WCOOP 2010: Ifeedurfam feasts on opponents, wins Event 58, $530 PLO HU

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgAfter a break of 15 hours, 32 players returned at 13:00 today for Day 2 of WCOOP 2010 Event 58, $530 Pot-Limit Omaha (Heads-Up). They were already guaranteed $1,972 in prize money after winning their first four heads-up matches yesterday. It would take another five wins to snare a WCOOP bracelet and $61,625 in prize money.

Two Team PokerStars Pros and one member of Team Online returned for Day 2: Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online), Tae Joon Noh and Greg "FossilMan" Raymer. They were on equal footing with each of the other 29 Day 1 survivors and would start Round 5 with stacks of 7,500 and blinds of 25 and 50.

From 32 to 4

Raymer's Round 5 match pitted him against fellow Team Pro Noh. Ten minutes into the match Raymer had already opened a 4-to-1 chip lead. But Noh fought back and doubled into the lead by rivering a diamond flush against Raymer's top two pair. Six hands later, Raymer and Noh got the stacks in again on a flop of 8♥4♥3♠. Raymer flopped two pair, 8♣7♥6♥3♣, but Noh showed down middle set, Q♣4♣4♦2♠. Neither player improved, sending Noh through to the Round of 16.

Makarov's match was a battle of "lucky" players, with LuckyGump taking on LUCKY FACE. LUCKY FACE was frustrated early, with Makarov taking the first lead. LUCKY FACE complained about a terrible run of starting hands. LUCKY FACE kept grinding, eventually extending the match to the point that it was the last remaining match of Round 5. In the end, Makarov did prove the luckier player when, on a flop of 5♠8♦9♥, he flopped the nut straight against LuckyFace's top set. The chips went in, the board didn't pair, and LuckyFace hit the rail.

16 players made it through to Round 6. It took Noh exactly two hands from there to advance to the quarterfinals. After winning a small pot on the first hand, Noh and opponent bigfish302 got all of the chips into the pot on a flop of A♥8♦8♥. Noh showed a full house, A♦A♠K♣Q♥, against bigfish302's trip eights, J♦8♣6♣2♦. The board bricked out from there. Cucudaclown joined Noh a few minutes later. On the fifth hand of a match against head27, Cucudaclown turned the nut straight. head27 check-raised all in with top two pair and didn't fill up on the river.

Makarov again found himself playing the longest match of the round. At the 1:45 mark of the match, the chip counts were all square. Then two quick pots sent Ifeedurfam through to the quarterfinals, first when he outkicked Makarov for a 12,000-chip pot, then when his A♥J♠4♠2♥ held against Makarov's A♦T♣8♠4♥ all in pre-flop.


Alexey Makarov

Noh was the first player through to the semifinals. Early in his match against Browntown19, Noh turned a wheel and relieved Browntown19 of 4,000 chips. From there Noh kept leaning on Browntown19 until eventualy Browntown19 was all in pre-flop with 6♣6♠9♦9♠. Noh's K♥9♣8♣6♦ turned a pair of kings to end the match.

Ifeedurfam was next to advance, needing about 4 minutes to eliminate DSchec. Ifeeduram went on quite a rush at the end of a match against DSchec, winning 12 of the last 14 pots to send Dschec to the rail. Soon thereafter Mudvaynes eliminated Dunpeal128, leaving dagunman and Cucudaclown to determine the last player in the semifinals. Up 2-to-1 in chips, Cucudaclown won three pots in a row to close out dagunman

Semi-Final #1: Ifeedurfam v. Mudvaynes

The first semi-final match was characterized in the first fifteen minutes by lots of small ball. The first big pot occurred on a board of 7♣2♥8♠7♦6♠. Ifeedurfam bet 480 on the flop, 780 on the turn, and 2,580 on the river. Mudvaynes check-called on every street but couldn't beat the full house that Ifeedurfam showed down, 8♣9♣7♥2♦.
Using the chips from that pot as ammunition, Ifeedurfam started firing at more pots and built a 6-to-1 chip lead. Mudvaynes wasn't able to get any traction from there and eventually moved all in pre-flop with A♦3♥4♣5♣. ifeedurfam called with A♣Q♦T♣7♠ and advanced to the finals after a board of 9♠A♥9♣8♥K♠ did not improve Mudvaynes to the best hand.

Semi-Final #2: Cucudaclown v. Tae Joon Noh

The semi-final match between Cucudaclown and Noh started out just as the one between Ifeedurfam and Mudvaynes: with lots of very small pots and cautious betting. Cucuadaclown, however, was all over the chat box.

"I'm gonna stack u son."
"Even my pic looks better."
"Ur GONNNNE tae"
"I'm gonna stack u soon"
"But good luck in the Main Event"

That type of chat from Cucudaclown continued at periodic intervals until Noh started to build steam and open a lead. The pots continued to be small, often without showdown. Yet Noh was winning the majority of them, opening a 2-to-1 chip lead, then 3-to-1, then 4-to-1 and 5-to-1. CuCudaclown seemed to be folding quite often pre-flop. Staring down such a big deficit, Cucudaclown's chatter completely stopped.
Noh finally put Cucudaclown away by turning a straight against Cucudaclown's turned set to complete the final pairing.

The Final: Tae Joon Noh v. Ifeedurfam

Event 58 FT final.JPG

As soon as the final match began, Ifeedurfam suggested that the two finalists work out a deal. Noh was amenable. Each player agreed to take $44,000 and play for the remaining $5,670.

Twice during the final match, Noh opened up 3-to-1 chip leads. Each time, Ifeedurfam doubled back on what some would consider "setup" hands, first by flopping a set of 8s against Noh's flopped set of 6s and later by flopping middle set against Noh's top two pair and straight draw.

The two players continued battling after the chip counts were reset a second time. Ifeedurfam finally found some run-good ("I need some PokerStars Pro run-good," he joked at one point) and opened a small lead. Small pots were the norm until the two players took a flop of T♠4♥9♠. A bet and three raises got all of the chips in. Noh showed two pair and a flush draw, 9♦6♦4♠3♠, but Ifeedurfam had a better flush draw and a straight draw with A♠5♠J♠7♣. Ifeedurfam's nut flush filled with the turn K♠; the river Q♣ did not pair the board, eliminating Noh in second place.


Runner up Tae Joon Noh

After two days of play, Ifeedurfam was the only player who could claim a perfect 9-0 record after nine heads-up matches of pot-limit Omaha. For that accomplishment, Ifeedurfam earned almost $50,000 and a WCOOP 2010 bracelet.

WCOOP 2010 Event 58 results (reflects two-way deal):

1st: Ifeedurfam ($49,670)
2nd: Tae Joon Noh ($44,000)
3rd: Cucudaclown ($17,255)
4th: Mudvaynes ($17,255)

WCOOP 2010 concludes tomorrow with Day 2 of Event 62, the $5,200 NLHE Main Event. All of the statisitics from the series that you could possibly want are available at the WCOOP homepage. PokerStars TV has also been hard at work during the series.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in WCOOP