WCOOP 2010: JuneauJyack takes turbo NLHE title for Event 45

WCOOP 2009 logo.jpgYou say you want action? We've got that action right here, with a knockout no-limit hold'em tournament played at turbo speed. From the moment the first hands were dealt, it was wild ride!

Event 45 required several things, first being the $200 + $50 (bounty) + $15 buy-in. That guaranteed players a shot at the $300K guarantee. The second thing was the awareness that knocking out any other player garnered a bounty of $50, and a few of them could add up to a profit for the night. Third, players had to have the ability to pay attention, as the five-minute levels that warranted the "turbo" title were nothing to scoff at. Ready, set, go.

When the buy-ins of the 2,987 players were totaled, the prize pool nearly doubled the amount of the guarantee when it landed at $597,400.00. And in the bounty pool was a handy $149,350.00 to be dispersed at the point of each elimination. The top 378 players were guaranteed a minimum of a $358.44 payday, on top of any bounties accumulated. With those numbers, they were off. And it didn't take long at all to get to the money bubble, at which point Dinhjo exited in 379th place with nothing but a whirlwind memory of the tournament.

Play continued at a rapid pace through the payout levels, and several members of Team PokerStars were in that category. Team PokerStars Online's Anders "Donald" Hoyers Berg was the first to cash in 334th place, and the Team Pros who followed were Christophe "chrisdm" de Meulder in 332nd place, Anh Van Nguyen in 286th, and Online's Andre "acoimbra" Brito Coimbra in 270th. That was the lot of them, and the action continued as the tournament was down to five tables at the three-hour mark. Within 30 minutes, only three tables remained.

Hand-for-hand play with ten players left lasted only moments, which was no surprise. And it was aylinka18 who pushed all-in from the big blind after a raise from SirWatts. Aylilnka18's A♥Q♠ was ahead of the A♦5♦ of SirWatts, but the board of 3♣5♣K♣9♣6♦ changed that by pairing the latter's five. That left aylinka18 out in tenth place with $3,733.75 for less than four hours work.

Final table action then began in the midst of Level 42, with blinds of 50,000/100,000 and a 12,500 ante and the following starting chip counts:

Seat 1: PiRaToS14 (1,284,362 in chips)
Seat 2: hook2120 (1,531,138 in chips)
Seat 3: MSU10s (595,182 in chips)
Seat 4: Mr Swatch (1,417,676 in chips)
Seat 5: liberace (3,695,805 in chips)
Seat 6: SirWatts (2,605,801 in chips)
Seat 7: bgitty (1,492,954 in chips)
Seat 8: JuneauJyack (1,330,928 in chips)
Seat 9: $harKK (981,154 in chips)

Event 45 FT screen shot.JPG

The second hand of the final table found short-stacked MSU10s pushing all-in from the small blind with K♦4♥, and Mr Swatch called from the big blind with A♠9♥. The board blanked when it came J♣8♣2♣Q♣3♦, and MSU10s was gone in ninth place with $5,077.90.

It didn't take long for a big pot to develop, and it started with an all-in preflop raise from JuneauJyack. PiRaToS14 called all-in for his tournament life, though, with A♦Q♠, and that was prepared to race against the 7♥7♦ of JuneauJyack. But the dealer only had 5♣K♦9♦J♣8♠ to give them on the board, and PiRaToS14 couldn't improve, which meant elimination and a $8,662.30 payday for the eighth place finish.

Just after the four-hour break, hook2120 was faced with an all-in move by $harKK, and hook2120 called all-in for his tournament life with Q♦Q♣. $harKK had A♥4♠, which didn't improve on the T♥2♠5♣ flop but found its ace on the A♣ turn. The 7♠ on the river ended it for hook2120, who exited in seventh place with $14,038.90.

SirWatts then went for the double-up and achieved it, courtesy of liberace. The hand went down as follows:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Play actually slowed up a bit as the money jumps increased, though all knew that there wasn't much time. Bgitty doubled through SirWatts to stay alive, as did liberace, though SirWatts was able to remain in solid top position on the leaderboard. However, when Mr Swatch became the third place to double through SirWatts, that top spot was overtaken by a few chips.

Bgitty then doubled through liberace, leaving the latter with little more than 700K chips, but a double-up through Mr Swatch was good enough to stay alive a bit longer.

Liberace chose to move again, this time with A♠2♥, and bgitty reraised over the top all-in to isolate, which worked. Bgitty showed T♠T♥, and that pair held up as the board came 9♦5♦J♥3♣9♣. Liberace was eliminated in sixth place with $20,012.90 to show for it.

After JuneauJyack doubled through Mr Swatch, the latter was left with a shorter stack than desired and pushed it all-in on the very next hand with A♥7♦. $harKK was along for the ride with Q♠6♠, and that hand only improved on the K♣9♠Q♥ flop. The dealer finished it off with 7♣ for the turn and 8♣ for the river, and the pair of queens eliminated Mr Swatch in fifth place with $25,986.90.

The double-ups were coming fast and furious during four-handed play. Finally, though, $harKK was short-stacked and tired of it, finally pushing all-in with 3♠3♣. SirWatts called and bgitty checked to the 7♠Q♥T♠, at which point a bet from bgitty prompted SirWatts to fold. Bgitty showed Q♠6♥ for the pair of queens, and the T♥ turn and 5♣ river cards ended the hand, eliminating $harKK in fourth place with $34,941.92.

The following hand for bgitty put the Las Vegas resident firmly in the chip lead:

RSS readers click through to see replay

SirWatts was suddenly the short stack, and he put his tournament life on the line with 9♥4♣, and it was JuneauJyack there with a dominating J♠J♥. The board came 3♠T♥4♦2♥T♦, which changed nothing and send Mike "SirWatts" Watson packing in third place with $50,181.60.

The final two players began their battle with the following chip counts:

Seat 7: bgitty (9,464,564 in chips)
Seat 8: JuneauJyack (5,470,436 in chips)

JuneauJyack was able to take a few pots in order to bring the stacks to nearly even, and the duo came to a decision to look at even chop numbers. They quickly agreed to each take $79,441.36 and save $6,000.01 for the winner, and play resumed with that understanding.

With JuneauJyack assuming a slight lead over bgitty, it was JuneauJyack who moved all-in with 4♥3♣, and bgitty decided to call for his tournament life with K♣T♠. The flop of T♣7♥8♣ gave bgitty even more of an advantage, but the 6♣ on the turn brought a straight draw for JuneauJyack. And the 5♠ did appear on the river to make that straight. Bgitty was forced to accept the second place finish and $79,441.36 that went with it.

JuneauJyack jumped into the winner's circle for Event 45, taking home $85,441.37 and a gold WCOOP bracelet for the victory.

2010 WCOOP Event 45 Final Results:

1st place: JuneauJyack ($85,441.37)*
2nd place: bgitty ($79,441.36)*
3rd place: SirWatts ($50,181.60)
4th place: $harKK ($34,941.92)
5th place: Mr Swatch ($25,986.90)
6th place: liberace ($20,012.90)
7th place: hook2120 ($14,038.90)
8th place: PiRaToS14 ($8,662.30)
9th place: MSU10s ($5,077.90)

*Based on a two-way chop

The 2010 WCOOP is in its last week of the 62 event festival with many more millions to be awarded in guarantees alone. Don't miss your chance to get in on the WCOOP winnings! And for those tracking the series, the official WCOOP website has a plethora of information about the entire series, and PokerStars TV offers tournament highlights.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in WCOOP