Sentimental Septembers and the WCOOP

Women corner logo.jpgSeptember always brings back memories of new beginnings and old friends. As I hoist up the boxes from under the bed to unpack last year's sweaters and boots, I think back to high school. Back to when life held all the promises of a Christmas gift under the tree waiting to be unwrapped. Back to the time when my most serious worries were about whether I would pass geometry and whether I would ever get the only tall cute guy in the school to notice me (I did and he didn't). Back to the days of sitting on the front porch with my best friend yelling at cars because we were bored to death. Back to having the big event of the week be a decent movie on one of the four channels we were able to get on our TV at the time. Back to life before poker.

Time passed--slowly and interminably--with college, jobs, and RESPONSIBILITIES, until eventually, miracle of miracles, internet poker was born. Suddenly my sentimental Septembers were so much bigger and better. No need now to sit on the porch yelling at cars. Now in the month of September those "gifts under the tree" are trips to the Bahamas. And instead of a new sweater or pair of socks we look forward to gold bracelets and a huge check to fill up our bank accounts. Not to mention a title to add to our names.

Now we have the WCOOP--the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, a series of 62 events with a bracelet for each. From September 4-26, players around the world will be glued to their laptops as they battle each other for some very serious cash and a world title. And those movies on TV? Who has time for that anyway? You can now star in your own quest for riches and fame from the comfort of your living room, patio, or hammock even, if you prefer.

But now is the time for women to get into the action before the PokerStars Women's WCOOP August promotion winds down. Until the end of this month you can reap some serious rewards in the form of free satellite tickets into the WCOOP events and a chance at winning a PokerStars Women Live package to the PCA, held at the world famous Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas in January.



So make this a September to remember and win your seat now. For details on the promotion see the PokerStars Women WCOOP page.

And to read more about the upcoming PokerStars Women Live event at the PCA, read last year's reports

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in WCOOP