2011 WCOOP Mega Satellites on the way

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgAs you might have noticed yesterday, PokerStars has released the finalized schedule for the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker. With that fun set in stone, it's now time to start working on getting into the events on the cheap. In the past 24 hours, PokerStars has deployed a list of satellites that stretches as far as your scroll bar will go. Included are the now-famous Steps qualifiers as well as some sweet buck-entry events that guaranteed one seat. Those should keep satty-happy people satisfied for a while.

That said, if you can wait a week or so, the super-happy-fun-time PokerStars WCOOP Mega Satellites will kick off. That's where the really good stuff happens.

Beginning August 7th, PokerStars is will run a Mega Satellite every Sunday at 13:00 ET that guarantees a whole bunch of seats.

WCOOP Mega Satellite Schedule

  • Aug 7th - $22 buyin, Guaranteeing 250 $215 seats (target: Event 3)
  • Aug 14th - $33 buyin, Guaranteeing 250 $320 seats (target: Event 52)
  • Aug 21st - $22 buyin, Guaranteeing 500 $215 seats (target: Event 40)
  • Aug 28th- $11 buyin, Guaranteeing 1000 $109 seats (target: Event 19)
  • Since more than a week remains until those Megas kick off, take the time to get in a cheaply as possible. Every day at one minute after the hour, $1 WCOOP sats are available in a variety of disciplines.

    If you want to get started immediately, Steps tourneys are running all the time. Check out the graphic below to see how you can step your way into the world's biggest online poker series.

    For a complete look at the on-going satellites, see the live feed on WCOOP qualifying page.

    Now, go get to work. Only 39 days until WCOOP gets here!


    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in WCOOP