WCOOP 2010: MyRabbiFoo lining up more gifts for Dad

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgDespite never having won a World Championship of Online Poker event, Eugene Katchalov's father has a WCOOP bracelet.

The gold band honors the winner of the 2009 $530 No-Limit Hold'em Heads-Up event. Along with the bracelet came $140,000 in cash. Katchalov (the younger one) played the event last year, won it, kept the cash, and gave the bracelet to his dad.

"(He) loves to collect my awards," Katchalov said with a smile.

Playing under the name MyRabbiFoo, Katchalov played for 22 hours straight last year to earn the bracelet for his father. It was a marathon lifestyle that he would soon be quite used to. He plays some of the highest limit games he can find, and he's willing to play any game. That's no particular surprise when you realize the guy has more than $4 million in lifetime live tournament winnings alone (that's not even beginning to mention the money he's made online). Oh, and just for fun, he made three final tables during this year's WSOP and made half a million bucks.


Katchalov isn't shy about admitting that the poker world is getting tougher to beat. In his eyes, that's not so much a problem as a challenge. He is happy to sit 400/800 on PokerStars or in the biggest live games he can find. In short, he does't mess around.

Indeed, this is the caliber of player you'll find in WCOOP 2010 events next month. Lest you think that winning a bracelet will be a cakewalk, you should be aware that--despite his millions of dollars in the bank--the man from Manhattan, NY is coming back for more.

"I'm very excited for the upcoming WCOOP, as it is the only series besides the SCOOP that offers big buy tournaments online which I greatly enjoy," he said. "Another bracelet would, of course, be great."

Here's to hoping Katchalov's dad has some more room in that trophy case, because with a few dozen WCOOP events coming up, you never know what his son might bring home.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP