WCOOP 2011: 2FLY2TILT triumphs in Triple Stud, wins second WCOOP title

wcoop2009-thumb.jpgThe fraternity of players who have won more than one WCOOP event is so small its members can still be counted on both hands. It includes online legends Anders "Donald" Berg, Shaun Deeb, Dan "djk123" Kelly, and a man "sooo seeek" he only needs one name-- ElkY. Two years ago, a then 23-year old former tennis pro named Joel Adam Gordon won his first WCOOP bracelet in no-limit 2-7 single draw. In his post-game interview, Gordon, known online as "2FLY2TILT", told our own Brad Willis that his goal was to become "one of the most versatile and well-rounded players around." He conquered hold'em and Omaha, then draw, and tonight he proved himself in all three disciplines of stud, winning his second WCOOP bracelet in Event #8, $215 Triple Stud, a rotation of stud high, Razz, and stud hi/lo.

534 players put up $215 apiece, creating a $106,800 prize pool. 72 places were paid, with the champion taking home $20,185.20, a WCOOP title, 100 WCOOP tournament leaderboard points, and poker immortality (OK, maybe not that last one). It was enough to bring out Team Pros Humberto Brenes, Andre Akkari, Jude Ainsworth, Jonathan Duhamel, Pat Pezzin, George Danzer, Daniel Negreanu, and newly minted WSOP Seven-Card Stud bracelet winner Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. ElkY missed the money in this event (although he did cash in 114th place in Event #9) but two of his colleagues managed to slip past the bubble. Once the money was reached, George Danzer and Daniel Negreanu were the first two players eliminated, cashing in 71st and 72nd place respectively.

With the betting limits up to 12,000/24,000, and nine players remaining, tomacampi held only 31,662 in chips. Playing stud high, tomacampi completed to 12,000 with the T♠ up, crazy169 raised to 24,000 with the 8♦, __akun333__ folded the bring-in, and tomacampi three-bet all-in for 5,262 more. Crazy169 called, turning over two aces in the hole while tomacampi showed split tens. Both players made two pair by the river, crazy169's aces and fives trumping tomacampi's tens and sevens to send him to the rail on the final table bubble.

WCOOP-08 FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: 2FLY2TILT (390,928)
Seat 2: robot_werter (190,822)
Seat 3: d0r1t0s (154,834)
Seat 4: __akun333___ (561,713)
Seat 5: raare01 (63,398)
Seat 6: crazy169 (442,129)
Seat 7: PPPPPositive (198,626)
Seat 8: mddgfc (667,550)

2FLY2TILT made his presence known from the first hand, a 238,000 pot that took him over the half-million mark. Still playing stud high, PPPPPositive check-called bets from fourth street to the river, 2FLY2TILT getting full value on his kings full of tens. A few hands later and the game turned to Razz, he claimed the majority of d0r1t0s' stack when he rivered a 6-5-4-2-A low. While d0r1t0s was left with only 130,000, 2FLY2TILT now challenged the chip lead with 664,000 to mddgfc's 669,000.

Less than two orbits in, short stack raare01 committed his last 31,398 on third street, showing the 7♦ against __akun333__'s 5♣.

raare01: (A♣J♥) 7♦6♦7♠7♥ (2♦)
__akun333__: (Q♠3♥) 5♣9♥A♠T♥ (4♦)

Although raare01 kept his lead on fourth street, he paired his seven on fifth. A third seven on sixth street left him drawing dead, his eighth-place finish earning him $1,869 for his troubles.

PPPPPostitive had already dodged one bullet early at the final table when he doubled through crazy169. In a Razz hand, PPPPPositive called off the last of his chips on sixth street showing 2-7-5-J against crazy169's 7-5-3-8. Crazy169 had a made 8-7-5-3-A low by fifth street while PPPPPositive needed to hit an eight, six, four, or three on the river to survive. His final down card was indeed a four, making him a 7-5-4-2-A low to double up to nearly 187,000. His luck ran out, however when he ran into the buzz saw that is 2FLY2TILT.

PPPPPositive: (X-X) 2♥J♠T♠T♣ (X)
2FLY2TILT: (8♦4♠) 5♦Q♠Q♥3♦ (7♦)

Even with a pair of queens on board, 2FLY2TILT called PPPPPositive's fifth street bet, only to pick up four to an eight on sixth. PPPPPositive paired his ten and check-called a bet on sixth, then did the same on the river. 2FLY2TILT's 8-7-5-4-3 low was good and PPPPPositive was left with only 36,000 with the betting limits up to 16,000/32,000. The last of his chips went in on third street a few hands later and 2FLY2TILT finished him off when he made a 9-8 low against PPPPPositive's T-8 low. For seventh place, he earned $2,670.00.

Not five minutes went by before the final table lost another player. With the rotation on stud hi/lo, robot_werter made his last stand.

robot_werter: (3♥A♥) J♣9♠4♥K♦ (2♦)
__akun333__: (5♣Q♦) 5♦6♥9♣8♠ (A♣)
d0r1t0s: (X-X) J♦K♥

__akun333__ had the bring-in, robot_werter completed to 20,000, d0rit0s called and __akun333__ put in an additional 14,000. The action checked to robot_werter on fourth street. He bet 20,000, d0r1t0s ducked out, and __akun333__ called. Robot_werter led out for his last 34,788 on fifth street and __akun333_ looked him up. Neither player had much of a hand, __akun333__'s pair of fives leading robot_werter's ace-high and three to a low. Sixth street took the low out of the running, robot_werter needing to pair his ace, jack, nine, or king on the river in order to survive, but a deuce fell instead. __akun333__ scooped the pot with his baby pair and robot_werter exited in sixth place, $3,728 richer.

With five players remaining, 2FLY2TILT roared back into action. He started off a fruitful stud hi/lo level by crippling crazy169 in this pot, where he turned the high and rivered the low:

Down to less than a big bet, crazy169 put the rest of his chips in on third street against d0r1t0s and mddgfc.

crazy169: (K♠6♠) 7♥6♥Q♠4♣ (J♠)
d0r1t0s: (X-X) 3♦9♦T♥
mddgfc: (9♣9♠) K♥4♥3♠J♦[ (A♠)

Mddgfc led out on fourth street and d0r1t0s peeled one off, but folded to mddgfc's fifth street bet, leaving him heads-up with crazy169. His split nines held up, crazy169 reaching the river with only a pair of sixes. Neither player made a low and mddgfc raked in the pot, eliminating crazy169 in fifth place for a $5,340 score.

2FLY2TILT continued on his stud 8 roll, scooping four more large pots within the level to nearly double his stack from 865,000 to 1.6 million. In the first two, he won without a showdown, mddgfc and __akun333__ both folding their hands on the river. The last two, however, were won the old-fashioned way-- by making big hands; first a full house against mddgfc and then a six-high straight against d0r1tos that left him on the ropes.

D0r1tos was able to hang on for the better part of another level before succumbing in fourth place. Playing stud high, he capped the betting on third street, committing the rest of his chips against __akun333__.

d0r1t0s: (7♣5♥) 5♣4♥8♠K♠ (A♠)
__akun333__: (7♠8♣) K♥3♥T♣K♣ (6♥)

D0r1t0's split fives led until sixth street, when __akun333__ spiked a pair of kings. D0r1t0s did not improve on the river and departed the final table with a $8,010 payday.

Although this chip infusion gave __akun333__ a slight reprieve, his run ended a short time later. Up to more than 2 million in chips, 2FLY2TILT completed to 25,000 on third street showing the K♦ and __akun333__ raised to 50,000 with the Q♥, committing nearly half his stack. 2FLY2TILT called and they went to fourth street, 2FLY2TILT picking up the A♠ while __akun333__ caught the J♣. 2FLY2TILT led out, __akun333__ raised, 2FLY2TILT three-bet, and __akun333__ put in his last 21,567.

__akun333__: (T♠Q♦) Q♥J♣8♠4♣ (2♥)
2FLY2TILT: (K♣7♣) K♦A♠A♥3♥[ (J♥)

__akun333__'s nightmare was a reality, his split queens coolered by split kings. 2FLY2TILT made aces up on fifth street and __akun333__ failed to improve, busting in third place for $10,893.60.

2FLY2TILT held a 4.5 to 1 chip lead over mddgfc as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 1: 2FLY2TILT (2,186,147)
Seat 8: mddgfc (483,853)

Although 2FLY2TILT had spent most of the final table in the driver's seat, mddgfc took control of the heads-up match early on, winning 13 out of the first 14 hands. That run briefly gave mddgfc a slim edge with1.36 million to 2FLY2TILT's 1.30 million. However, it was the only time he'd hold the chip lead in the 40-minute match. 2FLY2TILT picked up 12 of the next 20 hands, whittling mddgfc's stack back down to 748,000.

Mddgfc wasn't going down without a little kicking and screaming, so to speak. He pulled nearly even in chips with 2FLY2TILT on at least three occasions, but ultimately couldn't overcome his vast chip deficit. With the limits up to 40,000/80,000, mddgfc committed his last 342k on this stud hi/lo hand. However, the night belonged to 2FLY2TILT, who hit his gin card on sixth street to capture his second WCOOP bracelet:

Congratulations to two-time WCOOP champion 2FLY2TILT, who kept his cool long enough to bag the $20,185.20 first-place prize. For his runner-up finish, mddgfc earned $14,791.80.

2011 WCOOP Event #8 results

1. 2FLY2TILT (Spain) $20,185.20
2. mddgfc (United Kingdom) $14,791.80
3. __akun333__ (Poland) $10,893.60
4. d0r1t0s (Canada) $8,010.00
5. crazy169 (Bolivia) $5,340.00
6. robot_werter (Russia) $3,738.00
7. PPPPPositive (Russia) $2,670.00
8. raare01 (Netherlands) $1,869.00

There's still plenty of time to get in on the WCOOP action. Check out the WCOOP home page for a full schedule of events and satellite information. And don't forget the debut of WCOOP Radio tomorrow at 15:30 EDT! Joe Stapleton and Nick Wealthall are back with a half-hour live show with prizes and giveaways in every episode.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in WCOOP