running cards for a straight, but TurnRiva's set of treys improved when he caught running nines to boat up. SebbyG1 was torpedoed in 7th place. When the final table of 6 was set, Brryann held the lead as the only player over 1 million in chips.


Final table chip counts:
Seat 1: TurnRiva (580,542)
Seat 2: spieler52 (372,885)
Seat 3: Wallyayay (843,099)
Seat 4: Hariseldo723 (313,480)
Seat 5: Brryann (1,665,939)
Seat 6: dimas78 (319,055)

Wallyayay passed the 1 million mark after he won a 304K pot against Brryann during Stud hi/lo. Wallyayay's Ace-high flush thrust him into the lead.

When the game switched to NL, the first bustout quickly ensued. Spieler52 opened and Hariseldo723 shoved for his entire stack of 198,160. Spieler52 had him covered and called with K♠J♠. Hariseldo723 was ahead with A♣K♣. However, the board ran out K♥Q♣6♦8♦J♥ and Spieler52 rivered a Jack to win the hand with two pair. Hariseldo723 was eliminated in 6th place and won $7,500.

Brryann regained the lead during PLO when he won a 362K pot against Wallyayay. With five remaining, Brryann and Wallyayay were the biggest dogs on the block as the only players with stacks in excess of 1 million. The two short stacks held less than 250K apiece.

Short-stacked dimas78 vacated the final table during Triple Draw. During a battle of the blinds with Brryann, both players discarded 2. Brryann bet 30,000 and dimas78 called. On the second draw, Brryann discarded 2 and dimas78 drew only1. Brryann bet 60,000 putting dimas78 all in for his last 20,289. Dimas78 stood pat with 10-8-5-4-3. Brryann discarded 2 and sucked out with a 8-7-6-4-2. Dimas78 was knocked out in 5th place and won $12,500.

During hold'em spieler52 was short with less than 3.5 big blinds. On a flop of J♦8♣5♦, he got it all in against Wallyayay. Spieler52 held A♠2♠ and was behind Wallyayay's 8♠7♠. The turn was the 7♥ and Wallyayay improved to two pair. The river was the 4♦, and Wallyayay won the pot with two pair. Spieler52 was eliminated and collected $17,500 for a 4th place finish.

With three to go, Brryann held the lead with over 2 million. Wallyaway trailed behind in second with 1.47 million, and TurnRiva brought up the rear with 623K. All of that, however, was about to change.

TurnRiva was in trouble and appeared to be on the brink of elimination during rough rounds of hold'em and Omaha hi/lo, but he turned it around during Razz. Most players loathe Razz, but TurnRiva found his rhythm. He won a clutch 676K pot against Wallyayay with a 7-5-4-3-2 low. He played a significant amount of pots against Wallyayay, and it seemed as though Brryann sat on his lead and stayed out of the fracas. He let Wallyayay and TurnRiva pummel one another. TurnRiva prevailed during Razz and chipped up to over 1 million. He even overtook Wallyayay who slipped under 1 million.

Wallyayay got his chips back and then some when the game switched from Razz to Stud. TurnRiva was on the ropes again, but doubled up to avoid an untimely death when he won a 1.2 million pot with two pair, tens and sevens, against Wallyayay's pair of Kings. Two hands later, TurnRiva won a 930K pot against Brryann. TurnRiva had two pair by 4th street, which held up against Bryann's pair of Aces.

All of a sudden... TurnRiva went from the shorty to the leader with over 1.8 million. Both Wallyayay and Brryann slipped to around 1.1 million each.

Brryann bullied Wallyayay and won pots worth 645K and 830K without a showdown to regain the lead. Wallyayay was down to nothing in chips when the game switched to Stud hi/lo. On his final hand, Wallyayay's (K♦2♣)-6♦8♥T♠2♥J♦ lost with a pair if deuces to Brryann's (4♦A♣)-T♣9♠3♦7♦4♥ and pair of fours. With no qualifying low hand, Wallyayay was eliminated in 3rd place and won 25,000.

Heads-up chip counts:
Seat 1: TurnRiva (1,864,552)
Seat 5: Brryann (2,230,448)

Brryann began the heads-up battle as the leader, but he would trade blows back and forth with TurnRiva, as the lead changed hands too many times to count during the 63-hand slug fest.

Shortly after heads-up kicked off, TurnRiva almost pulled even after winning a 920K pot with a better two pair. On the next hand, he dragged a pot worth over 820K. Two hands later, he delivered a crushing blow with a 1.3 million score. At that point, TurnRiva was closing in on 3 million, while Brryann slipped to 1.1 million.

When the game switched to NL, fireworks ensued. On a board of T♣8♦7♥K♠ and with about 250K in the pot, Brryann bet 189,999. TurnRiva shoved all-in for 2,574,552 and had Brryann covered. Brryann called with J♣9♣ and was ahead after he flopped the joint. TurnRiva held Q♥[J] and had outs with higher straight draw. Alas, the river was the K♥. Brryann won the hand with a Jack-high straight and dragged a 2.8 million pot to double up. TurnRiva slipped to 1.3 million.

It was TurnRiva's turn to double up. All-in preflop. Classic race. TurnRiva's 7♦7♥ were flipping against Brryann's A♦J♣. The board ran out Q♠ 9♦4♣2♠T♠. TurnRiva's sevens held up and he seized the lead -- 2.5 million to 1.6 million.

Brryann won 12 out of the next 14 hands and both players flip-flopped in chips. Brryann kept up the pressure. TurnRiva attempted to string together a mini-run of his own, but Brryann won a 1.4 million pot to improve to over 3 million and take a 3-1 lead. He never looked back when the game switched to PLO.

On the 63rd hand of heads-up play, and 12 hands into PLO, Brryann opened for a min-raise and TurnRiva called. On a flop of T♣8♦3♦, TurnRiva checked, Brryann bet 72,559, TurnRiva check-raised to 337,677. Brryann re-raised to 1,133,031 to put TurnRiva all-in. TurnRiva called and held J♣T♥6♠3♣ for top pair with a Jack-kicker. Brryann held J♥T♦4♠4♠ for top pair with a Jack-kicker, but he also picked up valuable outs with a flush draw. The turn was the 9♣, which gave TurnRiva a glimmer of hope with redraws to a straight and a club flush. The Q♦ spiked on the river and TurnRiva missed all of his outs. Although TurnRiva improved to a Queen-high straight, the river also filled in Brryann's flush. Brryann won the pot and the entire tournament.

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TurnRiva finished in 2nd place and won $32,500 for his valiant runner-up performance. Brryann won the WCOOP bracelet and $44,075.00. Congratulations to Brryann.

Event #31 8-Game final table results and payouts:
1. Brryann - $44,075
2. TurnRiva- $32,500
3. Wallyayay - $25,000
4. spieler52 - $17,500
5. dimas78 - $12,500
6. Hariseldo723 - $7,500

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