WCOOP profile: Jason Potter no longer on Tulsa time


My baby said I was crazy, my momma called me lazy
I was goin' to show 'em all this time
'Cause you know I ain't no fool an' I don't need no more schoolin'
I was born to just walk the line

It's a long way from Tulsa to Melbourne and a long way from Melbourne to London, but fans of the above Don Williams' song know that boys from Tulsa are boys of wanderlust and ambition.

Jason "JP OSU" Potter is from Tulsa.

At 25 years old, Potter spent most of his 25 years as a resident of that Oklahoma city in the middle of America. Like Tulsa Time, Potter gave up on school in Stillwater in favor of poker. Cutting loose the handcuffs of a daily class schedule sent the poker pro all over the world.

"I've traveled to some pretty great places thanks to poker, having been to Australia, London, Monte Carlo, and the Bahamas in the last three years," Potter said.

This, however, may be where Potter the Tulsa Time protagonist part ways. In the song, the road and Hollywood eat up the singer and send him back home. Potter, for his part, just moved to Austin...and just won his first World Championship of Online Poker bracelet.


Austin is one of America's coolest cities, but it's not much for poker action. Back in Oklahoma, Potter had casinos at his disposal. Austin, however, has no brock and mortar action to speak of.

"There's not too much action here that I know of," Potter said."That's fine with me though, PokerStars is all the action I need most of the time."

Just a couple of days back, Potter showed the world exactly how little he needed a brick and mortar casino by hitting WCOOP Event #36 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo for $75,200 and the bracelet.

"It was an awesome experience. To actually take down a major tourney is something I've been looking to do for a long time in my poker career," Potter said. "WCOOP is the biggest and best time of the year for online tournaments, and I'm thrilled to take one down."

Potter has been a pro player for about three years now. In that time, he's put together a long list of big cashes and wins totaling around $1 million in live earnings. All of it nearly pales in comparison to achieving such a big professional benchmark.

Potter said, "Winning a WCOOP bracelet was a big goal of mine, other big ones include winning a WSOP bracelet, as well as winning enough money that I can do whatever I want with my life."

And there is the Tulsa in Potter. He hasn't let the world chew him up and send him back to Oklahoma yet. He's riding high, wearing a new bracelet, and still vowing to do whatever he wants. That is, he may know what time it is in Tulsa, but his ambition is now in a different time zone.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP