WCOOP 2010: MUSTAFABET still freerolling

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgHey, listen, it's hard to impress a guy who never deposited a penny in an online poker account and managed to build a freeroll-to-riches bankroll. That took some work, so don't think you can just wave a gold bracelet in front of his eyes and think he's going to do a little dance for you.

I mean, all MUSTAFABET did last year was beat more than 2,700 players in a $215 PLO event to win a WCOOP 2009 bracelet and more than $86,000. Piddly stuff, heh?

"Not much changed," said the man from Sheffield, UK of the months after his WCOOP win.

Well, of course it didn't.

See, at the time, MUSTAFABET was a university math student. He had a degree to finish and a life to attend to. He wasn't going to abandon a degree just because he couldn't stop winning online.

Oh, no, nothing changed at first. And then life started getting interesting. He went to the Bahamas to pick up his WCOOP bracelet. Boom #1: He got a taste of the live tournament world.

"It's made me more motivated to go to more EPTs and live poker events in future," he said.

Boom #2: In the eight months since his WCOOP win, he's crushed the online world, moved up in stakes, and is playing the top mixed games on PokerStars. Not only that, he's completed his math degree, so he's free to consider himself a fulltime pro.

"I am feeling good about my poker career after recently beginning to consider it my profession," he said.


MUSTAFABET not only won a bracelet last year. He also made a run for WCOOP player of the year. He ended up tying for fourth place. It's a pretty clear indication, he is a player to watch when WCOOP kicks off in a few weeks.

"I am looking forward to the WCOOP, I'm looking to play quite a few events early on," he said."If I start very well I might make another attempt to win player of the series. If not I'll just wait for the bigger events like the $10K 8-game and the $5K main event and try and take down one of those."

Out of most mouths, the above statement might sound at best conceited, and at worst, utterly ridiculous. From MUSTAFABET, however, it's just a fact of life. He's a guy who wins. Learn the name, because you're probably going to be seeing a lot of it in the 2010 World Championship of Online Poker.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP