WCOOP 2010: Time for me to become a true rounder, by Hevad Khan

Main Event_Day 1C_IJG_5280_IMPDI.jpgby Hevad Khan
WCOOP is the time when I feel people can best prove their ability in poker. With so many events, and the ever-changing dynamics of poker, we are brought to the culmination of our
poker legacy!

What better place to show what you can muster out all of your poker talents than on the felt at PokerStars.eu.

I have had a few final tables in both the SCOOP and WCOOP series but I still hunger for an official title in a WCOOP event. As time passes people ask themselves who they are in the poker world and what they want out of their lives, well I can tell you that what I want is triumph in the WCOOP.

It's also precedent that I succeed in something besides NLHE (no limit holdem) because I feel that although NLHE is the most popular form of poker, in order to be a true rounder
you must master all the arts of the game.

Look out for me on the battlefield, I'll be mustering up a storm with four tables to go!

* WCOOP 2010 begins on September 5, with 60 tournaments and a stunning $50,000,000 in guarantees. For more info see the PokerStars WCOOP page.


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP