WCOOP 2011: e1mdopp runner-up no more wins Event #33 PLO (1r1a), Pro Chad Brown 8th

Are you tired yet? 32 events down at the 2011 WCOOP and there are still another 31 to go, including today's Event #33 $320 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha 6-max with one rebuy and one add-on tournament. So far the players have crushed the guarantees offered by PokerStars. But, don't take my word for it; check out the WCOOP results page where every money finish is to see for yourself. And if you are into stats we have that too, as a quick check on the cashes leaderboard shows villepn and Big_Nemo proving to be no fish by reaching the cashier's window nine times at the halfway point of the series.

But the number of cashes pales in comparison with bringing home the WCOOP Player of the Series title as Canada is currently dominating the top eight spots on the leaderboard with four players (Big_Nemo, Kevin "ImaLuckSac" MacPhee, Mike "goleafsgoeh" Leah, and ImaLucSac). The top spot still belongs to Joel Adam "2FLY2TILT" Gordon bolstered by his second WCOOP bracelet earned in Event #8 Gordon will need to keep up his fast start in order to take down the stacked Player of the Series package that includes the Champion's Trophy, EPT Season 8 Grand Final prize package, 2012 SCOOP Main Event ticket, 2012 PCA package, and a special edition chip set.

Gordon got off to great start today near the top ten chip positions after six hours into tournament. James "Andy McLEOD" Obst also seen near the top of the leaderboard at the mid-way point (but would finish in a respectable 30th place, $2,667.42) as the 706 runners used 481 rebuys and 346 add-ons to easily pass the $300,000.00 guarantee for a $459,900.00 prize pool. $82,782.00 of that pool being set aside for our champion, and so far country-wise it has been the United Kingdom taking down five tournaments thus far with The Netherlands and Russia needing a win today to tie their British counterparts.

Team PokerStars pros and Team Online are not a country but have two wins in the series and were out in force to capture a third. Alexis "J0hnny_Dr @m@" Zervos, Raymond Wu, Liv Boeree, Jorge "twin-caracas" Arias, Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Rino Mathis, Shane "shaniac" Schleger, Vicky Coren, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, and Anders "Donald" Berg looking for another Omaha bracelet this series fell short along with his teammates in 200th place.

Four Team PokerStars pros would survive the first six hours however. Humberto Brenes, Chad Brown, Pat Pezzin, and Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero all looking to bring home bracelet #3 to the PokerStars team or finish in the top 90 and grab some of that prize pool.

All four would safely cross the 90 player mark into the money after dryath busted in 91st place. Jose however would get a rude shove out the door while betting on every street against a365551 and as a flush hit the river Barbero tried to check-raise bluff a365551 off a king-high flush to no avail losing a 100+bb pot and his spot in the tournament finishing in 88th place ($1,195.74).

Humberto would run into the 2FLY2TILT express train destined for that Player of the Series title. Right after 2FLY2TILT doubled up to over 300K in chips after rivering a full house against a turned straight, Humberto's tiny stack of 15,850 chips went into the middle preflop holding 6♠ A♦ 5♦ K♠. Gordon came along for the ride and turned up a similar J♦ A♣ K♦ 6♣ and both would flop top two K♣ A♥ 5♣ but 2FLY2TILT held the re-draw. A "standard" 4♣ on the turn gave 2FLY2TILT the nut flush shutting out Humberto in 71st place ($1,333.71) and it was just another victim for Gordon as his chip leading stack increased to 370,006 with blinds at just 800/1600.

Pezzin would retire in 38th place ($1,977.57) leaving Chad Brown to carry on the Team PokerStars flag hoping to join Berg and Boeken with a bracelet this year. After nine hours Brown sat mid-pack with 27 players left including a new chip leader, e1mdopp, who was last seen playing heads-up in SCOOP 2011 Event #17-H in a similar PLO rebuy event but losing out to adiprene1. With a million chips and blinds at 3K/6K it could be another final table in his future.

After chrispker23's elimination in 13th place ($4,139.10) and two tables remaining, e1mdopp's stack would turn south a bit but remained firmly in the race with near 750,000 chips and blinds at 6K/12K. It would be Chad Brown making the moves late as his stack grew to over 1.3 million trailing only zugzwang16 who has a Turbo Takedown (R.I.P.) win so perhaps tonight he will be looking for some wrist bling to go with that Audi TT? Another player looking for more bling is 2FLY2TILT who was adding at least 20 points towards his 200 in the Player of the Series race by finishing 10th-18th.

"Nacho" Barbero's chips lasted until 12th place ($5,978.70) as his executor a365551 finally bowed out, followed closely behind by Germany's wizowizo in 11th ($5,978.70).

moonwatch79 would score a double elimination, watch below as all four aces are flipped up preflop but none would factor in the outcome:

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And with the rivered nines full of treys, moonwatch79 would take out both gaffel in 10th place ($5,978.70) and marwan24 in 9th place ($9,381.96).

Team PokerStars pro Chad Brown eliminated in 8th place

Action heated up very quickly as Chad Brown's chip leading stack was turned to dust in a matter of three hands in a row. First, with the blinds at 10K/20K dropping a 690,000 chip pot to e1mdopp after checking down a coordinated board and e1mdopp's set of sevens were good. Next, doubling up zugzwang16 when the TT champ turned trip queens for a 680,258 chip pot. And the final dagger with the money going in on the 6♠ 9♥ 5♥ flop Chad Brown turned over the king-high flush draw K♥ K♦ 6♣ 3♥ with a pair of sixes and e1mdopp showed the ace-high flush draw, inside straight draw and pair of fives 5♣ T♥ 7♣ A♥. 4♠ helped no one, but the 6♥ on the river made both of their flush draws giving e1mdopp the 1.3 million chip pot, and a nasty exit for Brown finishing in 8th place ($9,381.96).


Chad Brown - 8th place ($9,381.96)

Forewarning to those trying to win the Player of the Series award, Joel Adam Gordon just made another WCOOP final table and may become the third player with three WCOOP bracelets tonight. With the blinds at 12.5K/25K mddgfc would raise to 58,901 and playing four-handed, Gordon made the call from the button to see a 2♠ 4♦ Q♣ flop. mddgfc checked as 2FLY2TILT bet 75,000 and mddgfc made the call as a second diamond hit the board 6♦. Again mddgfc checked and again 2FLY2TILT bet, this time 300,000 almost enough to put mddgfc all-in. A long pause by the UK rounder and perhaps a sigh as the all-in raise went in for another 34,299 chips holding Q♦ K♥ K♦ J♦ good for top pair and the flush draw. Gordon called and had the lead firmly in hand holding top set Q♥ A♦ J♣ Q♠ only needing to fade a non-pairing diamond. A cruel repeat, as mddgfc was at Gordon's final table in Event #8 last week finishing as the runner-up, the A♠ river sent mddgfc home without a bracelet once again but collecting $9,381.96 in seventh place starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: moonwatch79 (677778 in chips)
Seat 2: Machiavelli3 (1877446 in chips)
Seat 3: 2FLY2TILT (1372193 in chips)
Seat 4: Reflexbakker (332694 in chips)
Seat 5: zugzwang16 (1272442 in chips)
Seat 6: e1mdopp (2132447 in chips)

Gag reflex

Just three hands into the final table Reflexbakker's dance on the main stage was cut very short. With the blinds at 12.5K/25K renewed chip leader e1mdopp min raised from the cutoff as Reflexbakker 3-bet to 162,500 and e1mdopp called to see a 2♥ 4♦ 9♦ flop. Most likely to push at any flop Reflexbakker would shove his remaining 170,1954 chips holding 7♥ 4♠ K♠ K♥ good for the overpair as the chip leader had plenty of tournaments pieces to splash with making the call holding just a pair of fours Q♠ 6♣ T♠ 4♣. However the K♣ on the turn put away any two pair thoughts giving Reflexxbakker a set kings, but the J♠ completed a gag worthy runner-runner straight shipping 677,888 to e1mdopp's stack and $13,797.00 to Reflexxbakker in sixth place. No worries as this was not Reflexbakker's first go at a big final table, he scored a SCOOP watch in Event #31-L taking down $44K in the process.

Walking in the moonlight

Despite large stacks to the blinds, nine hands later fifth place would be named and e1mdopp looking more determined to overcome his previous runner-up finish. The blinds would move up to 15K/30K and e1mdopp again min raised from the cutoff as moonwatch79 3-bet from the button. The blinds wisely folded as e1mdopp called and 9♥ 7♠ 3♣ was spread on the board. The chip leader checked as moonwatch79 put in the rest of those 350,278 chips as e1mdopp snap called with top two and redraw to a straight 8♥ 7♥ 9♠ 5♣. moonwatch79's night was setting, needing an eight for a higher straight A♣ J♥ T♣ 5♠. 3♥ on the turn was helpful as it opened up a possible higher two pair, but the 2♣ did not match moonwatch79's hand ending the stargazer's night fifth place ($22,995.00).

Perhaps a direction from this author's TV?

"15 minute break? time to watch the Rocky 4 training montage" quoted from 2FLY2TILT at the 12th hour dinner break, who was just three eliminations away from joining Anders Berg and Ryan D'Angelo as 3-time WCOOP champs. But, before Gordon flipped on Ivan Drago's fall, your humble author was watching the Food Network's "Chopped" and suddenly the final four, despite being on their 12th hour dinner break, decided to hash out some chop details. While the chefs tried to combine Rattlesnake, banana chips, guava squares, and Fig Newtons into a culinary delight we had an agreement leaving aside $6,000.00 to the champ:

e1mdopp $72,504.25
zugzwang16 $47,678,78
Machchiavelli3 $49,312.73
2FLY2TILT $47,555.74

Rocky goes down with bottle thrown from the crowd

2FLY2TILT took a rude sucker punch from the river to miss out on his third WCOOP bracelet. Check out the video below:

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After a flop of 3♥8♣T♥ the players threw the rest of their sizable stacks into the middle for a two million chip pot. Top two and redraw to a small straight 9♠ T♠ 6♣ 8♦ for Machiavelli3 and Q♥ 4♠ J♥ K♦ for a flush draw and larger straight draw. The flush would get there on the turn 9♥ but that bottle from the hostile crowd hit the two-time champ in the head for the knockout with the T♣ river giving Machiavelli3 tens full and 2FLY2TILT another big payday ($47,555.74) in fourth place also adding 50 points to his Player of the Series total.

Zug'd when he should have zagged

Seven minutes later with this final table moving much quicker than the three hour marathon in last night's Event #29 NLO8, zugzwang16 and e1mdopp got together for a 3.2 million chip pot. With the blinds at 20K/40K zugzwang16 tried limping from the small blind, but e1mdopp raised to 120,000 and zugzwang16 still wanted to play making the call. The 3♠ 8♦ 7♥ flop got both players excited as they traded pot sized bets until zugzwang16's chips sat in the middle riding an open-ended straight draw J♠ 7♠ 6♦ 9♣ for his tournament life. e1mdopp showed top two with a smaller straight draw 7♦ 4♠ 5♦ 8♣ ready to sweat the final two cards. K♠ gave zugzwang16 even MORE outs now with a flush draw, but the Q♣ river hit air and zugzwang16 will have to enjoy an extra $47,678.78 to fuel that Audi TT in third place.

Heads up again

Not many players get a second chance being heads-up at a major final table but e1mdopp has done so and holding a 5.8 million to 1.8 million chip lead with blinds at 20K/40K there is more reason to believe e1mdopp would pull it off. The start was a rocky one for e1mdopp as the third hand of heads-up play would go Machiavelli3's way when an overpair of queens would get out-turned by Machiavelli3 making two pair for a 3.7 million chip pot, evening up the match.

Keeping the faith, getting the gold

Despite losing the chip lead a few times over the next half hour heads-up battle, e1mdopp kept battling, determined to take this one down after the SCOOP watch slipped off his wrist.

Then it happened.

With the blinds moved up to 30K/60K and e1mdopp stretching to a 4.7 to 2.9 million chip lead, the final hand was here. A standard min raise from e1mdopp on the button as Machiavelli3 three-bet to 360,000. A call saw 5♣ 3♥ 3♣ laid on the board as Machiavelli3 kept up the aggression with a 420,000 chip bet, but e1mdopp did not fade pushing back for 1.98 million. Holding aces A♥T♦A♣7♠ and not believing e1mdopp could have hit that flop Machiavelli3 shoved for 2.54 million total. e1mdopp snap called with the flopped boat 5♦ 6♠ 3♦ 2♥ needing only to fade the remaining two aces in the deck. J♥ on the turn had too much paint and the 2♠ river was too small as e1mdopp went wire-to-wire for tonight's victory scoring $78,504.25!

$300,000 guarantee WCOOP 2011 Event #33 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Max 1R1A results (09-15-11)
(* denotes part of four-way chop)
1. e1mdopp (Russia) *$78,504.25
2. Machiavelli3 (Sweden) *$49,312.53
3. zugzwang16 (Uruguay) *$47,678.78
4. Joel Adam "2FLY2TILT" Gordon (Spain) *$47,555.74
5. moonwatch79 (United Kingdom) $22,995.00
6. Reflexbakker (Netherlands) $13,797.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in WCOOP