WCOOP 2010: MOJOEX1 rises to the top of Event 24, $320 Stud

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgStud is often thought of as "an old person's game". There's some truth to that - the average live-action stud player is probably 45-50 years old. But on the Internet, poker is a young person's game. The vast majority of the brightest and sharpest new minds in poker are players in their early 20s that got their start playing online.

What happens when the old person's game comes to the stomping ground of the youngsters? It turns out the old person's game - a game which doomsayers always claim to be on the verge of extinction - gets a resurgence.

For WCOOP 2010 Event 24, $320 Stud, PokerStars made what some might call an ambitious guarantee of $150,000. The 476 players that registered for the event created a prize pool on their own of $142,800. PokerStars contributed the last $7,200 to top off the prize pool at the promised $150,000. That even 476 players came out for Event 24 is a testament to the staying power that Stud still has in the poker pantheon.

Thirteen Team Pros played Event 24, as did three members of Team Online. Two Team Pros and one Team online member burst through into the final 64 in-the-money places in the tournament. Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu was the first of those three to be eliminated when he bowed out in 27th place. Fellow Team Pro Andre Akkari followed Negreanu out in 11th place.

Then there was Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg, the sole member of Team Online to cash in Event 24. He carried all the way through to the final table with these seven other players:

Event 24 FT final.JPG

Seat 1: gator93 (350069 in chips)
Seat 2: Donald (263744 in chips)
Seat 3: goleafsgoeh (193403 in chips)
Seat 4: thkfl (286355 in chips)
Seat 5: MOJOEX1 (195179 in chips)
Seat 6: holyguacmole (485022 in chips)
Seat 7: iacog4 (246921 in chips)
Seat 8: miw210 (339307 in chips)

Berg's 263,744 put him in the middle of the pack with 13 big bets at limits of 10,000 and 20,000. Even the shortest stack, that of goleafsgoeh, comprised more than 9.5 big bets. There would be plenty of play at the final table of Event 24.

The first two big pots of the final table were both lost by gator93. But due to the deep stacks, losing two pots at showdown did not knock gator93 out of the tournament. gator93 kept fighting, and somehow wasn't eliminated after getting to an all-in showdown with just ace-high:

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The first player wasn't eliminated from the final table until after a full 40 minutes elapsed. A resurgent gator93, up to 285,000 after making a heart flush, was dealt split 6s. miw210 started the hand with only 48,000 chips and completed a queen on 3rd street. gator93 raised and the chips were soon in. miw210 showed 9♦J♣Q♦ and made a pair of queens on sixth street. gator93 rivered a pair of aces to go with his split 6s to make two pair and eliminate miw210 in 8th place.

goleafsgoeh, who wasn't ever able to get anything going at the final table, was the next player to exit the tournament. goleafgoeh's lost a big pot against holyguacmole in which holyguacmole led every street and turned over 9♦8♥ / J♦Q♥2♥5♥ / T♠ at showdown for a combination straight-and-flush draw that filled on the river. goleafsgoeh's board was pretty ragged, X-X / J♥4♦9♠7♦ / X; whatever goleagsgoeh had underneath couldn't beat a straight.

goleafsgoeh finished in 7th place a few hands later after moving with split 7s right into thkfl's split aces. Although goleafsgoeh improved to kings and sevens, thkfl made aces and treys.

thkfl and gator93 continued to be the main movers in the counts. thkfl crested 900,000 while gator93 rebuilt a stack of half a million chips after being down to the felt with ace-high. The two then played a sizable pot to balance their respective stacks more closely at roughly 700,000 each. MOJOEX1 passed them both in a single hand right before the 3am break by eliminating holyguacmole and crippling Berg in a massive three-way pot. MOJOEX1 started with split aces, Berg started with split queens, and holyguacmole started with rolled up sixes:

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Berg was all in on the second hand back from the break with A♠ 6♥ 8♥. iacog4's buried fives, 5♠ 5♥ J♠, improved to fives and fours to send Berg out of the tournament in 5th place.


Team Online player Anders Berg

With four players left and limits up to 20,000 and 40,000, iacog4's 218,617 in chips was the decided short stack. The other three remaining players, MOJOEX1 (797,580), thkfl (707,158) and gator93 (636,645) were more closely bunched.

iacog4 had no room for bad luck, but bad luck is exactly what found iacog4. iacog4's last 35,000 chips were bet on fifth street showing X-X / 7♥2♦7♠. thkfl, the only other player in the hand, made a slow, seemingly reluctant call with T♣6♦ / 6♣5♥8♠. Those split 6s were in bad shape when iacog4 produced 9♦9♥ in the hole for 9s and 7s. But thkfl caught runners for a straight, 4♦ and 7♣ while iacog4 caught a useless pair of aces with the A♥ A♦. iacog4 didn't get any bonus for making three pair. A 4th-place finish was worth $11,250.

Limits increased to 25,000 and 50,000, but each remaining player had more than 700,000 in chips. The outcome of the tournament was far from decided, and the deep stacks allowed for creative play. gator93 sniffed out a stone bluff by MOJOEX1; thkfl ran down an inside straight against gator93; MOJOEX1 rebuilt a stack and then ran a small flush into gator93's ace-king flush. The chips went around and around, with one player grabbing a momentary lead and then another snatching it away.

A sustained run by MOJOEX1 and thkfl - winning 19 out of 22 pots combined - finally made gator93 the clear short stack at 418,000. gator93 was riered by thkfl in a pot that gator93 led all the way to the river with X-X / 2♦2♥4♠K♦ / X. At the river, gator93 checked, called one bet from thkfl, and then mucked in the face of K♣ J♣ / 4♣ 7♠ T♣ Q♠ / A♦, a Broadway straight.

Losing that pot left gator93 with 162,645. The limits quickly moved to 40,000 and 80,000 with an ante of 8,000. gator93 went with A♣K♦ / 6♥, making it two bets on 3rrd street after MOJOEX1 completed. thkfl had brought it in with A♦ 5♥ / 5♣ and three-bet behind gator93, driving MOJOEX1 out of the pot. gator93 improved to kings and four by the river, A♣K♦ / 6♥4♠Q♥K♠ / 4♦. That wasn't good enough; thkfl rivered a full house to continue an impressive streak of run-good against gator93, A♦5♥ / 5♣7♥ J♥ 7♣ / 7♠.

The stacks were almost dead-even to start heads-up play. MOJOEX1 had the slight lead with 1.22 million versus thkfl's 1.13 million. The two players engaged in a lengthy heads-up battle, playing for the better part of an hour. They squeezed in almost 150 hands in that time. Each had opportunities to knock the other out.

It was MOJOEX1 who won 12 of the last 14 pots, including the critical last pot, to finally bring the tournament to an end. In the penultimate hand, MOJOEX1, with a 1.7 million-to-500,000 chip lead, started with split 6s and rivered a second pair of deuces to cripple thkfl. The very next hand, MOJOEX1's buried fives improved to fives and sevens, more than enough to best thkfl's king-high and secure a $28,000 payday for MOJOEX1.

WCOOP 2010 Event 24 - $320 Stud results:

1st place: MOJOEX1 ($28,500)
2nd place: thkfl ($21,000)
3rd place: gator93 ($15,390)
4th place: iacog4 ($11,250)
5th place: Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg ($7,500)
6th place: holyguacmole ($5,250)
7th place: goleafsgoeh ($3,750)
8th place: miw210 ($3,000)

We're approaching the halfway point of WCOOP 2010. Get the WCOOP 2010 schedule, the latest news, and up-to-date statistics on the WCOOP homepage. You'll also find the folks at PokerStars TV are doing their usual excellent work during WCOOP 2010.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in WCOOP