From Ibiza to 2011 WCOOP victory

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgAfter a great party week on Ibiza, the best island in the world, I finally returned home to get back to business and play the PokerStars WCOOP.

The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker has always been a very exciting tournament series for me, one I look forward to a lot every year, so it was nice to exchange beautiful, sunny Ibiza beaches and parties for something just as fun for me: grinding the WCOOP from a raining and grey Amsterdam.

Although I only slept for two hours the night before, and still had the Swedish house mafia beats from the club in my head, I was eager to finally start grinding WCOOP. I decided to late register for the $320 mixed hold'em event. I started out my poker career playing limit hold'em in the casino and later online. What a lot of people these days can't imagine is that there used to be days where there were more limit hold'em games then no limit games. Lots has changed!


The $320 mixed started great for me and, right off the bat, I was crushing it! I was running and playing great. Also I was really lucky with my table draws as I had players who would not mind me running over the table.

I would play pretty tight in no limit hold'em, but in the limit hold'em parts of the tournament I would play like a real animal, raising pretty much every hand I could to steal a lot of chips.
It wasn't until the final table where I really found some well known players such as Shaun Deeb and Gboro780. I started the final table with the chip lead and never looked back. It was an amazing feeling to finally win a WCOOP event after playing them for many years, and if I wasn't already so excited to play for a bracelet, I am even more determined now after tasting victory!

Two days later I came close again when I made the final table of the $530 Omaha Hi Lo tourney. At one point on the final table I was chip leader but in the end, after a few beats and ever-increasing blinds, I had to settle for 6th place.

At least I have another week of WCOOP to win a bracelet for my other wrist. Let's go!

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