WCOOP 2010: Instincts serve SixthSenSe19, Event #38 champ ($530 NLHE HU)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpg Event #38, a $530 buy-in, no-limit hold'em heads-up tourney, began on Saturday with 943 entrants playing down to just 64. (Click here for a recap of Day 1.) All who made it through to today's matches had guaranteed themselves $2,400, but the big prizes awaited those who could make their run-good run further.

Round of 64

Cards went in the air for most players at 13:00 ET, although J.C. "area23JC" Tran was about five minutes late to his match with djalminha. After a couple of hands, djalminha realized his opponent was missing, and showed good sportsmanship by sitting out until Tran finally arrived.

Did djalminha earn some karma points there? Perhaps so, as just five minutes after Tran arrived, there arose a hand in which djalminha raised to 100, area23JC reraised to 300, djalminha made it 825 to go, and Tran called. The flop came 4♥6♠9♥. Tran checked, djalminha bet 875, and Tran called. The turn then brought the 2♠. area23JC checked again, djalminha bet 2,400, Tran check-raised all in for 5,405, and djalminha called.

Tran showed T♣9♣ for nines, while djalminha turned over K♦K♥. The river was the 5♦, and djalminha was among the first into the round of 32.

Other fast-to-finish matches (all done within the first 20-minute level) included LUCERO666 (over Iteopepe88), WowThatsBS (over LockdownTex), OlyDaJew (over bcgt178), Berndsen12 (over McHogoFogo), Poker Own U (over G1a1u1s1s), zwuerbs (over kingkai), Sergey "gipsy74" Rybachenko (over philbort), kirillG (over seilorboy), THEDUTCH4141 (over wizowizo), and lobito121 (over Foldager).

As they crossed the half-hour mark, la_gâchette put down puffinmypurp, zdravko mashed madsamot, schwarmann licked lp_SakiSaki, and jornxx finished off fydor_8 to the rail.

Meanwhile, Scott "BigRiskky" Clements was whittling down iwinuluz's stack to less than 2,000 chips when the latter got it all in with A♥J♣ versus Clements' K♥5♥. Clements flopped two pair, though, and two cards later BigRiskky had won. After 40 minutes of play, half of the 32 matches were complete.

Just before the one-hour break, Spencer09 eliminated eBashKak9l, bobvelthuis flummoxed Flufferd, noclue645 bounced buriedatsea, cmis91 ran over rusostreet, and trdislav mcmanhandled McMang.

Winners just after the break included vui-qua-di (over Helio TYF), Se7enTr3y (over menumorutu), nikov (over ryry-gonemad), and Andrew "foucault82" Brokos (over MattEMenz).

Next Bassduck shut down Shifty1768, Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez punched out passiv, chriak grabbed all of gavz101's chips, and laino89 knocked out kung_ivo. After 75 minutes of play, Just three matches were still going.

Team PokerStars pro J.P. Kelly -- the lone representative of the team in the Round of 64 -- found himself in a touch match versus MarleyGroup. The pair stayed relatively close for the first hour, then MarleyGroup began to chip away at Kelly's stack. Finally down to just 3,890, Kelly limped-raised all in before the flop with 5♥5♣ but had run into MarleyGroup's 9♣9♦. The board came 6♠A♣K♦4♠3♣, and MarleyGroup had won.

Within the next few minutes the last two winners -- eh90tcm (over gr33dy) and THE_RAZER82 (over D3usHigh) -- made it through, and the Round of 32 was underway.

Round of 32

Those making it this far were guaranteed at least $4,200. One more win meant a minimum payday of $6,600.

In the quickest-to-complete match of the round, OlyDaJew took an early lead over cmis91, then came a hand in which OlyDaJew picked up pocket rockets while cmis91 had A♥T♥. All of the chips went in before the flop, the aces held, and OlyDaJew was the first winner of the round of 32. lobito121 dispatched of THEDUTCH4141 soon thereafter, the final hand involving a pocket tens-vs.-pocket eights all-in battle in which the better starting hand prevailed.

schwarmann next beat Bassduck, while noclue645 made quick work of MarleyGroup. A while later it was Poker Own U burying Berndsen12, jornxx kicking out kirillG, and la_gâchette defeating djalminha.

zdravko had Se7enTr3y on the ropes, down to a short stack and all in with pocket fours against zdravko's pocket sixes. Se7enTr3y spiked a four on the flop, however, and battled back to retake the advantage. zdravko hung in, though, and eventually took Se7enTr3y out after about a hour of play. Eight matches down, eight still ongoing.

rdislav was the next one through to the round of 16, having succesfully waylaid WowThatsBS. Meanwhile, two-time WSOP bracelet winner Scott "Big Riskky" Clements fell behind early in his match versus chriak, and after about 40 minutes had slipped to 4,665 to chriak's 10,335. Then came a hand in which preflop back-and-forthing put Clements all in with A♠K♥ versus chriak's pocket jacks. chriak was good through the turn -- 4♥4♦Q♠4♠ -- but the A♥ fell on the river and Clements went from nearly out to having a chip lead.

chriak battled, though, and soon had a lead once again (8,945 to 6,055). With the blinds 50/100, Clements opened with a raise to 200, chriak raised to 525, and Clements called. The flop came 6♥8♥4♣. chriak bet 625, and Clements raised all in for 5,530. chriak called, showing 9♥9♠ for an overpair while BigRiskky tabled T♦7♥ for a double-gutter. The turn brought the 5♥ and the straight for Clements, and the river A♦ now meant he had a better than 4-to-1 chip lead. It didn't take long after that for BigRiskky to finish off chriak and move into the round of 16.

Moving into the second hour of play, SixthSenSe19 (Fabrizio Gonzalez) nullified nikov, vui-qua-di foiled "foucault82" Brokos, gipsy74 (Sergey Rybachenko) laid laino89's tourney hopes to rest, and LUCERO666 razed THE_RAZER82's stack.

gr33dy and bobvelthuis were still nearly even in Level 6 (blinds 80/160) when a hand came up in which gr33dy raised to 320, bobvelthuis reraised to 960, and gr33dy called. The flop came 4♣J♥6♠. bobvelthuis bet 783, gr33dy raised to 1,600, bobvelthuis reraised all in for 6,018 total and gr33dy called. bobvelthius had 6♣3♦ for sixes and gr33dy K♦J♦ for jacks. The turn was the Q♠ and river the A♦, and gr33dy moved on.

One match remained in progress, between zwuerbs and Spencer09. The pair battled for almost two hours, at which point zwuerbs held a better than 2-to-1 chip advantage. On the final hand, Spencer09, holding J♠J♥, called zwuerbs' all-in four-bet with A♦Q♦. An ace flopped, no jack subsequently came, and with zwuerbs' win the final 16 was set.

Round of 16

The sweet sixteen. All in this group had turned their $530 investments into $6,600. Making the quarterfinals would mean a significant jump -- all of the way to $18,600 (at least).

SixthSenSe19 was the first one through, knocking out trdislav in under 10 minutes, mostly on the strength of two hands. In the first, SixthSenSe19 took a big lead with A♣K♠ versus trdislav's pocket kings. All-in preflop, SixthSenSe19 flopped an ace and survived.

Then, just five hands later, trdislav was down to 3,360 and raising 2x to 100, and SixthSenSe19 called. The flop came 6♠7♥A♦. SixthSenSe19 checked, trdislav bet 200, SixthSenSe19 check-raised to 400, and trdislav called. The turn was the 5♠, and SixthSense19 check-called trdislav's sinister-seeming bet of 666.

The river was the 5♦. SixthSenSe19 again checked, trdislav pushed all in for 2,194, and SixthSense19 called, showing A♣7♦ for a flopped two pair. trdislav had A♣J♠ and was out.

noclue645 left LUCERO666 behind shortly after that in a match lasting just 23 hands. And Poker Own U took just a few more to reduce zweurbs stack to zero.

gipsy74 was the next winner, eliminating la_gâchette at the beginning of Level 2 after less than half an hour of play. The big hand in that one came in Level 1, however, in a hand that began with la_gâchette opening with a 3x raise to 150 from the small blind/button and gipsy74 calling. The flop came 2♥J♠K♥. gipsy74 checked, la_gâchette bet 150, and gipsy74 called. The turn was the 8♠. gipsy74 checked again, la_gâchette bet 450 this time, then gipsy74 check-raised to 1,450. la_gâchette responded by making it 3,500, and gipsy74 called.

The river was the Q♦. gipsy74 checked, and la_gâchette pushed all in for 4,125. gipsy74 called with the 3,275 he had left, showing 8♥8♦ for the turned set. la_gâchette showed K♦J♥ -- he'd flopped two pair -- and down to less than 1,000 was out shortly thereafter.

gr33dy next ousted OlyDaJew, the end coming in a big 13,000-plus chip hand in which both players flopped a pair of aces, but gr33dy's kicker was best. lobito121 then jumped over jornxx and into the quarters, the winning hand coming just over a half-hour into their match. lobito121 had a lead on jornxx when the latter got it all in on the flop with middle pair against lobito121's flush draw, and the flush hit a card later.

