WCOOP 2010: Try mixing it up, by Greg DeBora

greg_debora_wsop_day5.jpgby Greg DeBora
The 2010 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is just around the corner and I can't wait until it gets underway. As one of the most prestigious online tournament series and with a large range of buy-ins and game formats, there really is something for everyone.

Coming from a limit hold'em background, I find that my biggest edge is when I am playing the limit hold'em events. While many pros advocate the 'tight is right' approach to limit tournaments, I feel that it should really depend on the dynamics of the table you are on. If
everyone at your table is playing tight, you should be looking to steal as many pots as you can get away with.

The importance of having a big stack in tournaments cannot be understated. The goal shouldn't be to cruise into the money, but rather to try and build up chips so that you have enough ammunition to survive the inevitable beats that will come your way. You should be playing to win, and the players that come out on top more often than not are the ones who aren't afraid to take chances and also have the chip stack to warrant it. Don't worry so much about your loose image because your table can break at any time.

Lately, however, I have been spending time working on my mixed games and I plan to apply that fresh knowledge towards winning my first WCOOP title. I'm becoming a big fan of the draw games and will be playing the triple draw and budugi events, as well as the mixed events.

Being able to play different variants of poker is important in today's poker world as you
never know what game will become the next craze. If you are primarily a no-limit hold'em player, I would highly suggest you take some time to learn the other games and jump in to
some of the different events the WCOOP has to offer. Playing new games can be a little scary sometimes, but the learning curve will not be nearly as big as when you first learned to play poker.

You will probably find the new games interesting and exciting as you will have many decisions that you have never faced before. Tournaments can be a great way to 'get your feet wet' because with a little luck, anyone can win.

To keep updated with my results during the WCOOP events, I will be posting frequently on my Facebook fan page and on my Twitter.

I hope to see you playing some new games during this WCOOP series, and if you see me at the tables, please say Hi!

To see more about WCOOP and how you can play, please visit the PokerStars WCOOP site.


Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in WCOOP