WCOOP 2010: TALLWASP stings H.O.R.S.E. field, takes Event #59

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgYesterday a stacked field came out for Event #59, the $2,100 H.O.R.S.E. event. As chronicled in the Day 1 recap, 26 of the 239 entrants came into this one already having won WCOOP bracelets in the past, never mind the many other big winners -- both on PokerStars and in live play -- who took seats as well.

It took about nine hours on Saturday for the field to be trimmed to 32 and the money bubble to burst. It would be another three-and-a-half hours to get down to the final eight, who then took a break and returned Sunday afternoon to determine a winner. Following the redraw, here's how those eight were arranged when the first final table hand was dealt:


Seat 1: bigjoe2003 -- 259,016
Seat 2: Prague1 -- 105,015
Seat 3: paulgees81 -- 384,292
Seat 4: TALLWASP -- 227,924
Seat 5: bad_beat_bud -- 255,701
Seat 6: Andy McLEOD -- 311,778
Seat 7: ReadyMate73 -- 46,945
Seat 8: SHIPP ITT -- 201,829

Of all of those many WCOOP bracelet winners who entered Event #59, just one -- James "Andy McLEOD" Obst -- had survived to make the final table. And it appeared clear from the outset that Obst's designs on joining the exclusive multi-WCOOP bracelet club -- currently only nine members strong -- were sincere.


James "Andy McLEOD" Obst

Obst would take the first three hands, in fact, quickly moving past Paul "paulgees81" Volpe and into the chip lead as the game switched to stud hi/lo. On the fourth hand, ReadyMate73 was all in by fifth street versus bigjoe2003 but survived with a split pot. Five hands later, though, ReadyMate73's tourney life was on the line again, this time versus Andy McLEOD.

The stakes were 8,000/16,000, and Andy McLEOD brought in for 2,400 with the 2♣ showing. ReadyMate73 made it 8,000 with the K♥ up, and Obst came along. ReadyMate73 drew the J♥ on fourth and bet, and Andy McLEOD called having been dealt the 6♠. The 6♦ came on fifth for Andy McLEOD, giving him a pair showing, and he bet. ReadyMate73 had gotten another face card -- the Q♠ -- raised with his last chips, and Andy McLEOD called.

ReadyMate73: (K♠)(7♥)K♥J♥Q♠
Andy McLEOD: (A♦)(8♣)2♣6♣6♦

Sixth street brought both players a second pair, with ReadyMate73 drawing the 7♠ (kings and sevens) and Andy McLEOD the A♣ (aces and sixes). Both drew treys on seventh, and ReadyMate73 was the table's first elimination in eighth place.

Andy McLEOD kept up the early momentum, and over the next half-hour pushed out further to nearly 700,000 chips. The game then changed to Omaha hi/lo, by which point SHIPP ITT was sitting in last chip position. After losing the bulk of his stack in a three-way pot versus Andy McLEOD and TALLWASP, SHIPP ITT found himself all in before the flop versus bad_beat_bud.

SHIPP ITT held A♠8♥6♥6♣ and bad_beat_bud A♦T♣9♣7♦. At the turn SHIPP ITT was in the lead, the board showing J♠8♣4♣6♠, but the 3♣ on the river gave bad_beat_bed both a flush and a better low, and SHIPP ITT was out in seventh.

By the time razz came around, Prague1 had taken the spot at the back of the chip line, slipping to just 14,815 chips. With the stakes 10,000/20,000, Prague1 opened to 10K with an ace showing, TALLWASP raised with a five, and Prague1 called with what was left behind.

Prague1 was starting with J-7-A and TALLWASP 4-6-5. The remaining streets were dealt, and in the end Prague1 held J-7-A-2-Q-3-8 for an 8-low, not enough versus TALLWASP's 4-6-5-A-7-4-T. Prague1 was out, and less than an hour into the final table just five players remained.

By the first-hour break, Andy McLEOD had assumed a commanding lead with 827,323, more than half a million ahead of bad_beat_bud with 320,630 in second. After they returned, however, TALLWASP and paulgees81 each took multiple pots to draw back closer to Obst while putting some distance between themselves and bigjoe2003 and bad_beat_bud.

By the 90-minute mark of the final table, TALLWASP had assumed the chip lead, although with the stakes in the stud games having moved up to 12,000/24,000, much could change on every hand. Meanwhile paulgees81 lost some ground, and found himself fifth of five with less than 100,000 in the hold'em round with the stakes having risen to 16,000/32,000.

paulgees81 managed to make it out of hold'em and into Omaha hi/lo (same stakes), and had 86,984 when he raised from the cutoff, getting one caller in Andy McLEOD from the big blind. The flop came 6♥T♣4♥. Andy McLEOD bet, paulgees81 raised, and Andy McLEOD called. The turn was the T♥, and Obst bet again. paulgees81 (Paul Volpe) called with his remaining chips, showing A♥Q♠K♠8♥ for a heart flush. Andy McLEOD had K♥J♥8♣3♣ for a lesser flush, and after the 6♦ river Volpe had doubled up.

They'd reached the two-hour break, with TALLWASP ahead with 640,947, Andy McLEOD next with 408,539, and bad_beat_bud third with 393,030. paulgees81 had moved to fourth with 181,968, and bigjoe2003 was the short stack with 168,016.

After contesting for one hand and losing, bigjoe2003 was down to half that stack when he chose to three-bet Andy McLEOD's opening raise in an Omaha hi/lo hand. Andy McLEOD called, the flop came A♠8♥Q♥, bigjoe2003 bet, and Andy McLEOD called. The turn was the 9♥, bigjoe2003 bet with his last chips, and Andy McLEOD called again, showing A♣K♠9♣6♥ for two pair. bigjoe2003 had A♥J♣6♠5♠ for a lone pair of aces, and after the K♦ river he was out in fifth.

Soon they'd moved to razz, and paulgees81, down to 85,952, committed most of his stack on third versus Andy McLEOD, then put the rest in on fourth. Andy McLEOD ended up with 4-A-5-7-8-4-7 for an 8-low, while all paulgees81 could muster was 7-3-9-Q-A-A-K. Paul "paulgees81" Vopel -- chip leader to start the final table -- was out in fourth.

With three left bad_beat_bud was now the chip leader with more than 870,000, followed by Andy McLEOD with a little over 542,000 and TALLWASP with almost 380,000. That's when a big stud hand occurred between TALLWASP and Andy McLEOD which plunged the latter into short-stack status. Take a look:

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Andy McLEOD would lose another significant pot shortly after in a stud hand versus bad_beat_bud, and was down to just 74,523 when he found a hand worth committing to, again versus bad_beat_bud.

Obst would get it all in by fourth street, holding (5♥)(Q♠)5♠6♥ against his opponent's (7♣)(8♠)T♠6♠. bad_beat_bud would draw a nine on the next street, filling his straight, while Obst wouldn't be able to improve on that pair of fives. Another great effort by Obst, who has once again had a terrific WCOOP, but he'd come up short, finishing third.

Heads-up began with bad_beat_bud sitting with about a 2-to-1 chip advantage, with 1,171,553 to TALLWASP's 620,947. After 20 hands or so, the pair had gotten close to even, at which point TALLWASP offered to chop. bad_beat_bud declined, however.

"no worries, GL," was TALLWASP's reply, and the pair continued.

TALLWASP continued to chip away at bad_beat_bud over the next 30 minutes. They then took the three-hour break, and having circled back around to hold'em (stakes 25,000/50,000). By then, TALLWASP had built a better than 2-to-1 advantage.

Soon bad_beat_bud flopped a diamond flush to claim a large pot and briefly retake the advantage. However, it wasn't long before TALLWASP enjoyed some good fortune, flopping trip sixes and swiftly taking back most of his opponent's stack.

Down at one point to less than a single big bet, bad_beat_bud battled gamely, doubling up once with pocket queens versus pocket eights, then winning a couple more hands to pull back up close to a half million chips vs. TALLWASP's 1.35 million.

But TALLWASP would push back, and a few hands later bad_beat_bud was back down to just 111,212 chips. The pair would then cap the betting to see a flop come A♣4♦6♥, then bad_beat_bud put the last of his chips in, showing Q♥J♥. TALLWASP called with 7♦6♦ for a pair of sixes, and after the 5♣ turn and K♥ river, TALLWASP had claimed the title.

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Congratulations to TALLWASP for buzzing through an especially tough field to become the 2010 WCOOP Event #59 Champion!

WCOOP Event #59 ($2,100 H.O.R.S.E.) Results
1st place: TALLWASP ($96,795)
2nd: bad_beat_bud ($74,090)
3rd: Andy McLEOD ($54,970)
4th: paulgees81 ($40,630)
5th: bigjoe2003 ($26,290)
6th: Prague1 ($21,510)
7th: SHIPP ITT ($16,730)
8th: ReadyMate73 ($13,145)

Just one day left in the 2010 WCOOP! Head over to the WCOOP site for all of the results of this year's record-breaking series. And also be sure to check out PokerStars.tv for further coverage.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in WCOOP