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements and zdravko were nearly even at that point, with Clements holding a slight advantage when zdravko minimimum-raised to 160, Clements reraised to 480, and zdravko called. The flop came T♣3♠4♠. Clements bet 480, zdravko raised to 1,120, and Clements called. The turn then brought the 3♦ and a check from BigRiskky. zdravko pushed all in for 4,885, and Clements called, showing K♠K♣. zdravko had but A♠T♦, and the Q♠ meant BigRiskky had won.

Soon after schwarmann vanquished vui-qua-di, and in less than 40 minutes all eight round of 16 matches were done.


The elite eight all had $18,600 in their pockets, but another win would mean at least a $36,000 payday -- a nice return on a $530 investment.

gipsy74 quickly jumped out to a 2-to-1 chip lead during the first level of his match with Poker Own U. Soon after Level 2 began, gipsy74 raised the minimum to 120, Poker Own U raised to 360, gipsy74 shoved all in, and Poker Own U called with the 4,015 he had left. gipsy74 showed A♥K♠ and Poker Own U A♠Q♦. The board came 7♣K♣T♠5♣9♠, and gipsy74 had earned the first spot in the final four.

bigriskky.jpgScott "BigRiskky" Clements was matched up with lobito121 in his quarterfinal match.

The figure in Clements' avatar is wearing a football helmet -- appropriate for a Sunday afternoon -- and Clements probably felt like he was getting beat up like an badly-protected quarterback by lobito121, who claimed an early advantage and continued chipping away at BigRiskky's stack.

After almost 25 minutes, Clements was already down to just 1,445 chips which he pushed all in with K♣5♠. lobito121 called with 8♣8♠, the board came A♥7♣A♠3♠9♥, and lobito121 had sacked Clements.

In the remaining two matches, SixthSenSe19 took the early advantage versus gr33dy, while schwarmann was out in front of noclue645 as they moved into Level 3. In the second half-hour of play SixthSenSe19 maintained the lead in his match, but noclue645 chipped back and took the lead over versus schwarmann in the other.

Then, by Level 5 (blinds 60/120), noclue645 had built up a stack of 13,100 to schwarmann's 1,900 when the latter pushed all in with 6♠6♣ and noclue645 called with A♣K♦. The board came 4♦T♥7♠K♣T♦, and noclue645 was the one through to the next round.

Shortly after, SixthSenSe19 (up to nearly 11,000) finished off gr33dy (down to 4,099). In the final hand, all of the chips went in the middle on the river with the board showing 7♠7♥6♦J♥8♦. gr33dy had J♣6♣, but SixthSenSe19's Q♥Q♦ was best and the fourth seat in the semis was filled.


The final four saw noclue645 taking on SixthSenSe19 in one match, while gipsy74 took on lobito121 in the other. The losers here would take home $36,000 each, while the winners would move onto the final where $120,000 was due the winner and $60,000 the runner-up.

lobito121 won a 3,100-chip pot in the third hand versus gipsy74, and quickly built further on the lead from there, moving up over 12,000 to gipsy74's 2,820. gipsy74 then doubled up in a hand in which lobito121 turned a pair of aces but gipsy74 made a flush on the river and managed to get paid off.

From there gipsy74 continued to add to his stack, eventually retaking the lead near the end of Level 2, then through Level 3 built up to a more than 4-to-1 chip advantage. lobito121 hung tough for a while with the short stack, then, soon after Level 4 began, the end arrived.

In the final hand, gipsy74 limped (for 100) from the small blind/button, and lobito121, down to 2,640 to start the hand, checked. The flop came an eye-popping A♣A♦A♠. lobito121 bet 200, gipsy74 raised all in, and lobito121 called, showing 2♥2♣ for deuces full. Alas for him, gipsy74 had 4♦4♠ for a better full house, and after the J♥ turn and Q♠ river, gipsy74 had earned a spot in the finals.

Meanwhile, SixthSenSe19 and noclue645 remained even for the first half-hour or so of their match, then noclue645 picked up a couple of medium-sized pots to push out in front. Then came a big Level 3 hand in which SixthSenSe ended up all in before the flop with Q♣Q♠ versus noclue645's A♣K♣. The community cards came 8♥2♦8♠4♥J♦, and SixthSenSe19 had doubled his way into the chip lead with 9,140 to noclue's 5,860.

SixthSenSe19 increased his lead into Level 5 (blinds 60/120), moving to 11,779 to noclue645's 3,221. That's when noclue645 limped from the small blind/button, SixthSenSe19 raised to 361, noclue645 pushed all in, and SixthSenSe19 called. SixthSenSe had 8♣8♦ and noclue645 had A♠2♠. The flop came 2♥4♥6♥, giving noclue645 some hope, but the turn was the 8♠, which meant noclue645 was drawing dead and SixthSense19 had advanced.


Just two remained -- Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez and Sergey "gipsy74" Rybachenko.


As the first hand of the final match was being dealt, SixthSenSe19 immediately proposed a deal in which he and gipsy74 would take $80,000 and play for the remaining $20,000. gipsy74 agreed to the deal in the chatbox, but the tourney couldn't be paused until after that first hand was dealt.

And what a hand!

gipsy74 minimum-raised to 100 from the button, and SixthSenSe19 called. The flop came K♥K♣8♣. SixthSenSe19 checked, and gipsy74 bet 150. After a brief delay, SixthSenSe19 check-raised to 350, and after another pause gipsy74 called.

The turn was the 8♥. SixthSenSe19 bet 411 -- shall we call that an "information" bet? gipsy74 made the call.

The river then brought the 3♦. This time SixthSenSe19 bet 1,019, and gipsy74 didn't wait long before raising to 2,500. What what going on? And what would happen should this hand continue to proceed in this direction, the deal not yet officially having been struck?

After tanking, SixthSenSe19 just called, showing K♦Q♥ for the not-quite-the-nuts full house. And gipsy74 showed K♠Q♦! They each typed "lol" afterwards, both back to their starting stacks of 7,500. The deal was then made official, and after a break the final match continued.

SixthSenSe19 jumped out in front, and over the first 20 minutes took a series of small pots -- none exceeding 1,500 -- to move up over 10,000 and push gipsy74 under 5,000. The whittling continued, then gipsy74 won a 3,694-chip pot making top pair of kings and getting a value bet paid off on the river. Still, as Level 3 began SixthSenSe19 continued to enjoy an almost 2-to-1 lead.

gipsy74 would soon make two pair to claim another 3,000-plus chip pot, then took a series of hands via uncontested preflop raises to pull nearly even. But then SixthSenSe took back a chunk in a hand in which a river queen gave him a Broadway straight while making gipsy74 two pair.

The battle continued into Level 4, then gipsy74 pulled back even in a fairly dramatic hand without a showdown. With the blinds 50/100, gipsy74 had raised to 200, SixthSenSe19 reraised to 500, and gipsy74 called. Both checked the K♣5♦3♦ flop. The turn brought the 9♦, a bet of 500 from gipsy74, and a call from SixthSenSe19.

The river was the J♣. SixthSenSe19 bet 1,511, and gipsy74 raised all in for 5,047. SixthSenSe19 went deep into the tank -- over two minutes -- during which the pair chatted.

SixthSenSe19: wow
SixthSenSe19: i wanna se this one in the replay
gipsyu can see it right now
SixthSenSe19: show?
gipsy74: yes

SixthSenSe19 folded, and gipsy74 kept to his word, showing Q♥T♦ for a straight.

SixthSenSe19 got a chunk back on the next hand when gipsy74 couldn't call a river shove all in, and over the next 15 minutes built to a commanding 13,117-to-1,883 advantage. But gipsy74 doubled up with pocket aces versus SixthSense19's 7♠7♣, then doubled again with K♠Q♠ against SixthSenSe19's A♥J♠, spiking a king on the river to do so. The pair were even again.

gipsy74 would take the advantage now, and by the middle of Level 7 would in fact have SixthSenSe19 calling a river bet to go all in, though SixthSenSe19 had rivered a flush to survive and pull back even. Then, five hands, later, their 90-plus minute match came to an abrupt end.

With the blinds 100/200, gipsy74 (with 6,814 to start the hand) raised to 400, and SixthSense19 (8,186) reraised to 919. gipsy74 called, and the flop came 4♦A♥5♥. SixthSenSe19 bet 919 again, gipsy74 raised all in for 5,895, and SixthSense19 snap-called.

gipsy74 had A♣3♣ for aces plus a gutshot, but SixthSense19 had A♦Q♦ for aces with a better kicker. The turn was the 6♥ and the river the 5♦, and SixthSense19 had won the bracelet!

Congratulations to Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez, 2010 WCOOP Event #38 Champion!

WCOOP Event #38 ($530 NLHE Heads-Up) Results
1st place: SixthSenSe19 ($100,000)*
2nd: gipsy74 ($80,000)*
3rd: noclue645 ($36,000)
4th: lobito121 ($36,000)
5th: gr33dy ($18,600)
6th: schwarmann ($18,600)
7th: BigRiskky ($18,600)
8th: Poker Own U ($18,600)

*payouts reflect two-way deal

Still another week of WCOOP to go! Check the WCOOP site for details about the remaining schedule, satellites, results and records, and much more.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP