WCOOP 2010: Chasing the dream

Darus Suharto.jpgby Darus Suharto
It is every poker player's dream to play in the World Series of Poker event and win a WSOP bracelet. The WCOOP, while an online event, carries a number of similarities to the WSOP. PokerStars WCOOP offers a variety of mixed games with millions of dollars prizes guaranteed and bracelets as well. It not only attracts recreational and professional online grinders, but also caters for live professional poker players.

This year WCOOP will span over three weeks with some fierce poker tournaments between September 5th to 26th and some 62 events with over $50 million in prize money. Without a doubt, this is the biggest online poker event you can get!

With a large selection of events and big money at stake, a careful plan in approaching the WCOOP might go a long way for your bankroll. To play every 2010 WCOOP event would easily require an investment of over $75,000. Therefore, game selection and bankroll management are important while other factors are also critical. Plan to play events that you can expect to have a positive EV and stick with tournaments that fit within your bankroll in case things go sour.

On game day, have someone at home who can help you stay focused and of course be available to serve you with food and drink. Clear your schedule on the game day and be physically prepared to play for long hours, since some of the events can easily take over 20 hours of play. And lastly, get plenty of sleep in advance of the tournament so that you can be fresh and alert.

While I have had some deep runs in a number of WCOOP events in previous years, I have not yet had the privilege of winning one. The competition at many of WCOOP events is probably as tough as, if not tougher than those of the WSOP. Winning a $215 WCOOP event might be just as hard as winning a $1k WSOP event. Sooner or later winning a WCOOP bracelet will be in every poker player's dream just as much as securing a WSOP bracelet.

See you at the cyber felt at Pokerstars.eu and good luck in chasing the WCOOP dream!

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Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP