WCOOP 2010: Planning is everything

marcello_del_grosso_wrap.jpgby Marcello Del Grosso
After a long, hot summer at the WSOP, it is nice to come home and take it easy with my wife in the City of Angels. With the WCOOP around the corner, preparations are under way, and I am looking forward to a great tournament series.

For the past few weeks, my focus has been on getting ready for the games. The PokerStars WCOOP is a great series of tournaments to play in because it offers every different discipline. You'll have the ability to play all variations of poker during the three weeks. If no limit is not your game, don't stress, stud might be.

Over the past couple of days, I have been playing more mixed games to sharpen my skills and enhance my play. I will be playing in a bunch of events in the WCOOP. My strategy is to get as many mixed games under my belt before September 5th. PokerStars.eu spreads an eight game mix and is a great place to go to get in some practice.

In addition to playing online I am updating my poker station to include two monitors and a new chair. Having a functional and comfortable station is really important for the WCOOP
because some of the tournaments will have extended blind structures and larger fields which could have you playing for up to 24 hours straight!

If you plan on winning, like I do, start banking some sleep hours, and try to prepare some healthy meals ahead of time. I use a meal delivery service in Los Angeles called NUTRIFIT to keep me playing strong. They offer a variety of pre-made healthy meals that are delivered right to your front door. While playing tournaments, you will want to avoid things like: caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars that will cause you to crash and burn.

Even if you are not able to find a meal service plan, it's always a great idea to have some healthy foods on hand. Snacking is a great way to keep your energy level up. Another important thing to do is to include protein in all of your meals because it takes more time to digest and will keep you feeling full longer. Some of my favorites snack options are nuts and fruits, celery and peanut butter, hummus and veggies, and oatmeal with shaved
almonds and bananas.

Keep your brain sharp by staying hydrated and take full advantage of the five-minute breaks unless you have a laptop!

One last (but definitely not least) tip for all you players out there is to have patience, and enjoy the extended structure and increased game play.

Check out the official WCOOP site to plan your assault on the series. See you online!


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP