WCOOP Poker Quiz offers $5,200 Main Event seat

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgNow, you can play the World Championship of Online Poker $5,200 buy-in Main Event for nothing. You don't even have to play poker to get your seat.

All you have to do is take the PokerStars WCOOP Poker Quiz and be the first person to score 100%.




You're not ready, are you? Do you really think you can answer all of these questions off the top of your head? Nay, you cannot. How do I know this? Well, I've been writing the PokerStars Blog for five and half years. I started to take the test and missed more than one question in the first ten.

There are 101 questions, folks.

For instance, do you have any idea where this photo was taken?


No? Well, figure it out, because that is the kind of thing you're going to have to know if you want to win the WCOOP seat.

This thing is NOT easy. You are going to need every resource at your disposal. You will need the PokerStars blog. You will need PokerStars.eu. You will need, verily, verily, the powers of Google.

You know why?

If you get one question wrong, you are out of the running for the grand prize. Your first entry is your only entry. You cannot save your answers and come back later. If you miss one little question, you will be forced to actually play poker for a chance at a Main Event seat.

Yeah, PokerStars isn't that cruel. If you happen to miss a question about the brand of toothpaste Greg Raymer uses (I don't think that question is in there...), you still have a chance at getting into WCOOP.

All the people who get 90% or more of the questions correct will be entered into a WCOOP freeroll on September 18th. It's not a bad little deal. Here are the prizes:

1. WCOOP Main Event seat worth $5,200
2. WCOOP seat worth $2,100
3. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
4. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
5. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
6. WCOOP seat worth $1,050
7. WCOOP seat worth $530
8. WCOOP seat worth $320
9. WCOOP seat worth $215

Now, this little quiz is open to all PokerStars players, but we like to think readers of the PokerStars Blog have a better shot at winning this thing. Why?

Well, the writers of this blog have spent nearly six years chronicling all things related to PokerStars. I'd venture to guess that a majority of the questions on the quiz can be answered by reading this blog (but, surely not all, so make sure you use other resources).

If you're on this blog, here are some helpful tips to help you search.

  • Look up and to the right. See that search bar? Use it. Make it your friend.
  • See right above the search bar? That's where you can find links to blogs in your language and links to all the PokerStars-sponsored live tour sites.
  • Look at right navigation bar. There you will find links to our archives by date and category.
  • That's pretty much all the help we can offer. Don't email questions, because we can't answer them. Don't stop us at an event and beg for an answer, because we will be forced to run away and hide in the coat closet. Don't find us at a poker table and promise to dump a stack to us if we...

    Well, you get the point.

    You have until September 14th to submit your entry.




    Take the WCOOP Poker quiz

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in WCOOP