WCOOP 2010: Ig123456789 triumphs in Event #7 $215 PL Five-card Draw

wcoop2009-thumb.jpg Five-card Draw. Although the rules are similar, this is not quite the same as the "Jacks or better to open" variation that your grandparents taught you at the kitchen table. This six-handed incarnation featured pot-limit betting, which guaranteed a rapid pace and appealed to fearless players with a proclivity to nonstop action.

Prior to the glorious poker boom in the early part of the 21st Century, Five-card Draw is what most people conjured up in their heads when you mentioned poker, mainly because of the steady integration of draw poker into television and movies. It wasn't until Rounders hit the big screen in the late 1990s that no-limit Texas hold'em captured the attention of the poker playing public. After Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP Main Event championship, no-limit hold'em blew up across the board. It became the only game on the radar of mainstream poker audiences as hold'em attempted to corner the market on popular culture.

Draw poker didn't translate very well to online play, which is why the pot-limit betting function spiced up what many considered to be an "old man's game" that WWII vets played at American Legion halls. PokerStars didn't add five-card draw to their cash game lobby until a few years ago. 2007 became the first year that a Five-card Draw tournament was introduced into the WCOOP schedule. These days, it's hard to think about the yearly festival of poker without the throwback game. The first three titles were won by spielraum.at (2007), ImBillMcNeal (2008), and CesarSPA (2009).

Event #7 $215 PL Five-card Draw at the 2010 WCOOP attracted 596 runners. The prize pool squeaked past the $100K Guarantee. The top 78 places paid out, and the winner would take home $22,648 out of the $119,200 total prize pool.


Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly playing in the WSOP Main Event

For most of the afternoon, Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly drew a tough table with Zoutechamp, Gordo16, and shahmat all seated to his left. Gordo16 sat in the lead pack, while shahmat held the lead during the early stages of the tournament. Anders "Donald" Berg was the only other pro with a deep run, but along with Barry Greenstein, Marcel Luske, and ElkY, they all failed to advance to the money. JP Kelly got it all in pre-draw with a pair of Aces against two pair. His hand did not improve and he headed to the rail in 99th place.

Bubble Boy honors in Event #7 went to Science, better known as the guy who fell alseep during the middle of a SCOOP Omaha hi/lo event, yet still went on to win it. Science finished in an unfortunate 79th place.

Tom "luvgamble" Schneider, former WSOP Player of the Year, was one of the few notables who went deep in this event. On his bust out hand, Kroko-dill opened to 3,800, luvgamble raised to 14,600 from the big blind, Kroko-dill re-raised to 44,800, and luvgamble called all-in for his last 5,952. Kroko-dill drew only one card and luvgamble discarded three. At showdown, luvgamble's pair of Jacks failed to improve and he lost to Kroko-dill's two pair. Luvgamble was eliminated, but cashed in 39th place.

With three tables to go, Ig123456789 held the chip lead and maintained his place in front of the chase pack with two tables to go. Action slowed down, particularly leading up to the final table. On the bubble, hand-for-hand play included tables with four and three players respectively.

WiLDmAn75 bubbled off the final table in 7th place. He opened to 40,000, nyc_bullets raised to 70,000, and WiLDmAn75 called all-in for 9,297. Both players drew three cards, and yadda yadda yadda... WiLDmAn75's pair of tens could not beat nyc_bullet's pair of Jacks. The final table of six was set.


Final table chip counts:
Seat 1: Do4Love (499,183)
Seat 2: Poskromiciel (499,025)
Seat 3: Ig123456789 (1,312,153)
Seat 4: nyc_bullets (291,775)
Seat 5: danistiofi (206,648)
Seat 6: Kroko-dill (171,216)

Ig123456789 began the final table with the chip lead, in the same spot that he had occupied for the previous three hours. If anyone else was going to win this event, they would have to successfully launch an assault on Ig123456789's massive stack.

Nyc_bullets, a young player from New York City, made his first final table and his third cash at this year's series. His run in this event finally came to an abrupt end when he opened win a min-raise to 20,000. Danistiofi re-raised to 60,000, nyc_bullets re-raised to 130,000, danistiofi re-popped him to 290,000, and nyc_bullets called all-in for 116,296. Danistiofi stood pat, while nyc_bullets discarded two and prayed for an improvement. His trip treys and 3♥3♠3♦J♣5♣ were not good enough to win. The poker gods were very kind to danistiofi, who got dealt delicious offering of A♦Q♦J♦9♦5♦. He dragged the pot with an ace-high flush. Nyc_bullets was eliminated in 6th place and won $3707.12.

Short-stacked Kroko-dill was the next player to hit the rail. Kroko-dill open-shoved for 48,716 and got called by Do4Love in the big blind. Kroko-dill drew 3 cards, but did not improve on a pair of sevens with 7♣7♠A♣Q♥2♦. Do4Love discarded two, and won the hand with trip nines and 9♠9♣9♦A♠K♠.

With four to go, Ig123456789 held more than 50% of the chips in play after he chipped up to over 1.5 million. His remaining three opponents were all treading water with 500K. Just when it seemed as though Ig123456789 was about to race past the 2 million chip mark, his initial advance was thwarted. Danistiofi made a tremendous stand and avoided elimination when he doubled through Ig123456789. His Q♦Q♣Q♠7♠6♦ for trip Queens bested Ig123456789's K♠K♦5♣4♠3♥ and a pair of Kings.

Poskromiciel finally got into fracas when he won a 294,000 pot after being dealt a full house. He stood pat with 6♠6♥6♦Q♣Q♠ and beat out Ig123456789, who mucked his losing hand. Poskromiciel improved to 857K, while Ig123456789 slipped to 1.2 million.

It didn't take too long before Ig123456789 re-acquired his chips when he won a 602K pot with trip Kings against Poskromiciel. That hand triggered a chain of events as a sickly Poskromiciel was on death watch the rest of the tournament with a short stack. Ig123456789 won another pot against Poskromiciel with trip sevens, which propelled Ig123456789 over 2 million. Poskromiciel sunk to under 100K.

Poskromiciel finally reached his fate when he shoved all-in pre-draw for his last 31,469. Danistiofi called. Both players discarded three cards. At show down, danistiofi tabled T♦T♣6♠6♦4♦ for two pair, which beat Poskromiciel's 5♠5♦A♠7♠2♦ and a pair of fives. Poskromiciel won $8,344 for fourth place.

With three to go, Ig123456789 continued his chokehold on the lead with almost 60% of the chips in play. If Do4Love and danistiofi did not pick up any significant ground, then they were going to become distant memories as Ig123456789 sped up his march toward the WCOOP title.

Danistiofi started the final table as the short stack and clawed his way into the final three. He found himself on the brink of elimination more than once and fought back including a timely double up with two pair against Ig12345678. Alas, that was not enough.

Ig123456789 opened to 48,000, danistiofi shoved for 136,806 and was all-in pre-draw. Ig123456789 had him way covered and called. Ig123456789 drew only one card, and danistiofi discarded three. Danistiofi's pair of Aces and A♥A♣K♣7♠5♣ did not improve against Ig123456789's two pair and 8♠8♦2♥2♦T♣. Danistiofi was eliminated in third place. He took home $12,218.

Heads-up chip counts:
Seat 1: Do4Love (253,786)
Seat 3: Ig123456789 (2,726,214)

Heads-up match was set up. It could have been David vs. Goliath, but that was only if the serious under-advantaged Do4Love could mount a tremendous comeback. Essentially, with over 91% of the chips in play, the WCOOP title was Ig123456789's to lose.

Do4Love did what he could to make it a contest and won five out of the first eight hands. However, Ig123456789 won 11 out of the next 12, including a 300K pot with a pair of Aces holding up against a pair of fours. That hand killed any momentum that Do4Love had built up at the onset of their heads-up match.

It took 38 hands before a winner was decided, but due to the overwhelming gap in chip counts, it seemed to end a lot faster than it did. On the final hand... Ig123456789 in-raised to 32,000, Do4Love re-raised to 104,000, Ig123456789 bumped it up to 256,000, which put Do4Love all-in for the rest of his 81,787. Both players discarded three cards. At showdown, the players revealed...

Do4Love: Q♥Q♦A♣J♦8♠
Ig123456789: A♠A♦9♣9♥K♥

Do4Love's pair of Queens were not good enough, and Ig123456789's won the hand with two pair. You can also view the final hand in our fancy replayer. Just a reminder that RSS readers have to click through to this post to view the replayer.

Do4Love finished in second place and collected $16,688. Ig123456789 won the WCOOP title and received $22,648 for first place.

Final table results and payouts:
1. Ig123456789 - $22,648
2. Do4Love - $16,688
3. sanistiofi- $12,218
4. Poskromiciel - $8,344
5. Kroko-dill - $5,960
6. nyc_bullets - $2,707.12

Congrats to Ig123456789 for winning Event #7 $215 PL 5-Card Draw.

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in WCOOP