WCOOP profile: Anders "Donald" Berg redefines success

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgAnders Berg has a different idea of success than most people. I know this because it's my job to check in with the big Sunday majors on PokerStars each week and see how everybody is doing. It's rare I don't see Berg's screen name, Donald, in there somewhere. It's never a surprise to see him win one of them.

See, you don't make it onto Team PokerStars Online without having some particular skill set in the game, and Berg's skill set has--for a very long time--been winning tournaments on PokerStars. So, really, it doesn't come as any surprise to anybody around here that Berg won the WCOOP Event #34 Triple Draw tournament. Anybody except maybe Berg himself.

"Having struggled a bit the last months, winning this WCOOP event really boosted my confidence," Berg said.

Struggled? Well, some people may call it that. But...well, there's this: when Dr. Pauly wrote up Berg's WCOOP win, he mentioned a little post I wrote mid-summer in which Berg had won four tournaments in one day. He won four tournaments in one day. And now he needs a confidence boost?

Well, that's how it goes for people like Berg. Success is being the best and if any amount of time passes in which they aren't the best, they start getting jumpy.


See, Berg came into this year's WCOOP Triple Draw tournament with some personal expectations. It's his favorite tournament in the series, and not in small part because he actually has a WCOOP bracelet in the same event from 2007. This is the type of tournament he not only feels like he can win...he feels like he should win it.

"I felt that this was where I had the greatest chance of winning this year," Berg said, "not because I am that good, but because the basic strategy of the game is still unknown to most of the players."

This is the point where you just have to part ways with Berg. He's just that good. A Norwegian with a PhD in pure mathematics, Berg's head works in ways most do not. He comes from a background of expert-level chess, was one of the first people to join PokerStars, and when he's not too busy winning everything on a computer screen, he is a Norwegian long jump champion.

Yes, really.

When it comes to WCOOP, Berg is in the top 20 for all-time number of cashes. He's made the money in WCOOP events 23 different times (the record is 33). He is tied for third for the most all-time final tables. He's got four of those. And now he is one of only eight people to have two WCOOP bracelets.

"I am especially proud of joining the very small group of players with multiple WCOOP bracelets," he said.

Berg is a man who, simply put, redefines poker success. As he defines it for himself, he redefines it for the rest of the fields.

And that's why he has two WCOOP bracelets and most everybody else does not.

Congrats, Anders, on another definitive performance.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP