WCOOP 2010: Main Event Day 2 live blog

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4:45am--joeysweetp eliminated in 2nd place ($1,404,725); POTTERPOKER wins WCOOP 2010 Main Event! ($2,278,097.50)

With blinds at 100,000 and 200,000, we figured the heads-up match could go for a long time after joeysweetp doubled up to more than 9 million. There was tons of room for play. But we didn't count on joeysweetp running an all-in bluff right into the fact of the stone cold nuts. Check it out for yourself:

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It was a bold, aggressive move on the part of joeysweetp that might have worked if POTTERPOKER hadn't been holding the very hand that joeysweetp was trying to represent. For finishing in 2nd place in this star-studded field, joeysweetp earned $1.4 million. POTTERPOKER walked away with the biggest prize of all -- $2.2 million in cold hard cash and a WCOOP 2010 winner's bracelet.

4:36am--joeysweetp doubles through POTTERPOKER

We've got a ball game now. On the sixth heads-up hand, joeysweetp opened the button to 440,000 pre-flop, then called after POTTERPOKER re-raise to 966,500. A flop of 4♥J♦T♥ brought a continuation bet of 1,402,500 from POTTERPOKER. Joeysweetp moved in for 3,875,389 total and POTTERPOKER called.

joeysweetp's J♥2♣ flopped top pair of jacks and was up against unimproved A♥Q♦. There was no run-good for POTTERPOKER on this hand. The turn 6♦ and river 7♣ did not improve POTTERPOKER to the tournament-winning hand. Ship the double-up to joeysweetp.

4:33am--Chip counts, start of heads-up play

POTTERPOKER -- 41,958,606
joeysweetp -- 6,901,394

Blinds are 100,000/200,000, with 25,000 antes (Level 43).

4:32am--Russian_nuts eliminated in 3rd place ($1,019,952.50)

After POTTERPOKER took a few chunks out of joeysweetp's stack, it looked like the final table was turning into a race for 2nd place between joeysweetp and Russian_nuts. POTTERPOKER was raising every hand, with neither of the much, much, MUCH shorter-stacked players putting up any resistance.

Then, somehow, Russian_nuts was dealt A♦K♥ the same han that joeysweetp picked up Q♣Q♦. It was the quintessential final table all-in confrontation, albeit one worth $385,000. This time the queens held, 6♥9♥2♠7♠2♥. Russian_nuts was eliminated in 3rd place, leaving just two competitors to duke it out for the $2.2 million top prize.

4:30am--Chip count update

POTTERPOKER -- 40,833,606
joeysweetp -- 4,128,496
Russian_nuts -- 3,897,898

4:26am--joeysweetp gives in to POTTERPOKER's pressure again

Hand by hand, POTTERPOKER is drawing ever closer to as thorough and dominating a final-table victory as any you'll see.

With play three-handed now, POTTERPOKER is continuing to abuse second-place joeysweetp, despite the fact that joeysweetp has position two out of every three hands. Most recently, POTTERPOKER opened the small blind to 355,050 and joeysweetp called. The flop came all hearts, 8♥5♥9♥. POTTERPOKER bet 370,505 and joeysweetp called.

The turn was a fourth heart, the 3♥. POTTERPOKER bet another 710,500; joeysweetp raised the minimum to 1,420,000. POTTERPOKER dipped into the time bank for about a minute before making a very small three-bet to 2,345,050. It induced a quick fold from joeysweetp, as well as the following exchange between the combatants:

joeysweetp: I didn't have a single heart!

4:21am--dazzy2004 eliminated in 4th ($696,255)

Not much had changed, stack-wise, as play continued through Level 42 (blinds 80,000/160,000). Then Russian_nuts open-raised all in from the small blind, and the table's short stack dazzy2004 called with the 1,054,917 he had remaining.

dazzy2004 Q♦K♣
Russian_nuts A♣7♥

The flop brought promise to dazzy2004 -- 3♥J♥T♦ -- giving him an open-ended straight draw to go with his still-live hold cards. Then the Q♥ came on the turn, giving him a pair and putting him in front.

But the river brought the 2♥ and a flush for Russian_nuts, and dazzy2004 hits the rail in fourth.

4:10am--POTTERPOKER leaning on the rest of the table

It's good to be the big stack. Since the players came back from the break, POTTERPOKER has amassed an additional 3 million in chips without a showdown.

POTTERPOKER has been especially keen to pick on 2nd-place stack joeysweetp, seemingly guessing that joeysweetp will not get involved in big pots without a monster due to the disparity in the remaining payouts and the fact that dazzy2004 and Russian_nuts each have fewer than 20 big blinds left in their stacks.

4:00am--Day 2, 11-hour break

Level 42
Blinds 80,000/160,000, antes 20,000
Players remaining: 4 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 12,215,000
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. POTTERPOKER -- 30,807,995
2. joeysweetp -- 11,070,831
3. Russian_nuts -- 3,525,932
4. dazzy2004 -- 3,455,242

3:46am--jackellwood eliminated in 5th place ($509,976.25)

You certainly can't fault jackellwood for the play of his final hand. After dazzy2004 folded, jackellwood opened with a raise to 315,500. POTTERPOKER three-bet to 688,050 and refused to give up after jackellwood four-bet to 1,280,500. POTTERPOKER moved all in, a raise back to jackellwood of 3.8 million. It was a quick call for jackellwood with A♥A♣. POTTERPOKER showed down an ugly-looking K♣9♦.

But "of course you hit it," said joeysweetp after the previous hand with POTTERPOKER. That's how it's going so of course POTTERPOKER hit it here. Not on the J♥Q♠9♥ flop, and not on the 5♠ turn, but on the T♥ river, where it hurt the most. POTTERPOKER made a king-high straight to claim another 10,000,000-chip pot. jackellwood gets a half million dollars to ease the pain.

Click below to take a look at some more of POTTERPOKER's run good:

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3:37am--It's good to be POTTERPOKER

When you have a big stack, sometimes you get to win showdowns that a player with a smaller stack would never even see. POTTERPOKER opened the small blind with a raise to 299,050 that joeysweetp called from the big bilnd. Both players checked an ace-high flop, Q♠6♣A♥.

The turn was a second heart, 9♥. POTTERPOKER bet 377,050, with joeysweetp making a quick call. When the river came another heart, 6♥, POTTERPOKER fired another 827,500. joeysweetp called but mucked in the face of POTTERPOKER's K♥3♥, the nut flush.

"nh...of course you hit it", said joeysweetp.

3:25am--darrenelias eliminated in 6th place ($396,987.50)

The table and rail had barely finished saying "GG rom" when joeysweetp took out another of the final table players. joeysweetp opened again pre-flop, this time to 295,000. darrenelias was in the small blind with 6♥6♦ and shipped in all 2.1 million chips in his stack. joeysweetp quickly called with T♦T♣. The best hand pre-flop was the best hand post-river on a board of 2♦2♣8♠9♣4♠. darrenelias was eliminated in 6tth place.

joeysweetp's count is up to 13.8 million chips, still 7 million behind POTTERPOKER but enough to do some real damage.

3:21am--ROMDOM eliminated in 7th place ($280,945)

Every decision now is worth six figures. Who knows what types of decision that kind of pressure will produce? Some hands are going to go down in a certain way no matter what, most likely. Take the bust-out hand of ROMDOM. joeysweetp opened to 260,000 from the cutoff before ROMDOM three-bet the small blind to 577,500. joeysweetp, the owner of a few chips thanks to that double-up from POTTERPOKER a few moments ago, then moved all in for 6.3 million, enough to cover ROMDOM. ROMDOM dipped into the time bank before calling all in with A♦K♠. The hesitation was well justified, as it turned out; joeysweetp showed down K♣K♦.

When the flop came three clubs, 4♣J♣8♣, ROMDOM was down to just two aces as outs. The turn 3♦ and Q♦ ended ROMDOM's impressive run in 7th place. It also boosted joeysweetp, who has position on POTTERPOKER, to 11.5 million in chips. Things aren't finished just yet!

3:15am--POTTERPOKER gets player all in, fails to win pot

Someone may want to check the RNG. We had an all in showdown involving POTTERPOKER but somehow POTTERPOKER lost the pot.

When action folded to the small blind, POTTERPOKER jammed all in against the 2.7 million chip stack of big blind joeysweetp. joeysweetp called with A♦9♦, a slight favorite against POTTERPOKER's K♥T♠. There was something for everyone on a flop of Q♦J♦J♠ - a straight draw for POTTERPOKER and a flushd raw for joeysweetp, whose ace-high still led. The board blanked out from there, the first chink in the big-stacked armor of POTTERPOKER.

3:06am--gray31 eliminated in 8th place ($183,225)

The hits just keep coming for POTTERPOKER.

Soon after players returned from break, gray31 opened with a raise to 248,875 from under the gun, and it folded around to the chip leader who promptly reraised to 547,500 from the small blind. joeysweetp got out of the way, then gray31 reraised all in with the 2,966,555 he had left. POTTERPOKER called right away.

gray31 A♠T♠

The board brought nothing higher than an eight and no spades -- 3♦6♦8♦5♦7♥ -- and gray31 is out in eighth, earning $183,225 for doing so.

POTTERPOKER is now approaching 23.5 million.

3:00am--Day 2, 10-hour break

Level 40
Blinds 60,000/120,000, antes 15,000
Players remaining: 8 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 6,107,500
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. POTTERPOKER -- 20,416,830
2. ROMDOM -- 5,468,488
3. jackellwood -- 5,266,362
4. Russian_nuts -- 5,178,334
5. dazzy2004 -- 4,665,825
6. joeysweetp -- 3,161,182
7. gray31 -- 2.996,555
8. darrenelias -- 1,706,424

2:54am--carryhero eliminated in 9th place ($112,988.75)

The final table players were already getting all they could handle from the big stack of POTTERPOKER. Then POTTERPOKER, who had been raising what feels like two out of every three hands, caught a huge starting hand.

As has become standard, POTTERPOKER opened to 250,500. Action passed to big blind carryhero, who three-bet to 552,522. That didn't stop POTTERPOKER; another raise, to 925,050, was fired back at carryhero. carryhero then moved all in for 4,072,803 and POTTERPOKER snap-called. carryhero needed to flop well with A♥Q♣ against POTTERPOKER's K♣K♠. No such luck for carryhero as the board developed T♥7♣7♥8♣7♠ to give POTTERPOKER the pot and a staggering 19.8 million in chips. That's 40% of the chips with 8 players left.

Easy game.

2:49am--The WCOOP 2010 Main Event final table

It took almost 10 hours of play to produce the last final table of WCOOP 2010. Here it is!


Seat 1: gray31 -- 2,960,430
Seat 2: carryhero -- 416,280
Seat 3: Russian_nuts -- 5,058,334
Seat 4: ROMDOM -- 5,783,488
Seat 5: dazzy2004 -- 4,206,950
Seat 6: darrenelias -- 2,216,424
Seat 7: jackellwood -- 4,955,862
Seat 8: POTTERPOKER -- 15,879,027
Seat 9: joeysweetp -- 3,636,682

The final table host is Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu, who is already joking around.

KidPoker: "How come Potter has an extra number in his chip count is that correct? He's that good I guess?"

2:46am--m8675309a flips out in 10th place

In the end, it came down to a flip for the final table - as it typically does. jackellwood opened to 265,475 pre-flop, then called after m8675309a three-bet all in for 1.7 million. m8675309a had the slight edge with pocket jacks against A♥Q♠. That edge evaporated on a flop of Q♦4♣7♠. No jack the rest of the way and no runners made m8675309a the final-table bubble finisher, earning $85,505 for finishing 10th.

2:44am--All POTTERPOKER all the time

When hand-for-hand play started, POTTERPOKER had 10.1 million chips. Since then, as the final-table bubble has continued, POTTERPOKER has added 6 million chips to that count. The other four players at the table have between 3.2 million and 4.3 million each, meaning that none is a serious threat to POTTERPOKER's stack.

Each has some serious concerns about bubbling the final table and missing a six-figure score. As a result, POTTERPOKER has started raising almost every hand pre-flop. Few of the other players seem willing to play back at POTTERPOKER. It certainly helped that joeysweetp disconnected in the middle of a sizable pot...

At the other remaining table, the stacks range in size from 1.8 million to 5.7 million. POTTERPOKER is setting up for a strong finish.

2:33am--Bad time to time out

Just had a mighty curious hand develop between chip leader POTTERPOKER and joeysweetp at their five-handed table. It began with POTTERPOKER opening from UTG+1/cutoff for 206,650, then joeysweetp raised to 426,000 from the button. The blinds got out, then POTTERPOKER four-bet to 955,050. joeysweetp took some time, then called.

The flop came 7♦Q♠3♣. POTTERPOKER bet 988,550, and after pausing again joeysweetp just called. (Eyebrows raise.)

The turn brought the 9♦, and as POTTERPOKER thought about what to do joeysweetp was shown as having disconnected. POTTERPOKER put out a smallish bet of 180,550, and the railbirds -- still allowed to chat until we get to the final table -- went nuts as joeysweetp's avatar flashed on and off like a neglected turn signal.

He remained disconnected, then finally his hand was folded, awarding POTTERPOKER the nearly 4.1 million-chip pot.

joeysweetp reconnected shortly thereafter, asking "what happened?" carryhero explained. "Did everyone disconnect?" asked joeysweetp. "Just u," said carryhero. joeysweetp's response then further suggested the possible monster he must have had:

joeysweetp: ugggggggghhhhhhhh.....

Hand-for-hand play continues, with POTTERPOKER up around 14 million now (well ahead of the field). joeysweetp sits on 3.6 million (seventh of 10), hoping to build back up -- not to mention maintain his connection.

2:22am--dazzy2004 barely hangs on

After a couple of false starts - all-in confrontations that fizzled before they got off the ground due to each player having the same hand - we finally found a short stack at risk of elimination. dazzy2004 three-bet all in pre-flop for 1.8 million after gray31 opened to 220,000. gray31 called with pocket 10s... just slightly worse than dazzy2004's pocket jacks.

gray31 would flop a set, but so would dazzy2004 on a flop of J♠T♦8♥. The turn 5♠ and river 8♣ secured a double-up for dazzy2004, ensuring that hand-for-hand play would continue.

2:05am--Settle in!

With the tournament down to just 10 players, the last two tables are now playing hand-for-hand. Given that the two short stacks - m8675309a and dazzy2004 - each have 19 big blinds, and given that there's a $28,000 pay jump, not to mention the prestige of making the WCOOP 2010 Main Event final table, we expect hand-for-hand play could take a long, long time to produce a final-table bubble boy.

2:04am--markwin11 out in 11th (natch)

Shortly after play resumed, markwin11 was raising to 168,000 from the cutoff, and POTTERPOKER, sitting to markwin11's left, flat-called on the button. joeysweetp folded in the small blind, and gray31 called as well from the BB.

The flop came A♠J♦6♦. gray31 checked, markwin11 bet 250,000, POTTERPOKER called, and gray31 got out.

The turn was the 4♠. markwin11 checked this time, prompting POTTERPOKER to bet 288,000. markwin11 check-raised all in for 1,648,504, and POTTERPOKER quickly called. markwin11 had A♥9♥ for top pair, but POTTERPOKER had him drawing dead with his two pair, A♣J♠.

markwin11 aptly finishes 11th, and wins $85,505. Hand-for-hand play has commenced on the final two five-handed tables.

2:00am--Day 2, nine-hour break

Level 38
Blinds 40,000/80,000, antes 10,000
Players remaining: 11 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 4,441,818
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. POTTERPOKER -- 10,156,197
2. joeysweetp -- 8,243,832
3. ROMDOM -- 4,956,350
4. Russian_nuts -- 4,913,938
5. gray31 -- 4,611,443
6. carryhero -- 3,929,573
7. jackellwood -- 3,618,497
8. darrenelias -- 2,875,959
9. markwin11 -- 2,086,504
10. m8675309a -- 1,764,919
11. dazzy2004 -- 1,702,788

1:54am--FrozenVeins goes cold, hits rail in 12th

We've moved into Level 38, where the blinds are 40,000/80,000. POTTERPOKER, sitting with a little over 8 million to start, opened with a raise to 166,050 from the cutoff seat at his six-handed table, and it folded to FrozenVeins in the big blind who pushed all in for 1,826,471 total. POTTERPOKER made the call, showing 7♠7♦. FrozenVeins had A♠T♣ and needed to improve to survive.

The 6♣6♠J♥ flop wasn't good for FrozenVeins. Neither was the 4♦ turn. And the 8♦ river meant FrozenVeins had finished in 12th place ($85,505).

That hand pushed POTTERPOKER up to 9.95 million and into the chip lead with a dozen players remaining.

1:46am--FIREintheSUN goes dark in 13th place

Remember earlier in the day when FIREintheSUN couldn't be beat? Turns out that FIREintheSUN can be beat after all - in this case, in two spots.

carryhero was first into pot from second position, opening with a raise to 175,555. FIREintheSUN then re-raised all in for 1,958,768. After darrenelias folded the small blind, m8675309a started tanking. The time bank was activated and burned off about a minute before m8675309a called all in for 684,973 total. carryhero then snap-called for a three-way all in. The main pot was 2.3 million; the side pot between carryhero and FIREintheSUN was for the remaining 2.4 million. Time to show down!

m8675309a: 9♦9♥
carryhero: J♥J♠
FIREintheSUN: K♥Q♣

carryhero was in line to climb to 5.6 million in chips if jacks held. They held on the flop, 6♥7♠8♣, but against the two particular hands held by m8675309a it was still a long way to the river. The turn was a blank 3♦, but the river fell T♥ to fill a straight for m8675309a. The main pot of 2.3 million went to m8675309a; the side pot of 2.4 million went to carryhero (for a small net gain); FIREintheSUN went to the rail in 13th place ($67,182.50).

1:36am--Kings everywhere can't save jersey716 from 14th place

We reckon that jersey716 is going to remember the end of the WCOOP 2010 Main Event for a long, long time. Although jersey716 didn't have a huge stack, 2.2 million was 36 big blinds at blinds of 30,000 and 60,000, certainly a reasonable stack. Then, in two brutal hands, all 2.2 million was gone.

In the first hand, jersey716 opened to 131,455 from the button. The big blind, darrenelias, had been dealt A♥J♠. As you might expect for a big blind with 1.3 million against a button raise, darrenelias jammed all in. But jersey716 had been dealt K♣K♥ and snap-called. Everything was great on the J♦6♠3♠ flop. Although darrenelias paired jacks, kings were still the big favorite. The turn was a blank Q♠. And then... the "ace from space," an A♦ on the river. darrenelias dragged 2.7 million in chips and jersey716 was knocked back to 854,000.

The next hand, jersey716 was dealt another pair of kings! Now with only 14 big blinds, it was an easy shove from the cutoff, probably with a muttered prayer that someone call. Someone did indeed call - the button FIREintheSUN actually re-raised all in to isolate.

The hand that FIREintheSUN isolated with? Pocket rockets, A♦A♣. They held, 6♥2♠8♥3♠2♣ and jersey716 was gone in 14th ($67,182.50).

To recap: 36 big blinds. Kings on back-to-back hands. Both lose. That's how you finish in 14th place.

1:28am--LVSEO leaves in 15th place

After POTTERPOKER had opened with a raise to 122,050 from middle position, LVSEO, sitting to POTTERPOKER's left, reraised to 275,000. It folded back around, and POTTERPOKER reshoved all in over the top. LVSEO called with the 1,222,466 left behind.

LVSEO had K♠Q♠ and needed help against POTTERPOKER's K♥K♦. The flop was 7♦Q♣T♦, which was a start. And the J♣ on the turn brought still more hope for LVSEO.

But the river was the 6♠, and LVSEO is out in 15th ($67,182.50).

1:24am--troyones knuckles under in 16th place

After losing a huge pot a short time ago, troyones was doing everything possible to just hang on. Finally, a spot presented itself - a three-way pot with POTTERPOKER and gray31 where all three players checked the J♦7♣5♥ flop. On the turn 6♣, POTTERPOKER led out for 200,200 and was called by gray31. troyones called as well, leaving just 425,913 behind the call.

The river was the 5♣. POTTERPOKER checked to gray31, who bet 478,765. troyones called quick as a shot with K♣Q♣, the second nut-flush. POTTERPOKER got out, and troyones soon saw his hand was no good as gray31 showed 6♥6♦ for a full house, sixes full of fives. That was the end of the game for troyones, who left with $48,860.

1:16am--BrynKenney runs into concealed queens, falls in 17th place

A crafty play of queens by POTTERPOKER has ended BrynKenney's tournament. ROMDOM was first to act and put in a raise from early position to 123,113. POTTERPOKER, with Q♥Q♠, smooth-called the raise. gray31 also called from late position before BrynKenney raised to 420,000 out of the blinds. ROMDOM folded, allowing POTTERPOKER to four-bet to 720,500. It was a perplexing raise; what hand could POTTERPOKER have called the first raise with only to four-bet over BrynKenney's re-raise?

We all found out after gray31 folded. BrynKenney, as you might have expected, jammed all in for 2.6 million. POTTERPOKER snap-called and tabled the queens against BrynKenney's pocket 10s. It was over by the turn, Q♦8♣3♠3♦K♣. BrynKenney hits the rail in 17th place, collecting $48,860.

1:11am--joeysweetp extends the lead

joeysweetp's stack is up to 7.5 million - more than 120 big blinds - after picking off a bluff attempt by FIREintheSUN. FIREintheSUN opened from under the gun with a raise to 137,420 that only joeysweetp called. Sitting with position, joeysweetp called another 215,000 on a flop of 7♣7♦2♥. The turn Q♣ didn't slow down FIREintheSUN - another bet of 375,000 was fired into the pot. joeysweetp showed absolutely no hesitation in calling that bet as well.

On the river A♣, FIREintheSUN finally slowed down and checked. joeysweetp checked behind. It turned out that FIREintheSUN was on a stone bluff from the very beginning with J♥5♥. joeysweetp collected the pot by showing pocket 10s.

1:00am--Day 2, eight-hour break

Level 36
Blinds 25,000/50,000, antes 6,250
Players remaining: 17 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 2,874,117
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. joeysweetp -- 6,395,641
2. gray31 -- 5,338,677
3. FIREintheSUN -- 4,316,729
4. Russian_nuts -- 3,926,313
5. carryhero -- 3,579,140
6. ROMDOM -- 3,379,967
7. POTTERPOKER -- 3,197.967
8. jackellwood -- 2.896,246
9. BrynKenney -- 2,639,619
10. FrozenVeins -- 2,318,221

Team PokerStars:
Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- out in 22nd

12:54am--One more elimination before the break, jellycz out in 18th

We expected play to slow down as it gets closer to the final table but the opposite seems to be happening. Things have sped up dramatically. In the case of the 18th-place elimination, it was a poorly timed four-bet by jellycz, who opened pre-flop for 100,000. Carryhero then raised the button to 265,356. When jellycz jammed for 2.2 million total, carryhero called for just slightly less with pocket queens. jellycz could only muster up A♥5♥.

Both players were assured a good sweat out of a flop of 4♦J♥3♥, especially after jellycz turned a pair of 5s with the 5♦. But the river was neither an ace, nor a deuce, nor a five, nor a heart. It was the 8♣, securing a big double-up for carryhero.

jellycz busted in 18th place ($48,860) the next hand, moving in for less than 200,000 with Q♦7♠ and running into the A♥Q♣ of jackellwood.

12:54am--joeysweetp does it again, knocks out gregy20723 in 19th

On the very next hand after JP OSU's elimination, joeysweetp was at it again, this time opening for 115,000 from middle position. gregy20723 responded by pushing all in for 1,015,963 total from the big blind, and joeysweetp called.

gregy20723 had A♥7♥, while joeysweetp had K♠T♠. The flop gave both players pairs, but joeysweetp's was best as it came 7♠5♥K♦. The turn was the Q♥ and the river the 4♣, and gregy20723 was out in 19th ($39,088).

We're down to two tables!

12:51am--Well, that's ugly (joaobarb out in 20th)

A dose of run good for joeysweetp at just the right time - the late stages of a major tournament - is a dose of run-bad at the wrong time for joaobarb. joaobarb opened from under the gun with a minimum raise to 100,000. Sitting in the small blind, joeysweetp was the only caller.

The flop came 8♦7♣9♣. joeysweetp checked to joaobarb, who continued for 155,000. joeysweetp then check-raised all in, a raise back to joaobarb of 853,642. Joaobarb called with the best pair, A♦A♣, but was absolutely crushed by joeysweetp's flopped straight, J♠T♠. The board paired on the turn with the 8♥, keeping joaobarb's slim hopes alive - until the river 4♦ swept them away. joaobarb finished in 20th place, good for $39,088.

12:47am--No Main Event bracelet for Potter, out in 21st

It's like everyone decided to make their moves all at the same time. On Table 211, gray31 opened to 108,875 pre-flop, then called after Jason "JP OSU" Potter moved all in for 670,242 with pocket 6s. gray31 showed A♦K♥ and yet another race was afoot. Potter remained in the lead on an 8-high flop, 5♠2♥8♣, but the turn A♠ was deadly.
Potter was eliminated in 21st place when the river failed to produce a third six to improve his hand. He exits the tournament with $39,088 in prize money.

12:43am--jersey716 makes Big Slick work

It's been a real flurry of activity the last twenty minutes, with big hand after big hand being dealt at the last three tables.

Table 32 took its turn in the spotlight, with jersey716 all in pre-flop holding A♠K♦ against m8675309a's pocket jacks. This round went to jersey716 after a king flopped and the rest of the board blanked. jersey716 is up to 1.6 million in chips, while m8675309a fell back to about 1.3 million.

12:42am--LuckyGump's run ends in 22nd place

After darrenelias raised to 104,550, Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov of Team PokerStars Online -- the last PSer standing -- reraised all in for his last 876,791. It folded back to darrenelias who quickly called.

darrenelias showed A♠J♣, and LuckyGump need some luck with A♦3♣. None came, however, as the community cards were delivered thusly: Q♦8♦A♥J♦4♣. Makarov hits the rail in 22nd place ($39,088).


Team PokerStars Pro Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov, eliminated in 22nd place

12:34am--Russian_nuts takes PSMozak's stack, knocks out in 23rd

After Russian_nuts raised to 100,001 -- just one chip more than the minimum -- PSMozak pushed all in for 653,316 behind. It folded back around and Russian_nuts called, showing A♦9♣ to PSMozak's K♣J♣.

The board came 5♦2♦5♣7♥4♣, and PSMozak is out in 23rd ($39,088).

12:31am--Aces hold for POTTERPOKER

A few hours ago, troyones won a huge three-way all in to seize the chip lead with 3.5 million in chips. Now troyones is hurting after a huge pot with POTTERPOKER. Pre-flop, troyones opened to 89,999 and then called a three-bet from small blind POTTERPOKER. On a paired flop, 7♦5♦7♣, POTTERPOKER bet 195,050 and again troyones called.

When the turn came 8♠, POTTERPOKER decided to stop messing around and moved all in for 890,475. Troyones called with pocket jacks and saw the bad news: POTTERPOKER had pocket aces. The river blanked out to ship a huge double-up to POTTERPOKER.

12:28am--Dogg11 done in 24th

LVSEO raised to 86,500 from early position, and Dogg11 -- down to 899,545 to start the hand -- shoved all in over the top from the button. The blinds got out, and LVSEO quickly called, showing Q♥Q♦ to Dogg11's 7♠7♣.

The board came K♦3♥A♥5♣8♣, and Dogg11 was out in 24th place ($39,088). LVSEO moves to almost 2.39 million, good for ninth right now with 23 left.

12:25am--LowVision seeing black after poorly timed jam, out in 25th

A huge pot on Table 211 has resulted in the elimination of LowVision and the creation of a new chip leader in gray31. Things started out civilly, with a raise by LowVision from middle position to 85,555. Gray31 re-raised the button to 198,765. After the blinds folded, LowVision then moved all in for 1.73 million (more than 40 big blinds) and gray31 instantly called.

LowVision's A♠Q♠ was a severe underdog to gray31's A♣K♣. Even worse, gray31 got what one railbird called a "decent flop" - 3♣K♦K♥. It was curtains for LowVision in 25th place after the 9♥ turn.

12:19am--weniotto's turn to be out-pipped, finishes 26th

We said it just below - part of winning a poker tournament at this stage is not being dealt the wrong hand at the wrong time. weniotto was dealt pocket jacks and, after jackellwood opened with a pre-flop raise, moved all in for 933,087. jackellwood had a pair one rank higher than jacks, Q♦Q♥ and make the quick call.

The 4.5-to-1 advantage enjoyed by jackellwood held up this time to send weniotto crashing out of the tournament in 26th place with $39,088 in prize money.

12:16am--Vinkyy just barely out-pipped, eliminated in 27th

It's getting tough now for the remaining 27 players. One bad beat or one hand dealt at the wrong moment could be the difference between a five-figure score and a seven-figure score. Vinkyy is the latest player to feel that pain after opening to 87,850 pre-flop with pocket 8s. joeysweetp re-raised to 197,500, then called with pocket 9s after Vinkyy jammed for 629,313 total. Pocket 9s proved decisive on a double-paired board, T♣6♦6♣T♦4♣.

Vinkyy is out in 27th place, earning $39,088 -- a small fraction of what one of the remaining 26 players will receive.

12:12am--darrenelias stares into FIREintheSUN, lives to tell

FIREintheSUN opened for 85,420 (a little more than 2x) from UTG, and dareenelias, next to act, reraised to 186,500. The table folded back to FIREintheSun who then made it 300,000, and darrenelias made the call.

The flop came an eyebrow-raising A♠K♣A♥. FIREintheSUN fired 100,000 into the middle, and darrenelias called. Both then checked the 9♦ turn.

The river was the Q♠, drawing a hefty bet of 518,000 from FIREintheSUN. darrenelias called, showing J♥J♣ for aces and jacks. It was the right decision, as FIREintheSUN only had 8♦6♦.

darrenelias moves to 2.25 million after that hand and eighth place, just back of FIREintheSUN who slips to seventh with 2.79 million.

12:03am--BrynKenney not so nice to Lottenice, out in 28th

The players have reached another pay jump with the elimination of Lottenice in 28tth place. After two folds, Lottenice open-shoved all in for 551,434, roughly 14 big blinds. BrynKenney re-shoved with A♣K♣, two strong overcards to Lottenice's Q♠T♠.

The flop gave BrynKenney a flush draw, 7♣4♣J♥, and took away some of Lottenice's outs. Two harmless cards peeled off on the turn and river, 6♦ and J♦. BrynKenney took down the pot with unimproved ace-king and is on a roll.

Lottenice finshes 28th and receives $32,980.50 for solid play over the last two days.

12:00am--Day 2, seven-hour break

Level 35
Blinds 20,000/40,000, antes 5,000
Players remaining: 28 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 1,745,000
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. joeysweetp -- 3,909,030
2. FIREintheSUN -- 3,495,103
3. ROMDOM -- 3,481,330
4. Russian_nuts -- 2,833,622
5. BrynKenney -- 2,771,086
6. gray31 -- 2,762,627
7. troyones -- 2,599,263
8. m8675309a -- 2,384,096
9. jackellwood -- 2,224,395
10. LowVision -- 1,824,548

Team PokerStars:
22. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) - 992,991

Vadim Markushevski -- out 32nd ($32,980.50)

11:55pm--tormos torpedoed in 29th

Down to 971,455, tormos opened with a raise to 74,345 from the button, then m8675309a reraised to 174,000 from the big blind. tormos pushed all in, and his opponent called.

m8675309a had woken up with K♥K♦, well ahead of tormos' T♠9♥. Five community cards later -- 6♦J♠A♠7♥2♦ -- tormos was out in 29th ($32,980.50).

11:53pm--McDonald 3-outered and out in 30th

Just three hands after losing most of his stack to FrozenVeins, Michael "Timex" McDonald was all in pre-flop with pocket jacks. The good news for McDonald: BrynKenney called with A♣J♣. The bad news for McDonald: when the turn came the A♦, he was left drawing at one out. It didn't hit on the river.

McDonald is out in 30th place ($32,980.50).

11:51pm--arbianight makes like Timex, out in 31st

At almost the exact same moment that Michael "Timex" McDonald was taking A-10 against A-K on one table, arbianight was all in for 428,415 with A♦T♦ against gray31's A♣K♦. The hand went as poorly for arbianight as it had for McDonald; a 9-high board of 4♣8♦7♦9♣2♣ was no help. arbianight's run ended in 31st place ($32,980.50).

11:50pm--Battle of aces goes to FrozenVeins

Michael "Timex" McDonald is now firmly in the ranks of the short stacks after an unfortunate encounter with FrozenVeins. FrozenVeins opened from the cutoff with a raise to 70,000. McDonald three-bet to 166,666, then called after FrozenVeins move all in for 713,176 total. McDonald's A♥T♠ was drawing thin against the A♠K♦ of FrozenVeins. It was a complete whiff for McDonald on a board of Q♣5♥J♥8♦2♣. He's down to less than 400,000 in chips.

11:46pm--FIREintheSUN still rolling

As the blinds have continued to increase and the stacks have consolidated, seven-figure pots without an all in have become a real possibility. So it was with FIREintheSUN and Lottenice. Both were part of a three-way pot (along with carryhero) that FIREintheSUN raised pre-flop. FIREintheSUN had to act first and led into both opponents for 127,095 on an 8-high flop, 5♦3♥8♦. Only Lottenice called.

The turn paired the board 5♥. FIREintheSUN led out again, for a heft 219,950. Lottenice called that bet too. But when the river came K♣, both players froze and checked it down. FIREintheSUN opened two red jacks to claim the pot with jacks and fives.

11:41pm--Aces fail Markushevski, out in 32nd

The table folded to Vadim Markushevski of Team PokerStars Russia in the small blind who opened with a raise to 90,000. joeysweetp, who had Markushevski well covered, then shoved over the top all in from the big blind, and Markushevski quickly called with his last 1.01 million.

Markushevski: A♦A♣
joeysweetp: 8♣8♥

Looked like a good spot for the Russian. Then the flop appeared in the center of the screen -- Q♦5♠8♦. Didn't look so good anymore. A set for joeysweetp, and two cards later (3♠7♥), Markushevski was out in 32nd place ($32,980.50).

joeysweetp is our chip leader now with more than 4.2 million.


Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski, out in 32nd place

11:34pm--TheRogueAce can't find the rogue ace, eliminated in 33rd

Flips. That's what this game often comes down to. Win a flip, stick around a while longer. Lose a flip and drown your sorrows in a beer. TheRogueAce's final hand came down to a flip, all-in pre-flop for 634,701 with A♦J♣ against gray31's pocket 6s.

The flop came all small, 2♥6♠4♠, very bad news for TheRogueAce. One T♣ turn card later, TheRogueAce was drawing dead and finishing in 33rd place ($32,980.50).

11:29pm--Tank? Fold.

Every pot is taking on increased importance the closer we get to the final table. gray31 tanked for almost a minute in the last hand at Table 211, against LowVision, before deciding to fold. gray31 started the action pre-flop with a raise to 74,875 that LowVision called out of the small blind. Both players checked an ace-high flop, A♦8♣6♥. When the turn came the T♦, LowVision fired 126,000 into the pot and gray31 called.

The river was the 5♠. LowVision made another bet, this time for 284,000. gray31 burned about a minute from the time bank before finally folding.

11:26pm--joeysweetp runs Rambaldi33 out in 34th

In one of the last hands of Level 33 (blinds 15,000/30,000), ROMDOM opened with a raise to 61,113 from middle position, and Rambaldi33 called on the button. Then joeysweetp made a very squeezey-looking reraise to 261,000 from the small blind. The big blind and ROMDOM both folded, then Rambaldi33 made the call, leaving just 493,112 behind.

The flop came all babies -- 4♥3♥7♠ -- and joeysweetp appared to go into the tank. After more than 30 seconds, he finally shoved all in. Rambaldi33 took a bit less time, then made the call, showing 9♠9♦ for the overpair. Not over enough, as joeysweetp had A♥A♠.

The turn was the 8♥ and the river the 5♥, and joeysweetp ended the hand with a flush. Rambdaldi33 is out in 34th place ($32,980.50), while joeysweetp moves over 3.4 million and into second place behind troyones.

11:23pm--MVPAT down in 35th

MVPAT had what we'll characterize as an "in-between" stack - 20 big blinds. It's an awkward stack-size to play pre-flop. MVPAT opted to shove all in with that stack after being dealt pocket 5s. Action passed to big blind BrynKenney, who paused before calling with pocket 9s. BrynKenney flopped a set, 7♦6♥9♦. Nobody improved from there, making MVPAT the 35th-place finisher ($32,980.50).

11:14pm--Timex can't pull the trigger

It's not incredibly rare to see a pre-flop four-bet get raised and not have it result in an all-in showdown, but it is unusual.

On one of the first hands back from break, LVSEO opened to 64,500. gray31 three-bet the cutoff to 165,432 before Mike "Timex" McDonald four-bet the button to 333,333. LVSEO folded, allowing gray31 to moved all in. The call back to Timex was for the rest of Timex's chips. After a short deliberation, Timex folded and preserved a stack of roughly 1 million chips.

McDonald currently sits with just under one million chips (24th of 35), while LVSEO is at 1.09 million (21st).


Mike "Timex" McDonald

11:00pm--Day 2, six-hour break

Level 33
Blinds 15,000/30,000, antes 3,750
Players remaining: 35 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 1,396,000
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. troyones -- 3,656,136
2. FIREintheSUN -- 3,524,408
3. Russian_nuts -- 3,071,191
4. ROMDOM -- 2,230,195
5. m8675309a -- 2,085,891
6. joeysweetp -- 2,028,147
7. Low Vision -- 2,009,127
8. gregy20723 -- 1,523,151
9. BrynKenney -- 1,505,086
10. joaobarb -- 1,501,833

Team PokerStars:
19. Vadim Markushevski -- 1,175,880
27. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- 848,755

10:54pm--Zero chips left for MarkusG91, out in 36th

A day filled with so much promise for MarkusG91 ended with four tables left in this Main Event. Down to 254,183 in chips (8 big blinds), MarkusG91 opened all in from the button with K♠5♦. The small blind, carryhero, re-shoved for 735,570 with K♣J♣. MarkusG91 was dominated and did not improve on a flop of 6♦T♠A♥.

"5", MarkusG91 begged. "ish."

The turn came the miracle 5♥ to give Markus the lead. But there was still the matter of the river, which fell Q♣ to improve carryhero to a Broadway straight. Commence keyboard smashing by MarkusG91.

MarkusG91 said, "gvqreporebvpqrebrekb"
MarkusG91 said, "qreb"
MarkusG91 said, "åperbqreo"
MarkusG91 said, "qreiboqeråbvkew"
MarkusG91 said, "voåpbkrqbvåqrepkbvåqorebkvqerøbker"

A very, very painful elimination for MarkusG91 just as we hit the extended 15-minute break. He earns $32,890.50 for finishing 36th.

10:52pm--a jungle cat slain

It really is amazing how quickly things can change in this game. One moment, a junle cat is cruising along with about 40 big blinds. Then exactly two hands later, a jungle cat is out.

In the first hand, the bullet-proof Vadim Markushevski opened all in pre-flop for 559,365 with pocket 4s. a jungle cat had been dealt pocket jacks and was the only player to take on Markushevski. Markushevski flopped one 4 and turned another to make quads.

The very next hand, a jungle cat opened pre-flop from middle position to 67,500, then called all in for 478,088 after ROMDOM three-bet shoved. It was a race. a jungle cat was on the "needing-to-improve" end with A♣Q♥ against 8♦8♠. And lo, a jungle cat DID improve on the turn, 5♥7♣6♠Q♣. But ROMDOM rivered a nine-high straight with the 9♦ to knock a jungle cat out of the tournament in 37th place.

10:47pm--No hurries, no worries

With 37 players left, the next elimination will mean we're down to just four tables. The money is getting good -- after that next bust, all who remain are guaranteed at least $32,980.50.

But six figures await the final nine. And seven figures await the last three standing.

Thus it's no surprise to see play tighten up a bit. The average stack is about 1.32 million right now -- that's a little more than 37 big blinds at the moment. Enough for many to sit tight and see what comes.

troyones remains in the lead with 3.76 million, with FIREintheSUN next with 3.46 million. Meanwhile, it's a jungle cat, POTTERPOKER, and MarkusG91 currently at the bottom of the counts.

10:36pm--Ask, and you shall receive...?

The beauty (or perhaps the annoyance) of no-limit hold'em is that one card can change everything. Ask ggbman, who opened all in pre-flop for 317,765. LowVision then re-shoved to 1.5 million with pocket kings, and needed to dodge ggbman's live ace, A♦7♥. A flop of A♠7♠7♣ seemed very impressive, as it made a full house for ggbman, but really it was no different than an ace-high flop with two junk cards. Either way, LowVision needed a king.

What popped off on the turn? Why a king of course, the K♥. Lowvision improved to a better full house, then dodged ggbman's remaining outs with a J♣ river. ggbman is out in 38th place ($28,705.25).

10:31pm--Russian_nuts continues rush

Russian_nuts just landed another big pot -- 1.24 million this time -- knocking out SingleFileD in 39th place in the process.

This hand involved making another big preflop decision (or two). SingleFileD had raised to 55,555 from middle position, then joeysweetp reraised to 116,500 from the small blind. Russian_nuts made it 245,000 from the big blind, then SingleFileD reshoved all in for 549,506 total. joeysweetp folded, but Russian_nuts called.

SingleFileD had A♣K♥, temporarily in decent shape versus Russian_nuts' K♦Q♠. But the flop brought a queen, and the river another one, and SingleFileD was sent to the rail.

Russian_nuts is up to 3.52 million now, just ahead of troyones at the top of the counts.

10:25pm--Can FIREintheSUN be beat?

Unstoppable. En fuego. "It's just X's day." How else to describe the Day 2 that FIREintheSUN is having? It seems like every big pot that FIREintheSUN plays comes home to roost in FIREintheSUN's stack. 1.1 million chips were up for grabs on another flip after FIREintheSUN opened pre-flop to 54,420 and Pokerccini re-raised all in to 523,346. FIREintheSUN called with pocket 9s against K♥Q♠. There wasn't much sweat on this one as the flop came nine-high, 3♠5♠9♣, leaving Pokerccini drawing at runners. The J♥ on the turn was the first of potential runners, but the 2♠ on the river was not the second.

FIREintheSUN has crested 3 million in chips.

10:21pm--Makarov makes off with a few

tormos raised to 52,345 from under the gun, then jellycz reraised to 144,000 from middle position. Then Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov of Team PokerStars Online shoved over the top from the cutoff for 663,660.

It folded back to tormos who paused a beat, then let it go. And jellycz stepped aside as well.

LuckyGump has 922,505 right now, in 26th. Still below average, which is about 1.28 million with 38 players left.

10:18pm--GG jaybeastie

When we started Day 2 more than five hours ago, jaybeastie was one of the big stacks. Now jaybeastie is on the rail, like approximately 2,400 other players. Down to 436,563, jaybeastie re-raised all in after Dogg11 opened for 57,655. FrozenVeins then re-shoved behind jaybeastie and showed down 9♠9♥. It was a race against jaybeastie's A♠J♦. FrozenVeins' 9s held up, 6♠Q♥5♠Q♦5♣, to eliminate jaybeastie in 42nd place.

10:13pm--Vinkyy grinding it out

It feels like Vinkyy never has had a big stack in the first five hours of play so far today. Instead Vinkyy has been forced to grind out small pots like a recent pot against MarkusG91. MarkusG91 started the pre-flop action with a middle-position raise to 53,456. Vinkyy called out of the small blind. Both players checked a highly-coordinated jack-high flop, 8♦9♣J♣.

Vinkyy seized the lead on the 5♦ turn with a bet of 75,000. MarkusG91 called that bet, then called another 125,000 on the 9♥ river. Vinkyy showed down A♦J♦ for two pair, jacks and nines. It was the winner.

Vinkyy is up to 1.4 million after dragging that pot.

10:07pm--Russian_nuts has a pair... and a lot of chips

Just after the break, JesperPs was eliminated in 44th place ($28,705.25). Then came a big hand between bedoyiya and Russian_nuts.

The table folded to bedoyiya who opened for 55,555 from the cutoff. All folded over to Russian_nuts who then reraised to 145,500 from the big blind. bedoyiya promptly pushed all in for 1,617,985 total. To call would put Russian_nuts all in, and he went deep in the tank, using all but a few seconds of the time bank.

Then he called.

Russian_nuts showed 9♣9♦, while bedoyiya had A♦Q♥. Big, big call. The race was on.

And then the race was over. Just about. The flop came 9♥3♣5♠, giving Russian_nuts a set of nines, and when the K♥ fell on the turn, there were no river cards that could take the hand away from him.

Russian_nuts moves to 2.86 million on that hand -- good for second place behind troyones at the moment -- while bedoyiya falls to just 203,705, a little over eight big blinds.

10:00pm--Day 2, five-hour break

Level 31
Blinds 10,000/20,000, antes 2,500
Players remaining: 44 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 1,110,454
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. troyones -- 3,230,556
2. FIREintheSUN -- 2,673,464
3. tormos -- 1,990,910
4. joaobarb -- 1,882,783
5. m8675309a -- 1,874,134
6. gray31 -- 1,820,288
7. joeysweetp -- 1,786,442
8. JP OSU -- 1,633,721
9. bedoyiya -- 1,618,610
10. Lottenice -- 1,594,299

Team PokerStars:
30. Vadim Markushevski -- 700.304
33. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- 584,035


To set the stage, the stack sizes of maxxscam, danger0us and troyones were 510,000, 1.3 million, and 1.35 million, respectively. Now, at this stage of the tournament, it is exceedingly rare that you'll see a three-way all in pre-flop, especially when two of the players have 70 big blinds each. And yet...

RSS readers click through to see replay

With that double knockout, troyones is the new chip leader.

9:43pm--500k to BrynKenney without showdown

The best big pots to win are the ones where you don't even have to go to showdown. BrynKenney opened pre-flop from middle position with a minimum-raise that was called by FIREintheSUN (on the button) and MarkusG91 (in the big blind). An innocuous-looking flop of Q♥2♣3♥ produced quite a bit of action. MarkusG91 checked to BrynKenney, who continued for 69,000. FIREintheSUN then raised to 166,666 and was flat-called by MarkusG91. BrynKenney opted to shove for a total of just more than 1 million. It was a raise that induced quick folds from both other players.

BrynKenney now has about 1.5 million in chips.

9:41pm--Life for Vadim

Things haven't come easily today for Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski but he's still fighting his way through Event 62. Dealt A♥J♣ in middle position, Markushevski open-shoved his whole stack of 347,652. a jungle cat went for the elimination with pocket 8s, but Markushevski flopped one jack and rivered another to double up to 745,304.

Markushevski currently sits in 29th place with 48 players remaining.


Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski

9:40pm--50 remain

Crunch time. FIREintheSUN leads right now with 2.54 million, followed by tormos with 2.24 million and m8675309a with 2.15 million.

9:37pm--River unkind for Sir_DonaldRM

With the blinds 10,000/20,000, jackellwood opened for 44,750 from UTG, and it folded to Sir_DonaldRM who pushed all in for 352,230 from the small blind. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov folded in the BB, and jackellwood called.

Sir_DonaldRM was behind with K♠Q♦ to jackellwood's A♦J♠, but the 5♦J♥K♦ changed that. The turn was the 8♥, and Sir_DonaldRM looked fairly safe, but the river was the J♦, giving jackellwood trip jacks and sending Sir_DonaldRM out in 52nd ($25,651.50).

9:34pm--carryhero rides kings to double

MarkusG91 has spent most of the first few hours of play near the top of the counts. Now MarkusG91 is in short-stack territory, with a below-average stack, after doubling up carryhero. MarkusG91 was in the small blind and called a pre-flop opening raise to 42,490 made by chip leader FIREintheSUN. Big blind carryhero then three-bet to 112,500, folding FIREintheSUN. MarkusG91 opted to shove all in for more than 1 million, a raise back to carryhero of 355,068 total. carryhero snap-called with pocket kings against MarkusG91's pocket 9s and the rest, as they say, was history.

9:28pm--JP OSU jumps up

Earlier when we showed that "table of death" featuring four of the top seven chip stacks, there was a reference to "poor" Jason "JP OSU" Potter sitting amid all of those formidable foes. Well, Potter is "poor" no more.

While others' stacks grew smaller, JP OSU's increased, eventually to more than one million. gkap13 -- after taking that big recent hit against joaobarb -- open-pushed all in for 186,278 and Potter made the call from the big blind. gkap13 had J♣T♣ and JP OSU A♣8♠. The board came 2♦6♥8♣4♠2♣, and gkap13 is out in 55th place ($25,651.50).

Potter, meanwhile, has been moved to a new table to which he takes a stack of about 1.41 million -- good for ninth place at the moment.

9:26pm--Sick heater for FIREintheSUN

When you're running hot in tournament poker, you're virtually unstoppable. And what's hotter than the white-hot heat of the sun? Sitting in the small blind with A♠K♥, FIREintheSUN hadn't even acted before Lottenice opened to 35,000 and Mc'Whill re-raised all in to 400,651. FIREintheSUN, the big stack at the table, re-shoved for 2.1 million. Lottenice took the hint and folded, leaving FIREintheSUN racing against Mc'Whill's pocket 10s. The board came K♥8♥J♠5♠6♠ to make a pair of kings for FIREintheSUN and eliminated Mc'Whill.

FIREintheSUN is now the leader with almost 2.6 million in chips.

9:19pm--DonkPredator unceremoniously bounced

The "donk" pickings for DonkPredator were exceedingly thin at this stage of the tournament. DonkPredator managed to double through Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski (no easy mark). After DonkPredator opened to 94,250, Markushevski moved all in, a raise back to DonkPredator of another 287,070. DonkPredator called with pocket queens against Markushevski's pocket 8s. "It's never easy," they say (who are they?) and in this case the board developed 6♥7♥3♥5♦ to give Markushevski plenty of outs heading into the river. The board paired 6♠ to secure the double-up for DonkPredator.

The very next hand, m8675309a dialed up yet another "setup" hand, this time on the wrong end. The action started with a raise from m8675309a to 34,000. DonkPredator re-raised to 82,500. That didn't stop m8675309a, who four-bet to 233,333. DonkPredator shoved with A♦A♠ and was snap-called by m8675309a's K♦K♥ for a pot worth 1.6 million in chips.

The flop? As Team PokerStars Pro Joe Cada says in a well-known PokerStars TV advert, "You don't want to know."

DonkPredator said, "FWEQÅOPK"
DonkPredator said, "qålqdf"
DonkPredator said, "qL"
DonkPredator said, "ÅLQLÅF"
DonkPredator said, "QWFÅL"
DonkPredator said, "FLÅ"
DonkPredator said, "WŨFWLÅ"
DonkPredator said, "ŨFW"
DonkPredator said, "ÅLFWÅFLW"
DonkPredator said, "LÅQlå¨f"

m8675309a: shows [Kd Kh] (a full house, Kings full of Nines)
DonkPredator: shows [Ad As] (two pair, Aces and Nines)

DonkPredator finishes in 59th ($22,597.75).

9:16pm--Ace-high enough for joaobarb

joaobarb had raised to 41,000 preflop from middle position, and only gkap13 called from the big blind. The flop came 5♠6♠9♦. gkap13 checked, joaobarb bet 57,000, then gkap13 check-raised to 143,650. joaobarb responded by shoving all in for 670,364, and gkap13 tanked for a half-minute or so before calling.

joaobarb had A♦8♦ for a gutshot and an overcard, while gkap13 was also drawing with Q♠J♠. The turn was the 3♥ and river the 6♣, and joaobarb's ace was enough to win him the 1.44 million-chip pot.

That hand pushes joaobarb up to fifth place, while gkap13 now sits with about 150,000 -- near the very bottom with 59 players left.

9:11pm--m8675309a dials up a cooler

Earlier today m8675309a mentioned in the chat box really loving the deep structures provided by PokerStars for major tournaments like WCOOP. That structure, m8675309a said, allows for more deep runs. Also catching big hands at the right times doesn't hurt. m8675309a got all in pre-flop for 520,000 against gcnmoo, who three-bet m8675309a's under-the-gun raise and then five-bet shoved. gcnmoo called with pocket kings; gcnmoo showed A♠K♥. The case king on a flop of K♦7♣6♦ removed all doubt about the winner.

m8675309a has more than 1 million in chips now. gcnmoo has been knocked back to less than 900,000.

9:06pm--FIREintheSUN high in the counts

After a lucky break earlier, all in with 6s against kings, FIREintheSUN has been making the most of a large stack. Sitting in the big blind, FIREintheSUN called BrynKenney's minimum-raise to 32,000 from the button. Both players checked a paired flop, 3♠K♣3♣. On the turn 4♥ FIREintheSUN checked a second time. That check may have induced a bet of 36,900 from BrynKenney. FIREintheSUN check-raised to 111,111 and BrynKenney called.

The river appeared to be a blank 2♦. FIREintheSUN bet 200,000 and showed down A♥3♥ after BrynKenney called. Trip treys were good enough to drag a pot worth more than 700,000.

9:00pm--Day 2, four-hour break

Level 30
Blinds 8,000/16,000, antes 2,000
Players remaining: 62 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 788,064
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. tormos -- 2,114,440
2. Lottenice -- 1,940,556
3. bedoyiya -- 1,582,112
4. gray31 -- 1,558,887
5. danger0us -- 1,531,018
6. LowVision -- 1,486,455
7. a jungle cat -- 1,471,320
8. troyones -- 1,398,134
9. MarkusG91 -- 1,390,777
10. gregy20723 -- 1,385,836

Team PokerStars:
15. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- 1,146,048
30. Vadim Markushevski -- 711,272

Chad Brown -- out 71st ($20,765.50)

8:54pm--"Oh yucky"

That was the pronouncement from m8675309a after watching EC10's kings cracked by ROMDOM's A♥Q♠, all in pre-flop for 410,000. One queen on the flop and a second on the turn did in EC10, who finished in 63rd place.

8:49pm--Yeshua_won done

Crippled to less than 30,000 chips, Yeshua_won was just all in versus bedoyia with J♦5♦ versus bedoyiya's A♠9♥. The board came 4♠4♦4♥A♥5♦, and Yeshua_won hit the rail in 65th place ($20,756.50).

bedoyiya is in third currently with 1.58 million, behind new leader tormos (2.15 million) and Lottenice (1.86 million).

8:46pm--Markushevski dodges the admiral

Every time we see a jungle cat, with his avatar pic of Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi, in a hand to a flop, we want to scream, "IT'S A TRAP!" Just because. Against Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski it certainly seemed plausible. The two took a three-handed flop of 3♣8♠7♥ along with m8675309a. Markushevski, the pre-flop raiser, bet 42,550 after the action checked to him in position. a jungle cat check-raised to 100,200. m8675309a folded and Markushevski called.

When the A♥ hit the turn, all the action shut down. Both players checked that street and checked the 7♣ river. a jungle cat showed 5♦5♥ for fives and sevens, which was the losing hand against Markushevski's J♥J♠. Markushevski is up to about 575,000 in chips.

8:44pm--Quads? Me too.

Here's one you don't see every day: quads on board, a bet and a call on the river, and the pot doesn't get chopped:

RSS readers click through to see replay

8:42pm--tormos takes most of Yeshua_won's stack

Yeshua_won just lost a huge 2.26 million-chip pot to tormos. Most of the fireworks happened following a 9♥A♥2♦ flop. Yeshua_won had flopped a set of deuces, while tormos had K♥T♥ for the nut flush draw. The turn was the 5♥, giving tormos the flush, and the river was the 8♠.

Meanwhile, that pot makes tormos our new chip leader.

8:36pm--Four sevens has to be lucky, right?

Now that the tournament is down to single digits in tables, the action mainly consists of a pre-flop raise, a pre-flop re-raise and then lots of folding. Every once in a while someone calls the pre-flop re-raise and we get some action, such as just happened on Table 133.

The raiser was a jungle cat, with an open to 31,500. The re-raiser was THE__D__RY, who shoved al in for 225,063. a jungle cat called with 7♣7♠, up against THE__D__RY's K♣K♥. Cue up one seven on the flop and another on the turn for quads, J♠7♦8♥7♥2♦, and show THE__D__RY to the exit from the tournament in 69th place ($20,765.50).

8:32pm--Brown and out

Down to 214,188, Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown open-raised all in from the button for 214,188, and it folded to noirduck in the big blind. Brown had noirduck barely covered, and after a bit of thinking noirduck made the call. Brown couldn't have been happy to see his opponent's hand -- A♥J♥ -- as Brown had A♠9♣.

The board came A♦3♣K♦T♥K♣, and Brown had but 3,365 left. He'd put that all in on the next hand, and ultimately it was noirduck again to see the flop with him. Brown had J♦8♥ and noirduck 6♠6♣. A six flopped, and by the turn Brown was drawing dead. He's out in 71st place, earning $20,765.50 for making it that far.

8:31pm--zangbezan24 at zero

Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi would double again to move above 400,000, but just now ran into tormos.

After Mizzi called tormos' all-in four-bet with A♥Q♦, he was racing against his opponent's 9♣9♦. The flop was 5♦8♦K♠ and Mizzi was still looking for a pair, but the 9♠ on the turn meant no card could save him, and he's out in 72nd.

8:26pm--Tank-call works for Makarov

Win your flips and you stand a better chance at winning a poker tournament than if you lose your flips. But sometimes, the more important decision is whether you choose to take the flip at all. Team Online player Andrey "LuckyGump" Makarov opened pre-flop to 31,300 and was called by jersey716 before the button, estofesto, re-raised all in to 470,582. Makarov burned a minute off of his time bank before making a tough, gutsy call with pocket 9s for almost all of his stack. After jersey716 folded, the race was on against estofesto's A♠K♣. Makarov nailed a set on the flop, 9♣2♣T♥, and wrapped up the hand with a blank 5♦ on the turn. He's now up to 1.1 million in chips.

estofesto finished in 74th place and receive $20,154.75.

8:19pm--Poker is a cruel game too

Aces into a big ace, my friend said of his theory. I never said it was a good theory, but it seemed to be working for jersey716. jersey716 was dealt pocket aces and managed to get jackellwood to shove all in pre-flop for 376,000 with A-Q. Things looked great for jersey716 to climb to more than 1 million in chips after a flop of K♠2♣3♥, but the board ran out 4♠ and 5♣ to give each player a wheel. Chop it up!

8:14pm--jlost88 out, 81 left

We reported earlier how jlost88 had a swift up-and-down sequence that ended with his having over a million chips. It wasn't that long after that that jlost88 would lose a good chunk of that stack in a three-way, preflop all-in situation involving BrynKenney and snake8484. In that one, BrynKenney's pocket kings proved best against jlost88's A♦Q♦ and snake8484's 4♠4♦.

A while later, jlost88 was down to 241,076 when he reraised all in following a preflop raise by gray31. gray31 called, showing K♦Q♦. jlost88 had 7♣6♣. The board came T♦2♣J♠2♦9♣, and jlost88 is out in 82nd place ($19,544).

8:10pm--Poker is a sick, sick game

In order to make a living at tournament poker, players need a steel fortitude to deal with the inevitable bad beats along the way. deoxyribo just took one at the worst possible time. Dealt K♠K♦, deoxyribo three-bet to 64,600 after FIREintheSUN opened to 26,200 from early position. FIREintheSUN then four-bet shoved all in for 467,000. deoxyribo, who started the hand with 560,912, called. FIREintheSUN showed two 6s, then found a matching 6 on a flop of J♣4♦6♦. There was no miracle king on the turn or river. Instead of having more than 1 million in chips, deoxyribo was left with about 90,000.


A friend once told me his theory that the whole function of pocket aces in a tournament is to get all in against a hand like A-Q or A-K. That's the situation that jaybeastie just enjoyed against Vinkyy, getting all in before the flop for 400,000. jaybeastie even managed to find the case ace for a set on the flop, A♣T♣Q♥, but Vinkyy did pick up outs to a Broadway straight. The turn 5♣ also gave Vinkyy outs to a club flush, suddenly making the river card a huge sweat for jaybeastie. It blanked out 9♥ to allow jaybeastie to double up to 831,872. Vinkyy is down to 372,403.

8:02pm--Nice pot for Lottenice

You might notice in that most recent break post we have a new chip leader -- Lottenice. Here's how that happened.

Just before the break, Lottenice opened with a raise to 27,000 from early position, and it folded to Tjollerboy in the big blind who reraised to 71,200. Lottenice made the call, and the flop came 4♠Q♦T♠. Both checked. The turn was the 4♥, pairing the board. Tjollerboy bet 58,600 this time, and Lottenice called the bet.

The river was the J♦, and Tjollerboy pushed all in for 270,776. Lottenice called, showing A♣K♦ for a Broadway straight. Tjollerboy showed T♥7♦ for tens and fours, and was ousted in 85th place ($19,544).

As play begins here in the fourth hour of Day 2, Lottenice remains on top with about 1.78 million.

8:00pm--Day 2, three-hour break

Level 28
Blinds 6,000/12,000, antes 1,500
Players remaining: 84 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 581,666
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. Lottenice -- 1,683,771
2. MarkusG91 -- 1,477,465
3. troyones -- 1,351,584
4. toweliestar -- 1,330,470
5. bedoyiya -- 1.313,363
6. LowVision -- 1,301,985
7. danger0us -- 1,281,653
8. Yeshua_Won -- 1,252,254
9. gregy20723 -- 1,231,714
10. gkap13 -- 1,184,833

Team PokerStars:
15. Vadim Markushevski -- 947,034
29. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- 620,076
49. Chad Brown -- 435,938

7:54pm--Mizzi managing

Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi just doubled through gkap13 at that aforementioned table of death. Mizzi was all in before the flop with T♣8♦ and in tough shape versus gkap13's K♠T♥. The flop came 8♣4♥5♥, though, and after the A♠ turn and 4♠ river, Mizzi was back to 192,032.

"Eight ball corner pocket" typed Mizzi afterwards, paraphrasing David "Viffer" Peat's famous "High Stakes Poker" line. gkap13 still has nearly 1.2 million.

7:44pm--toweliestar still climbing

While ggbman, bedoyiya, gkap13, Yeshua_Won and Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi all try to massacre each other on Table 37, the rest of the field is still fighting tooth and nail to climb up the counts. toweliestar, who has been incredibly active this hour, just took out VLs85s, all in pre-flop for 217,748. toweliestar's A♦K♠ held against the A♥Q♣ VLs85s and even rivered an unnecessary king. Winning that pot put toweliestar's count at more than 1.2 million, right near the Top 5.

7:41pm--"Hello, neighbor," said the big stack to the big stack

Yeshua_Won just got moved to a new table. Check it out:


Sitting almost side-by-side (save for poor Jason "JP OSU" Potter) are four players currently in the top seven in the counts!

gkap13 with 1.25 million is in seventh, ggbman with 1.35 million is in third, bedoyiya with almost 1.34 million is in fourth, and Yeshua_Won with 1.22 million is in sixth. Notice Sorel "zangbezan24" Mizzi is also there on the other side -- with his good luck Vitaly Lunkin avatar -- hanging on at the moment with a short stack.

All continue to chase MarkusG91, out in front with about 1.71 million at the moment.

7:37pm--MarkusG91 surges to the lead

It's rare the pots that get four-bet pre-flop go to a showdown without an all in along the way, but that's what happened at MargusG91's table. MVPAT opened from early position to 21,855, then was raised by MarkusG91 to 45,678 and re-raised by deoxyribo to 94,200 before the action even made it to the blinds. MVPAT folded; MarkugsG91 called.

On a flop of 8♦2♦K♠, MarkusG91 checked and called a bet of 82,400. The turn 4♣ didn't change the board texture much and brought another check from MarkusG91. This time deoxyribo fired 178,000 but still MarkusG91 called. Both players checked the J♦ river. MarkusG91 showed down top pair top kicker with A♥K♦ to drag a bit pot and climb to 1.6 million in chips.

7:34pm--toweliestar climbs back above 1,000,000

It's been a wild ride this hour for toweliestar. Despite some dips and bumps, toweliestar is back in the top 10 after executing a river check-raise against poker_lord76. toweliestar opened pre-flop from under the gun for 20,000, the minimum. poker_lord76 was next to act and made the price of a flop 59,855. Only toweliestar called.

On a king-high flop, 5♣K♥4♣, toweliestar checked and called another 60,000. Both players checked the 8♠ turn. The 9♥ river looked like a blank and brought another check from toweliestar. poker_lord76 made a bet of 155,500, then tanked and folded to toweliestar's all-in shove of 717,179.

toweliestar now has about 1.1 million in chips.

7:32pm--Brown battling

Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown started the day with close to 330,000 chips. After a couple of hours of play he saw his stack gradually shrink to less than 185,000. No huge pots, but a lot of whittling being done to him by his opponents, dropping him to below-average status as the field continued to shrink.

Just now Brown began to try to turn things around, minimum-raising to 20,000 from middle position. It folded to holla@yoboy who called from the big blind. The flop came 3♣A♣T♦. holla@yoboy checked, Brown continued for 30,000, and holla@yoboy called.

The turn was the J♦. holla@yoboy checked again, and this time Brown bet 60,000. holla@yoboy had had enough and let it go.

Still work to do for Brown, who now sits with 249,219 -- 75th with 98 players left.

7:29pm--100 remain

Down to just 100. Average stack is a little under 500,000. Leaders are MarkusG91 (1.62 million), bedoyiya (1.37 million), and ggbman (1.31 million).

7:26pm--jlost88 lost, then won

jlost88 looked primed to move up over a million and into the top ten. There was 426,482 in the middle after his opponent, gregy20723, had committed the last of his chips following a flop of J♣4♦Q♦. gregy20723 had A♥A♦, but jlost88 had flopped a set with J♥J♠.

Then came the turn -- dink! -- the A♣, giving gregy20723 the better set. The river was the 7♠, and gregy20723 survived.

Moments later, a series of reraises between jlost88 and 19vnv51 had the latter all in after a flop of 9♣2♦6♦. The pot was huge -- 781,508. Once again, jlost88 was up against an opponent holding pocket rockets -- A♦A♣. This time, however, jlost88 was the one looking to hit a card with 8♣7♠.

The turn was the Q♦, reducing the available outs to jlost88 by a couple. But the river was the 5♣, giving jlost88 the straight and sending 19vnv51 out in 107th ($18,322.50).

That one did bump jlost88 over a million -- to 1,067,735 in fact, good for eighth place.

7:22pm--Here comes m8675309a

After winning a big flip earlier, baneris briefly managed to climb about the 1 million-chip mark. But m8675309a cut baneris back to size.

"You always seem to go deep in these big BI tourneys," a railbird noted.

"Good structure is good for me," replied m8675309a. So is getting dealt pocket aces and receiving action from pocket tens. The chips were all in pre-flop between m8675309a after an opening raise, a three-bet from baneris, and a four-bet shove. baneris' pocket tens didn't' improve against m8675309a's aces, K♦6♥3♥9♦9♥. m8675309a now has about 618,000 while baneris slipped to 775,000.

7:11pm--One raise, two raises, three raises...

Having a big stack is critical to avoid busting in situations where - it can't be helped - the chips are going in the pot. JesperPs opened a recent pot to 18,000 before big blind toweliestar three-bet to 39,876. JesperPs then shoved all in for 200,000 total and toweliestar, who started the hand with more than 800,000, quickly called with Q♦Q♠. JesperPs showed K♣K♥, which held up to give JesperPs the double-up.

The very next hand, toweliestar was the small blind for a three-way raised flop of 8♥3♣7♥. toweliestar checked. allowing big blind poker_lord76 opened the betting for 25,678. The pre-flop raiser, jersey716 raised to 85,565 before toweliestar check-raised them both, all in for 600,493. poker_lord76 quickly folded but jersey716, with 349,444 behind the original 85,565 raise, dove deep into the think tank. Eventually jersey716 found a fold.

7:08pm--baneris bounces CutiePi314

The table folded around to CutiePi314 who raised to 18,000 from the small blind, then baneris made it 34,260 from the big blind. CutiePi314 then reraised to 80,000, baneris shoved all in, and CutiePi314 called with the 206,230 remaining.

CutiePi314 showed A♦T♠ while baneris had 9♠9♣. The community cards brought nothing higher than an eight, and CutiePi314 is out in 113th ($17,711.75).

That hand moved baneris close to one million chips, a barrier baneris then crossed just afterwards. baneris sits in seventh place at the moment.

7:00pm--Day 2, two-hour break

Level 26
Blinds 4,000/8,000, antes 1,000
Players remaining: 115 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 424,869
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. ggbman -- 1,615,849
2. bedoyiya -- 1,324,812
3. Yeshua_Won -- 1,235,470
4. MarkusG91 -- 1,169,677
5. gkap13 -- 1,116,912
6. gcnmoo -- 1,066,524
7. jlost88 -- 956,172
8. Lottenice -- 895,813
9. danger0us -- 825,557
10. toweliestar -- 790,624

Team PokerStars:
54. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- 362,192
58. Vadim Markushevski -- 344,087
87. Chad Brown -- 241,838

Bachir "Chiren80" Boumaaza -- out 146th

6:48pm--Swift fall for Zackattack13, JP OSU moves up

Must be something about that table. Or just having chips.

Zackattak13 -- recently sitting near the top of the leaderboard -- just hit the rail in 121st. He first lost a lot of his stack in a preflop all-in encounter versus gkap13 in which the latter had pocket queens, Zackattak13 had K♦Q♦, and the queens held.

That hand sent Zackattak13 from around 825,000 down to just over a quarter million. Soon after, he was reraising all in for his last 216,966 following a preflop raise from Jason "JP OSU" Potter. Potter thought for a while, then called, showing A♥T♥. Zackattak13 had 3♠3♥.

The board came 8♦K♥A♠K♣4♥, and Zackattak13 is out. Potter sits with a little over 560,000 at the moment, good for 30th place.

6:40pm--MarkusG31 picks off a bluff

MarkusG91 has been cruising today and is now up to 1.2 million in chips after calling JabaTheFlop's bluff. MarkusG91 was in the small blind and was the only player to call JabaTheFlop's pre-flop raise (from the button) to 18,888. MarkusG91 check-called another 28,000 on a king-high flop, K♠J♥5♦. Both players checked the 4♣ turn. When the river fell a scary A♠, MarkusG91 checked a third time. JabaTheFlop tried to buy the pot with a bet of 49,000 holding only 8♣7♠, but MarkusG91 sniffed it out and called with K♦Q♠, a pair of kings.

6:34pm--Speaking of turned sets of treys...

jaybeastie is definitely involved in the action now. From middle position, jaybeastie opened with a minimum-raise to 14,000. g.karolis had the button and opted for a flat-call. The blinds folded.

On a flop of 6♣6♦T♠, jaybeastie continued for 18,750. Again g.karolis called. When jaybeastie checked the 3♠ turn, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for g.karolis to bet and take down the pot - but that's not what happened. g.karolis did bet 46,577, but jaybeastie then check-raised all in. The raise was 87,952 back to g.karolis, who called with top pair, A♦T♦. jaybeastie showed 3♥3♦ for a turned set of treys (and a full house) and took down the pot with a blank 7♦ river.

6:31pm--DiamondsChgo turns to dust; bedoyiya bounces back to top of counts

That was quick. DiamondsChgo briefly held the chip lead a little over half an hour ago, but was just eliminated in 140th place ($15,879.50).

Down to 405,032 -- still above average -- DiamondsChgo raised to 21,000 from early position, then bedoyiya reraised to 58,888 from the small blind. Jason "JP OSU" Potter folded in the BB, and DiamondsChgo called. The flop came 2♠2♥A♣. bedoyiya bet 58,888 again, DiamondsChgo raised to 117,776, and bedoyiya called.
The turn was the 2♦ and bedoyiya checked again. This time DiamondsChgo shoved all in, and bedoyiya quickly called, showing A♥T♣ for deuces full of aces. DiamondsChgo had but K♦J♠, and the K♥ river was no help.

DiamondsChgo is out, while bedoyiya moves back into second place with more than 1.12 million.

6:27pm--The Prescott gut-punched by the turn

It's a dream, right? Open pocket kings pre-flop with a standard raise to 15,875, then watch as a player behind you three-bets all in for 193,930. That's what happened to The Prescott; he snap-called with his pocket kings against estofesto's pocket treys. A flop of A♣5♥8♥ didn't change anything, but the turn 3♠ did - estofesto spiked an unlikely set of treys. The Prescott couldn't perform the re-suckout on the river and as a result is down to about 150,000 in chips.

6:25pm--Chiren80 hits the rail

One of the two PokerStars Team Online players remaining in the field has been eliminated. Bachir "Chiren80" Boumaaza was down to 74,320 in chips with blinds at 3,500 and 7,000. He moved all in with two Broadway cards, Q♣T♥, and was called by weniotto's two bigger Broadway cards, A♦K♦. Each player flopped a pair, K♠T♦2♥, and neither improved from there. weniotto's pair of kings was enough to drag the pot and eliminated Chiren80 in 146th place.

Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov is the last Team Online player still alive in Event 62.


Boumaaza "Chiren80" Bachir of Team PokerStars Online

6:20pm--jaybeastie enters the fray

jaybeastie started Day 2 of Event 62 as one of the chip leaders, but spent most of the first hour of play just staying level. Things have picked up here in the second hour as jaybeastie notched an elimination to climb to 850,000 in chips. The unlucky victim was floes, whose pocket 9s didn't hold up against the A♥T♦ of jaybeastie. One full house later, 7♦A♣T♥2♣A♦, floes was on the rail.

6:16pm---BrynKenney ascendant again

After starting off strong, BrynKenney lost a few pots to drop back to about 400,000 in chips. Then Kamchatka 1 open-shoved for 97438 from the small blind and BrynKenney woke up with pocket 4s. Kamchatka 1 was probably thrilled to be flipping with K♥7♥ but might have been more happy with a fold, especially after the board blanked out J♦2♣6♦A♦A♠. It's another scalp forBrynKenney, who is back up to more than 500,000.

6:12pm--DiamondsChgo losing luster, Zackattak13 benefits

The slide continues for DiamondsChgo. Just now Zackattak13 opened with a minimum raise to 14,000 from UTG, and DiamondsChgo, sitting to his left, reraised to 35,000. All folded, and Zackattak13 called.

The flop came 6♣J♠T♣. ZackAttak13 checked, DiamondsChgo bet 84,000, and his opponent called. The turn was the 9♥. ZackAttak13 checked again, and DiamondsChgo promptly shoved all in. ZackAttak13 called -- rather quickly, in fact -- showing A♦T♥ for a pair of tens. His instinct was right, as DiamondsChgo had but A♠Q♣ for a gutshot and overs.

The river was the 9♠, and just like that DiamondsChgo falls to 343,782 and out of the top 50. ZackAttak13, meanwhile, now has 972,442, good enough for second place behind ggbman.

6:07pm---Boumaaza slow to return

PokerStars Team Online player Bachir "Chiren80" Boumaaza may need to get himself a timer. On the first hand of the new hour, ComeOnPhish opened all in for 139,413 from the hijack seat. Action folded to Boumaaza in the small blind. When Boumaaza didn't act within the allotted time, his time bank was activated - and proceeded to count all the way down from 500 seconds to 150, a total of almost 6 minutes, before Boumaaz folded.

"Sorry," said Boumaaza. "I was still on break."

6:00pm--Day 2, one-hour break

Level 25
Blinds 3,500/7,000, antes 875
Players remaining: 162 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 301,604
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. ggbman -- 1,604,848
2. jlost88 -- 1,135,788
3. MarkusG91 -- 862,035
4. GypsieChris -- 829,024
5. iacog4 -- 737,497
6. joeysweetp -- 732,811
7. Choron -- 729,269
8. jaybeastie -- 725,023
9. zangbezan24 -- 716,600
10. deoxyribo -- 712,775

Team PokerStars:
40. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- 417,702
30. Chad Brown -- 465,688
83. Vadim Markushevski -- 211,534
145. Bachir "Chiren80" Boumaaza (Team Online) -- 99,945

Johannes Strassmann -- out in 169th
Jason Mercier -- out in 181st

5:54pm--ggbman takes control

We just had a massive pot -- the biggest of the tourney thus far -- take place at DiamondsChgo's table, with the result being a change atop the leaderboard.

DiamondsChgo opened with a 4x raise to 24,000 from middle position, and it folded to ggbman who called from the small blind. The BB got out, and the flop came 9♠6♣4♥. ggbman checked, DiamondsChgo continued for 60,000, and ggbman called.

The turn was the 8♦. ggbman checked again, DiamondsChgo fired 180,000, then ggbman check-raised to 450,000. DiamondsChgo reraised all in, and ggbman called with his remaining 263,549.

DiamondsChgo had A♥T♣ -- just a gutshot -- while ggbman had 4♣4♦ for a set of fours. The river was the 9♣, giving ggbman a boat and the huge 1,607,098-chip pot.

ggbman leads as we approach the break, while DiamondsChgo falls out of the top 15 with 653,096.

Here's that hand again -- check it out:

RSS readers click through to see replay

5:52pm--Markushevski survives shoveski

Vadim Markushevski of Team PokerStars Russia just now had his tourney life on the line, having reraise-shoved his stack before the flop for his stack of 114,526 and gotten called by 19vnv51. Markushevski was in bad shape, holding J♣T♣ and dominated by 19vnv51's A♦T♦.

The J♦8♦3♠ gave Markushevski his needed jack, but also gave his opponent a flush draw. But the turn was the 5♥ and river the 2♠, and Markushevski survives with 237,302 -- below the average (292,574 with 167 players left) -- but much better than the alternative.

5:49pm--Strassman over and out

"Good luck Johannes" said railbird johnxfleming moments before Strassman would play what proved to be his final hand of Event 62. Down to about 100,000 in chips, Strassman open-shoved from the button after everyone in front of him passed. Small blind darrenelias over-shoved for 15,000 more, driving ALFFRANZ out of the hand. Strassman's Q♠T♦ was dominated by darrenelias' A♦T♣ and did not improve after a board of 3♥6♥K♠7♦5♣.

Strassman received $14,047.25 in prize money for his 169th-place finish.

5:42pm--Mercier busto

That extra breathing room Jason Mercier gave himself earlier didn't get him very far. He lost most of his stack taking ace-queen against pocket kings, then moved all in for 23,194 with pocket queens and was called by gcnmoo's K♣J♣. Mercier flopped a set of queens, Q♥9♠J♠, but that wasn't enough to drag the pot as the turn came 2♣ and river fell T♦ to give gcnmoo a king-high straight.

Mercier won $12,825.75 for finishing in 181st place.

5:40pm--DiamondsChgo sparkling, takes chip lead

We have a new chip leader, folks.

The blinds are now 3,000/6,000 (Level 24). Just now we saw a hand in which DiamondsChgo opened with a raise to 48,000 from the button, then *ALE* shoved all in from the small blind for 156,063 total. The big blind skedaddled, and DiamondsChgo called.

*ALE* looked good with A♣A♠ versus DiamondsChgo's 8♥8♣. Then came the flop -- 9♥7♣J♣ -- and turn T♦. Boom -- a straight for DiamondsChgo, and *ALE* was drawing dead.

*ALE* is out in 186th place ($12,825.75). And DiamondsChgo soars to 1,379,589 -- currently the only player over the one million-chip mark.

5:37pm--Strassman hurting

It's gone from bad to worse for Johannes Strassman. noirduck opened the button to 12,800, then snap-called all in after Strassman tried some three-bet aggression of his own by moving in with A♠T♥. noirduck called with the shorter stack, a total of 111,000, then showed pocket 10s. The board rolled out 4♥2♦K♠T♠K♣ to make a full house for noirduck and drop Strassman below 60,000.

5:35pm--200 remain

Down to 200 now, a little over half an hour into Day 2. Those hitting the rail at this juncture are earning more than $12,000 for their efforts.

5:33pm--Strassman headed the wrong way

It's been tough sledding for Team PokerStars Pro Johannes Strassman in the first 30 minutes of the day. Seemingly every pot he has opened pre-flop has been three-bet behind him. Strassman's most recent antagonize was over.be, who three-bet from the button after Strassman opened in middle position. Strassman tanked for roughly 30 seconds before once again folding to the aggression.

Strassman's count is down to 176,376.

5:28pm--King from space?

The mythical "ace from space" is often a poker player's best friend. In Jason Mercier's case today, it was a king from space. Mercier was all in pre-flop with K♦Q♦ against the two 8s of ALFFRANZ. The board came clean for ALFFRANZ through the turn, 2♦J♦5♣2♠. Then the K♣ spiked on the river to give Mercier a pair of kings and some breathing room. He remains alive with about 119,000 in chips.

5:19pm--Mercier in trouble

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier is down to 11 big blinds after losing a pot worth 220,000 chips to pedmend. Mercier opened from under the gun for 10,082 before being faced with pedmend's all-in three-bet of approximately 100,000. Mercier dipped into his time bank for 20 seconds before calling with A♠Q♥, a hand dominated by pedmend's A♦K♥. Neither player connected with a ten-high board.


Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier

5:17pm--River sinks DHUSTLER15, helps GypsieChris

DHUSTLER15 opened for 11,224 from early position, GypsieChris made it 27,432 from the cutoff, DHUSTLER15 reraised all in for 150,601 total, and GypsieChris made the call.

DHUSTLER15 showed 9♠9♦ and GypsieChris A♠K♦. All was fine for DHUSTLER15 through the turn, with the cards having come 7♠6♦3♠3♣. But the K♣ fell on the river, and DHUSLTER15 is out in 226th place ($11,604.25).

Meanwhile, GypsieChris surges into the top ten with more than 675,000.

5:09pm--BrynKenney moving on up

BrynKenney has cracked the top 10 of the chip counts after flopping a set of aces against D0ntAstic. D0ntAstic had the misfortune to be in the pot with the case ace, then improved to top two pair on the river of a 6♥A♠9♠2♦T♥ board. By stacking D0ntAstic, BrynKenney's count increased to almost 600,000.

5:08pm--Tagir doubles through bedoyiya

Chip leader bedoyiya just opened a hand with a raise to 12,222 from middle position, only getting one caller in a short-stacked Tagir from the big blind. The flop came 5♠5♠K♥ and Tagir promptly pushed his last 28,333 all in. bedoyiya paused a beat, then called, showing 6♣6♦. Tagir had K♠3♦ for the better two pair, and after the 8♠ turn and A♥ river had doubled to a still short 89,235.

bedoyiya remains comfortably atop the counts, though, with more than 835,000.

5:04pm--Lucky turn for LuckyGump

It's a good start to the day for Team Online player Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov. Sitting with the button, Makarov called an early-position raise to 11,257 made by live@pompeii. Small blind dudeoflife21 then moved all in for 26,399 total. live@pompeii folded, giving Makarov a shot to eliminate dudeoflife21 without interference. The two were flipping, with Makarov's A♠J♠ slightly ahead of dudeoflife21's K♦Q♦. dudeoflife21 flopped a king, but Makarov turned an ace to take down the pot.

5:00pm--Cards in the air!

Or on the screen, as it were. Day 2 has begun!

4:55pm--Big money awaits

We're almost there! Just a few more minutes and action will resume at the 2010 WCOOP Main Event.

The 271 players who are returning today all made it through 22 tough half-hour levels yesterday. The top 306 places pay, so the money bubble has already been burst. After the first elimination today, all those remaining will be assured at least a $10,000-plus payday. But all are eyeing the potential millions awaiting the few who survive to the very end.

Here's what we're looking at as the first hands of Day 2 are dealt:

Level 23
Blinds 2,500/5,000, antes 625
Players remaining: 271 (of 2,443 entered)
Average chip count: 180,295
First prize: $2,278,097.50

1. bedoyiya -- 968,412
2. jaybeastie -- 825,618
3. joeysweetp -- 611,037
4. ggbman -- 585,676
5. gkap13 -- 560,056
6. Danstah8 -- 548,676
7. iacog4 -- 530,330
8. DiamondsChgo -- 529,160
9. markwin11 -- 521,020
10. GypsieChris -- 504,880

Team PokerStars:
26. Alexey "LuckyGump" Makarov (Team Online) -- 386,685
38. Chad Brown -- 329,219
68. Johannes Strassmann -- 242,876
83. Vadim Markushevski -- 211,534
109. Bachir "Chiren80" Boumaaza (Team Online) -- 173,085
115. Jason Mercier -- 163,465


Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown begins Day 2 in 38th of 271 remaining

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP