WCOOP 2010: Jason "JP OSU" Potter takes down Event #36 $530 LO8

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgA line from the basketball movie "White Men Can't Jump" best describes players go thru while playing tonight's WCOOP Event #36 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you tie, and sometimes when you win you really lose". Indeed our players could see their royal flush splitting with a terrible 8-7 low or be holding a lock low and after the river comes down see only a quarter of the pot being shoved in their direction while "winning" part of the pot. The $530 buy-in event attracted 641 wheel chasers tonight meaning the tournament's $400,000 guarantee would come into play as PokerStars juiced the prize pool with $79,500.00 of their own money most of that ($75,200.00) would be set aside for tonight's bracelet winner. There would be a new LO8 WCOOP crowned as last year's champ "Science" proved the theory that you will lose 100% of the tournaments you do not enter.

At the five hour mark and 200 players remaining Team PokerStars pro Barry Greenstein and Team Online Steve "stevebets" Jacobs enjoyed a top 20 chip stack. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, George "Jorj95" Lind, Randy "nanonoko" Lew also managed to creep into hour five but some of their brethren were not so fortunate and busted well short of the 81 players getting at least $1,160.00:

Team PokerStars Pros: Pat Pezzin (557th), Joe "jcada99" Cada (512th), Greg "FossilMan" Raymer (486th), Victor Ramdin (448th), Chris "Money800" Moneymaker (310th), Anh Van Nguyen (303rd), David Williams (286th), Jose Ignacio "Nacho" Barbero (259th),

Team Online: Andrew "Kid Nebraska" Goetsch (563rd), Mandy "ROXY24" Thomas (418th), Anders "Donald" Berg (215th).

Lind (178th), Grospellier (118th), Lew (103rd), and Jacobs (98th) would leave Barry to sail the Team PokerStars flag across the money bubble after Bouling from Moscow found too many cold cards finished right outside the cashier's window in 82nd place. Other players who just could not find that needed card on the board and finished close to the bubble this evening: Brett "get crunk" Richey (85th), Alex "AJKHoosier1" Kamberis (86th), WCOOP 2010 Event #27 champ and 2- time SCOOP champ John "jmonnett" Monnette (106th).

The lone Team PokerStars pro to cash this evening, Barry Greenstein, would run out of gas after finding his name near the top of the chip counts throughout the tourney in 52nd place ($1,500.00).

Barry Greenstein - 52nd place

Down to two tables left found former SCOOP champ (2010 Event $2-Medium) "sethsethseth" finishing just outside the penultimate table in 19th place ($2,200.00), Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul whiffed on a nut diamond flush draw versus Duffman08 and finished 15th ($3,800.00), and pycb who just missed a SCOOP watch in 2009's 8-game tourney just missed a WCOOP final table finishing in 13th place ($3,800.00).

Down to the bubble with the betting limits at 25K/50K rupert would complete the small blind as BrynKenney checked the option in the big blind to see a coordinated 4♥ 3♦ 2♣. rupert led out as BrynKenney called to see the 9♠ turn and with less than a full bet left rupert was all-in for 42,354 as BrynKenney made the call and turned up Q♦ 4♠ 2♠ T♣ good for two-pair and no low. rupert couldn't do much better holding a similar looking 2♦ 3♥ Q♣ T♥ for a smaller two pair and no low. A♣ on the river held up BrynKenney's hand and rupert will not be sporting Event 36's bracelet but received $4,600.00 in tenth place setting up the final table below:

WCOOP Event 36.jpg
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Seat 1: dominos1 (471731 in chips)
Seat 2: TurnRiva (699334 in chips)
Seat 3: Paczazs (248028 in chips)
Seat 4: dfh44 (228698 in chips)
Seat 5: TrikeRider48 (605662 in chips)
Seat 6: BrynKenney (560348 in chips)
Seat 7: Jason "JP OSU" Potter (816821 in chips)
Seat 8: charliangela (1088076 in chips)
Seat 9: p0cket00 (88802 in chips)

Nine ball, corner pocket

After Team Online's Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra (watch Andre's webcast of a SCOOP event here) welcomed the nine to table and right before the limits rose to 30K/60K short stacked p0cket00 decided to take a risk preflop. With less than four small bets left p0cket00 would get into a raising war with Paczazs as the players created a 165,104 chip pot as p0cket00 was clinging to a lady-filled hand 4♥ Q♥ Q♣ Q♦ for his tournament life. The flop came down 5♠ Q♠ K♠ showing the fourth queen in the deck but those three spades match two of them in Paczazs' hand 8♠ A♦ 5♦ 3♠. Needing the board to pair, p0cket00 would whiff on the 4♣ turn and 8♣ as Paczazs' winning flush sent p0cket00 home stuffed with $6,000.00 in ninth place.

Not wasting anyone's time

Since the players cannot just toss their chips in the middle at will one would guess a limit tournament would be more drawn out. Wrong. Just four hands later, the other short-stack dfh44 decided to go for broke. Betting limits moved up to 30K/60K as BrynKenney raised from UTG + 1 and found a caller in dfh44 in the big blind as the flop came down Q♥ T♥ 6♣. Check from dfh44 and a bet from BrynKenney, got a call to see the 5♥ turn. Again check-call to the A♣ river as dfh44 check-called all the way after pushing in his remaining 41,198 on the river and exposed Q♣ A♥ 9♠ 3♣ for a flopped top pair and rivered top two. But, BrynKenney was pushing a wrap draw K♠ A♦ 4♠ J♦ that got there on the river for the winning broadway straight eliminating dfh44 in eighth place ($9,000.00).

TurnRiva outta chips

After losing several bets to BrynKenney's nut-nut hand in a huge 585,000 chip pot, TurnRiva would wait four hands before shoving in his remaining 41,834 chips while UTG. Plenty of callers as Paczazs, and both the blinds charliangela and dominos1 jumped into the pool. All three of the active players checked down the J♣ 7♥ A♣ 9♦ T♣ board as TurnRiva turned up two pair 9♣ K♦ T♦ A♠ but could not best the rivered small flush of Paczazs 6♣ 2♦ 8♦ 4♣. Seventh place tonight for $13,000.00 but the 2010 WCOOP has been kind to TurnRiva after last night's runner-up finish in Event 31's 8-game tourney for $32,500 (Dr. Pauly has the call from the near bracelet miss for TurnRiva).

Run over by a tricycle

Not exactly how you would want to explain to a significant other how you busted out of a major tournament after eleven hours but that trike was huge I tell you! Just two hands after TurnRiva's departure, watch Paczazs' death by trike below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

After a flopped set of tens A♥ 3♦ T♥ T♦ and a low draw going to the river, Paczazs had too much invested after the J♣ T♠ 6♣ 4♥ Q♥ queen came on the river and TrikeRider48 put Paczazs all-in with a raise and turned up the wrap straight draw that hit on the river Q♦ K♦ A♠ 9♠ taking in the 669,664 chips pot and sending Paczazs home with three tire marks in sixth place ($17,000.00).

Delivering fifth place with extra cheese

Shortly before the scheduled hourly break and as the limits moved up to 40K/80K, charlieangela was cripped only holding less than two small bets and while in the big blind decided to toss in the remaining 37,492 chips all-in on dominos1's raise from UTG. charlieangela held a decent 5♠ 4♦ A♦ T♦ hand but could not connect with the 7♣ 2♦ K♣ 8♠ J♣ board but did hold a decent 8-7-4-2-A low. Not charlieangela's night as dominos1 turned up a nut-nut hand of T♥ 3♣ A♣ 5♥ taking in the 174,984 chip scoop and leaving charlieangela with $21,360.00 in fifth place money.

Break time, deal time?

During the scheduled hourly break the remaining four chatted briefly about a chip-chop deal with the stacks looking like this:

Seat 1: dominos1 (1,039,889 in chips)
Seat 5: TrikeRider48 (1,615,494 in chips)
Seat 6: BrynKenney (702,796 in chips)
Seat 7: JP OSU (1,449,321 in chips)

But, the high stakes playing BrynKenney with several big cashes including taking home $200,146 in this year's SCOOP Event #8-high knew he would ask for more than the players would give as no additional thought was given to dividing up the money.

Cold pizza for dinner

Huge 1,079,667 chip three way pot between JP OSU, dominos1, TrikeRider48 left one player out in the cold. Watch it play out below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The very coordinated 6♥ T♦ 8♥ J♠ Q♦ board got our three players shoving chips in at will. JP OSU turned up 7♥ 4♦ 9♠ 5♦ for the flopped straight, that managed to dodge what was sure to be flush and low draws from dominos1 and TrikeRider48 as both of them mucked shipping the huge 1,079,667 chip pot to JP OSU and leaving dominos1 to his tasty fourth place slice of the pie ($30,400.00).

Wheels finally fall off

Crippled from the big hand with JP OSU and later BrynKenney, TrikeRider48 battled the rising betting limits (50K/100K) as a shorten stack with barely more than one small bet. Holding 62,420 chips, TrikeRider48 tossed in his remaining 12,420 chips from the small blind as BrynKenney made the call in the big blind holding A♣ 7♥ 9♦ 2♥. A very kind A♥ 7♣ 7♠ flop came down for BrynKenney leaving TrikeRider48 to search for a one-outer holding three kings 9♥ K♠ K♦ K♥. No miracle king was found on the 3♣ turn and 5♠ river as TrikeRider48 peddled into the sunrise with third place cash ($40,400.00).

Nearly even and deep stacked

BrynKenney (2,245,216 chips) and JP OSU (2,562,284) would start their heads-up battle with some room to play a decent amount of heads-up poker for tonight's bracelet. Jason "JP OSU" Potter also has several big cashes including a SCOOP final table last year's Event #2 for $7,364.00 and this year's Event #3 fifth place for $50,850.

Bang, Bang, BOOM

Seven minutes into the heads-up battle, Potter would pull away with the betting limits still at 50K/100K winning three hands in a row. First a scooped one million chip pot showing down a pair of kings K♣ J♦ K♠ 8♣ to BrynKenney's rivered queens A♥ 8♦ Q♥ T♠ on a board of J♣ 2♠ 7♣ 7♥ Q♠ and making the correct call of BrynKenney river raise after betting on all streets.

After chopping up the next pot JP OSU would get maximum value out of a flopped flush. After a 5♠K♠Q♠ flop BrynKenney would raise Potter's bet and JP OSU would call. 5♦ turn paired the board JP OSU check-raised as BrynKenney made the call and Potter led out on the river 3♠ as BrynKenney mucked after seeing JP OSU's flopped nut flush 7♠ A♠ A♦ 8♥.

Cowboy Up!

The chips slanted in JP OSU's direction after those three big pots as he would win or chop the next nine of eleven pots include the bracelet winner below:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The flopped top pair for BrynKenney 8♠K♣A♦5♦ failed to hold up against Potter's wrap draw J♥5♣4♠3♥ as the money went in on the flop and the board 6♣ 7♥ K♦ 8♥ J♣ gave JP OSU a better low to go with his four to eight straight and the Oklahoma State fan had his first WCOOP bracelet and the $75,200.00 first place prize.

$400,000 WCOOP 2010 Event #36 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Results (09-17-10)
1. Jason "JP OSU" Potter (Austin) $75,200.00
2. BrynKenney (Long Beach) $54,800.00
3. TrikeRider48 (Henderson) $40,400.00
4. dominos1 (Las Vegas) $30,400.00
5. charliangela (Kiev) $21,360.00
6. Paczazs (ozd) $17,000.00
7. TurnRiva (Carina) $13,000.00
8. dfh44 (Ossining) $9,000.00
9. p0cket00 (Brampton) $6,000.00

Taking a peek at the WCOOP Player of the Series leadboard found Team Online Anders "Donald" Berg at the top with Kroko-dill nipping at his heels in 3rd place and making a deep run tonight (23rd $2,220.00) adding much needed points to his total, closing Berg's lead to 15 points. Follow the race at WCOOP.com with continuously updated stats. (which updated as I was writing this and Kroko-dill has reclaimed the lead over Berg with 260 points to Berg's 200)

David Aydt
@PokerStars in WCOOP