As the Stars Tweet: WCOOP Week 2

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgThe tenth annual World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing now. It has passed the halfway post and is charging down the backstretch. While the big boys and girls lay their bankrolls on the line, the spectating poker community sits back and watches the action go by. The new and improved WCOOP Radio has been a popular source of information and commentary from afar, but we've also been keeping a close eye on the story as the players are telling it themselves. Twitter has been our favorite place to sweat this WCOOP, and the Team PokerStars Pros are suddenly gushing with optimism as they've settled into the three-week grind. Wednesday marked the midway point of the series.

Bringing Their #EhGame

Shane "Shaniac" Schleger is one of the most tweet-happy poker players we can think of, and he was gearing up to play from his new, adopted home in Vancouver last weekend: "Second Sunday back on the grind. Feels good. #EhGame." Editor's note: Don't miss Scheleger's WCOOP victory recap!

Native Canadian Pat Pezzin can always be counted on for a good plug, and he began the day with, "And it begins, 1st on tap is WCOOP 21 $215 NL. I'll add in another 20 or so MTTs and hope for the best. Only at @PokerStars the worlds best!" No, no, you're the best, Pat!

Canadian Daniel Negreanu has settled down in Europe for this WCOOP grind, and he was getting a little antsy for action. "Big Sunday tourneys on PokerStars today," he tweeted, "and Internet not working in Montenegro. I'm going to smash something. Not sure what yet, but something."

He must have found the fix, because a short while later, he took to Twitter again, this time to make us all jealous. "Grinding WCOOP with a decent view in Montenegro. Follow @DNChips if you want chip count updates. Big day 2day!"


As if that weren't enough, he gave us a peek at his view of the sunset a few hours later, as well: "Sun just set in Montenegro. Last night here then it's off to Budapest tomorrow for a bit till EPT London."


Even when Negreanu busts an event, he finds a way to make the best of it: "@DNChips out. JJ vs AA 852 flop then A9 all in ran into AA again ha. Headed to watch a beauty pageant instead." Tough life. (We'll let you find the twitpic of the pageant yourself, but contestant No. 2 would have had our vote.)

And then there's "talonchick," known to those at her day job as Adrienne Rowsome. On Wednesday, talonchick evidently played hooky from her "real" job to grind it out on the virtual felt. "Snuck into #WCOOP 31 via fpp satellite," she tweeted, "....guess there is no going into work for me this afternoon. #willpayforittomorrow." Hopefully her boss doesn't follow her on Twitter.

It would end up being a successful day of 8-game, and the poker gods gave her some early foreshadowing: "Was just rolled up!!! On the first hand of stud too! #WCOOP #usuallyrazz." Hours later, our heroine was still plodding along toward the final table. "Last Canadian, last Team Online/Pro, last female (?) standing in #WCOOP - 31.....only a few more hurdles...."

It was a battle, but Rowsome was soon sitting six players from the bracelet. "Short on the final table of #WCOOP 31," she broke the news, "need some #rungood stat as well as #EhGame." Talonchick continued to battle valiantly with her short stack, but her run came to an end in fourth place, good for more than $13,000. "Thanks all for the support," she tweeted, "now to fire it up and get after the Woman of the Series title.....#WCOOP."

Adrienne Rowsome

Boeken Gets a Bracelet, Nanonoko Gets Close

Last Sunday -- the one-week mark of the WCOOP -- was a day that was a long time coming for Team Online's Randy "nanonoko" Lew. "Got my first #WCOOP cash =]" he tweeted over the weekend following his 731st-place finish in Event #21.

The week would only continue to improve for nanonoko. On Monday, he teed up his next event: "Just registered for #WCOOP23 4-max, already beat half the field without being dealt a hand! 1075 out of 2403 players left!" The next update from the event was another good one, because Lew announced, "Getting deep in #WCOOP23 4-max , currently 11 of 18! First pays $77,349." A few minutes later, the field was reduced to the final three tables, and our hero was still fighting the good fight: "#WCOOP23 4-max, 12 left and I'm in 12th place but I still have a lot of chips! Lets go!"

Play was getting close to ending for the night when he finally succumbed, though. He closed the day with, "Just busted #WCOOP23 AK vs QQ all-in preflop for 10th...better luck next time."

There wasn't much else for nanonoko to tweet about through the remainder of the week, but he did finally find some time away from the tables. Mind you, the break was unintentional: "Oh no! I wanted to wake up and play #WCOOP30 but I missed it! No late registration for the 3x shootout. But now I can finally sleep!!!" After his nap, Lew put out a tweet of rejuvenation: "Feels nice to get a decent amount of sleep and eat during the day!!! I've been playing all day everyday ever since my first WCOOP." Something tells us he's not the only one.

Also, congratulations are certainly in order for our own Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken. The Dutchman is not particularly active on Twitter, but he had something to tell everyone on Tuesday: "Weeeeeeeee, just won the $320 mixed holdem wcoop on Pokerstars on my 1st day of playin wcoops, can't wait to be back tomorrow! :D." It was a little over $44,000 for the top prize, and Boeken has a bracelet coming in the mail, too. Congratulations, Noah!

Noah Boeken

Sweating the Side Action

On Monday, the Team Pros gathered to sweat Liv Boeree as she ran deep in the WCOOP second chance event. The first time the Twitter world heard about it, Boeree celebrated, "Wooohoo on the final table of the #WCOOP 2nd chance. Over $40,000 to 1st! Come rail now on @PokerStars". She was playing the event away from home in Dublin, and she was kind enough to entertain us with a bit of context, too: "Drunken Irish guy I don't know keeps coming up to me when I'm clearly grinding and asking inane questions...Politely told him I'm "in the zone" and don't want to be disturbed...he then asks me to do a player search. I say no and he swears at me."

Hey Liv, can you transfer us $5? In any event, no drunken Irishman is going to hold Boeree back. We could almost hear her celebrating from thousands of miles away as we received her final update in our timeline: "Won it!!! Just took down the #WCOOP 2nd chance $100 tourney for $40,448. I love online poker."

Boeree wasn't the only one doing damage in the side events on Monday, either. Schleger had some work to tend to, tweeting, "Getting close to the final table for #WCOOP 21, $215NLHE. I'll be hosting, secretly jealous as I congratulate the winners. 254K for 1st."

Liv Boeree

Still, Shaniac's responsibilities didn't stop him from getting into the action himself. "Just to be clear," he tweeted, "I am not PLAYING the #WCOOP final table, but I am in an $11 freezout that has been running 7 hours and pays $4K for 1st." At the end of the night came this tweet: "My first legit "W" of the trip! Only took 8.5 hours. #tendollerfreezout #ehgame." It's not a WCOOP bracelet, but it's no doubt nice for Schleger to have a little extra poutine money in his pocket at the end of a successful day.

The Rest of the Story

Daniel Negreanu's stream was full of chip counts and poker tweets as always, but Kid Poker was flexing his philosophy a bit this week, too. First, the poker, because Negreanu deserves to be congratulated: "@DNChips out of shootout. Down to 30 bbs had JJ vs QQ vs KK. Still doing well in the 8game. 7 cashes at WCOOP but nothing big yet."

And now, the non-poker. After packing up in Montenegro and heading to Hungary for a few days, this tweet from Negreanu caught our attention: "Seems like every woman in Hungary is about 6 ft tall. What do these women eat? Its crazy."

Fair enough. We remember seeing our fair share of long-legged women at EPT Budapest. But the obscure tweets continued: "I can't even wrap my head around carbonated water. Why? Water is supposed to quench your thirst but carbonation has the opposite effect."

Hm, provocative, isn't it? Several other players ended up joining in a short twitter discussion on the topic, but we'll leave you to take your own stance on the subject of water bubbles. Negreanu has us thinking about something else already: "Random thought: if you were teaching someone English how would you explain how to pronounce the word circle? Two c's, totally diff sound."

There's more to life (and Twitter) than poker, you know. Like carbonated water, and beauty pageants, and sunsets in Montenegro. For some, though, the poker is enough. Like ElkY, who tweeted: "Every day I wake up I feel wonderful and blessed to be able to play #WCOOP on @PokerStars ! Life is Goood."

Eric Ramsey
@PokerStars in WCOOP