WCOOP 2010: I really want to take down a WCOOP event, by Tony Hachem

anzptwafthachem2.jpgby Tony Hachem
I am looking forward to playing a great deal of the upcoming PokerStars WCOOP. I really want to play as many tournaments as possible. It is my favorite online tournament series and having just come back from a long stint of travel I can't wait to get some great poker at home.

The thing I need to be very careful about is making sure I get enough rest. The time difference down here in Australia means you need to be prepared for some early mornings, but luckily my body clock is already out of whack so it should not be too much of a stretch!

I really want to take down a WCOOP this year; I feel like I am known as a live player and I would love to prove that I can perform just as well on the virtual felt. A WCOOP bracelet is definitely one of goals in poker and I feel like my game is up to it at the moment.

To go deep is one thing but to win a major tournament online would be special. I guess I have as much chance of winning an event as the player next to me. It really all comes down to having the right strategy in place. It may or may not work at times but if it is in place I can at least give myself a real chance of cashing in, making a final table and hopefully winning an event. My aim in these events will be consistency.

Good luck if you are playing - make sure you check out the WCOOP site to see how you can satellite your way in to any of the events.


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP