WCOOP 2010: kardioloq locks up Event #30 title ($530 NLHE Triple Shootout)

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgTerrence Chan -- a.k.a. "Unassigned," who won a WCOOP bracelet last year and also has a couple of SCOOP bracelets to his credit -- recently offered an interesting commentary regarding these "shootout" events such as WCOOP Event #30, the $530 buy-in Triple Shootout (no-limit hold'em). Besides being a fan of shootout events, Chan has proven himself a successful shootout player, most recently at the 2010 WSOP where he cashed twice in shootout events and made one final table.

Chan's observation concerned the way cash prizes are generally distributed in shootout events. Prior to the final table, shootouts are played "winner-take-all" -- that is to say, only by winning the entire table does a player move up the pay ladder. Such is the case in WCOOP #30, where the 100 players who won their first round matches all guaranteed themselves $1,925, and the 10 who made it through the second round to today's final table all are assured of at least $7,000 (10th-place prize money). (Click here to read the full recap of Day 1 of Event #30.)

Of course, at the shootout final table things change. There the tourney is no longer "winner-take-all," instead becoming like a regular tourney in which payouts differ according to how one finishes. Indeed, for today's final table of Event #30, there are pay jumps all of the way from 10th to first, with the winner due $91,250 (of the total prizepool of $500,000).

Chan's proposes making the final table of a shootout event winner-take-all as well, something he believes would preserve the "purity" of the event. It's an interesting idea, and one that may well come to happen in future shootouts. Such a format would certainly heighten the pressure of that final table, not to mention affect players' approaches toward play.

When play began Thursday afternoon, all ten players started with the same 7,500-chip stack. Here's how they looked when all ten players still had hopes of winning a WCOOP bracelet. Or -- since this isn't a "winner-take-all" situation -- of at least improving on that guarantee of $7,000 for 10th place.


blindside030 was the most active player at the outset, quickly losing a chunk, then winning a big hand versus kardioloq to grab the early chip lead.

In that hand, kardioloq made a big, scary check-raise of blindside030's turn bet with the board showing 9♠T♦T♠Q♥, which after much hesitation blindside030 called. Both players then checked the K♥ river, and kardioloq showed 8♠7♠ for a couple of busted draws. blindside030's A♣T♣ was good, pushing him up over 11,000.

Beldar C. soon grabbed a chunk of blindside030's stack to take the lead away, moving up over 12,000. blindside030 continued to be active, however, and after losing a few more pots found himself sitting with just 3,073 chips when the following hand took place in Level 3.

With the blinds 40/80, MDGR opened with a raise to 200 from late position, and kardioloq flat-called from the button. blindside030, sitting in the big blind, saw an opportunity and reraised to 1,000. The big blind and MDGR both folded, but kardioloq pushed back, reraising all in. Well covered by kardioloq, blindside030 made the call, showing A♦J♠ to kardioloq's Q♠Q♥. The board came 6♥3♠9♥9♣3♦, and blindside030 was the first elimination.

"Congrats on not coming 10th everyone," typed JeanGrae, noting how all nine remaining players had just increased their Event #30 earn.

Play continued with kardioloq and WhEADa remaining out in front, both hovering around the 12,000-chip mark. Then, in Level 4 (blinds 50/100), Beldar C., sitting with 7,886 chips, opened with a raise from the button to 263. th'Kick reraised to 696 from the small blind, forcing WhEADa to fold the BB. Beldar C. promptly pushed all in, and th'Kick didn't hesitate much to make the call, showing A♣K♥. No way to know for sure, but we imagine the adjective "sheepish" might apply to Beldar C.'s mood at the moment his hand was revealed -- 9♥5♥.

Beldar C. had been caught making a move, although still had a better than one in three chance to survive. At least until the J♦K♣6♠ flop, giving th'Kick a pair of kings. The turn then brought the 2♣, meaning Beldar C. was drawing dead. Eight remained.

As they reached the two-hour mark for the final table, WhEADa remained at the front of the pack, joined by WushuTM atop the leaderboard with more than 15,000. Meanwhile JeanGrae and piscogay had slipped below 5,000. JeanGrae would slip further to 2,783 by Level 7 (blinds 100/200), where Patonius2000 opened a hand from middle position with a raise to 460. It folded to JeanGrae in the big blind who reraised all in, and Patonius2000 made the call.

JeanGrae showed A♥Q♠, Patonius2000 5♣5♦, and the race was on. The community cards came J♥T♥8♥T♣4♣, and Patonius2000's fives held. JeanGrae was out in eighth.

MDGR was the next to slip to short-stack status. Down to 3,705, MDGR was all in before the flop thanks a series of raises with WhEADa. MDGR's tourney hopes were pinned to K♣Q♣ while WhEADa tabled A♥9♦. MDGR couldn't have liked the flop -- 9♣4♥A♦ -- which gave WhEADa two pair. And the turn card -- the 9♠ -- was just wretched, as far as MDGR was concerned. Six players were left.

That hand put WhEADa in a virtual tie for first with WushuTM with just over 20,000, with the other four all sitting well behind with stacks of between 5,000 and 10,000. It wasn't long, though, before kardioloq used pocket rockets to double through WhEADa, propelling to 35,000 and the chip lead as they approached the three-hour break.

Prior to the break, th'Kick had been crippled in a big hand with WhEADa. Afterwards th'Kick survived one all-in situation versus WushuTM, but couldn't make it two in a row. On the elimination hand, th'Kick was all in for 2,740 with A♦J♠ versus WushuTM's 5♣5♠. The board came 9♣7♣K♥9♥5♦, and WushuTM's boat sunk th'Kick in sixth place.

With five left, piscogay was the short stack, so it wasn't surprising piscogay's query regarding deal-making went unanswered. Soon piscogay was open-shoving all in from the button for 4,147 with J♥T♣, and Patonius2000 called from the big blind with K♦T♦. The board brought three diamonds -- 2♦9♦T♠Q♦5♥ -- sending piscogay to the rail in fifth.

Soon after that a huge hand developed between chip leader kardioloq and WhEADa. With the blinds 200/400 (Level 10), WushuTM opened with a raise to 800 from under the gun, which WhEADa, sitting to WushuTM's left, called. kardioloq called as well from the big blind, and the three of them saw the flop come 6♣8♠K♦.

karioloq checked, WushuTM bet 1,245, then WhEADa raised to 3,200. kardioloq shoved all in, WushuTM quickly stepped aside, and WhEADa called for his remaining 15,226. WhEADa had A♥A♠ for the overpair, while kardioloq had an open-ender with 9♥7♠. The turn came the T♠ (bink!), and no river card could save WhEADa, who was out in fourth.

After that tourney-changing hand, kardioloq suddenly enjoyed a commanding advantage with 52,294 to WushuTM's 12,349 and Patonius2000's 10,357. And ten hands later, they were down to two.

Still in Level 10 (200/400), Patonius2000 opened with a raise to 900 from the small blind and kardioloq called from the BB. The flop came all spades -- 8♠Q♠6♠ -- and Patonius2000 quickly checked. kardioloq bet 1,100, Patonius raised to 2,775, kardioloq shoved all in over the top, and Patonius2000 called with the 6,082 left behind. Patonius2000 held A♣J♠ for a spade flush draw, while kardioloq had 9♠8♣ for a pair of eights. The 9♣ turn gave kardioloq a second pair, and the 3♥ sealed it, sending Patonius2000 out in third.

Heads-up play began with kardioloq sitting with 63,251 to WushuTM's 11,749. Eight hands later the stacks were still roughly the same when WushuTM opened with a minimum-raise to 800 from the small blind/button. kardioloq responded by bumping it up to 2,300, WushuTM shoved all in, and kardioloq called.

kardioloqwins.jpgkardioloq showed K♣Q♦ and WushuTM A♣T♥. The flop came K♦3♥J♦, putting kardioloq out in front, and the 4♠ turn and 8♣ river ended it.

A little over three-and-a-half hours after the final table had begun, we had a champion!

Congratulations to kardioloq, Event #30 bracelet winner!

WCOOP Event #30 ($530 Triple NLHE Shootout) Results
1st place: kardioloq ($91,250)
2nd: WushuTM ($63,500)
3rd: Patonius2000 ($47,250)
4th: WhEADa ($35,250)
5th: piscogay ($24,750)
6th: th'Kick ($20,000)
7th: MDGR ($15,750)
8th: JeanGrae ($12,500)
9th: Beldar C. ($9,500)
10th: blindside030 ($7,000)

With Event #31 having completed last night, that means we have seen exactly 31 bracelets awarded so far, with 31 still to go. Check out PokerStars.tv and the WCOOP site for more reporters, all the results, WCOOP player of the year stats, and information about the remaining schedule (including the always-running satellites).

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP