wcoop2009-thumb.jpg "I like to think of a tennis player who can play well on all surfaces and compare it to poker." -- Joel Adam Gordon, aka 2FLY2TILT, 2009

Joel Adam Gordon didn't start playing WCOOP events until 2009. He didn't play any at all in 2010 because he was so focused on making Supernova Elite in the PokerStars VIP Club. This year, he decided to finish in the top 10 of the WCOOP Player of the Year leaderboard.

In 2009, Gordon won a WCOOP bracelet.

In 2010, Gordon made Supernova Elite.

In 2011? He's already won another WCOOP title.

When Event #8, a contest in Seven Card Stud rotation known as Triple Stud, arrived, Gordon was there to show he could play on grass, clay, hard court, or jello. It didn't matter. The point is, when the man who is too fly to tilt makes a decision to do something, he usually does it.

So, he did it. Again. It makes him one of only a handful of people with two WCOOP bracelets. So, of course, you know what's on his mind.

"I feel extra motivated now after reading the update that there are so few players with two wins in WCOOP history," he said. "It would really be something to be the second person to secure three bracelets."


Joel Adam Gordon, aka 2FLY2TILT

Gordon actually was a tennis pro at one time. In his teens, he moved from England to Spain. He's used the time since then to turn himself into a multi-disciplined poker player with a knack for getting what he wants. Now he wants a coveted spot on the WCOOP leaderboad.

"My aim is to give myself as many chances as possible to play, especially in my favoured games - these I consider to be omaha hi-low and stud hi-low," he said.

He started with the victory in Event #8 and intends to drive it home all the way to the $2,1000 HORSE event on WCOOP's final weekend. And, if you have the time, look over at the WCOOP leaderboard. If you're looking shortly after I post this (9/9/11), you'll see Gordon right on top.

If you get a chance to probe Gordon's mind, you'll get a sense for how he approaches each game. It's a strategy that sees him making every play like it could be his last.

"I play each table like it's the final table - and just keep adapting to the changes that develop," Gordon said. "Either way, with good or bad luck, I will try to maintain a positive outlook toward poker and keep trying to improve different strategies over the months ahead."

Though Gordon lives in Barcelona, he didn't manage to make it to the EPT event last week. It was a huge disappointment for him, especially when he heard he missed a chance to rub elbows with tennis legend, Boris Becker. However, because the universe seems to smile on the two-time WCOOP champion, he managed to snag a seat on PokerStars next to Becker in the intervening days.

"It would be great to meet again," Gordon said.

Though Gordon is a man always looking ahead, he doesn't forget the recent past. He remembers the struggle of making it to the final table in event #8. When it finally happened, he won his first hand among the final eight and it set the tone for a championship win. With three players remaining, he had a giant stack and was forced to take scheduled WCOOP break.

"It was basically a few minutes for me to keep telling myself 'This is it, man. You will not get a better chance than this to take down a WCOOP event.'" he remembered. "After ten long hours, I literally looked in the mirror and convinced myself there is no way you do not take this one down."

The rest is just the beginning of Gordon's history. He won $20,185, the WCOOP bracelet, and a good start on his Top 10 Player of the Year goal.

Funny enough, Gordon has already made plans for after he meets his 2011 goals. He'd started playing tournaments online in August to warm up for WCOOP. Now he figures he'll just keep doing it and move up a few spots on the PokerStars TLB.

"I have played mainly cash games mainly for the last five years," he said. "It feels like now is a good moment for a fresh challenge with new targets."

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in WCOOP