WCOOP 2010: G0lfa grabs third WCOOP bracelet in two years for winning Event 55

WCOOP 2009 logo.jpgThe home stretch. The final weekend. Last chances. All apt notes about the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker on Friday, September 24, as the wind-down to the series began. But it seemed to be just the start of the most exciting part of the WCOOP, as the weekend plans to host quite a few events, like PLO heads-up, HORSE, and the 8-game high roller event, not to mention the $10 million guaranteed Main Event. It might be the last weekend, but it is shaping up to be nothing less than thrilling for online poker players and fans!

As for this particular Friday party, Event 55 offered a $500 buy-in NLHE event with a $1 million guarantee. To make it more interesting, players had the chance for one rebuy and one add-on should they choose. And they chose. The field of 1,066 starting players built a substantial prize pool of $1,229,000 by purchasing 746 rebuys and 646 add-ons. All of those numbers combined allowed the last 135 players to be paid and the last three to each grab six-figure payouts for their play.

As the money bubble neared, Team PokerStars Online's Randy "nanonoko" Lew exited just a few spots short of the cash, but when the bubble burst, Bdbeatslayer was the first to depart with $2,089.30, which was the payout for 135th place. Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin followed shortly after in 132nd place, and some of the others who followed were Team Online's Alvaro "VARICO" Ballesteros in 114th place, Team Pro Alex "Allingomes" Gomes in 107th, and Vicky Coren in 106th. Coren noted the end of her run on her Twitter account:

"Out. Finished 106th for $2458. No cards at all for a very long time, so I'm happy enough with that."

The tournament progressed toward the final few tables, and only two of them remained as it headed into the twelfth hour. A while later, the last remaining member of Team PokerStars Online, Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg, was working his short stack and decided to push it all from the big blind with K♥2♠, but original raiser govshark2 in the small blind called with A♦2♥. The board of 8♦5♠4♥5♣7♦ changed nothing, and Berg was eliminated in 12th place with $11,675.50. An admirable finish to go with a WCOOP bracelet he won only a week ago.

Anders Berg - Event 55.jpg

Play moved on with hartiedd1 out in 11th, and during hand-for-hand play, it was mestrefilipe all-in from the big blind with A♦Q♦, but g0lfa called with A♥K♥. The board blanked with J♥6♠3♣7♥9♣, and that left mestrefilipe out in tenth place with $11,675.50.

More than halfway through Level 34, the final table was set with blinds at 17,500/35,000, a 3,750 ante, and starting chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: ship_th_chip (2,554,896 in chips)
Seat 2: Pichon79 (1,801,171 in chips)
Seat 3: g0lfa (4,371,452 in chips)
Seat 4: RJules12 (1,051,806 in chips)
Seat 5: foucault82 (1,408,933 in chips)
Seat 6: Titantom32 (2,602,824 in chips)
Seat 7: joserivas397 (521,026 in chips)
Seat 8: govshark2 (3,467,960 in chips)
Seat 9: goodvibe1 (654,932 in chips)

Event 55 FT screen shot.JPG

It didn't take long for more action to keep things moving. One of the shorter stacks, goodvibe1, pushed all-in preflop with A♠Q♦, but original raiser govshark2 made the call for 418,435 more with 9♦9♠. Nothing changed as the board produced K♣6♦7♥8♣3♣, and the pocket pair held up to eliminate gooodvibe1 in ninth place with $14,748.00.

A bit more action found foucault82 doubling through pichon, who in turn doubled through g0lfa to stay alive.

But it was RJules and ship_th-chip who got involved to see a flop of A♣T♦J♦. RJules12 bet, but when ship_th-chip check-raised, RJules shoved all-in for his last 826,250 chips with A♥T♥ for top two pair. However, ship_th_chip called with K♠Q♦ and the flopped straight. The board completed with an 8♦ on the turn and 5♥ on the river, and that left RJules12 out in eighth place with $24,580.00.

Moments later, when Pichon79 made an initial raise, joserivas397 moved his very short stack of 275,401 chips all-in from the small blind. Pichon79 did make the call with K♦J♥, which was off to the races against the T♠T♦ of joserivas397. The flop of 6♠2♦Q♣ changed nothing, but the K♠ on the turn gave Pichon79 the advantage, and the J♦ on the river only made that into two pair. Joserivas397 was ousted in seventh place with $36,870.00.

Govshark2 was on the rise, and after having taken a 2.1 million-chip pot from foucault82, govshark2 hit the top spot on the leaderboard and relegated g0lfa to second.

Pichon79 was the next to challenge govshark2 and did it with an all-in move holding K♣Q♦. But govshark2 quickly called with A♥A♣, and that only turned into a full house on the 5♦7♥5♠6♥5♥ board. Pichon79 was eliminated in sixth place with $49,160.00.

The next interesting hand came when foucault82 doubled through ship_th_chip, who claimed he made a misclick to get involved in the following hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

That soon led to ship_th_chip pushing his last 1,366,552 chips all-in with 7♦7♥, but govshark2 just so happened to call with 8♣8♦. The virtual dealer gave them a board of T♦6♦6♣5♦4♥, which changed nothing. That left ship_th_chip shipped to the rail with $61,450.00 for the fifth place finish.

Four-handed play took quite some time, but eventually, Titantom32 pushed all-in with 7♣7♦ and govshark2 was along for the ride with 8♠8♥. Reminiscent of the last bust-out hand, the board did not bring anything to change the outcome, as they were 9♠3♥6♠K♣K♠. Titantom32 was eliminated in fourth place with $88,488.00.

A very short time later, foucault82 got into a preflop raising war with g0lfa that resulted in foucault82 calling a reraise all-in with T♥T♦. G0lfa showed A♥6♠ and immediately received help on the K♦A♦5♠ flop. The pair of aces then held up through the reveal of the 7♥ turn and the 4♥ river, and that left foucault82 out of the tournament in third place with $117,984.00.

The heads-up match started with the following chip counts:

Seat 3: g0lfa (8,842,546 in chips)
Seat 8: govshark2 (9,592,454 in chips)

It took only moments for both players to express the desire to chop, so the tournament was paused to initiate the discussion. The host provided an even chop number, as requested, of $179,450.35 for each player with $20,000 set aside for the eventual winner, and the duo agreed.

Play was quite cautious when the action resumed, and the stacks remained nearly event until g0lfa won a key hand that propelled him into the chip lead:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Less than 15 minutes later, the two began to battle in a hand that started with a raise and reraise before the 3♠6♥A♣ flop was revealed. Govshark2 bet, g0lfa raised, and govshark2 called, which prompted the 8♠ to be dealt for the turn. Both players checked and received the T♠ on the river, at which point govshark2 moved all-in for 2,572,298 chips with K♥Q♠. But g0lfa called the bet and the bluff, and he won the hand showing A♦2♦ for the pair of aces. Ravi "govshark2" Raghavan finished the tournament in second place with $179,450.35.

And that left one player with all of the chips...and an amazing accomplishment. Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo, who won two WCOOP tournaments in the 2009 series, claimed one for 2010 by winning Event 55. His long-term WCOOP record is one of the most solid of any player, and for this feat, he took home $199,450.35. Congratulations!

2010 WCOOP Event 55 Final Results:

1st place: g0lfa ($199,450.35)*
2nd place: govshark2 ($179,450.35)*
3rd place: foucault82 ($117,984.00)
4th place: Titantom32 ($88,488.00)
5th place: ship_th_chip ($61,450.00)
6th place: Pichon79 ($49,160.00)
7th place: joserivas397 ($36,870.00)
8th place: RJules12 ($24,580.00)
9th place: goodvibe1 ($14,748.00)

*Based on an even chip-chop agreement

The 2010 WCOOP is heading into its last weekend of the 62-event series with millions of dollars left to be awarded in guarantees alone. Don't miss your chance to get in on the WCOOP winnings! And for those tracking the series, the official WCOOP website has a plethora of information about the entire series, and PokerStars TV offers tournament highlights.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in WCOOP