WCOOP 2010: J.P. Kelly, 63 others through to Day 2 of Event #38 ($530 NLH Heads-Up)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgEvent #38, a $530 buy-in, no-limit hold'em, single elimination heads-up tourney, came with a $600,000 guarantee. Ultimately 943 would enter, which translated into a bit of an overlay for this one. Earning the bracelet would require winning 10 matches -- nine for those with a first-round bye -- with the schedule being to play down to the round of 64 on Saturday, then completing the tournament on Sunday.

Making it to Round 4 (the round of 128) meant assuring oneself a payday of $1,200, while winning one more match and making it to tomorrow meant earning a minimum of $2,400. And for the player who manages to make it through two days' worth of heads-up challenges unscathed, a first-prize of $120,000 awaits.

Round 1 (943 to 512)

With 943 entrants, that meant 81 randomly-chosen players received first-round byes. They'd have to wait about two-and-half hours for all 431 first-round matchups to play out.

Cards went in the air at 13:00 ET, and within minutes came the first eliminations. Among the first to hit the rail were Leo Fernandez of Team PokerStars Argentina and Steve "stevebets" Jacobs of Team PokerStars Online. Meanwhile, their teammate Joe Hachem eliminated HotKarlMC in just under 10 minutes, and Chris "Money800" Moneymaker knocked out thefuxor soon after that.

Others out within the first 15 minutes of play included MadaMadaDonk, Shaun "shaundeeb" Deeb, Ben "Benba" Lamb, ozenc, Jim "Mr_BigQueso" Collopy, and Team PokerStars members Jan Heitmann, Victor Ramdin, and Tae Joon Noh.

Soon WCOOP Player of the Series contender "Xaston" had hit the rail, too, as had Team PS pros Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero (at the hands of eBashKak9l's), Humberto Brenes (losing to WowThatsBS), and Vanessa "LadyMaverick" Rousso (knocked out by Flufferd). Meanwhile, Jason Mercier of Team PokerStars United States knocked off Valuelol to move to the second round.

Over the next half-hour, PS team members George "Jorj95" Lind, Christophe "chrisdm" De Meulder, and Joep "Pappe_Ruk" van den Bijggart were all KO'd, as were Chris "Moorman1" Moorman and THE__DR__Y.

Team PS pro David Williams took care of his first-round opponent jchasek. On the last hand of Williams' match, he had 9,970 to jchasek's 5,030 when opened with a 3x raise to 240 from the small blind/button. jchasek called, and the flop came 6♥5♦3♥. jchasek checked, Williams bet 400, and jchasek pushed all in. Williams called, showing 5♥3♦ for two pair, while jchasek was gunning for a flush with T♥9♥. But the turn was the Q♣ and the river the 4♠, and Williams was on to Round 2.

Just after the one-hour break, a couple more Team PokerStars pros went down, with SixthSenSe19 eliminating Chad Brown and Yana2003 taking care of John Duthie. Other Team PS members soon finishing their days in the first round included Sebastian Ruthenberg, Denys "diatty" Shcherbakov, Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, and Randy "nanonoko" Lew.

As the matches crossed the 90-minute mark, Team Online member Anders "Donald" Berg -- currently 2nd in the WCOOP Player of the Series points leader -- knocked out philivey0997. About 20 matches were still going, including Team PS pro Vicky Coren's match with ChipLieder00.

It was about that time that Coren offered a comment about their protracted match.

Vicky Coren: what if this match NEVER ENDS
Vicky Coren: I must warn u, I have plans for Christmas
ChipLieder00: hehe


Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren

Coren soon took the advantage in the match, and had ChipLieder00 in a tough position all in before the flop with 7♦5♦ against her A♥J♥. ChipLieder00 survived though -- take a look:

"We're going to be the last ones playing, aren't we?" asked Coren after that hand. They almost were, in fact, battling another 15 minutes and still even when Coren got all of her stack in the middle with pocket kings versus ChipLieder00's A♦K♠. However, an ace flopped, Coren couldn't catch up, and ChipLieder00 was on to Round 2.

The remaining matches ended soon thereafter -- including Team PokerStars pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier finally taking care of coolhanddany -- and after two hours and 15 minutes the second round was underway.

Round 2 (512 to 256)

In all there were 10 members of Team PokerStars still playing when the second round began. Within the first hour, three had been eliminated.

Roxx Box sent Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier out of the ring within a half-hour. That's also about how long it took Ip_SakiSaki to eliminate Joe Hachem. Then it took allhine a half-hour more to take all of Anders "Donald" Berg's chips.

Other Team PokerStars members fared better, including Arnaud "frenchkiss" Mattern who wiped out Surrey Rock in just 15 minutes, J.P. Kelly, who after an hour of wearing down Jakivi won his match, Chris "Money800" Moneymaker who also took about an hour to beat BAB_BAB_BAB, and Matthias "mattidm" de Meulder who needed 75 minutes to conquer just2easy.

ChipLieder00, who had eliminated Vicky Coren in the first round, drew another PokerStars pro in Round 2 in Jason Mercier. The pair battled for nearly an hour-and-a-half, at which point the following hand took place.

With the blinds 60/120, Mercier, down to 5,040 chips, had raised to 264, and ChipLieder00 (with 9,960) called. The flop came 4♣2♠4♥. ChipLieder00 checked, Mercier bet 282, and ChipLieder00 called. The turn was the J♥. ChipLieder00 checked again, Mercier bet 632, ChipLieder00 check-rasied to 1,660, Mercier moved all in, and ChipLieder00 instacalled.

Mercier had Q♥Q♣, but ChipLieder00 had A♠4♠ for trips. The river was the 3♠, Mercier was out, and ChipLieder00 had moved on.

Meanwhile, David Williams was crippled in a hand versus Servej when his A♥K♥ lost a race versus Servej's Q♥Q♣, and Servej would finish off Williams one hand later. And Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby battled AcePoker9 for nearly two hours before the latter finally prevailed.

There were a number of other familiar names making it through to the third round, including Amit "AMAK316" Makhija, Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet, J.C. "area23JC" Tran, Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul, Scott "BigRiskky" Clements, Andrew "foucault82" Brokos, John "jmonnett" Monnette, 2009 WCOOP Main Event champion Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko, Jason "JP OSU" Potter" (winner of Event #36), Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton, and Randall "RandALLin" Flowers.

Finally, after about two-and-a-half hours of play, JeffDiezel won the last Round 2 match versus DIDI8, and the remaining players were immediately at it again.

Round 3 (256 to 128 -- and the money)

Just four Team PokerStars pros were left, and three of them saw their third-round matches conclude before the end of the first 15-minute level.

It took just a few hands for Matthias "mattidm" de Meulder of Team PokerStars Belgium to defeat mattes123. On the final hand, mattidm had edged out to 8,850 to mattes123's 6,150 when he opened with a minimum-raise to 100 and mattes123 called. The flop came 3♦2♣5♥. mattes123 checked, de Meulder bet 150, mattes123 raised to 400, de Meulder made it 1,100, and mattes123 called.

The turn was the 8♥ and mattes123 checked again. This time de Meulder bet 1,600, and mattes123 responded by check-raising all in. mattes123 had 5♠3♠ -- he'd flopped two pair -- but de Meulder had flopped a wheel with A♣4♠. The river was the 4♣, and de Meulder was among the first to make the money by moving into the round of 128.

Elsewhere, Syous was quickly dispatching of Arnaud "frenchkiss" Mattern in Level 1. And J.P. Kelly was knocking out joiso after just a few hands, the final hand of which saw joiso make two pair on the turn, the same card that gave Kelly a ten-high straight.

Chris "Money800" Moneymaker would take a bit longer in his third-round match, making it all of the way to Level 3 before defeating his opponent, bigdogpckt5s. In their final hand, bigdogpckt5s, down to 3,940, raised before the flop to 160 (2x), and Moneymaker (11,060 in chips) reraised to 320. bigdogpckt5s called, and the flop came Q♥2♣J♦. Moneymaker bet 560, and bigdogpckt5s made the call. The turn was the 2♥, and this time Moneymaker bet 1,040. bigdogpct5s called once more.

The river then brought the 7♥, Moneymaker bet enough to put bigdogpckt5s all in, and his opponent called again, showing J♣7♣ for jacks and sevens. But Moneymaker had the better two pair with K♠Q♣, and the match was done.

John "jmonnett" Monnette defeated Jon "Apestyles" Von Fleet in another quick match. Others making it through to Round 4 included AMAK316, area23JC, BigRiskky, foucault82, nikov, osten, Se7enTr3y, SixthSenSe19, and WatchOutFish. All 128 players who won Round 3 assured themselves paydays of at least $1,200 in Event #38. But all were gunning for much more.

Round 4 (128 to 64)

It had taken about six hours and 45 minutes to get through the first three rounds, and with Round 4 the last to be played on Saturday, it looked like the players were going to have a relatively early night of it.

Two of the remaining three Team PokerStars Pros were pitted against one another in the Round of 128 -- J.P. Kelly and Matthias "mattidm" de Meulder. They'd play just 18 hands, with the match quickly concluding in the following manner.

With 8,100 in his stack, Kelly opened with a 3x raise to 150, de Meulder check-raised to 500, and Kelly called. The flop came 2♠A♠4♠. De Meulder bet 700, Kelly raised to 1,880, de Meulder reraised all in, and Kelly called. De Meulder had A♣K♦ for top pair of aces, but Kelly had flopped a straight with 5♣3♣. The turn and river bricked out for de Meulder, and that was that.

Among the other fourth-round matches that were decided quickly included Andrew "foucault82" Brokos quickly taking care of Roxx Box and J.C. "area23JC" Tran knocking off 31PokerGod31. nikov took about a half-hour to take all of Skull9913's chips, and wizowizo took just a little longer to knock off WatchOutFish. Soon after that, gavz101 eliminated John "jmonnett" Monette to move into the round of 64.

Chris Moneymaker and his fourth-round opponent, kingkai, were essentially even after 40 minutes or so of their match, when kingkai opened with a 3x raise to 240, Money800 reraised to 640, and kingkai called. The flop came 7♦5♥7♠. Moneymaker bet 560, kingkai raised to 1,280, Moneymaker reraised to 2,160, kingkai made it 3,200, Moneymaker pushed all in, and kingkai called with his remaining chips.

Moneymaker had J♣J♠, but was in sad shape versus kingkai's 7♣5♣ -- a flopped full house. No jack came to rescue Moneymaker, and he was suddenly down below 1,000 chips. Moneymaker would double up a couple of times, but soon was eliminated after his K♥J♣ couldn't catch up to kingkai's A♠T♥.

Elsewhere, SixthSenSe19 defeated allhine, McHogoFogo outlasted osten, and Se7enTr3y bested YugiohPro. In his match against selinantis, Scott "BigRiskky" Clements had fallen behind during the first 45 minutes, but scored a big double-up in a hand in which all his chips went in on a 5♠K♥J♥ flop and Clements held pocket fives versus selinantis' K♦J♣. Clements would increase his newly-gained lead over the next 20 minutes before finally finishing off selinantis.

Finally, as the fourth round approached the two-hour mark, iwinuluz defeated polpolpol, gr33dy knocked off "AMAK316" Makhija, and seilorboy knocked out oahi5, and play was done for the night.

Here are all of the match-ups for the Round of 64:

lp_SakiSaki vs. schwarmann
Bassduck vs. Shifty1768
Helio TYF vs. vui-qua-di
foucault82 vs. MattEMenz
buriedatsea vs. noclue645
Team PokerStars Pro J.P. Kelly ("Jp kelly") vs. MarleyGroup
Iteopepe88 vs. LUCERO666
D3usHigh vs. THE_RAZER82
LockdownTex vs. WowThatsBS
McMang vs. trdislav
passiv vs. SixthSenSe19
nikov vs. ryry-gonemad
cmis91 vs. rusostreet
bcgt178 vs. OlyDaJew
eh90tcm vs. gr33dy
bobvelthuis vs. Flufferd
Berndsen12 vs. McHogoFogo
G1a1u1s1s vs. Poker Own U
kingkai vs. zwuerbs
eBashKak9l vs. Spencer09
area23JC vs. djalminha
la_gâchette vs. puffinmypurp
gipsy74 vs. philbort
kung_ivo vs. laino89
madsamot vs. zdravko
menumorutu vs. Se7enTr3y
chriak vs. gavz101
BigRiskky vs. iwinuluz
fydor_8 vs. jornxx
kirillG vs. seilorboy
THEDUTCH4141 vs. wizowizo
Foldager vs. lobito21


Team PokerStars Pro J.P. Kelly

Play resumes on Sunday at 13:00 ET, at which point the remaining 64 players will play down a winner. Six more opponents stand between each and the WCOOP bracelet. Come back to the PokerStars blog to see who makes it through, and check out the WCOOP site for all the details about the remaining schedule, results, and more.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP