WCOOP 2010: Prepare well and don't overstretch

Thumbnail image for bryan_huang_macau_millions.JPGby Bryan Huang
The worlds most prestigious online poker championship (the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker) is drawing close and I've learnt several lessons from the Spring Championship Of Online Poker that I wish to share with fellow poker players, especially those based in the Asia-Pacific region.

For those who did not know, I overtaxed myself in May 2010 by playing SCOOP and the APPT Macau side events without careful selection. I was basically like a child who chanced upon a buffet of poker events and I bit off more then I could chew.

For two weeks I was sleeping on four hours daily at irregular times while playing the SCOOP and participating in the Spring Festival of Poker during APPT Macau. I played 20-hour days and was destroying my body without knowing it.

By the time the APPT and SCOOP Main event drew close, I had to be hospitalised for two days with a high fever topping 39.8 degrees. To put it simply, I was running "hot" but not in the way I would have liked!

By the time I got to Spain for the Estrellas Poker Tour, I had a lung infection. You
wouldn't want to know the details but coughing on a 16-hour flight home was no fun at all. I had to give the Baltic festival, Filipino Poker tour and the World Series a miss.

I was glad I listened to the doctor and had plenty of rest the entire month of June. So far the rest has seemed to pay off with a 2nd in the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main event and a 9th place finish in the ANZPT Queenstown main event during the first three weeks of July.

With the WCOOP approaching I'm feeling that hunger - no - greed, in fact, to just play as many events as I can. It actually runs concurrently (at night for those in the Asia Pacific region) with the Macau Poker Cup and APPT Auckland. I feel like a child in a large toy store with the wide selection of events I get to choose from. For players in the region you will be faced with a similar situation.

I intend to carefully preselect the WCOOP, Macau Cup and APPT Auckland events I will be playing and plan my days around them. Sometimes it's tempting to play them all but I know that my results will be affected if I push myself too far. Try your best to stick to a healthy schedule, get sufficient sleep and play only when you feel good. For those living in a different time zone it's time to tune your body clock to prepare for the WCOOP because if you're gonna go deep it will be a long night for you.

Good luck!


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP