Making my WCOOP events list

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgWOW, time goes by so fast when I play online poker! Just got my Supernova Elite status renewed and it's almost WCOOP time again!

Why am I so excited about the WCOOP???

The WCOOP is a series of online tournaments hosted by PokerStars, which means that they have the best structures and prize pools.

However, not everyone can afford the tournament buy-ins and PokerStars provides low cost satellites (some are even FPP or freerolls) in order to give everyone a chance to compete in the series.

The satellites are not just for the people that can't afford the buy-ins. Some players choose to play the satellites because of the soft fields and extra value from the number of seats that PokerStars adds or guarantees.

Well... I'm definitely one of these players. I make my living playing 6-max hyper-turbo satellites and there will be a ton of these format satellites available during the WCOOP. The edge that the best players have is minimum and the games are so fast (10 minutes tops!) that a lot of players love them and want to win their WCOOP event buy-in this way!


Apart from the satellites, I will also play 19 events. Yes, 19! And the best part of it is that I will play them for free! How did I manage this?

One of the benefits of being Supernova Elite is that you get a ticket for the WCOOP Main Event, but the VIP Club people always tries to provide the best they can to the players. Since some people don't feel confortable to play a $5200 event, they let the VIP player get tickets to other WCOOP events that total $5200!

It's awesome to be a VIP at PokerStars!!!

PokerStars will give a super cool bracelet for the winner of each event and I would love to have one of these prestigious bracelets. However, I like to pick my fights and I was very careful planning which events I will play...

Here is the list of some of the events I plan to play:

  • Event #6: $215+R NL Hold'em (Turbo)
  • Event #10: $265 PL Omaha (Knockout)
  • Event #11: $320 NL Hold'em (Ante Up)
  • Event #13: $215 PL Omaha H/L (6-Max, 1R1A)
  • Event #19: $109 NL Hold'em
  • Event #21: $215 NL Hold'em
  • Event #25: $215 PL Omaha (Turbo, 1R1A)
  • Event #29: $265 NL Omaha H/L (6-Max, Knockout)
  • Event #32: $320 NL Hold'em (6-Max)
  • Event #36: $530 FL Omaha H/L
  • Event #40: $215 NL Hold'em
  • Event #45: $265 NL Hold'em (Turbo, Knockout)
  • Event #46: $320 Mixed PL Hold'em/Omaha
  • Event #49: $215 NL Hold'em (1R1A)
  • Event #50: $320 PL Omaha H/L
  • Event #52: $320 NL Hold'em
  • I think that the morning events will be easier; because they are small or medium stakes and the big sharks will be busy playing the bigger events that are available late in the day. I ended up choosing some Omaha events because they were relatively early in the day and I don't expect these events to be too hard. Regarding the turbos, I chose to play them because they should be fast and I think that I have an edge over most people when it comes to push/fold strategy.

    Apart from these reasons, I chose these events because I think that it's really important to have a stable schedule during the WCOOP and I want to be working during 9am to midnight. I will play most of the morning tournaments, some on the beginning afternoon events, and some turbos at night. Sure, some tournaments might go a bit over my midnight plan if the cards show me some love, but I don't think that they will go a over midnight too often, and once or twice shouldn't be a problem for my sleeping schedule.

    Apart from the juicy satellites and the even juicier WCOOP events, I will also do some final table hosting. Whenever you make a final table of a WCOOP event, either me or one of my team PokerStars colleagues will be there to assist you. It's usually a great experience, since I can follow all the action and help the players getting what they want, working as a bridge between the players and PokerStars support.

    See you at the final tables!

    André Coimbra
    @PokerStars in WCOOP