WCOOP 2010: mustbetilt stays calm, wins Event 51 PLO8 bracelet

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWalk around a Vegas casino's card pit, past the blackjack tables and find a game called Pai Gow Poker. Seven cards are dealt and it is up to you to sort them into a high and low hand going up against the dealer. To win a hand, a player must beat both the high and low hand of the house, likewise for losing. Most of the time the hand is considered a draw which gives players more time to grab a few more "free" drinks. Tonight players would have to grab their own drinks while scooping bets off the felt after winning the high and low as the $320 buy-in WCOOP Event #51's Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo kicked into high gear. The $400,000 guarantee was not met despite the large field of 1,282 meaning PokerStars would be kicking in an extra $15,400.00 for the players tonight with $68,000.00 of that set aside for our champion. twenty305 tried to come back to defend the bracelet but fell short with a quarter of the field remaining in 305th place.

Several Team PokerStars Pros such as Marcel Luske, Juan Pastor, David Williams, Greg Raymer, Victor Ramdin, Vicky Coren, Tae Joon Noh, Ben Kang, Matthias "mattidm" de Meulder dropped off their $320.00 buy-ins but were unable to advance to the cash.

Team Online was represented by Alvaro "VARICO" Blanco, Diego "vgreen22" Brunelli, Andrew "Kid Nebraska" Goetsh who similarly were blocked from collecting from the prize pool this evening.

In would be seven and a half hours until knoker from Amsterdam took one for the team and was knocked on the bubble in 163rd. 420Offsuit may want to send a little something to the bubble boy as he was busted during hand-for-hand play as well but had a bigger stack at the time, thus scored $560.00 for his troubles. It took nearly fifteen minutes to break the bubble, but only fifteen minutes to break another 20 players as the flood gates of gambOOOl came back to the felt now that the players were assured a little cash for the lengthy battle thus far.

A few Team Online and Team PokerStars Pros were able to reach the cash including: Anders "Donald" Berg who is rolling in this year's WCOOP with a victory in Event #34, eight cashes, two final tables, and he is currently third in the WCOOP Player of the Series race. Tonight Berg was right at home playing O8 and it showed as the Norwegian cashed again in 129th place ($680.00). However, the current Player of the Series leader also cashed. Kroko-dill managed to cash in the upper half of the pay spots, but fell well short of his fourth final table in 62nd place ($1,040.00).

Team PokerStars pros Barry Greenstein (112th place $780.00), Henrique Pinho (108th place $800.00), and Darus Suharto (102nd place $800.00) would all cash relatively close to each other while George "Jorj95" enjoyed a longer flight up the money ladder busting in 52nd place ($1,120.00).

Team Online Amanda "ROXY24" Thomas made it to the final three tables but with the blinds at 6K/12K she would shove over the top of an UTG raise from A_Ivanovich for her remaining 77,612 from the big blind with aces A♦4♠A♥6♠. A_Ivanovich held kings K♥2♦K♣4♣ and managed to find one more on the T♣ K♦ 3♥ 4♦ Q♠ board to send Thomas home in 23rd place ($1,600.00).

Two tables remained and one Team PokerStars pro still in the hunt, Nuno Coelho, usually a sense of tightening up surrounds the table with the big money and a bracelet just nine players away. Instead we went from 18 to nine inside of two blinds levels where on table 95 MrClkClkDirk would raise to 75K with the blinds at 12.5K/25K and get caprioli in the big blind to make the call. J♦ 2♦ K♥ on the flop got caprioli's attention and pushed out a pot sized bet of 162,500 putting MrClkClkDirk all-in to call. Which he did turning over two pair 2♥ A♥ K♣ 4♥ as caprioli showed the nut flush draw 5♦ A♦ 3♥ 9♠ and not much else. Not much else was needed after the Q♦ hit the turn and caprioli would avoid MrClkClkDirk's four outs on the river 7♦ to win the 418,296 chip pot and send MrClkClkDirk off as tonight's final table bubble boy in tenth place ($3,520.00).

WCOOP Event 51.jpg

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Seat 1: caprioli (1777786 in chips)
Seat 2: nuno coelho (460209 in chips)
Seat 3: Paczazs (67172 in chips)
Seat 4: porkchop (226181 in chips)
Seat 5: A_Ivanovich (1101136 in chips)
Seat 6: PIankton (884312 in chips)
Seat 7: ronpraha (471738 in chips)
Seat 8: zackelwahn (1098650 in chips)
Seat 9: mustbetilt (322816 in chips)

Pacman runs out of power pellets

Paczazs came in as an extreme short stack with just 67,172 in chips with blinds at 12.5K/25K and open shoved from the button on the final table's very first hand. Both deep stacked A_Ivanovich and Plankton would make the call to see a K♣3♦4♣ flop. Check-check to the A♠ turn as A_Ivanovich checked again but Plankton pushed out 62,500 chips as A_Ivanovich let the hand go as Plankton turned over a turned wheel 6♦ 5♣ 2♦ Q♣ which left Paczazs drawing dead with T♣ A♦ K♠ 8♠ and Paczazs was out of lives in ninth place ($4,320.00). This was Paczazs' second final table in a WCOOP 2010 O8 tourney, Paczazs finished sixth in Event #36 won by Jason "JP OSU" Potter and taking home $17,000.00

Split pot but someone goes home

After losing a 1.4 million chip pot just three hands after Paczazs left the table, zackelwahn would be all-in on the very next hand with just 67,702 chips. Similar to the previous knockout hand zackelwahn pushed the short stack from the button getting calls from both blinds. 2♠4♥6♥ on the flop went check-check, as did the Q♦ on the turn. But, the 6♠ woke up mustbetilt in the small blind who pushed out a pot sized bet on the river as caprioli made the call showing sixes full 4♣ 8♣ 2♦ 6♣ and mustbetilt was betting the nut low with trip sixes 9♥ A♥ 6♦ 3♦. zackelwahn could not muster up the will the showing his losing cards and mucked, finishing in eighth place ($7,800.00).

A porkchop sounds pretty good right about now

While the late night munchies kicking in nearing hour 12 of this tourney, so did the action. With the blinds still at 12.5K/25K ronpraha would raise with a pot bet from middle position as porkchop went all-in from the big blind for 188,681 chips. ronpraha would make the call as porkchop covered by just 4,443 chips. Both players holding similar hands, ronpraha holding 3♥ 6♥ 5♣ A♥ for the decent low hand as porkchop also showed no high hand meat 3♣ A♠ 6♣ 8♥. The board spilled out Q♣ 8♦ J♦ T♣ A♦ to miss both player's low draws, but did hit the ace and eight out of porkchop's hand to scoop the 383,476 chip pot and kicked rohpraha to the rail in seventh place ($11,800.00).

Going into the dinner break here's how our final six shaped up with the players coming back to 15K/30K blinds:

mustbetilt 1,879,388
caprioli 1,641,915
Plankton 1,206,417
A_Ivanovich 814,152
Nuno Coelho 540,209
porkchop 327,919

Definitely not going low

On the very first hand back from the 15 minute dinner break, porkchop would try to make something happen with a 90,000 chip raise but got re-popped by Plankton to 225,000. Electing to make a call and saving 102,919 chips, porkchop would take a look at the 8♥ 2♠ Q♠ flop before push the rest in. Plankton would make a fairly quick call with aces A♦ J♥ J♠ A♥ as porkchop turned over all broadway cards as well K♣ K♥ T♠ A♣. The J♣ gave Plankton a set but also gave porkchop outs to a straight. River 3♠ missed both of them and sealed up the 700,838 chip pot for Plankton as porkchop was left with a bone worth $15,800.00 in sixth place.

Let the cards do the talking

Watch below as the blinds moved up to 20K/40k and mustbetilt and Plankton decide to get their similar sized stacks (1.38 million for mustbetilt and 1.4 million for Plankton) in the middle preflop:

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2.8 million for the winner as mustbetilt flipped up 2♥ K♣ A♣ 5s] for the suited ace with three wheel cards as Plankton had the double suited aces A♠ A♥ 2♠ J♥. The flop K♠ T♦ 7♣ gave mustbetilt a pair of kings and still needing more help. 5♣ provided not only two pair, but a flush draw as Plankton's aces were looking meek. The river 9♦ missed the low draws thus giving the scoop of the huge pot to mustbetilt and knocking Plankton down to 17,227 chips. Two hands later A_Ivanovich would sweep up Plankton's scraps ending his night in fifth place ($19,800.00).

Team PokerStars Pro Nuno Coelho finishes in fourth

Nuno would not join fellow Team PokerStars pro Jason Mercier and Team Online Anders Berg with shiny new WCOOP 2010 bracelets tonight after finding himself all-in preflop with the blinds still at 20K/40K. K♣ 3♥ K♦ Q♠ kings unsuited for Nuno Coelho and three aces none suited for caprioli 4♣ A♦ A♠ A♥. No one was chasing a flush as the Team PokerStars pro watched the 9♠ T♣ T♦ 5♥ 6♥ board come up empty for him finishing his night in fourth place ($27,200.00).

2010 WSOP_Main Event_Day 3_Joe Giron_JGP9023.jpg

Nuno Coehlo - 4th place $27,200.00

Less is more

After some lengthy chop talks we had a deal in which A_Ivanovich played to the strength of past O8 tourneys including bubbling the $5,200 LO8 SCOOP tourney last year and wins in smaller PLO8 tourneys, and received more than mustbetilt despite having 600,000 less chips. After 40 minutes the chop talks were lengthen by mustbetilt's need for an even number stretching the talks into the 13th hour of the tournament for $34 while the PokerStars staff and Team Online Ta-Chih "socutiesf" Geeng assembled the remaining player's cash in nice neat lines as shown below leaving $8,000.00 and the bracelet for our champ:

caprioli - $49,863
A_Ivanovich - $49,397
mustbettilt - $48,700

The bell strikes 14 and all three are well

Moving thru the 20K/40K and 25K/50K levels with several all-ins and calls but no blood as all three players move on to the 30K/60K blind level in hour 14. At the hourly break, caprioli grabbed the temporary lead after snagging a turned flush for a 3.7 million chip pot to double up versus A_Ivanovich. mustbetilt held 1.6 million and A_Ivanovich still hanging on with aggression and 948,046 chips as the players were not letting go of that WCOOP bracelet and $8,000.00 extra wrapped inside of it.

Winning dirty

PLO8 is not a clean game, and with shorthanded play sometimes needs to be won in some filthy ways. A standard button raise to 145,000 from A_Ivanovich who was near 100% raising from the button, got a call from caprioli in the big blind to see a A♣ 7♣ Q♦ flop. caprioli would check as A_Ivanovich followed-though with a 135,555 bet. caprioli was laying low in the grass like the snake as his avatar and check-raised to 720,000. A_Ivanovich with a big flush and nut low draws holding K♥ 2♦ 3♣ 6♣ decided to go all-in for 1.6 million. caprioli would make the call showing 3♥ 7♥ Q♠ 5♥ for bottom two pair and needing to avoid a minefield of cards. The minesweeper caprioli managed just that as the 9♦ and 7♠ fell to ship the 3.7 million chip pot to caprioli and eliminate A_Ivanovich in third place earning $49,397.00 from the chop.

Heads up for $8,000.00 and a flash of WCOOP champion gold for the wrist

caprioli would briefly enjoy a 4.7 million to 1.6 million chip advantage over mustbetilt with the blinds at 30K/60K but that would change quickly. Eight hands into heads-up play, mustbetilt would double-up after a preflop battle coming away with a higher two pair than caprioli and nearly evening up the match but still behind 2.6 million to caprioli's 3.7 million.

First hour of heads-up play

Swings back and forth between our final two saw mustbetilt with the upper hand for the majority of the hour long heads-up battle for the Event #51 bracelet. The players blew thru the 40K/80K and 50K/100K blind levels and continued on to the 60K/120K blind level with mustbetilt holding a 4.1 million to 2.2 million chip lead as they both elected to skip the hourly break.

Third time a charm for mustbetilt

Even after caprioli doubled up twice after the non-break, mustbetilt kept the pressure on enough to get caprioli all-in while behind, watch the bracelet winning hand below:

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caprioli battled back from near chip death several times, but after a min-raise and call with a flop of 2♣ 4♣ 4♥ caprioli was finally pushed over the edge. After mustbetilt checked, caprioli tried pouncing on the pot with a 240,000 chip bet. mustbetilt instead check-raised to 1.2 million nearly putting caprioli all-in. caprioli holding T♦ 5♦ 6♣ J♣ for a flush draw and gutshot pushed for 1.8 million as mustbetilt made the call with trip fours Q♥ 4♦ J♠ 3♣. J♥ on the turn filled up mustbetilt but caprioli still had out for a low and a split, instead the 5♠ fell sealing up the scoop for mustbetilt and the WCOOP Event 51 bracelet just in time for breakfast (at least if you are on central standard time)!

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$400,000 Guarantee WCOOP 2010 Event #51 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Results (09-22-10)
(* denotes part of three-way deal)
1. mustbetilt (las vegas) *$56,700.00
2. caprioli (São Paulo) *$49,863.00
3. A_Ivanovich (Ypsilanti) *$49,397.00
4. Team PokerStars Pro Nuno Coelho (Portugal) $27,200.00
5. PIankton (Berlin) $19,800.00
6. porkchop (Wesley Chapel) $15,800.00
7. ronpraha (Indianapolis) $11,800.00
8. zackelwahn (Kassel) $7,800.00
9. Paczazs (ozd) $4,320.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in WCOOP